Do you have any beloved old quilts that you don’t want to dispose of even if they’ve become too ragged to be used? Well, you don’t have to worry about it anymore! BetterBed brings you 6 ways in which you can repurpose or reuse your old quilts in this article and these include using them to make decorative pillows, pet beds, tote bags, and coasters, among others. So, let’s get started!

1. DIY Decorative Pillows

Give a new look to your sofa, bed, or the swing on your porch (if you have one) with some decorative or accent pillows. Quilts generally are square or rectangular and this makes it easy to cut them to make smaller square pillows. You can usually make two or three pillows with a single quilt, depending on the quilt’s size.

All you need to do is decide what size pillows you want and then cut the blanket into multiple squares according to that size and the number of pillows you want to make. Put two of these square quilt pieces together and sew them on three sides. Then, stuff the pillow with your choice of fill – cotton, feather, polyester, or a blend and sew the pillow closed on the fourth side. Repeat this process with other pillows as well and at the end, you’ll have beautifully patterned accent pillows to add a pop of colour and elegance to your chosen space.

2. Stuffed Shape Pillows or Decorative Stuffed Animals

If you want to get more creative with your pillows or want a more playful look, you can even make stuffed pillows in different shapes like bears, bunnies, dogs, etc. You will need to be slightly more skilled with a needle and thread than while creating a decorative pillow for this.

Plan the shape of pillow you want and then cut the quilt accordingly. For a shaped pillow you can sew part of the pillow, then stuff the pillow, and sew the rest of the pillow to complete it.

To make a decorative stuffed animal, you might have to sew different part of the animal separately like the head, body and tail, but each person can do it in their own style. Just put your creativity hat on and get started to have something you can proudly put on display or gift your kids or grandchildren.

3. Turn it Into Framed Art

If your old quilt has an interesting or a decorative pattern, you can cut your favourite sections and frame them. Make sure not to make a section smaller than 25 cm x 20 cm as this will make the frame blend into the wall behind when it should stand out. You can make multiple frames like this and hang it to create a cohesive display.

If you are not willing to cut your beloved quilt, you can buy a window frame, frame the entire quilt, and hang it as a whole. You can even hang it without framing it, creating a tapestry wall. You have multiple options when creating this type of art; just choose one style that complements the rest of your home decor.

4. Pet Beds

If you have pets, then you can create warm and fluffy beds for them with your old quilts. Our furry friends love something soft to lie down or play on, and old, worn quilts are perfect for this. You don’t even need perfect sewing skills for this. Simple fold the quilt according to the size of your pet’s bed and tuck it in along the sides so it doesn’t come out easily and you’re ready with a perfectly comfortable bed for your pet.

5. Make a Tote Bag

This is a repurposing idea that our environmentally conscious readers will love! Old quilts are the perfect material to make tote bags and the process is also very simple. Simply decide the size of the tote bag you want to make and then cut the quilt into smaller rectangular pieces of the same size. If you want to make only one bag, then you need to cut only two pieces.

Sew these two pieces together on the bottom and the two sides, leaving the top open. Attach the handles separately at the top to make the bag easier to carry; you can either use pieces of the quilt itself for this or some other strong fabric as per your preference.

6. Coasters or Table Runners

Quilts are thick or stuffed, which makes them a great material to use for creating coasters. You don’t even need to add any extra foam or create thick layers with fabric for this, making your job easier. So, if you have an old, patterned quilt, you can cut it into small pieces of any shape you want – circle, square, or even a hexagon, to add to make creative coasters. You can compline pieces from different parts of the quilt to make them more interesting.

In the same vein, you can create table runners from old quilts as they are long enough to make one (or several). Table runners made from a quilt will definitely add more vibrance and colour to your table.

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So, there you have it! Six interesting and creative ways to reuse or repurpose your old quilt so you don’t have to part with it and keep the memories alive in a different way, You can make any of the above-mentioned things with it – tote bags, ped beds, decorative pillows, stuffed animals, coasters or table runners.

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