Occasional belly rubs, love, attention, and comfy sleep are all your dog needs. No wonder they most often snuggle at your side during the night. That is how we understand that even your adorable companions need a comfy bed to sleep on.

Well, do you also want to give your dog a comfortable place to sleep? Read on to find a guide to selecting the best bed dogs in Australia for large, small pups, arthritis, orthopedic dogs and many more.

Dog Beds for Large Dogs
Big Barker
big barker large dog beds australia
Dog Beds For Small Dogs
Zenify Calming Dog Bed
dog bed for small dog
Orthopedic Dog Bed
Snooza Orthobed Dog
orthopedic dog bed

How We Reviewed

We thoroughly researched individual dog bed brands, their makes, and their uses. We took a step ahead and got in contact with multiple users for each brand and took 1st hand reviews from them. We then turned towards the online reviews of all the dog beds and learned everything possible about them like the features, size, pros, and cons. Although we are the ones who have picked these dog beds for you, we also request you to have a word with your dog veterinarian before you buy a dog or a puppy bed in case your canine mate has a health ailment.

7 Best Dog Beds In Australia

Latest Deal
Big Barker 7″ Orthopedic Dog Bed
big barker large dog beds australia
Editor’s Pick
Across 50 user reviews
  • Size – L, XL, Gaint XXL

  • Washable – Machine Washable

  • Surface Dimensions-132.1 x 91.4 x 17.8 cm

  • Material – Microfiber

  • Product Weight – 7.26 KG

Price: $486.81
Zenify Pets Dog Bed
dog bed for small dog
Best Comfy
Across 80 user reviews
  • Size – 50cm, 60cm, 70cm

  • Washable & easy to clean

  • Surface Dimensions – 52 x 44 x 13.3 cm

  • Material – Made from soft faux fur

  • Product Weight – 0.64 KG

Price: $46.95
Pet Terrain – Luxury Dog Bed
luxury dog bed Australia
Soft Velvet
Across 55 user reviews
  • Size – S, M, L

  • Machine Washable

  • Surface Dimensions – 90 x 75 x 23cm

  • Material – Velvet

  • Product Weight – 3.06KG

Price: $98.95
SNOOZA Orthobed
orthopedic dog bed
Orthopaedic Bed
Across 50 user reviews
  • Size – S, L

  • Machine Washable

  • Surface Dimensions – 120 x 87 x 7cm

  • Material – Plush

  • Product Weight – Not mentioned

Price: $139.90
Best Washable Dog Bed
washable dog bed
Large Bed
Across 40 user reviews
  • Size – M, L, XL

  • Machine Washable

  • Surface Dimensions – 91 x 69 x 7.6 cm

  • Material – Oxford fabric

  • Product Weight – 1.8 kg

Price: $54.95

Paws & Claws Dog Bed
Best Anxiety Dog Beds
Best Anxiety Dog Beds 
Across 31 user reviews
  • Size – S, L

  • Machine Washable

  • Surface Dimensions – 50 x 19 (Diam x H)

  • Material – Synthetic

  • Product Weight – Not Mentioned

Price: $24.99

1.  Best Large Dog Beds – Big Barker

big barker large dog beds australia

Best Large Dog Beds

For all kinds of large and giant breeds, this dog bed is considered the best.

Meta rating 4.5
Starting From $365.92

This dog bed as the name suggests is big and huge. It is mainly designed for big and extra big dogs. For all kinds of large and giant breeds, this bed for dogs is considered the best. This bed provides the exact comfort your huge mate needs while sleeping or resting.

The quality of the foam in it and the whole packing of the bed is such that no other bed can compete with it. Its 7 inches foam, which the manufacturers claim won’t flatten even in 10 years and if at all it does, they would give the entire money back. These are the best dog beds for large dogs

How is it Helpful:

The quality of the big dog’s life is enhanced by the Big Barker beds. The clinical trial of the dog bed was carried out by the University of Pennsylvania to understand the impact of Big Barker beds on dogs with arthritis.

The study showed improved mobility of the dogs with reduced pain in dogs weighing 70 pounds and above. This big bed will help dogs from suffering joint pains as the bed would help in relieving the pressure from the leg joints of the dog. This bed is known to cure and give comfort to dogs having

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Degenerative Myelopathy
  • Intervertebral Disc Disease
  • Cushing’s Syndrome
  • Wobblers Diseas

Does a big barker dog bed value for money?

The Big barker features therapeutic foam that can be helpful for your orthopedic dog, making it a worthwhile purchase. This best pet bed in Australia definitely offers value for money, given its incredible support & comfort, and making it an ideal choice for your pups.


These extra-large dog beds in Australia are mainly designed for huge and extra huge dogs, they come in 3 big sizes:

  • Large Bed 48″ x 30″ x 7″ for within 25 inches dogs
  • Extra Large Bed 52″ X 36″ X 7″ for mid-level dogs that are above 25 inches
  • Giant Bed 60″ X 48″ X 7″ for huge and tall dogs like Great Danes

Key features: 

  • The foam is highly supportive and comfortable
  • The manufactures 100% guarantee of non-flattening of the dog bed
  • The liners are an optional add-on that is entirely waterproof for senior dogs
  • On the biggest online market – Amazon, this Big Barker bed is the most highly rated by the majority of dog owners


  • For dogs needing extra support this is the best

  • Foam quality is great and same as used in human beds

  • Mainly meant for big dogs

  • The bed has a 10 year warranty

  • The bed does not flatten

  • It is very easy to clean


  • It is a bit expensive

  • It is not meant for small dogs

2. Best Dog Beds For Small Dogs – Zenify Calming Dog Bed

Best Dog Beds For Small Dogs

The shape of the bed is like a doughnut which gives them a sense of security.

Meta rating 4.2
Starting From $40.95

These small puppy beds are meant for tiny dogs and cats. The bed is shaped like a doughnut and provides a sense of security making them the comfiest dog beds.

The bed is made up of luxurious soft fur which is round in shape. The surrounding walls of cushion around the circumference ensure a cozy feel for the dogs. As Australia gets really hot during summers, this bed is made with breathable and vegan materials which are non-toxic as well.

On the other hand, they provide warmth in winters. They provide orthopedic and sensitive support too. They come in various colors making them the cutest puppy beds in Australia.

How is it Helpful:

It is helpful for tiny canine friends of yours and cats as well to sleep comfortably. These furry beds for small dogs keep their body warm and supportive, unlike the huge beds which do not take the body shape. They are odor-free since the cover can be washed as and when required.

Does a Zenify Calming Dog Bed value for money?

Zenify’s calming pet bed is characterized as a calming space that offers ease of security and tranquillity for your dogs. There is nothing more you would want for your dogs, if not peace and prolonged support. Hence, it is a worthy purchase for a dog lover who wants their pets to sleep in a soft and comfy space.


It comes in 3 sizes, mainly for smaller size dogs. The sizes are 50 cm, 60 cm, and 70 cm.

Key features: 

  • They are made up of soft fox fur
  • This bed eases the anxiety in the tiny pets
  • The bed is so breathable that it is suitable for all seasons of Australia
  • The bed is entirely made up of non-toxic materials
  • The bed is very easy to clean and is washable too
  • It is one of the best small dog beds in Australia


  • The bed is washable

  • The bed can be dried using a dryer

  • The bed is cozy and comfortable for small dogs

  • The bed is very cushiony for the dogs and cats


  • A bit uncomfortable for larger dogs

  • The bed becomes uneven if it is chewed upon

3. Luxury Dog Beds Australia – Pet Terrain

Luxury Dog Beds Australia

The cover of the bed is hair and liquid-resistant too, which makes it unique.

Meta rating 4.0
Starting from $69.5

This bed is known for value for money in 1 package as it provides customization options along with comfort. The bed has a reversible cushion and also has an option to fold the sides of the bed.

This customization plays an important role to adjust the bed as per your canine friend’s comfort. The price of the product with this luxury is surely unbeatable. It also comes with a hassle-free warranty.

The cover of the bed is hair resistant and liquid-resistant too. It can be washed in the machine too. They are the best beds for dogs who need luxury. This bed sure is a great bet. It costs $88.45 to $110.

How is it Helpful:

Highly comfortable bed all thanks to its super plush filling. Your dog can twist and turn, swirl and crumble as the bed is surrounded with super-soft surfaces to lay its head.

The reversible sides are velvet which would keep your dog warm in winters and ultra-breathable and cool during summers. A great pick for Australian weather.

Does a pet terrain Dog Bed value for money?

Its high-quality velvet lining and super soft sleeping surface is the selling point that justifies the price range. You know it’s a worthy purchase when you get the same bed in different sizes for your dogs. 


  • The medium size of this dog bed is 80 x 65 x 21 cm while the large size of this bed is 90 x 75 x 23 cm.

Key features: 

  • The foam is highly supportive and comfortable
  • The manufactures 100% guarantee of non-flattening of the dog bed
  • The liners are an optional add-on that is entirely waterproof for senior dogs
  • On the biggest online market – Amazon, this Big Barker bed is the most highly rated by the majority of dog owners


  • Great value for the money

  • Best comfortable bed for dogs of any size

  • Great to use in winters and in summers due to reversible cushion

  • High-quality comfort

  • Built to last and great functionality

  • Unique and smart features allow easy cleaning

  • Available in generous sizes and beautiful colour


  • The zip quality is not very great

4. Best Orthopedic Dog Bed – Snooza Orthobed Dog

Best Orthopedic Dog Bed 

The foam provides ultimate comfort to dogs having orthopedic issues.

Meta rating 3.8
Starting From $67.95

Do you have a senior dog at home? Is your furry friend being cranky all day and posing problems while sleeping? Then these are the best Australian-made dog beds for orthopedic issues.

Your dog would be completely pain-free with this bed as your friend need not climb onto the bed. This bed lays entirely flat on the ground making it convenient for the patient dogs. This Snooza Orthobed is from great dog bed manufacturers in Australia having a low profile design. It ranges from $89.99 to $139.99.

How is it Helpful:

Once your dog climbs into bed, he or she will be nice and cozy on the convoluted foam mattress. The mattress helps to support your dogs’ bones and joints, helping your pet stay pain-free.


It comes in 2 sizes:

  • Small – 87 x 60 x 7 cms
  • Large – 120 x 87 x 7 cms

Key features: 

  • It is available in small and large sizes
  • It has a top of mock lambswool
  • It has a polyester back which is durable
  • It is filled with convoluted foam
  • It has a non-slippery base


  • It is super versatile

  • The design is very cleverly made

  • The bed is long durable

  • The memory foam is of superior quality


  • Not the best option for giant breeds

5. Dog Bed for Arthritis Dogs – Big Paws

Dog Bed Arthritis Australia

This high density memory foam bed is best to reduce painful ailments like arthritis, hip dysplasia, or muscle problems

Meta rating 4.1
Starting From $149.95

Just like us humans, when the dog’s age they develop muscle problems, hip dysplasia or arthritis. This particular bed from the Big Paws is designed for all such senior dogs facing such health ailments. This Huge dog bed is totally therapeutic, designed for medium to big size dogs.

It provides great comfort, sleep, and a guarantee of never flattering. This bed contains 12 cm thick foam for relieving the pain of your dog. It is water and tear-resistant as well. This bed is best for arthritis.

How is it Helpful:

This bed provides the best support to your canine friends when they are in dire pain. The cooling gel memory foam gives a soothing effect while the natural latex keeps the dog’s skin comfortable.

Does a big paws Dog bed value for money?

Keeping the well-being of your aging dogs, this bed, particularly designed to aid your pet’s muscle and arthritis problem is the best value dog bed in Australia.


  • It comes in only 1 size – Large, Approx 107 x 76 x 12 cms

Key features: 

  • Best human quality foam of 12 cms thickness is used
  • Provides supreme comfort by taking the shape of the dog’s body
  • The pains and the aches are relieved by the cushion joints of the bed
  • The zipper is hidden to ensure your dog won’t chew it off
  • Easy to remove, clean, and wash the cover
  • Non-slippery base
  • The bed is waterproof
  • The shipping is done easily with the rolled and compressed method


  • Great for dogs facing arthritis issues

  • Supreme comfort to the dog

  • Aches and pains are relieved due to cushion joints

  • Easily washable

  • Breathable lining

  • Easy to set up


  • Not specified

6. Best Washable Dog Bed – Above and Beyond  Pet Mat for Crate

Best Washable Dog Bed

This is a very versatile bed for dogs as it fits anywhere in the house, car or crate.

Meta rating 4.2
Starting From $52.95

This is a very versatile bed for dogs as it fits anywhere in the house, car, or crate. It provides supreme comfort to the dog with a reversible design that has cool oxford and warm sherpa pet mats. It is very safe for chewing dogs. For dogs having joint pains or body aches, this bed can easily relieve the pain due to the egg crate foam.

The best quality of the bed for which it is widely known is being the best washable dog bed. The cover has a zip which when removed slides off and can be thus washed in a machine without worrying about getting spoilt. It can be easily machine dried too. It is the best washable dog bed.

How is it Helpful:

Best bed for senior dogs and puppies as well. The mattress being chewable is safe for small dogs while for big ones it is a great support and pain reliever. The dog bed provides:

  • Proper posture
  • Alignment of the spine
  • All year long supreme comfort
  • A great relief from arthritis, hip dysplasia, joint pains, and body aches
  • Highly durable

Does a Pet Mat for Crate Dog Bed Value for money?

As dog lovers, we understand the need for good sleep for your furry friend. And therefore, this Extra Large Dog Bed from the brand Above and Beyond has value for money.


  • It comes in only one size 112 x 81 x 7.6 cms for dogs like Australian Shepherds, Australian Cattle Dogs, and Bulldogs

Key features: 

  • The design of the dog bed is universally ergonomic with egg-crate foam for long-lasting comfort for dogs
  • It easily soothes the pains and aches in senior dogs and puppies
  • All year long comfort is seen with reversible design
  • Water-resistant dog bed
  • Machine washable and dryable


  • The bed is very comfortable

  • The foam is thick and durable

  • It is easily washable and can be washed in machine which is a boon

  • It can be dried using a dryer too

  • Super comfortable


  • Priced high for the quality of the product

7. Best Anxiety Dog Beds Australia – Paws & Claws Calming Plush Bed

Paws & Claws Calming Plush Bed

Best Anxiety Dog Beds Australia

This bed as the name suggests is best for dogs having anxiety.

Meta rating 4.1
Starting From $24.99

This bed as the name suggests is best for dogs having anxiety. It keeps your dog comfortable and also safe. It is super cosy and very durable at the same time. The anxiety of the dogs is calmed with this ultra-soft bed. It has a non-slippery base.

How is it Helpful:

As the name suggests this bed is great for dogs to relieve their anxiety. It keeps the dog’s mind calm and in a relaxed mode

Does a Paws & Claws Calming Plush Dog Bed Value for money?

This calming new dog bed assists your pet to ease anxiety while creating a cosy and warm space. Its material, non-slip base and durability prove that it has value for money and provides a comfortable bed for your dog.


  • It is 50 cm in diameter and 19 cm in height.

Key features: 

  • They are super cosy, nicely warm and highly durable beds
  • They are crafted with ultra-soft plush fabric to treat anxiety
  • The pets are relaxed with this material
  • The bed is safe and comfortable
  • It has a non-slip base


  • Best for small dogs

  • A great calming dog bed

  • Easily washable

  • Easy to carry

  • Super cosy


  • Not meant for big dogs

Product Details: 

Product  User rating  Best for  Material
Big Barker 4.7 orthopedic dog Microfiber
Zenify Dog Bed 4.1 Pets with anxiety vegan, non-toxic materials/ faux fur
Pet Terrain 4.6 Australian weather Velvet
Snooza older pets or dogs with hip ailments Plush
Big Paws 4.8 Relieving muscle aches and pains 100% memory foam
Above and Beyond   4.5 Lightweight portable dog bed soft memory foam 
Paws & Claws  4.0 Easing anxiety ultra-soft plush fabric
Generic dog bed  3.3 Hot summers  CoolCore Fiber

Why should you buy a good dog bed?

The answer is somewhat incredible and obvious that any dog lover or you will be more than happy to buy a good dog bed for your furry best friend. We would certainly want to help you in achieving that in order to improve your best friend’s mental and physical well-being.

When you choose a good dog bed, it just doesn’t portray a comfortable place to sleep and rest but also should acquire the features of supporting bones and joints to render a pain-free environment. A good dog bed also represents a cosy space that renders a warm situation during cold weather.

Moreover, who wouldn’t want their favourite companions to lay down on an amazing dog bed!

What should I look for when buying a dog bed?

Just like bringing home a dog is very tricky as we like them all and want them all, the same is the case with their beds. The beds are so cute and in so many different sizes and shapes that we love them all. But here it is not about what we like but what your dog needs to feel comfortable. So considering this, choosing the right kind of dog bed can be a little tricky.

To help you out we have jotted down a few parameters which need to be there is a good dog bed. Check them out below.

1. The Size of the dog bedWell to buy the right kind of bed you actually need to measure your dog from head to tail. This will give you an idea about the dog’s size making it convenient for you to buy the bed. This would ensure you do not buy a smaller or a bigger size bed than your dog.

Make sure that the bed is large enough for your dog to lie down comfortably in the natural position. Check if the bed fits the dog even while it is stretching out and not just while balling up.

2. The Sturdiness of the dog bed – Your dog bed must be really sturdy as you would be knowing that dogs might start chewing things up especially when they are young. In a few older dogs, they chew things to ensure their jaws are strong or to even clean teeth. Well if they chew off the bed they sleep in it is destructive and dangerous for the dog as well. Thus, it is recommended that the dog bed must be strong and sturdy enough.

3. Materials – As we humans select our mattress based on our convenience and comfort similarly dogs need a bed of the material which is comfortable to them. You would be able to provide this by observing your dog. Firstly the beds can be categorized based on the size of the dog and the age of the dog. Next is if the dogs have any kind of joint pains or have trouble getting out of the bed or if they have hip dysplasia or arthritis if the fog is old.

The next thing to consider is if they like foam, fur, cooling gel mattresses, soft ones, hard ones, or simple ones. Once you analyze all this you can choose the materials like memory foam can be great for dogs with balky joints or old dogs. If your dog is small then fluffy soft beds can be chosen.

4. Convenience to cleanRemember to consider the ease of cleaning, too. Your dog’s bed will need it sooner or later. Cot-like beds fit that bill, as do machine-washable options, particularly ones with a removable cover that you can throw in the washer. Cleaning is yet another important aspect while selecting a dog bed as it would require frequent cleanings. Best, in this case, would be machine washable beds or cot-like beds. Best beds are the ones having covers that can be easily removed and washed whenever required.

5. Consider Your dog’s age – Since a good dog bed assists the dog’s bones and muscles, it is highly recommended to choose a better product for your aging dog. As your best friend ages with every passing month, while comforting you in all your emotional stress and joy rides, it is only fair to switch their bed with an orthopedic mattress. The support from these types of beds can help protect your older pet’s muscles, joints, and bones.

People Also Ask

Dogs need a firm surface to sleep on and that should not be very soft, as soft surfaces are not convenient for them to come out.

The calming beds are good but are not the ultimate solution for a dog’s anxiety. They need to be treated along with having a comfortable calming bed.

You can put the dogs bed in 

  • A quiet environment
  • Close to the family and yourself
  • In warm places
  • Places where your dog likes

Yes, the dog beds start to smell over time thanks to the nonstop rolling of your dog. The body fluids are shed on the bed along with the fur which produces odour giving an intimation that it needs to be cleaned. 

The small dog bed size ranges from 18 x 13 inches to 25 x 18 inches.

Depending on the kind of dog you have and its activity you can change the bed. It is generally done once a year. 

Generally a big bed will spoil the dog’s health.

Periodically clean and dry the cover of the dog bed. Wash the entire bed regularly and the cover too with soapy water and detergent. Dry the cover thoroughly before putting it back on. Remove the stains.

The Big Barker is by far the best dog bed for big huge dogs

Definitely the orthopedic dog beds are worth it. They relieve the pain points, alleviate the pain and help in increasing the blood flow. These beds are a blessing for senior dogs.


While you look for the best dog beds in Australia for your dog, there is a lot to consider besides the money and the look of it. Hope this article will help you make the right decision based on your dog and its needs.

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