What we do

Mattress brands are competing for your attention. It can be overwhelming to decipher the main differences and choose the right one. We make it simple.

We sort through online chatter, filtering noise from fact. Then, we turn it into mattress reviews and guides, so you can compare choices and pick the best for you. All information we share has been collected from real customers, expert opinions, and unbiased data. Our straightforward approach empowers your decision making, so you can find the right mattress no matter your sleeping position.

You’re our first priority, so all of our advice is objective and relevant. We think fluff is best used in mattresses.

How we work

Our team at Betterbed cares about credibility, which is why we do extensive research to compile each mattress review and comparison. To make these resources free for you—and to keep our team running—we partner with affiliates and advertisers. These partnerships bring in revenue through links on our website.

Some affiliates compensate us for sending them new customers, while others pay for advertisements on our website. If you enjoy our content and make a purchase, we may receive payment. However, we never let our partnerships affect the integrity of our content. While we may place links at certain points within a review, we will never compromise the information or ratings shared. To mitigate bias, our editorial team is kept unaware of our partnerships (sorry, team!). And they take pride in researching and writing reviews.

If you find Betterbed helpful, support us by buying our recommended products (via our on-page links). Otherwise, you can head straight to the mattress brand’s website to sidestep any affiliate links. No matter your preference, we’re happy to help you find the perfect mattress. Sleep tight.