Whether you’ve got visitors, travelling with kids or going camping, an air bed is a good investment. Check out Australia’s best air mattresses that suit a range of budgets and purposes.

Top Pick

Best for Kids

Intex Kids Travel Bed

Intex Kidz air bed
Budget Pick

Budget Pick
Bestway Single Air Bed

Aussie Wool Quilts
Best for Camping

Best for Camping
Coleman All Terrain

Best Throw: Country Road Hous Throw

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Remember childhood trips to the grandparents? In between the sweet treats, sticky cheek kisses and the lingering smell of gran’s perfume, you probably remember nights on an air bed.

Thankfully, technology has moved on a lot since you ended up with a sore back on the kitchen floor after the mattress deflated slowly overnight.

At BetterBed we think all Australians deserve a great night’s sleep – even on an air mattress. That’s why we’ve rounded up the top air mattresses in Australia. Whether you’re hitting the great outdoors or it’s your turn to host gran, our guide’s got the best air bed for you.

How We Picked

We started with an independent consumer review website which lets us understand what Australian customers thought about air bed. Armed with popular Australian air mattress choices, we headed to the manufacturers’ websites.

Crossing through the retailing rumour, we gazed at the great features that are most important to customers: strength, support, size, density and value. Plus, how good it is at staying inflated overnight.

Once we got that information, we combined it with the customer insights to get our take on Australia’s most durable and comfortable air mattresses.

Best Air Mattress Reviews Australia 2021

Here are our top picks for the  top-rated air mattresses in Australia.

Latest Deals
Wanderer Comfort Rest Double High Queen Airbed
Wanderer comfort rest air bed
Best for Overnight Guests
  • Double high size for supreme comfort

  • Durable PVC base with soft flocked top

  • Backrest for added comfort

  • Carry bag included for easy storage and transportation

  • Includes repair kit for easy maintenance

Price: $149.00
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Bestway Single Air Bed
Best way single air bed
Budget Pick
  • A built-in pillow, sturdy vinyl and coil beam construction

  • Distinctly designed for the outdoors

  • Lightweight & All-natural
  • Provide a refreshing night’s sleep due to its durability and comfort

  • For your outdoor adventures

Price: $34.96
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Coleman All Terrain Double High Mattress
Coleman all terrain
Best for Camping
  • A softer and more durable mattress

  • 47% more puncture resistant

  • 25% more stretch resistant

  • 30% lighter than a standard Coleman airbed

  • Support more weight and is equipped with Airtight system

Price: $138.90
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Intex Kidz Travel Air Bed
Intex Kidz Travel Air Bed
Best for Kids
  • Extra stability to avoid kid’s rolling.

  • Designed for kids up to 48in

  • Perfect combination of Comfort, Convenience and Versatility

  • Separate airbed for additional sleeping surface

  • Lightweight & All-natural
Price: $62.00
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Best for Overnight Guests: Wanderer Comfort Rest Double High Queen Airbed

Wanderer comfort rest air bed

Wanderer’s outdoor equipment supplies are developed for Australian conditions. Crafted from durable textiles, they specialise in hardy camping products, including airbeds.

Their Comfort Rest Double High Queen Airbed is our pick for overnight guests. Double-high size, measuring 38cm from the floor, your guests can easily get in and out of it. Heavy duty PVC ensures it’s durable. While the soft touch, flocked top gives a comfortable non-airbed feel.

It features a backrest. This allows your guests to sit up comfortably in bed and keeps pillows on the bed, not dropping off the back. It includes a carry bag for easy storage and transportation. If you want to look for different bed linens, then we’ve compiled reviews on Australia’s best pillows, best bed sheets, best quilts so you can shop for any!

Customers rave about how comfortable and ideal it is for overnight guests. They feel that it doesn’t deflate overnight and love the backrest.

We think guests will love its comfortable, luxurious feel and propping themselves up on the clever inflatable headboard.

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Budget Pick: Bestway Single Air Bed

Best way single air bed

Bestway manufactures high quality outdoor leisure products. Their Single Air Bed is our budget pick, coming in around $12 (or $30 with a built-in foot pump).

Made of sturdy, pre-tested vinyl, it features a comfortable flocked sleeping surface. A coil beam construction supports even weight distribution. It’s only available in single size and is 22cm deep.

It has an inflation and deflation screw valve for quick set up and put down. Easy clean, simply wipe down with a damp cloth as needed.

Customers reckon it’s good quality for such an affordable price point. It is one of the best budget mattress in Australia.

We reckon if you’re after a simple, low air bed to quickly inflate for the occasional overnight guest, this is a good choice.

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Best Air Mattress for Camping: Coleman All Terrain Double High Mattress

Coleman all terrain

Coleman is an American company that specialises in outdoor recreation gear, especially camping gear. Their All Terrain Double High Mattress promises to endure even the harshest Australian terrain.

This is due to its Puncture Guarded bonded fabric, which provides 47% improved protection against punctures, compared to other Coleman’s air beds. This durability makes it good for rough ground. At 30% lighter than other Coleman air beds, it’s also good for carrying around if you’re hiking and camping.

It’s factory-tested to ensure it’s leak-free. This includes a dual-sealed valve. The coil construction provides good support for a comfortable sleep. It also features a built-in storage system for you to fold, roll and store.

At 38cm deep, it provides a luxury feel. Ensure this depth will fit into your tent.

Customers say it’s excellent quality. It’s robust enough for camping yet also doubles up as an indoor air mattress.

We like how it adds a touch of comfort to your camping, while being good enough for home use too.

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Best for Kids: Intex Kidz Travel Air Bed

Intex Kidz Travel Air Bed

Intex focuses on providing high quality, affordable products that are engineered and tested.

Their Kidz Travel Air Bed features 2 separate sleeping surfaces. You can remove the inner air mattress and use it separately from the heavily cushioned frame. This frame keeps your little one snug and safe in bed. The inner mattress fits standard cot sheets.

It comes with a hand pump for easy (but long) inflation and a carry bag. It suits children aged 3 and up.

Customers love how well their kids sleep in it. Kids enjoy the nest-like feel of the bed.

We think although it’s a bit bulky and heavy for flying, the benefits of a good night’s sleep outweigh the cons.

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What to Consider When Buying An Air Mattress?

To help you choose best air mattress for your needs, keep in mind:

1. Height

Air mattresses come in a range of heights. The intended use of your air mattress should influence your buying decision. Avid camper? A double height air bed may not fit into your tent. Travelling? You’ll need a lightweight, small one.

Kids or teenagers visiting? They’re probably happy to not sleep on the floor or couch, so will be ok with a basic air mattress that sits low on the ground.

Older guests? If they struggle to get down to the ground (and back up), they’ll appreciate a higher, thicker mattress.

2. Inflating it

Save yourself time and effort by getting an air mattress that inflate and deflate with an external pump. If you’ll only use your mattress indoors, go for a pump that plugs into a wall outlet.

But if you’re going on camping trips, try a manual pump (think bicycle or foot pump), a battery-powered one, or one that plugs into a car.

If the inflatable mattresses doesn’t come with a built in pump, consider buying one separately. It’s a worthwhile investment. Ensure it’s compatible with the air valve on the mattress.

3. Material

However fancy you go, an good air mattress top layer is always air encased in vinyl, PVC or nylon. If you can, choose a mattress that’s topped with a softer, velveteen material. This will help reduce the normal air bed sensations – a slippery feel and creaking noise.

4. Support

Consider how much support you need your air mattress to provide. If it’s for occasional use by late night guests, probably not much. But if it’s a bed alternative for older guests, you might need more support.

Air mattresses with a network of internal air coils or chambers help spread the air in the mattress equally. This ensures there aren’t any lumpy spots that cause you to roll off. Look for coil counts of 30+ in a queen size air bed.

5. Storage

Think about what you’ll do with the air mattress when it’s not in use. If you’re planning on storing it, make sure when it’s deflated it’s small enough to fit in the cupboard. It probably won’t be possible to squeeze the mattress back into its original box once you’ve unpacked and used it. A vacuum pump can help you squeeze out all the air.

6. Air retention

All air mattresses will lose some air overnight. This is due to the sleeper’s (or sleepers’) weight and changes in temperature.

However, a top-quality blow-up mattress should lose air pressure very little across 1 night. Look out for features like leak-proof valves and extensive testing that guarantees little air loss.

7. Portable

Are you taking it camping or travelling? If yes, choose a lightweight model that comes with a small carry case. This will make it easier to carry around.

8. Size

Inflatable bed tend to run smaller once they’re inflated. Go bigger if you can: opt for a king or queen sized rather than a double.

9. Warranty

Check out the warranty. The best air bed warranties will cover the mattress and the pump (if included) for at least 1 year. Be sure to follow any specific care instructions to maintain your warranty.


Well, there are many options to choose from however we would recommend you to go with the Heavy Duty PVC or Vinyl crafted Air Mattresses. You can consider choosing Best Air Mattress for Camping.

An air mattress used occasionally by guests will last longer than the one used everyday. If an air mattress serves as a daily-use bed, then it may last for six months before a leak develops.

Here is a list of the most comfortable air mattress for camping:

1. Coleman All Terrain Double High Mattress
2. Aerobed Double Flocked Camp Bed.
3. Quechua Inflatable Camping Bed etc.

Air mattresses are ideal for camping or last-minute overnight guests, but a good air mattress can also work well to sleep every night. They can be a cost-effective way to a great night’s sleep, too.

Yes there are. We have selected a few best air mattresses for you – Wanderer Comfort Rest for overnight guest use, Bestway Single Air Bed for those who want a budget-friendly air mattress, Coleman All-Terrain for Camping, and Intex for your kids while you are Traveling.

While air mattresses are unlikely to harbor bed bugs, they aren’t always bed-bug-free sleeping solutions. The flocked top or sides of an air mattress can provide attractive hiding spots for bed bugs and their eggs.


We think all Australian’s deserve a great night’s sleep – even on an air mattress. That’s why we have picked up and reviewed the best air mattress in Australia for you.

They provide a lot of best features including – comfort, durability and price. Also, we have tested how good and long they stay inflated overnight to give comfortable sleep.

From our research combined with consumer insights, our top pick for overnight guest use is Wanderer Comfort Rest, Bestway Single Air Bed for those who want a budget-friendly air mattress, Coleman All-Terrain for Camping, and Intex for your kids while you are Traveling.

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