Where to buy the best Australian-made mattresses in 2021? Discover Aussie’s 16 most loved Australian mattress brands and check out our top picks!!


Mattresses are an essential ingredient to a good night’s sleep. Being an Australian, what also matters is that we are supporting our own. With our picks you can get a restorative sleep while focusing on mattresses that were designed, sourced or built by Australians.

Luck for us some of the best mattresses built around the world are in our own backyard.

This guide will take you through the best Australian Mattress Brands of 2021. 

How We Searched and picked the Best Australian-made Mattress Brand?

We began with online research by going through the best mattress brands available in the market for all kinds of mattresses. We jumped to the manufacturers’ website of various brands, almost 1000+ to understand the entire process of making the mattress, the materials used and the time spent to achieve precision and comfort for sleeping.

We had a lot of choices. You can find great well-established mattress brand names like Sealy providing all kinds of mattresses to Koala which manufactures mattresses in a box type.  Our selection ranges from the economy to the high-end mattresses. 3 of our review experts spent over 130 hours thoroughly comparing and analyzing these Australian brands of mattresses. Now let’s get to the results!

Where to buy Australian Made Mattress Brands?

1. Koala

Koala Mattress - best australian Made mattress brand

Koala is a brand that carries a lot of weight. Koala is extremely customer-centric. They follow the policy of easy to buy, easy to try, and easy to return. Since the Aussie icon Koala is decreasing in number, the mattress brand Koala has partnered with Koala charities, mainly WWF. The mattress company provides donations with every mattress sold. Hence, the brand also takes care of Australian wildlife.

The Koala is the first in the box mattress for many Australians. It is fabricated to provide the perfect balance between comfort and support for the sleeper. It is constructed with a foam center called the Tencel which gives the latex and memory foam kind of feel. Yet it is breathable. 

The mattress has a 10-year warranty. The weight of the Queen Size mattress is 23.6 kg and 23 cm is the height. It comes with a warranty of 10 years.


  • It suits all kinds of people

  • Highly comfortable

  • Fluffy and soft

  • The company offers $100 discount

  • The delivery is super swift (within 6 hours)

  • The company provides120 night trial and if not satisfied then you are eligible for a full refund,


  • The mattress slumps down

  • The mattresses are mid-priced

Take A Look At Koala Mattress !!!

2. Hugo Sleep

Hugo sleep australian made product

Hugo in its early days discovered two important factors that are responsible for a good relaxed sleep. They are a) aligned with the spine while sleeping and b) regulated body temperature. Latex and foam are their key performers. Hugo manufactured just one kind of mattress which is perfect and developed it into various sizes.

Hugo sleep is a 4 layers mattress made of complete foam. It is one of the best-rated mattresses in the market. The firmness is mid-level and motion disturbance is quite less. The mattress is known for its quality that provides a good night’s sleep. It is made up of memory foam, transition foam, and high-density foam. People weighing 120 kgs can be easily accommodated by this mattress. If there are 2 people sleeping on it then it can take up to maximum of 220 kgs.


  • The top layer of the mattress being latex makes it very comfortable

  • The mattress is very supportive to the back

  • The customer service of the Hugo Sleep company is very prompt

  • 3 months money back trial period is offered by the company

  • It comes with 10 year warranty

  • Delivery all across Australia is free


  • The cover of the mattress is not removable

  • The mattress is not suitable for heavy sleepers

Take A Look At Hugo Sleep Mattress !!!

3. Sealy

Sealy mattress australian made

Sealy although is an American brand, it is purely made in the 5 main states of Australia Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, and Adelaide with Aussie fine craftsmen contributing to the Aussie economy. Sealy Australia on average makes 950+ beds every day which comes up to 350,000 beds per year. A brand that began in Texas’ town Sealy has grown in Australia with 5 manufacturing units all around. It has a strong foothold in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and Malaysian markets. To meet the demands of the Chinese markets Sealy opened up a unit in Shanghai as well. 

Sealy brand has come out with mattresses that are Posturepedic. The mattresses are designed using the innerspring technology that supports the entire body while sleeping. To provide adequate comfort by releasing the pressure points to the sleepers, memory foam and latex are used. These mattresses rightly respond to your body weight. 

The price range of this mattress begins with $330 for the basic model to $5,000 for good ones. Though the top-notch king-size mattress model costs nearly $20,000.


  • It is designed using the posturepedic technology

  • There are various options available in the firmness level

  • There are many sizes available

  • They are compatible with all kinds of bases

  • All the rest of the mattresses are given 120 days trial


  • The cooling feature of the gel-infused foams do not work

  • The mattresses are not sold directly and need to be bought online or local retailers

Take A Look At Sealy’s Lineup !!!

4. Sleepmaker


The brand name SleepMaker was formed by the Turner family almost 8 decades ago with a commitment of producing the top-notch quality products. It was a pure home business that was then passed down through the 4 generations with mattress-making knowledge, expertise, and experience. If not just this, the company had promised to employ only Australian workers and use only Australian materials. This has not only pushed the economy but also created a name for the brand. Sleepmaker continues to do this with the best local materials and craftsmen. 

The SleepMaker mattresses are mainly hybrid memory foam and Dunlop latex. They are designed for various features like convenience, adjustability, back care, and luxury. This mattress is the user’s choice and literally, all have voted 5 stars to all the categories of SleepMaker mattress. The price range of this mattress is extensive since it features many categories.


  • It consists of 5-zone micro pocket springs

  • It gives a good level of body contouring

  • There are various categories from plush to super-firm

  • It is Australia’s largest bedding manufacturer having 1200+ staff

  • Recognized by the Canstar Blue 2020 as Australia’s No 1 Mattress for providing best customer satisfaction


  • Trial period is not given by the company

Take A Look At SleepMaker’s Lineup !!!

5. Sommuto

sommuto mattress edge or closeup view

The Sommuto company’s mattress is a complete foam mattress. The foam is purely made by Australian mattress manufacturers using proprietary memory foam technology. There are 3 layers of foam used which gives adequate firmness. This helps in preventing back and neck pains. MEMair Breeze is used as the first layer which alleviates the pressure points throughout the body. The high-resilience foam is used as the second layer while the high-density core is the third layer. 


  • The company offers 120 nights free sleep trial which is risk free

  • It provides a warranty of 10 years

  • The delivery of the mattress all over Australia is free

  • The mattress cover is removable and washable


  • Shipping issues have been faced by few people

  • It is a medium soft mattress and not meant for firm mattress seekers

Take A Look At Sommuto Mattress !!!

5. Sleepyhead

Sleepyhead mattress

Higher-end posh mattresses and budgeted mattresses both are designed by Sleepyhead. They have zoned pocket coil support systems installed in them. The mattresses are thicker and few higher-end mattresses have comfort layers in them.


  • It keeps the sleeper’s back in good shape with the memory foam

  • The mattress covers are of polyester with zipper and thus are easy to remove and wash

  • The mattress temperature is easily controlled with the PCM technology 

  • The company gives a free trial of 100 nights


  • Few users feel the quality of the mattress is compromised

Take A Look At SleepyHead Mattress Lineup !!!

7. Natural Bedding Company

the natural bedding company

The Natural Bedding Company as the name suggests uses only natural and organic materials in its mattresses. For sensitive sleepers, these mattresses are simply great. People having allergies can choose this Australias mattress brand as they are completely allergy-free. They are chemical-free mattresses. This range of mattresses is suitable for all age groups, from newborns to old age. The company has an extensive range in firmness, softness, and mid-level too. In this mattress range, you will surely get the mattress of your kind.


  • Mattress guarantee are usually upto 15 – 20 years

  • The mattresses suit all the age group

  • It is completely natural made without any chemicals

  • The mattress is entirely allergy free


  • The materials of the mattress being natural, the mattresses are firm

  • Shipping of the mattress takes around 5 – 10 working  days or it make take more time

  • Has Shipping charges

Take A Look At Natural Bedding Company’s Lineup !!!

8. Makin Mattress

Makin mattress

Makin Mattresses designs latex, pocket springs, pillow tops, and many other kinds in their models. They craft their own mattresses. They are known to design traditional mattresses like double-sided. For good comfort of the sleeper, latex fillings are used. The mattresses are flippable. They provide a wide range of firmness designs. Though the reviews are a bit contradicting as few have complained about sagging while many have loved the make.


  • The mattress is very comfortable

  • It is flippable

  • Comes in various firmness levels

  • Innerspring and Latex both give good night sleep

  • The company provides 10 years warranty

  • Shipping all across Australia is free


  • The mattress sags over a period of time

  • If shipping is missed by the customer then the delivery is chargeable

  • No trial period is given

Take A Look At Makin Mattresses Lineup !!!

9. Harvey Norman Mattress

Harvey Norman mattress

Harvey Norman is the best Australian mattress company that does not need any kind of introduction. They are very famous for high-end mattresses. They are known to give users the best sleeping experience. The mattresses cannot be compared or matched with the others in terms of quality and comfort. Though the price of the mattress is on a very higher end. Umpteen comfort preferences are offered by the Harvey Norman like a cooler, warmer, softer, allergy-free, firmer, etc. It is an all-encompassing range that is available to all kinds of sleepers.


  • They provide the best make

  • High quality materials are used

  • 30 days trial period is given

  • 1 time exchange is provided

  • Store testing is allowed


  • They are a little expensive

Take A Look At Harvey Norman’s Lineup !!!

10. Dusk & Dawn Mattress

Dusk and Dawn Mattress Australia

The most popular online mattress brand is Dusk & Dawn. There is an amazing balance between the support and comfort of the sleeper. They have launched 5 different sizes of mattresses. New technology is used while designing the mattresses called Virase for antiviral effect. They are non-toxic certified and also eco-friendly certified by the Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA).


  • The quality of the mattress is excellent

  • They are very comfortable and supportive

  • The company provides free 100 night comfort trial guarantee


  • No noticeable cons

Take A Look at Dusk & Dawn Mattress Lineup !!!

11. Cloud 9 Mattress

Cloud 9 mattress

Cloud 9 is a mattress sold on a very well-known old online mattress store – Chiropedic. 

High-density foam orthopedic mattresses are manufactured by Cloud 9. Cloud Nine specializes in manufacturing orthopedic high-density foam mattresses. These mattresses are thus very firm. There are comfort layers at the top that soften the mattresses a bit. The price range is from $319 to $4,497 for Queen size


  • Great for back pain

  • Firm mattresses for posture correction

  • High quality mattresses

  • The company provides 20 years of warranty

  • It give 120 nights of free trial

  • Delivery in Australia is free


  • They are very firm and thus not comfortable for all

  • The delivery takes minimum 3 days to maximum 15 days

Take A Look at Cloud 9  Mattress Lineup !!!

12. Snooze 

snooze mattress

Snooze is a well-known brand that gives provision to test the mattress before buying it. They have marketed their mattress with a promise that you will sleep like a baby on their mattress. Keeping this in view all the fundamentals in the mattress are of the best quality. They are the first of their kind to bring a customizable mattress type to market.


  • You will get complete store experience

  • They are available in coil as well as spring mattresses

  • They come with 10 years of warranty

  • They are customizable


  • There are no specific cons

Take A Look at Snooze Mattress Lineup !!!

13. Melbourne Mattress Factory 

Melbourne mattress factory

The Melbourne Mattress Factory is in the market for the past 3 decades. Manufacturing furniture has stepped into mattresses by using 90% of Australian materials only. They sell their products directly through their stores or online. 

The Melbourne Mattress Factory mattresses are known to fit all kinds of bed frames. They come with PURIFY anti-microbial foams in them. Due to this fungal or bacterial infection cannot be caused through the mattress. The mattresses are firm and yet very comfortable.


  • You will get complete store experience

  • They are available in coil as well as spring mattresses

  • They come with 10 years of warranty

  • They are customizable


  • There are durability issues

Take A Look at Melbourne Mattress Factory Lineup !!!

14. Macoda 

Macoda Mattress

The company Macoda believes in having easy and convenient delivery of mattresses and a smooth night of sleep. They do not have any middle-man and delivers the mattress in a box right at your doorstep. The mattresses are very affordable and brilliant to sleep on. 

This hybrid mattress bags the 2nd spot amongst the best hybrid mattresses. It is a mattress to go to for comfort. It offers quality plush layers, incredible body support, and a sleep experience. It is known to be Australia’s most comfortable mattress. It can accommodate 150 kgs weight on either side. So a total of 300 kgs can be borne by the mattress. It is indeed a high-quality and super comfortable mattress.


  • It has a great comforting balance

  • It provides relief from pain

  • The mattress is temperature-controlled and thus keeps you cool

  • This mattress is customers choice

  • You get 100 days of trial period

  • It comes with 10 year warranty


  • The mattresses are heavy

  • The cost of the mattresses are more in comparison to the average market rate

Take A Look at Macoda Mattress  !!!

15. Comfort Sleep

Comfort Sleep mattress

With the motto of helping people sleep better, the company ComfortSleep came out with high-quality mattresses. The mattress is currently the most highly recommended bed in Egypt. 

Multiple technologies are integrated into this mattress. The mattresses are categorized into soft, firm, and medium levels. These mattresses have pocket springs having wool layers. They are of high-density foam, gel-infused foam, latex, and memory foam. There are all-in-one mattresses as well.


  • The mattress is available in all kinds of firmness

  • Multiple technologies are infused in the mattresses

  • Very comfortable mattress


  • Few users have experienced sagging in the mattress

Take A Look at  Comfort Sleep Mattress  !!!

Why should you choose Australian-Made Mattress Brands?

Australian mattresses are a great choice. You can read the following points to know why.

  • The mattresses are environmentally sustainable
  • The mattress company follows proper ethical labor practices
  • The mattresses are committed to perfect quality
  • The Australian mattress companies would support the local businesses
  • The Australian economy is boosted by these brands
  • The customer warranties are assured
  • The delivery is free or costs very low
  • Trial periods are given in maximum by the Australian brands

How Can You Tell if a Mattress is Australian Made? 

You will have to check for original Australian-made license brands to know if they are Australian. Maximum of them are with legal Australian Licenses which means that they all have a triangle Australian logo and are authorized and approved manufacturers. 

You can check the product page to find out where the products are made if you can’t find the logo but the brand claims to be Australian. The page would give some information about the country in which it is made. The same is the case with the brand’s website.

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People Also Ask

The Latex Mattress is the best mattress type for people preferring firm mattress while hybrid or memory foam are the people’s choice.

The mattresses made in Australia are not always costly. They are in an extensive range from lower to higher. But the mattresses that are costly are unmatched by any other brand.

Generally 20%-50% of negotiation can be done at the stores based on the products and the time of the year.

It is a fact that generally buying mattresses online saves 15%. Only online sold mattresses have equally high quality with good durability and comfort. But people can still go to stores and buy if it is their preferred choice.

There are 5 simple steps that will help you in testing a mattress at stores.

  1. Firstly lie down on the mattress
  2. Get into the sleeping position and check
  3. Check for the weight distribution on the mattress
  4. Check for the firmness and the sagging part of the mattress
  5. Meet the mattress expert at the store


Buying a mattress is a great deal and very much essential to have a sound sleep. So, it is always a good idea to gather enough knowledge before investing in one. Having gone through our Australian-made mattress guide, we hope it helps you find the mattress of your choice. 

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