Bed frames aren’t just about good looks. By choosing a great bed frame, you’re in for a great  night’s sleep. That’s because a bed frame provides an effective and supportive foundation for your mattress, allowing it to perform at its best. A frame can also help prevent heat-trapping, reduce noise and raise your mattress to a comfortable level so you can easily hop in and out of bed. Find out how to get your best night’s sleep by choosing the right bed frame for you.

Best Editor’s Choice
Koala Timber Bed Base
Koala Bed Frame
Queen Bed Frame
Emma’s Box Base
Emma box Bed
Easy To Assemble
Ergoflex Premium Bed
Ergoflex Premium Bed

How We Picked the Best Bed Frame Australia?

We’ve created this guide to Australia’s best bed frames to help you choose the right frame for you. We’ve handpicked a list of our favourites that suit a wide range of budgets, design styles, and preferences, including firmness and height. They’re all available in Australia and some of them are specifically designed to complement mattresses in a box.

Here are Australia’s Best Bed Frames of 2023

Latest Deals
Koala Timber Bed Base
Koala Bed Frame
Editor’s Pick
  • Natural timber bed base

  • Quick and easy no-tool assembly

  • Available in 5 sizes

  • 120-night free trial

  • Behind-headboard storage

Emma Box Bed
Emma box Bed
Best Queen Bed Frame
  • Good value for money

  • Elegant look

  • Sturdy and durable

  • Available in 5 sizes

  • 100-night risk free trial

Price: From $299.95
Eva Timber Bed Frame
Eva bed base
Best King Bed Frame
  • Available in 5 sizes

  • Minimalist look

  • Easy, no-tool assembly

  • Winner of the Good Design Award 2020

  • 365-day risk free trial

Ergoflex Premium Bed
Ergoflex Premium Bed
Easy To Assemble
  • Custom-made

  • Made with sustainably sourced premium Australian timber

  • Available in 5 sizes

  • Assemble in Minutes

  • 30 colour options

Price: $1199
IKEA MINNEN Extendable Bed
Heavy Duty
  • Sturdy, solid steel frame

  • Extendable length

  • Safe height for kids

  • Side rails for protection

  • Easy to care

Price: $289

Zinus Suzanne Bed Frame

Zinus suzanne bed frame
Budget Bed Frame
  • Metal and wood frame

  • Sturdy and durable

  • Easy to assemble

  • Budget-friendly

  • Available in 4 sizes

Price: $299

1. Editor’s Choice – Koala Timber Bed Base

Koala Timber Bed Base

The Koala Timber Bed Base is an ultra-modern base with a minimalist look. Constructed using large pieces of timber, it fits together easily like a jigsaw. Koala claims that this bed base can be assembled in under 4 minutes and it’s true if you exclude the unboxing time. So, overall it might take you around 20 minutes to go from packed boxes to a functional bed base. 


Dimensions: Queen size – 167 cm x 228 cm (W x L)

Weight Range: 33.4 kg for Single to 59.5 for King size

Price Range: $799 for Single to $1099 for King size

Sizes Available: Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King

Material: Natural timber (cottonwood plywood)

Available Colours: 1 (Vanilla Malt)

Trial: 120-night free trial

Warranty: 5 years

Delivery: Free & Fast (4 hours) Metro Delivery

The Construction and Design

After the test conducted by our team, one of our sleep test reviewer, came up with the following points:

  • The oversized platform design makes the bed frame look like it is floating.
  • Engineered from natural timber (cottonwood plywood) with a honeycomb core for strength, the Koala bed base features panels of precisely cut timber.
  • It is exceptionally low to the floor – just 23cm – which may be tricky for the elderly or others who struggle getting in and out of beds.
  •  It comes with holes for your electronic device’s cables. These 6 cable management slots hide away all the dangling wires and cords.
  • Its smart design includes storage behind the headboard for putting away stuff. 
  • It doesn’t have any slats, instead the koala mattress lies directly on the flat timber surface.
  • It supports a maximum weight of 600kg.

Some users said that their mattress slipped over the edge. This tends to happen with foam mattresses on this bed frame. In this case, you can contact Koala and request anti-skid pads and they’ll send it to you for free.

Assembly and Care

  1. The assembly of the Koala Timber Bed Base is straightforward as the pieces interlock perfectly like jigsaw.
  2. The assembly requires no tools.
  3. With its water-resistant coating, there’s nothing you need to do to look after your bed base.
  4. The wood might expand and contract due to temperature variations, causing the bed to make creaking noises. You can fix this by applying natural soap or beeswax over the joints.

With a 120-night trial with free delivery and pick up, plus a 5-year warranty, the Koala Timber Bed Base is a risk-free option to try out.

Reason To Buy

  • Hidden storage space behind headboard

  • 6 Cable-management slots 

  • Easy, no-tool assembly

  • The natural wood makes this bed base an eco-friendly option

  • 120-night trial

  • 5-year warranty

  • Free and fast delivery for metros

Reason To Avoid

  • Due to its low structure, it might not be a good choice for the elderly.

  • Some mattresses might slip over

  • Can make creaking noises

2. Best Value – Emma Box Bed

Emma Box Bed

If you are looking for a stylish bed that is more than just a metal frame but at the same time will not make you shell out $1000, the Emma Box Bed or Signature Bed is what you need. While Emma is most popular for its range of high-quality mattresses, this Signature Bed shows that they are not lagging behind in the bed frame department.


Dimensions: Queen size – 213 cm x 158 cm (L x W)

Weight Range: Not listed

Price Range: $500 to $700

Sizes Available: Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King

Material: P2 quality plywood in metal structure with 100% polyester upholstery

Available Colours: 1

Trial: 100-night free trial

Warranty: 5 years

Delivery: Free Delivery

Construction and Design

  • The Emma Box Bed has a metal structure that supports P2 quality plywood to make the complete bed frame.
  • The upholstery is made of a 100 GSM non-woven 100% polyester fabric.
  • The upholstery and the structure make the bed look elegant and more expensive than its actual price.
  • The headboard is thickly padded to provide maximum comfort.
  • Emma’s patented FlexiSlats offer customised pressure relief, allowing your mattress to perform at its best.

Assembly and Care

  1. The assembly of the Emma Signature Bed is not as simple as the Koala Timber Bed Base, but Emma claims that one person can still assemble it in 30 minutes.
  2. Emma provides an easy-to-understand instruction booklet that makes the assembly easier for you.
  3. If you have a drill the assembly becomes easier.
  4. Due to its sturdy design, this bed does not require any special care.

With a 100-night trial with free delivery and pick up, plus a 5-year warranty, the Emma Signature Bed is a risk-free option to try out.

Reason To Buy

  • Good value for money

  • Looks more expensive than it is

  • Sturdy and durable

  • No creaking noises

  • 100-night trial

  • 5-year warranty

Reason To Avoid 

  • Some users found it a little difficult to assemble on their own

3.Best Minimalist Design – Eva Timber Bed Frame

Eva Timber Bed Frame

The Eva Timber Bed Frame is a winner of the 2020 Good Design Awards and the 2021 Red Dot Design Award. It is quite the decorated bed frame and rightfully so. Made from ethically sourced American Oak and Birchwood, this bed is simply yet beautifully constructed to support all types of mattresses well. The mind-boggling 365-day trial that Eva offers on this is just the cherry on top!


Dimensions: Queen size – 169 cm x 217 cm (W x L)

Weight Range: 30 kg to 83.5 kg

Price Range: $900 to $1350

Sizes Available: Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King

Material: American Oak, Birchwood

Available Colours: 1

Trial: 365-day risk-free trial

Warranty: 5 years

Delivery: Free delivery and returns, free next day delivery for metros

Construction and Design:

  • The Eva Timber Bed Frame has a minimalistic design that suits all types of aesthetics. It is both functional and pleasing to look at.
  • It is made of ethically sourced timber and finished with a wood grain polish to preserve its look.
  • It has cable management slots and a device holder to keep your bedroom organized and free of dangling wires and tangled cords.
  • The slats are flat and evenly spaced to support your mattress and allow proper ventilation.
  • Originally available in only 3 sizes – queen, king, and double, the Eva Timber Bed Frame now also comes in the single and king single sizes.

Assembly and Care:

  1. The Eva Timber Bed Frame is very easy to assemble and requires no extra tools.
  2. You can assemble it within 5 minutes, especially if you get someone to help you like in Eva’s assembly video.
  3. This bed frame should sit flush with the wall to maintain its quality for a long time. If it is not supported properly, structural damage might occur.
  4. Eva recommends keeping this bed frame away from liquids and direct sunlight.
  5. Wipe any spills right away.
  6. Clean the bed with damp cloth to prevent dust from settling.

Reason To Buy

  • Made from ethically sourced timber

  • Easy, no-tool assembly

  • Has cable management slots and a device holder

  • No creaking noises

  • Free next day metro delivery

  • 365-day risk-free trial

  • 5-year warranty

Reason To Avoid 

  • The edges are extended, so you need to be careful to not hurt yourself while getting in and out of bed.

  • Needs to be put against a wall.

  • It has sharp edges that aren’t safe for an environment with children and pets.

4. Easy To Assemble Bed Frame – Ergoflex Premium Bed

Ergoflex Premium Bed

Are you looking for a bed frame that perfectly matches the interior of your house? Look no further than the Ergoflex Premium Bed! With completely customisable foundation style (high or low), headboard height, foot colour, and fabric material and colour, you can choose from over 3200 potential bed frame combinations. 

Ergoflex offers free delivery to all metros and eligible regional towns. For other places, a delivery fee is charged. Also, because this is a made-to-order bed, there is no return or refund policy. It takes 9 to 12 weeks from the time you place your order to receive your completely customised bed frame. 


Dimensions: 1630mm x 2060mm (Queen) 

Weight: Not listed

Price Range: Starts from $2499 for a single bed without a headboard

Material: Victorian Ash hardwood, Warwick fabrics

Available Colours: 30 fabric colour choices

Sizes: Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King

Warranty: 5 years

Delivery: Free for all metros and eligible regional towns

Construction and Design:

A professional sleeper (and our reviewer) rated this bed an 8.5 based on the following points:

  • The Ergoflex™ Premium Bed is made from sustainable sourced Victorian Ash hardwood and heat treated pine.
  • Every aspect of this bed is customisable – the clearance (high or low), headboard (with or without, style and height), and fabric and foot colour.
  • Ergoflex™ states that there are over 3,200 possible design combinations.
  • This highly customisable bed is made from Warwick fabrics and Ergoflex™ allows you to choose from 30 fabric colours.
  • Users have unanimously said that the construction is solid without any wobbly parts or squeaking.

Despite the hefty price of this bed, the Ergoflex™ Premium Bed has received highly positive reviews from the users. This bed is loved for its high quality construction, premium materials, easy assembly, and of course the customisability.

Assembly and Care:

  1. Ergoflex provides white-glove installation for a minimum fee for these premium beds, so you can get your bed assembled by professionals.
  2. You also assemble the bed on your own without any hassle as its assembly is very simple.
  3. The Ergoflex premium bed does not require any special care as its build quality is high, giving you a durable bed.

Reason To Buy

  • Expensive

  • No return or refund policy

Reason To Avoid 

  • It is an expensive option.

5. Best Kids Bed Frame – IKEA MINNEN Extendable Bed Frame

Ikea kid bed
IKEA HEMNES bed frame —

Children grow in the blink of an eye. One moment their crib seems like the most spacious place, and the next thing you know they don’t fit in anymore. So, IKEA brings you a bed that grows along with your child. Convenient, right?


Dimensions:  Minimum Length – 127 cm, Maximum Length – 197cm, Width – 97 cm

Weight: Not listed

Price: $209

Material: Steel with Epoxy/polyester powder coating

Available Colours: 2 – White, Light Pink

Sizes: Extendable Bed Frame

Warranty: Not listed

Delivery: No Free Delivery

Construction and Design

  • This extendable kids bed frame has a steel structure with a polyester powder coating.
  • The slats are made of layer-glued wood veneer and birch veneer and coated with adhesive resin.
  • This Ikea bed’s height from the ground is 22 cm, which is pretty low. This ensures that the kids can easily get in and out of bed.
  • The bed is extended by taking out a couple of screws from the side rails with an Allen key and pulling out the bed a notch.
  • Ikea separately sells an extendable mattress specially designed for the MINNEN bed. It has a main section and two extendable portions.
  • This bed has cutely-designed side rails that prevent your child from falling out.
  • The simply yet pretty design of this bed will make it blend with house style.

Assembly and Care

  1. Ikea recommends a two-person assembly for this bed to make the process easier.
  2. They provide an easy-to-understand instruction manual and many users said that they did not find it difficult to assemble this Ikea bed.
  3. Ikea recommends wiping the slatted bed base with a cloth dampened with a mild cleaner.
  4. The bed frame is cleaned by wiping with a cloth dampened with a soapy solution.

Reason To Buy

  • The bed height is safe for kids.

  • Affordable

  • The side rails prevent kids from falling out

  • Sturdy design

  • The extendable rails ensure that you don’t need to replace your child’s bed as they grow.

Reason To Avoid 

  • No free delivery

  • Finding the right mattress might be difficult if you are not extending the bed frame from minimum to maximum length directly.

6. Zinus Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed Frame

Brosa Upholstered Bed Frame

If you are looking for a sturdy bed frame that won’t hurt your wallet, the Zinus Suzanne Ironline Metal and Pine Wood Bed Frame perfectly fits the bill. This industrial style bed won the GOOD DESIGN award in 2019. The black steel frames are simple to put together and provide stability while also adding a polished look to the room.


Dimensions: 151.3cm x 208.2cm (Queen)

Weight: 45kg (Queen)

Price Range: $249 to $399

Sizes Available: Single, Double, Queen, King

Material: Wooden headboard, footboard, slats and Steel Frames

Available Colours: 1 – Walnut veneer finish with black painted metal framework

Warranty: 5 years

Delivery: Free Delivery

Construction and Design:

  • The bed frame is made of black painted stainless steel, which gives the bed a sleek and sturdy structure. The corners of the frame are laser welded for stronger support.
  • The metal framework holds closely spaced wooden slats made of solid wood to complete the look.
  • The slats of this platform bed are also made of solid wood and held together by a middle support bar to prevent bending. They are evenly spaced to increase airflow and ventilation.
  • Unlike traditional wooden or metal beds, the Zinus Suzanne bed frame is supported by reinforced legs that eliminate bouncy or squeaky joints.
  • This bed is structured low with a clearance of 18cm from the ground.
  • This bed’s design includes velcro straps on the slats to prevent creaking noises and non-slip tape to keep the mattress in place.

Assembly and Care:

  1. The Zinus Suzanne Ironline Bed Frame is very easy to assemble and requires no tools. Amazon provides an easy to understand assembly video for this video.
  2. The minimalist look and durable structure of this bed requires no special care.

Reason To Buy

  • Sleek metal structure provides optimal support

  • Minimalist design

  • Easy to assemble

  • Budget-friendly

  • Sturdy and durable

  • 5-year warranty

Reason To Avoid 

  • The low structure makes getting in and out of bed difficult for some people.

What To Consider When Buying A Bed Frame?

When buying a bed frame, you should consider the following factors.

1. Size:

The size of your room and the other items in it determine the size of the bed frame you should buy. Ensure that whichever bed frame size you choose leaves at least half a meter of space between the bed and wall or any other item in the room. The room should not look or feel too cramped.

2. Material and Style:

Bed frames come in different styles like contemporary, minimalist, traditional etc., and these styles determine the type of materials the bed frame is constructed with. For example, a minimalist bed frame will only have a metal or wooden frame without any additions of fabric, velvet or leather. All these materials have different maintenance requirements, and you should consider this when buying a bed frame.

3. Slats:

The slats of a bed frame are a make-or-break factor as their type and quality determine the comfort level and durability of the bed frame. There are two types of slats – sprung and flat slats. Sprung slats have a slightly curved structure that adjusts to the pressure applied and provide firm support. Flat slats are cheaper than sprung flats, but good quality ones support the mattress and weight just as well.

4. Support System:

Bed frames come with two types of support systems – box spring and platform. A box spring is an extra-support bed base between the mattress and the bed frame. It is shock-absorbent and raises the level of the mattress, but not all mattresses are compatible with a box spring. A platform frame is one where the mattress is directly placed on the wooden slats. This is compatible with a wider range of mattresses.

5. Height:

A bed should be easy to get in and out of. You should not have to jump up to climb or struggle to get off. So, consider your height and the height of the mattress and bed frame combined when choosing the bed frame with the right clearance (height of the base from the ground) for you.

6. Budget:

Decide on a budget when you go bed-shopping and stick to it. Be practical about the amount you are going to spend on your bed. While you might have fallen in love with a luxurious bed base, it might also set you back by $5000 when you have other furniture to buy for your house. Remember that there is nothing wrong with setting a financial limit.

7. Packaging:

Check the packaging dimensions of the bed frame you are buying to ensure it can be easily carried up the stairs and assembled in the room. This is especially important if you have a narrow stairway or doorway.

People Also Ask

Metal bed frames. Standard metal bed frames constructed with steel don’t deteriorate over time and last the longest. They offer extreme durability and longevity and can tolerate heavy weight and movement.

Wooden bed frames can last for 7 to 10 years, depending on how well you maintain them and the wood quality, while metal bed frames can last up to more than 15 years. Ideally, you should replace your bed every 8 to 10 years.

A sturdy bed frame is made of high-quality materials, has strong slats that don’t bend easily and sturdy wide feet that can support heavy weight and active movement. The type of support the bed frame uses – box springs, platform bases etc. is also important.


Good looks with an effective and supportive foundation for your mattress that allows you to have a great night sleep are the qualities of the best bed frame.

This guide contains Australia’s best bed frames handpicked by our experts, keeping all the suitable situations in mind like the budget range, design styles and preferences, with firmness and height.

The Koala Timber Bed Base is our most recommended choice for you while choosing the bed frames in Australia. And if you are looking for a cheap yet the best bed frame in Australia, there is no better choice than Brosa Upholstered Bed Frame.

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