A cooling mattress topper absorbs heat and regulates temperature to help keep you relaxed and comfortable throughout your sleep. Cooling mattress toppers are made from various materials that draw heat away from the body, such as gel memory foam, wool, bamboo, and latex. They are designed to lie on top of your mattress and, depending on the thickness, can also provide support and relieve back pain so you can wake up feeling your absolute best every day.

There are different cooling mattress toppers on the market, but you must choose the right one so you can reap all the benefits of sleeping on one. So, to help you out, we have shortlisted the best cooling mattress toppers for various needs and budgets.

Top Pick

TEXARTIST Mattress Pad Cover Queen Cooling Mattress Topper

TEXARTIST Mattress Pad Cover Queen Cooling Mattress Topper
Top Pick

ZINUS 2 Inch Swirl Gel Cooling Mattress Topper

ZINUS 2 Inch Swirl Gel Cooling Mattress Topper
Top Pick

3 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper 

3 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

How We Reviewed

We took twelve samples of cooling mattress toppers from different manufacturers. We tested them on the following grounds for six months ‒ cooling, comfort, softness, and if they provide relief from pressure and back pain. Also, we collected 284 reviews from buyers on many online forums. There were good as well as mixed reviews. After having in-depth research, we concluded the ones that must be included in this list.   

Here are the Best Cooling Mattress Topper in 2022

Latest Deals

TEXARTIST Mattress Pad Cover Queen Cooling Mattress Topper

TEXARTIST Mattress Pad Cover Queen Cooling Mattress Topper
Editor’s Pick
Across 45 user reviews
  • Maximum Softness and Comfort

  • Breathable and Cool to Touch.

  • Deep Pocket and Machine Washable.

  • Money back guarantee.

Queen: $159.97

ZINUS 2 Inch Swirl Gel Cooling Mattress Topper 

ZINUS 2 Inch Swirl Gel Cooling Mattress Topper
Best Quality
Across 44 user reviews
  • Cooling gel-infused topper promote airflow.

  • Fits under any standard or deep pocket fitted sheet.

  • Highest quality foam.

  • Expertly Packaged.

Queen: $48.02

3 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper 

3 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper
Easy to Maintain
Across 56 user reviews
  • Removable Bamboo Fabric Cover.

  • Improve Sleep Quality.

  • Softest Touch.

  • 10 year quality guarantee.

Queen: $127.92

Bamboo Cooling Mattress Topper 

Bamboo Cooling Mattress Topper
Extremely Breathable
Across 40 user reviews
  • Natural Ultra Soft Bamboo Fabric.

  • Extremely Breathable.

  • Back Pain Relief.

  • Provides unbeatable comfort.


COOL GEL Memory Foam Mattress Topper

COOL GEL Memory Foam Mattress Topper
Across 50 user reviews
  • 100% Visco elastic memory foam.

  • Made of durable PU silicone gel.

  • Eco-friendly bamboo fabric cover.

  • Removable and washable zipper cover.

  • Lightweight & All-natural


1. TEXARTIST Mattress Pad Cover Queen Cooling Mattress Topper

TEXARTIST Mattress Pad Cover Queen Cooling Mattress Topper

The Texarist mattress offers maximum comfort and softness. It is overfilled with 4D spiral fibre, which traps air that allows the mattress pad breath and to keep its shape longer than any mattress pad on the market. The good resilience makes this mattress pad fluffy and provides an extraordinary level of comfort that will change your sleep for the better. You can revitalize an aging mattress with this mattress pad, change the firmness or softness, or give yourself an extra layer of luxury to sleep on.

The cooling mattress is also breathable and cool to the touch. It is made of 400 TC combed cotton, and the top surface will wick away any sweat or moisture, providing a breathable and cozy sleeping environment. Silent and cool protection that doesn’t disturb your valuable sleep makes you sleep well all night.

It has a deep pocket and is machine washable. The deep pocket design easily grips any mattress up to 21″ and provides a smooth appearance once you applied. It is constructed with a beautiful stream pattern style and quilted polygon to prevent fill from shifting. Tests show that it will retain its shape even after more than 109 times machine washing. The quick drying and wrinkle-resistant features help save your electric bill and your time


Brand: Texartist

Colour: White

Size: Queen

Fabric Type: Cotton

Closure Type: Elastic Deep Pocket Fits Up to 8-21″

Product care instructions: Machine wash


  • Users who experience night sweats say this pad keeps them comfortable and dry throughout the night.

  • According to buyers, it offers a 5-star hotel bedding experience.

  • This topper retains its shape after countless machine washings and dryings.


  • You’ll require a large-capacity washer and dryer to clean this topper.

  • Some users say it doesn’t give as much cooling as they need.

Final Verdict

The topper weighs less than 5 lbs. It can keep you comfortable and dry throughout the night. The whole pocket is elastic and deep, holding the mattress tightly, even when you toss and turn on the bed. Overall, it is an excellent choice for people looking for a mattress topper to sleep cooler.

2. ZINUS 2 Inch Swirl Gel Cooling Mattress Topper 

ZINUS 2 Inch Swirl Gel Cooling Mattress Topper

We’ve got you covered with the Swirl Gel Cooling Memory Foam Mattress Topper if you want to seek relief from hot nights without cranking up your AC. Packed with specially formulated cooling gel, this thoughtfully crafted layer regulates your body temperature as you sleep, so your internal heater gets extra help, and so does your energy bill. 

To kick up the cooling factor, its surface is designed with Wave Dynamics technology that promotes airflow and banishes excess hot air. Constructed with soft and enveloping CertiPUR-US Certified Green Tea Memory Foam that lets your joints rest naturally and efficiently, the Swirl Gel Topper doesn’t cut back one bit on freshness and comfort. Worry-free five year limited warranty is included, and you have one well-rounded, sweet-dream-inducing topper. A new foam scent is normal and should disappear within 72 hours.


Brand: Zinus

Colour: Light Blue

Size: Full

Fabric Type: Cooling Gel Swirl Memory Foam

Closure Type: Green

Material: Gel foam

Product dimensions: 74 x 53 x 2 inches

Item Weight: 5.6 pounds

Manufacturer: Zinus

Fill Type material: Memory foam

Assembly Required: No

Warranty Description: Worry-free 5-year limited warranty included


  • Contains extremely affordable specialty foam.

  • These are CertiPUR-US rated (so not to offgas nasty toxins).


  • Some reports of durability problems and quicker-than-expected degrading in some cases.

  • Heat retention.

  • Work Environment
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Final Verdict:

The mattress topper features infusion with green tea extract and charcoal for a cooler night’s sleep. Their Pressure Relief Green Tea Memory Foam mattress comes with a top layer of infused memory foam on the surface, followed by a more supportive layer beneath which has been helpful to many buyers.

While these infused mattresses do well, keeping odour to a minimum and sleeping cool for most people, there were reports of durability and firmness issues for some sleepers. Overall, this is a great mattress topper worth buying.

3. 3 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper 

3 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

The mattress topper is infused with 40D high-density memory foam with cooling gel to create a cooler and more comfortable sleeping environment. It is certified by CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX quality systems to offer a healthier sleep environment. 

The fabric uses skin-friendly and breathable bamboo fibre and is equipped with a high-quality metal zipper for easy removal and installation after cleaning. The brand offers a 365-night satisfaction experience and ten years of service for quality-related issues.


Brand: Edilly

Colour: White

Size: Queen

Fabric Type: Bamboo

Closure Type: Zipper

Material: Polyeste


  • Plush feel.

  • Machine washable zip-off cover.

  • Maximum breathability.

  • Self-ventilating.


  • Less firm to some buyers.

Final Verdict:

The Edilly cool gel memory foam topper keeps your body from overheating and your back from tensing up by conforming to body curves. Rayon and polyester-made cover with the latest weaving technology offer you the softest touch and the most luxurious feel. The topper’s cover is removable and washable. It allows airflow and provides a great night’s sleep. However, some buyers say it is less firm. On the whole, the topper is a must-have for people looking to relieve pressure and pain

4. Bamboo Cooling Mattress Topper 

Bamboo Cooling Mattress Topper

Niagara’s premium extra plush mattress topper is constructed using blended rayon from bamboo fabric which is silky to the touch and allows for a more comfortable night’s sleep. The rayon from bamboo fabric breathes extra well, which counterbalances the warmness of mattresses which keeps them cool in summer and warm in winter.

Extra Thick Rayon From Bamboo Mattress Protector Pad Cover is perfect for revitalizing your sleep. Made from polyester fibre 66OZ filling, it creates a sleeping on cloud experience. Bamboo Mattress Cover Queen has extra deep pockets that are stretchable and can fit any mattress, including pillow tops or extra thick; it ranges for 8-20 inches deep. 

It provides relaxation with the additional loft and cooling bamboo blend fabric, providing an extra cozy layer to your mattress. There will be no slipping or sliding with this mattress pad as elastic all around keeps it secure all night.


Brand: Niagara Sleep Solution

Item weight: 3.94 pounds

Package dimensions: 16.06 x 12.6 x 4.72 inches

Size: Twin 39×75 Inches

Fabric Type: Bamboo

Closure Type: Fitted

Material: Bamboo


  • Natural Ultra Soft Bamboo Fabric.

  • Extremely Breathable.

  • It provides unbeatable comfort, and it feels like sleeping on a cloud.

  • It helps ease back pain by adding a cushion between the sleeper and the mattress.

  • Easy to wash.


  • Some buyers say it is not as thick as advertised.

  • It does not offer support, only softness to a firm mattress.

Final Verdict:

The topper is of good quality, plush, and thick. It has a nice soft fabric. It has elastic all the way around; for assurance, it will stay put. It is well made with good stitching. If you seek support, this isn’t what you’re looking for. However, it will work perfectly if you want to add some softness to a firm mattress. Overall, the topper offers good value for money.

5. COOL GEL Memory Foam Mattress Topper

COOL GEL Memory Foam Mattress Topper

The Giselle mattress topper adds that extra bit of comfort to your mattress. The topper provides palpable relief to your pressure joints no matter how you sleep, a cooler sleeping surface and, not the least, individual contouring of your body shape thanks to the memory foam. 

The memory foam also helps to even body weight distribution, eliminate motion disturbance and dissipate body heat to keep your body nice and cool. Eco-friendly with its highly breathable bamboo fabric covering, our cool gel mattress topper is just the extra that you need to turn your rest and sleep from good to great. Available in Single, Double, Queen and King sizes.


Size: King

Dimensions: 203 x 183 x 5cm


  • 100% Visco elastic memory foam.

  • Made of durable PU silicone gel.

  • Motion control elimination.

  • Cooler sleeping surface.


  • The bottom is a bit slippery, according to some.

  • Not as soft as pricier models.

Final Verdict:

The 5cm topper from Giselle Bedding has a cooling gel that warms up slower than the rest of the material for added breathability. It provides relief to pressure points no matter what your sleeping position is. It also helps evenly distribute body weight to ensure maximum comfort and has a bamboo fabric covering.

Buyers gave positive feedback on the topper’s value for money, cooling effect and plush texture. It feels luxurious and soft, providing optimal spine support during sleep. Reviews added that the cover is easy to wash too.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Cooling toppers are an excellent method to provide an additional layer of comfort while cooling down your mattress. A mattress topper is a layer that is placed on top of your mattress to revitalise it.


All the mattress toppers above are very soft, comfortable and provide good support. If you are looking for a mattress topper specifically to provide cooling, then we recommend the Texarist and Edilly Cooling mattress toppers. And if you are looking for a mattress topper to provide cooling and relief from pressure and pain, then the topper from Zinus is the best choice.  

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