Australian summers are notoriously hot. The intense heat of the day lingers almost throughout the night. Such hot nights are spent tossing and turning, trying to find a cool and comfortable spot to lie on. In such situations, it seem hard to have a  restful night’s sleep. We get innumerable queries regarding the best mattress for hot sleepers.

However, thanks to cooling mattresses, now you can sleep comfortably throughout the night. In this article, we have created a list of the best cooling mattress in Australia. These have been selected after rigorous testing on various aspects. Our in-depth research helped us to discover the best mattress for hot, humid climates.

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Purple cooling mattress
Purple mattress
Chiropractor’s Mattress
Tempure-Adapt mattress
tempurepedic mattress
Comfortable Mattress
Dusk and dawn mattress:
dusk and dawn mattress

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This review is an unbiased and honest evaluation of several of the best cooling mattresses available in Australia. We hope that this review will help you to determine the best mattress for hot sleepers in Australia. 

Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers in Australia 2023 :

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Purple Hybrid Mattress

Editor’s Pick
Across 224 user reviews
  • Supports your body while cradling pressure points
  • Draws more heat away so the mattress doesn’t sleep hot

  • Individually wrapped coil core for a more responsive feel

Queen: $2,399

TEMPUR-Adapt Mattress:

Best pressure relief
Across 6,120 user reviews
  • Adapts to your weight,
    shape & temperature

  • Advanced pressure-
    relieving power

  • Maximum pressure relief
    + 30% more conforming

Queen: $3,099

Dusk & Dawn Signature:

dusk and dawn mattress
Best pressure relief
Across 2,104 user reviews
  • Luxurious sleep whilst still supporting your body throughout the night.

  • Allows your hips and shoulders to sink in a little while still offering plenty of support.

  • Firm Support is designed for those who prefer a firmer feel but still enjoy comfort.

Queen: $2,699.00

Yinahla Posture Gel mattress

Best support
Across 40 user reviews
  • Offers sleepers medical grade support

  • Australian-made Ultra HD foam

  • Provides a medium-firm comfort feel; maximum support,

Queen: $4,479.00

Sleepmaker Cocoon mattress:

SleepMaker cocoon mattress
Best Luxury Mattress
Across 40 user reviews
  • Comfort layers provides a luxurious feel

  • Reduces spread of allergens

  • Provides Support where you need it.

Queen: $3,995.00

Venus Williams Legend:

Purple mattress
High-performance Mattress
Across 18 user reviews
  • Superior comfort & durability, with our springy-yet-supportive GhostBounce foam

  • Sustainable, ultra-cooling cover made from 25% recycled water bottles

  • Medium feel

Queen: $1,796.00

1. Purple Cooling Mattress

Purple mattress

Purple Hybrid Mattress

Draws more heat away so the mattress doesn’t sleep hot.

Queen: $2,399

The Purple Hybrid mattress is also called the “Purple 2” mattress. It is considered to be the coolest mattress in Australia. It is not only thinner than other hybrid mattresses but also firmer. Besides this, it is significantly more affordable than similar mattresses from different brands. The mattress also has a highly detailed cover for a premium feel. It is significantly better than innerspring mattresses.

The Purple cooling mattress is around 11 inches thick and has four separate layers for cushioning. The first layer is made of an inch-thick strip of standard foam. This provides support to the thick network of 7.5-inch pocketed steel coils. Each of these coils is encased in fabric to restrict motion transfer. Next, a 0.5-inch thick layer of foam is added to curtail the dents from the pocketed coils. The last layer consists of 2 inches of Purple’s special Hyper-Elastic Polymer set in a grid pattern. Dense foam slabs are fixed to the sides to provide firm edge support.

This mattress is recommended for the stomach, back and combination sleepers.

Highlights Of Purple Mattress

  • Hybrid construction 
  • Viscose, polyester and Lycra mixed mattress cover 
  • Breathable 
  • 2 inches of Hyper-elastic polymer grid 
  • 1-inch polyfoam sheet 
  • 7.5-inch tall layer of separated coils
  • 1-inch transition foam layer 
  • Excellent temperature neutrality (optimal cooling) 
  • Additional contouring

Final Verdict:

The Purple cooling mattress offers excellent cooling, thanks to its unique 4-layer construction and materials used. This is one of the cooling mattresses in Australia for back and stomach sleepers.


  • Sufficiently breathable and comfortable for hot sleepers

  • Advanced hybrid construction ideal for all body types 

  • Excellent for the stomach, back and combination sleepers


  • Slightly higher priced than other similar mattresses

  • It could feel strange if you’re used to conventional foam mattresses 

  • Not sufficiently soft for side sleepers 

2. TEMPUR-Pedic Mattress

tempurepedic mattress

TEMPUR-Adapt Mattress:

Softest material quickly begins conforming to your body to soothe and relax

Queen: $3,099

TEMPUR-Pedic’s TEMPUR-Adapt is an all-foam mattress. It is made with a dual layer of memory foam. The first layer consists of the TEMPUR-ES foam, which is highly adaptive and has excellent body-contouring properties. The next layer is made from TEMPUR memory foam which is denser and prevents sinking too much. 

Next, a layer of high-density polyfoam is fixed, which forms the support core. This layer also contains pocketed coils inside a high-density foam strip. This stabilizes the mattress and offers additional support to the transitional foam. The next layer is made of the hybrid TEMPUR-ES memory foam and an additional strip of transitional memory foam. This mattress measures 11 inches in thickness and is classified as a medium-profile mattress. 

The TEMPUR-Pedic cooling mattress offers a medium-firm feel. 

Highlights Of TEMPUR-Pedic Mattress: 

  • 11-inch thick all-foam mattress
  • Available with a 90-day trial period 
  • Cool-to-touch cover made from premium knot technology
  • TEMPUR-ES comfort layer for a softer feel 
  • TEMPUR support layer for extra support 
  • Highly recommended for back sleepers

Final Verdict:

The TEMPUR-Pedic TEMPUR-Adapt mattress is the best mattress for hot sleepers in 2023. It offers excellent motion isolation and pressure relief. The mattress scores average points for edge support, ease of movement and off-gassing. We recommend you buy this mattress if you are mainly a back sleeper and looking for a comfortable, cool mattress


  • Comfortable memory foam 

  • Supports back sleepers (up to 230 lbs.) 

  • Ideal for couples 

  • Highly durable mattress 


  • Not recommended for stomach and side sleepers 

  • Lacks some features seen in newer models 

  • Less pressure-relief 

3. Dusk and Dawn Mattress

dusk and dawn mattress

Dusk and Dawn signature mattress:

Pure luxury mattress made with Australian wool

Queen: $2,699

The Dusk and Dawn Signature Mattress is another best cooling mattress in Australia. The mattress is made of 7 layers for exceptional comfort. The first layer is made of a silk-wool blend which is breathable. A layer of Eco-Air foam is attached next to keep the sleeping surface coolest. Following is a layer of Italian-made Graphite memory foam for excellent pressure relief. It also has anti-microbial properties. An HD foam layer is used to connect the layers above and below.

The fifth layer is made of tiny coil springs divided into 5 different zones to help contour and support your body. The sixth layer has conventional pocketed springs to provide additional support to your weight. These independent springs also help to reduce motion transfer. Last is a powerful edge box that covers the entire mattress for sufficient edge support.

Highlights Of Dusk And Dawn Mattress: 

  • High-quality premium-grade hybrid mattress 
  • Available in 2 firmness levels 
  • Australian-made mattress recommended for couples

Final Verdict:

The Dusk and Dawn Signature mattress is an exceptionally good cooling mattress. This mattress is recommended for side sleeper and back sleepers as it offers excellent support and pressure relief. This is a completely Australian-made mattress and is affordably priced. 


  • Exceptionally good materials 

  • Available in 2 firmness choices 

  • Excellent for all sleeping positions


  • It can be quite expensive

4. Yinahla (Cloud 9) Mattress

yinahla mattress

Yinahla Posture Gel

Yinahla Posture Gel mattress offers sleepers medical grade support

Queen: $4,479.00

The Yinahla Posture Gel Mattress is the coolest mattress in Australia. It offers a comfortable medium-firm feel. This award-winning mattress has a 14-inch thick profile. The top layer is made from the company’s patented ‘elastin knitted fabric’, which offers a cool and comfortable feel to the mattress. This layer is covered by two layers. The first is a layer of premium-quality memory foam over the patented Posture Gel layer. This allows breathability and free flow of air within the mattress. It also contours perfectly to the body and provides excellent pressure relief and support.

The Posture Gel layer is bonded to a layer of Ultra HD Dunlop Opulence foam. This is a comfortably dense layer yet offers excellent pressure relief. Experts recommend this mattress for stomach sleepers, back sleepers and side sleepers .

This makes it the best mattress for sleeping cool in Australia.

Highlights Of Yinahla Mattress: 

  • 14-inch profile with classic style and colour blends
  • Uses patented Posture Gel foam for breathability, contouring and comfort
  • Ultra HD Dunlop Opulence foam for added comfort 

Final Verdict:

The Yinahla Posture Gel mattress is another excellent cool mattress available in Australia. The mattress provides a medium-firm feel on the firmness scale. The mattress contains an innovative spring coil system. It is recommended for people of all sizes and weight ranges. 


  • Slightly higher priced than others

  • Comes equipped with patented materials for top quality assurance 

  • Reasonable dense but supportive foam layers for optimal pressure-relief


  • Slightly higher priced than others

  • Some sleepers may not feel cool enough 

5. Sleepmaker Cocoon Mattress

SleepMaker cocoon mattress

Sleepmaker Cocoon mattress: 

 Adjust for your individual comfort.

Queen: $3,799

The Sleepmaker Cocoon mattress is also the best mattress for hot humid climates, such as in Australia. It is one of the most expensive mattresses available from the brand. It has a comfortable quilt made from exotic natural silk and cashmere fibres. This allows incredible breathability and airflow within the mattress, making it one of the coolest mattresses in the Australian market.

The other layers consist of pressure-relieving foam that offers an opulent sensation. This layer also provides additional back support and is made from anti-microbial material to prevent allergens from spreading. The mattress also has a 100-mm SensorZone support system. This innovative cushioning system combines spring and foam with full-length springs that offer optimal durability. The main core of the mattress is called the “Dreamfoam” core and offers a medium-firm feel.

The Sleepmaker Cocoon mattress is highly recommended for back sleepers, as it might not offer satisfactory support to side and stomach sleepers.

Highlights Of Sleepmaker Cocoon Mattress:

  • SensorZone support system for optimal support 
  • Anti-microbial cover for healthy, peaceful sleep 
  • Lustrous fibres help regular body temperature 
  • Excellent breathability for cool sleeping at nights

Final Verdict:

The Sleepmaker Cocoon mattress is a good choice of mattress for hot sleepers in Australia. This lightweight mattress integrates several innovative technologies into it to offer the most peaceful and comfortable sleep, especially in view of Australia’s infamous hot climate.


  • Luxury materials used

  • Contains innovative, patented technology 

  • Offers optimal back and lumbar support 

  • Medium-firm feel 


  • Might feel slightly expensive 

  • Not suitable for prone sleepers

  • The mattress dips after prolonged use

6. Ghostbed Mattress 

Ghostbed mattress

Venus Williams Legend

Made up of certified foams, meeting the highest standards for safety

Queen: $1,099

Ghostbed offers the Venus Williams Legend mattress. This is the newest product on this list. The mattress comes infused with several new technologies, including far-infrared therapy infused into it. It features exclusive materials and other sleep-aiding technologies. This mattress is highly recommended for recovering and resting after a day of hard work. The mattress has the exclusive Venus FIT layer. It is a mineral-infused memory gel foam that helps in better sleep and faster muscle recovery. 

The mattress cover is made from ultra-cooling and sustainable 25% recycled water bottles, making it extremely eco and health-friendly. The mattress offers exceptional comfort and durability, thanks to the patented GhostBounce foam, which is flexible yet supportive. It also contains an 8-inch thick high-density foam base for excellent pressure relief and edge support. 

This mattress has a medium-firm feel and is recommended for side and back sleepers alike. 

Highlights Of Ghostbed Mattress: 

  • Patented Venus FIT foam layer
  • Exclusive GhostBounce foam layer 
  • Exceptionally cooling mattress 
  • High-density foam base

Final Verdict:

The Ghostbed Venus Williams Legend mattress is another best cooling mattress in Australia. It is packed with incredibly advanced technology and features. The mattress provides exceptional lumbar support and is considered a good way to recover after a hard day’s work. 


  • Optimal mattress height 

  • Exclusive memory gel infused layer

  • Ultra-cooling, sustainable cover made from recycled plastic bottles 

  • Excellent comfort and quality with exceptional durability 

  • Patented GhostBounce foam for springy yet supportive sleep


  • Slightly higher priced than others

What are the key elements of a cooling mattress?

Here are the top four elements that make up a cooling mattress:

  1. Gel-infused memory foam – This is a foam layer containing microbeads of gel. This makes more breathable foam that helps to regulate body temperature more effectively. 
  2. Polyfoam – This is rubbery, semi-soft foam made of tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide or air, infused in a polymer matrix and offers excellent insulation in mattresses. 
  3. Springs – These are small-sized steel coil springs that offer additional support relief and bounce to the mattress. 
  4. Cooling latex – Latex is a naturally cooling material and is added to foam to ensure the breathability of the mattress material. 

What types of mattresses are the coolest?

  1. Hybrid – Hybrid mattresses are the coolest as they have exceptional breathability.
  2. Foam – Foam mattresses are significantly cooler than other types of mattresses.
  3. Innerspring – Innerspring mattresses are mildly cool.
  4. LatexLatex infused mattresses are comparatively cooler.
  5. AirbedAirbed mattresses are not too cool are they can retain heat for longer durations. 

What to look for before buying a cooling mattress?

1. MaterialMake sure to choose the natural material for the mattress as this can determine the cooling level. 

2. Type – The type of mattress doesn’t matter as long as it contains sufficient cooling technology. 

3. Cost – Cost is a very important factor to consider before buying a cooling mattress, so make sure to stay within your budget when buying. 

4. Edge Support – Edge support ensures a level and comfortable sleeping surface. 

5. Motion Transfer – Restricted, or no motion transfer, is ideal for a cooling mattress to be comfortable. 

6. Off-Gassing – Make sure to buy a mattress with minimum or no off-gassing as it can harm your health after a while.

7. Pressure Relief – Make sure to choose a mattress that offers sufficient support to your lower back, shoulders and entire spine. 

8. Construction – The construction of a hybrid cooling mattress should contain a combination of spring coils and foam layers. 

9. Temperature Regulation – Temperature regulation levels should be excellent for a cooling mattress.

10. FirmnessThe firmness level is one of the standard benchmarks for choosing a cooling mattress, as it determines the level of comfort you can expect from the mattress. 

People Also Ask: 

Yes, a cooling mattress is definitely worth it, as long as you have practical expectations. Cooling mattresses have a lower temperature retaining property and provide a comfortable temperature to sleep. However, the level of cooling will depend on the specific cooling features used in individual cooling mattresses. 

No, there are no conventional mattresses that can become hot and cool, according to your preference. The core temperature of any mattress is dependent on the material and technology used in its construction and the average room temperature. 

Hybrid mattresses are the coolest as they combine spring coil and foam. The extra breathability in a hybrid mattress makes it exceptionally cooler than others. 

The incredibly soft material used to make memory foam is also the reason that memory foam mattress are hot, for certain sleepers. The porous nature of the memory foam’s airy internal structure prevents free flow of air within it, thus limiting its cooling prowess. 

The mattress type, room temperature, bed frame, bedding and mattress topper determine how cool a mattress will be. You can take care of these factors and try to cool a conventional foam mattress, or you can switch to a cooling mattress. You can buy an appropriate bed frame, lower your room temperature and add a mattress topper to the bed to keep your mattress cool at night. 

BetterBed Suggestion :

Betterbed always recommends buying mattresses after considering the main factors that can fulfil your expectations. For instance, different users tend to have different priorities when buying a mattress. To ensure that you have a cool, comfortable sleep on hot nights, make sure to buy a cooling mattress from our list. We highly recommend consulting the sales representative for the particular brand and resolving any queries before buying a cooling mattress in Australia. 

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