Innerspring mattresses are one of the most popular and well-liked mattress types. Their construction is simple yet practical; innerspring mattresses use a metal wire system combined with springs. The main inner construction is covered with cushion materials, and the outer covering is done with different fabrics. It has a smooth quilted feeling on the top and can be customized with a plush, plush or luxury firm.

Innerspring mattresses have been one of the oldest mattress designs and provide ample support to the body and ensure a comfortable and restful sleep. As the mattress base is built of steel coils, moving around an innerspring mattress is always easier than any other mattress. The pocket coil spring base offers support all-around mattress. More number of coils means more support points and adequate bed contour.

Innerspring mattresses additionally have some health benefits as well. It is a good option for heavy sleepers and stomach sleepers. The firm pushback feeling and support always promote better spinal alignment and reduce body soreness. Compared to other mattresses, innerspring mattresses are more breathable due to their construction. Thus, if you use an innerspring mattress, you can be assured that it is cooler than foam mattresses.

Best Overall Mattress
Winkbeds Mattress
 Best Luxury Mattress
DreamCloud-Luxury Hybrid Mattress
DreamCloud-Luxury Hybrid Mattress
Best Selling Mattress
Saatva Classic Mattress
saatva mattress

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At BetterBed, we always make sure that our review articles are neutral and useful; at the same time, all of the material shown here has been gathered through considerable research. As a reader, you can be assured that all the data provided are accurate and issued after in-depth research. We will examine all the innerspring mattresses, including pros and drawbacks, highlights, and our opinion to choose the best innerspring mattress.

Best Innerspring Mattress Australia 

Here are our top picks for the top-rated innerspring mattress in Australia.

Latest Deals

Winkbed Mattress

Best Overall
  • Unique hybrid design merging foams & innersprings

  • Euro-pillow top with gel infused foams

  • 100% natural Eucalyptus-derived Tencel® cover

  • Extra-Edge™ anti-sag support

Price: $849

DreamCloud-Luxury Hybrid Mattress

DreamCloud-Luxury Hybrid Mattress
Best Luxury Mattress
  • Premium 5-Layer Hybrid Design

  • Cashmere Blend Cover

  • Pressure Activated High Density Gel Memory Foam

  • Low-Motion Transfer Supportive Foam

Price: $699

Saatva Classic Mattress

saatva mattress
Best Selling Mattress
  • Plush & breathable sleep surface

  • Enhanced back support

  • Responsive coils that cradle your body

  • No sagging edges

Price: $887

Layla Hybrid Mattress

Layla mattress
Best Hybrid Mattress
  • 120 Night Money Back Guarantee

  • A mix of memory foam, coil springs, and undeniable swagger

  • Amazing comfort for all sleeping positions

  • Best flipping handles

Price: $1,099

Casper Original Hybrid Mattress

Most Popular Mattress
  • Zoned Support™ helps align your spine

  • AirScape™ increases airflow to help keep you cool

  • Premium foam conforms to your body to relieve pressure

  • Resilient springs prevent sinking and add lift and airflow

Price: $1,295

Leesa – Sapria Hybrid Mattress

Leesa Sapria Mattress
Best Mattress
  • 10–year warranty and financing eligibility

  • 100% handcrafted and made-to-order in the USA

  • 100–night mattress trial to make sure it’s the right fit for you

  • Free no-contact delivery

Price: $1,049

Winkbed Mattress:


WinkBed Mattress

Hybrid mattress that is good for people with back issues and people who sleep on their stomach.

Meta rating – 9.5
Starting from – $849.00

The WinkBed mattress by Winkbeds is one of the most awarded mattresses. It is one of those innerspring mattresses that give both cushioning and deep support at the same time. The WinkBed mattress is a hybrid mattress that is good for people with back issues and people who sleep on their stomachs. It has good breathability; thus, hot sleepers may consider this mattress.

What makes WinkBed mattress different from other innerspring mattresses?

WinkBeds is a luxury handmade mattress company situated in the U.S.A. They make fine quality handcrafted mattresses and make customer satisfaction their priority. The distinctive features that make WinkBed different from other innerspring or hybrid mattresses are its construction that is optimal for sleepers having back pain, hip pain, and shoulder pain.

Their SleepCalm technology provides good motion isolation and its customers admire it in their reviews. The WinkBed mattresses have been awarded as the best mattress for back sleepers and stomach sleepers in 2023.

Specifications of WinkBed mattress:

  • Sleepcalm motion isolation technology gives good motion cancellation.
  • The proprietary lumbar layer gives better spine support.
  • Extra-edge support for no sagging.
  • Triple-layer heat disperses tech.

Final verdict:

After going through various customer reviews and researching the product extensively, we have concluded that The WinkBed mattress has a satisfied customer base. It is a good option for people having back issues and joint soreness; other than that, it is one of the most awarded and loved mattresses in terms of comfort and pressure relieving.

Reasons to Buy

  • Good support for people with back pain, hip pain, and shoulder pain

  • With individually wrapped pocket coils, you can expect targeted support

  • Their Extra edge support technology ensures the mattress won’t get soggy with time

Reasons to Avoid

  • It does not have any anti-bacterial properties

  • Not that efficient in body temperature control

The DreamCloud – Luxury Hybrid Mattress

DreamCloud-Luxury Hybrid Mattress

The DreamCloud – Luxury Hybrid Mattress

Good option for people who sleep hot as it has a breathable construction with a cashmere blend cover.

Meta rating – 9.3
Starting from – $699.00

The DreamCloud-Luxury Hybrid Mattress, as the name suggests, is a luxury mattress from DreamCloud sleep. It is a hybrid mattress made out of memory foam and innerspring coils ensuring you get a comfortable and peaceful sleep every time you sleep on it.

It is a good option for people who sleep hot as it has a breathable construction with a cashmere blend cover. People with a lot of pressure on their lower back and shoulder region would like it as it has a pressure relief comfort layer just to match the body’s contours.

What makes the DreamCloud-Luxury Hybrid Mattress different from other innerspring mattresses?

DreamCloud, as a mattress brand, has always focused on providing people with uncompromised premium materials at an affordable price. They give their customers a lifetime warranty as they promise to deliver a luxury, durable and comfortable mattress.

The DreamCloud-Luxury Hybrid Mattress has five layers of construction, with each layer having a specific purpose. The pressure-activated memory foam tech ensures better body contouring. An individually encased innerspring coil system makes sure the mattress gives you good support all around the surface. It also has edge support tech, which ensures there is no mattress sagging with time.

Specifications of DreamCloud-Luxury Hybrid Mattress:

  • It has a premium 5-layer hybrid design.
  • Low-motion transfer supportive foam.
  • Pressure activated high-density gel memory foam.
  • Stay-put foam solid foundation base.
  • Individually encased innerspring coil system.

Final verdict:

The DreamCloud customer reviews have made it clear that this mattress is a good choice if you love a premium finished mattress with good support and firmness. However, if you want a stomach sleeper or side sleeper, this might not be the best option. We have done extensive research and have concluded that The DreamCloud-Luxury Hybrid Mattress is good but not the best one out there.

Reasons to Buy

  • Stay-put foam solid foundation base

  • Low-motion transfer supportive foam

  • Cashmere blend cover for a soft and cool feel

  • Heavy duty gauge edge shield edge support

Reasons to Avoid

  • There are no anti-microbial properties

  • Some customers mention it is not plush but very firm

Saatva Classic Mattress:

saatva mattress

Saatva Classic Mattress

Provides good lower back support in all sleeping positions so that people with back pain problems will benefit from it.

Meta rating – 9.2
Starting from – $887.00

The Saatva Classic Mattress is a good option for those who enjoy the responsiveness of an innerspring mattress and, at the same time, also want a soft pillow top. It provides good lower back support in all sleeping positions so that people with back pain problems will benefit from it. The organic cotton cover and dual coil design ensure better breathability and airflow, making it a comfortable mattress for hot sleepers.

What makes Saatva Classic Mattress different from other innerspring mattresses?

As a leading luxury mattress brand in New York, Saatva has been serving its customers with exceptional luxury mattresses for many years. Three factors that distinguish Saatva mattresses from other available mattresses are their luxurious feel, durability, firmness, and breathability.

It allows its customers to choose the level of firmness and has a pillow top as a standard. Their Lumbar Zone Technology provides excellent spine support, making the mattress a good option for those with back problems. The Saatva Classic Mattress does not get saggy with time due to its dual coil design, which provides good durability.

Specifications of Saatva Classic Mattress:

  • Responsive pocket coils.
  • Enhanced back support with Lumbar Zone Active Spinal Wire technology.
  • Plush and breathable mattresses.
  • High-density memory foam provides good pressure relief.

Final verdict:

After analyzing the product closely and doing in-depth research, we have concluded that the Saatva classic mattress is a good hybrid mattress that uses the innerspring mechanism quite wisely to make it a durable and supportive mattress. It is a good option for any type of sleeper, be it back, stomach or side sleeper. It also has a good level of support. Thus, people with back pain issues can choose this as their mattress.

Reasons to Buy

  • It is a recommended mattress by chiropractors

  • Dual-coil provides responsive and durable support

  • Their patented Lumbar Zone Technology provides good support

Reasons to Avoid

  • No motion isolation feature

  • Some customers do not love the firmness level

Layla Hybrid Mattress:

Layla mattress

Layla Hybrid Mattress

Giving you an option to choose a soft or firm mattress according to your preference.

Meta rating – 9.0
Starting from – $1,099

Layla’s Hybrid Mattress is a mix of memory foam and coil springs, making it a good option for people who have joint soreness while sleeping. Their memory foam is copper infused and provides many benefits. The best part about the Layla Hybrid Mattress is its flippable design, giving you an option to choose a soft or firm mattress according to your preference.

Layla Hybrid Mattress is a good option for people who are prone to rashes and sleep hot, as its copper-infused foam makes it anti-microbial and cooling. Couples who want zero partner disturbance would also love it as the motion isolation is pretty good.

What makes the Layla Hybrid Mattress different from other mattresses?

Layla is one of those few brands that provide copper infused memory foam in their mattresses. Layla has been in the bedding industry for quite a time now and has become the first choice of many customers due to its unique features.

It has a flippable design, with one side being plush and soft and another firm and tight. The mattress also has anti-microbial properties; this is good for the skin and keeps the mattress fresh for a long time. The copper-based foam makes it a better temperature regulating mattress. It also has a good motion cancellation construction.

Specifications of Layla Hybrid mattress:

  • Cooler and cleaner option due to copper.
  • An anti-microbial mattress assures you of a fresh and clean mattress.
  • Minimal motion transfer.
  • Flippable mattress with two options: firm and soft.

Final verdict:

Layla Hybrid Mattress do not actually have many bad reviews or major complaints. It is a good mattress for anyone looking for cool and anti-microbial bedding. The features and the price point make it a lucrative product, and it is one of the best hybrid innerspring mattresses out there in the Australian market.

Reasons to Buy

  • Flippable mattress with options to choose from

  • Good motion isolation

  • Variable support system

  • Anti-microbial properties

Reasons to Avoid

  • Only two options are available soft or firm

  • No mention of spinal alignment features

Casper Original Hybrid Mattress:

Casper original mattress

Casper Original Hybrid Mattress

Provides good durability and offer an ample amount of firmness.

Meta rating – 8.9
Starting from – $1,295

We are going to review Casper’s “Original Hybrid Mattress” today to find out if it’s a good option for you. This foam and coils based hybrid mattress help people with back issues and joint soreness. These mattresses also provide good durability and offer an ample amount of firmness. It is a good choice for anyone with shoulder pain issues who wants a well-supporting mattress.

What makes the Casper Original Hybrid Mattress different from other mattresses?

Casper as a brand has always focused more on its customers than anything else. They prioritize customer satisfaction, and their sleep products are manufactured after researching well and innovating.

One of their distinction is that they use polyurethane foam which is made without using any Ozone-depleting chemicals. This hybrid mattress by Casper has the best quality foam and springs in it. The airflow and sinking are well managed by the springs, and the body contouring and support are managed by the foam.

Specifications of Casper Original Hybrid Mattress:

  • The premium foam and springs ensure stress relief when you sleep on them.
  • AirScape feature helps improve breathability and enables you to keep cool when hot.
  • With durable base foam and resilient springs, the mattress gives a good bounce.
  • The zoned support tech will ensure that your spine is well aligned in all the positions.

Final verdict:

Casper Original Hybrid mattress is a good choice for anyone looking for a durable and comfortable innerspring hybrid mattress. The customer reviews were very positive, and people loved the construction and feel of the mattress. This mattress can be considered for people having back issues and joint soreness as it relaxes the body.

Reasons to Buy

  • Spine alignment is good with the zoned support feature

  • Durable hybrid base foam and resilient springs

  • Good breathability with the AirScape tech

Reasons to Avoid

  • There is no motion cancellation feature

  • No anti-bacterial material is used in the construction

Leesa – Sapria Hybrid Mattress:

Leesa Sapria Mattress

Sapria Hybrid Mattress

Side and back sleepers can consider buying this mattress as it provides good support and provides body contouring.

Meta rating – 8.7
Starting from – $1,049

Sapria Hybrid Mattress by Leesa is an award-winning advanced hybrid memory foam mattress. It has pocket springs and premium foam which together give comfortable and sturdy support. Side and back sleepers can consider buying this mattress as it provides good support and provides body contouring. The mattress has a breathable softcover and premium quality foam which makes it a cool mattress. Hot sleepers who have an issue with mattresses getting warm at night can consider this mattress.

What makes the Sapria Hybrid Mattress different from other mattresses?

Leesa is a U.S.A. based mattress company that makes each and every product after understanding customer needs and prototyping the product first. They spent a whole lot of time researching and testing their products and then built the actual product.

The Sapria Hybrid Mattress by Leesa is a premium quality mattress that has won many awards for its comfort and specifications. The top layer of the mattress is a soft feeling beautiful layer.There are more than 1000 active response pocket springs available in the mattress, which makes it very stable and durable.

Specifications of Sapria Hybrid Mattress:

  • Premium Foams for cooling and contouring.
  • One thousand pocket springs for advanced support.
  • Breathable and soft cover.

Final verdict:

After going through the customer reviews and researching the product, we can safely say that the Sapria Hybrid mattress is a good option for couples and people having back pain issues. There is no sagging of the mattress with time, and it is one of the fine hybrid innerspring mattresses available in the Australian market.

Reasons to Buy

  • It is designed for all types of sleepers

  • Reduces pressure from the lower back

  • Motion isolation is sound

Reasons to Avoid

  • No anti-microbial layering

  • The mattress is on the firmer side

What Should You Look For Before Buying An Innerspring Mattress?

There are some important aspects to always consider before you buy an innerspring mattress for yourself, and we will guide you through the vital aspects briefly so that you make a wise decision with the necessary knowledge.

1. Pressure relief – Mattresses that evenly disperse body weight and prevent any kind of sore spots are said to relieve pressure. Better contouring mattresses are always better for pressure relief, and you should consider a memory foam hybrid innerspring mattress for better pressure relief.

2. Temperature control – The temperature control feature is an essential thing you should check before you buy any mattress. It helps you keep your body cool and dry if you are a hot sleeper. When you sleep cool at night, you sleep better and more comfortably, especially if you get warm and sweaty at night.

3. Ease of movement –  A good mattress will always have construction that makes the movement easy. Always check if the mattress has a good spring construction or some technology that enables better movement.

4. Edge support – Mattresses with good edge support make sure that you don’t roll off the edge of the mattress when you lie on the corners or extreme sides. Good edge support also means that the mattress will not get saggy with time.

5. Bodyweight – If you have a little heavy body, always choose a well supported innerspring mattress because spring coils give better support than the normal foam mattresses. Bodyweight plays a vital role in the way you’ll feel the mattress; thus, make sure you choose wisely.

6. Off-gassing – Whenever you buy a bed in a box type of mattress, you need to unpack the mattress and let it expand for at least 24 hours and, at the same time, keep it in a ventilated place so that the smell of a new mattress goes away.

7. Motion isolation – Another critical point to remember before you buy an innerspring mattress is to make sure it has a good motion cancellation or isolation. Mattresses with good motion isolation make sure that the twist and turns of your partner do not affect your sleep.

8. Coil Gauge – The more the number gauge, the softer will be the mattress, and fewer gauge numbers mean it will be firmer and stiffer. Keep this in mind before considering any mattress.

9. Coil Count – A normal full mattress should have 300 coils, a queen size mattress should have 400 coils, and a king-size should have at least 400 coils. Coils make sure that the construction of the mattress is stable and there is adequate bounce to it.

10. Shipping Costs, Delivery, and Set-Up – Shipping costs, delivery and set-up all these things vary from seller to seller and thus should be enquired about before purchasing an item. Some retailers provide free shipping, and some do charge some fees.

Are Innerspring Mattresses Durable?

The durability of innerspring mattresses depends on four vital points.

1. The thickness of coils – Mattresses with thick coils and sturdy build, last more than the lightly constructed thin coils.

2. Quality of material – It is a no-brainer that mattresses built with fine quality premium materials last longer and are more durable than mattresses built with cheap quality materials.

3. Style of coils – Continuous coils or Mira-Coils are best for durability and stability.

4. Design of the layer – A durable mattress requires a robust core layer and good quality firmly built other layers. You should always check the layering of the mattress before buying it.

People Also Ask:

WinkBed’s Luxury Firm mattress is currently the highest rated innerspring mattress. It provides good support and better body contouring than any other mattress.

Innerspring mattresses provide you with better airflow. It also supports heavy sleepers and people who sleep on their stomachs. It is a better option compared to other spring mattresses.

Innerspring mattresses are quite a popular choice and still are brought and used by a huge number of people.

A firm innerspring mattress is one that has a firm support layer and has hundreds of metal springs that keep it tight and firm.

Memory foam is usually known to be more durable because the lack of coils reduces the risk of sagging.

The average timespan of an innerspring mattress is 5 to 6.5 years.

Innerspring mattresses offer a bit more generalized or light support, while the individual coils found in a pocket spring mattress can shape itself to your body easier.

Both hybrid and innerspring mattresses are good choices for people with back pain. And they typically provide more support than foam models.

Betterbed’s suggestion: 

We have provided you with an unbiased, informative review of the best innerspring mattresses available in Australia. All the options that we have provided are better than the other options, and we have mentioned their pros and cons and have also given you our take on them. Innerspring mattresses have been one of the most commonly used and trusted mattresses, and you can choose one if you have back issues or if you want a comfortable supporting mattress.

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