If you are wondering about having a furniture unit in your house for your child or anyone to maximize space and give them the feeling of “sleeping high” then a loft bed is the best option for you.

A loft bed is similar to bunk beds since they both are useful to make use of vertical space. However, a loft bed has one top bunk and the space beneath it can be used for many purposes. For example, you can use the space for a desk, extra storage or even a play area. In this article, you will definitely find the best loft bed for your home. 

 “A lofted bed makes the most of the vertical room in your home and can make even the tiniest of spaces feel larger

How Did We Pick Our Best Loft Bed?

We make sure when you purchase a loft bed it should be the best one for you according to your requirements. As many options are available in the market, you may get confused which one to buy. We have made this task easier for you here.  

We pick our products independently after doing enough research, tests, review, and recommend the best ones for you. 

We have researched and tested the most popular loft beds and listed them here. Our research is based on evaluating ease of setup, value, sturdiness, and extra features like built-in storage. So let’s get started:

Best Loft Bed In Australia 2023

Latest Deals

Camp Loft Bed


Editor’s Pick
  • Greenguard Certified

  • Create room for two by adding an extra bed below

  • Open shelving unit are accessible from both sides.

 Price: $5217.00

DHP loft bed


Best Metal Frames
  • Modular loft bed with slide

  • Available with various storage options

  • Made of sturdy pine wood

Price:  $ 1272
Mid-Century Loft Bed
Best modern American design
  • Solid pine wood slats

  • Covered in a water-based finish on all sides.

  • Ladder is fixed and cannot be moved.

Price: $2299
Dorel Living Loft bed
Traditional wood bed
  • Traditional small space full size loft bed with a ladder, 

  • Accommodates a standard full size mattress

  • Ships in one box

Price: $623.09

Best for Kids: Camp Loft Bed

Camp Loft Bed

Expertly crafted from solid spruce wood camp loft bed

Meta rating 4.4
Starting from $ 5217.00

Product Details:

  • Navy Color Camp Loft Bed
  • Top bunk with guardrail, ladder and an open shelving unit is provided.
  • The open shelving unit is accessible from both sides.
  • You can create space for two by adding an extra bed below (sold separately).


  • Minimum ceiling height required: 3 m.
  • Maximum mattress height for beds: 17 cm.
  • Recommended maximum weight top bed: 227 kg.
  • For your child’s safety, we recommend children under 9 years of age should not use top bunks.
  • Imported.

Reason To Buy

  • Loft Beds Are Versatile

  • Loft Beds Provide Extra Storage

Reason To Avoid

  • Bunk beds collapse

  • Needs assembling 

Final Verdict:

As you have seen above there are many benefits of having a camp loft bed for your child. Consider buying a steady and strong loft bed that can hold enough weight. Also, keep in mind the assembly and future maintenance cost when purchasing one.

Best Metal Frames Loft Bed: DHP

DHP loft bed

Twin-size Antique Grey Louver Storage Bookcase Loft Bed with Slide

Meta rating 4.4
Starting from $1272


DHP Twin Loft Bed with Metal Frame with ladder, room space saving design, Black

Product Details:

Make your child happy with this teenager loft bed. Provide the siblings their space and freedom with this twin bed from DHP. This luxurious and stylish loft bed with a metal frame features a twin top over a full bottom bed and looks superb in any room. It comes with 2 attached side ladders to provide support, comfort and durability. It is very simple to assemble and comes in one handy box. The top bed accommodates one standard size mattress and the bottom one holds a standard full size mattress. The top supports a weight limit of 180 pounds and the bottom supports 420 pounds.


  • Size : Twin over Full Metal Frame Loft Bed
  • Material : Metal
  • Color: Maroon
  • Furniture Finish: Black
  • Style: Loft bed
  • Brand: DHP
  • Weight: 87.7 Pounds
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 180 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 195.1L x 141.5W x 158.2H Centimeters

Reason To Buy

  • Sturdy 

  • Comfortable

  • Easy to use

Reason To Avoid

  • Quite costly

  • Weaker guardrails 

  • Large-gap between ladder-rungs 

Final Verdict:

Metal loft beds are a good choice but the bars may not come much sturdier. The ladder has a large gap that may make kids uncomfortable to climb. Although, they are more durable than wooden loft beds.

Best modern American design: Mid-Century Loft Bed

Mid – Century Loft Bed

Kiln-dried solid and engineered wood with real wood veneer.

Meta rating 4.3
Starting from $2,299

Highlight –

Large-sized comfortable loft bed

Product Description: 

The West Elm Double-Sized Mid-Century Loft Bed is inspired by modern American design. It gets its slim legs and rounded edges from the iconic silhouettes of 60s furniture design. It comes packed with enormous features, including pencil drawers, desk and a USB strip underneath. It is ideal for small spaces and is perfect for mid-century themed rooms. 


  • Dimensions (WxLxH) – 57” x 7.9.5” x 73.5” 
  • Weight – 217.5 lbs. 
  • Mattress – All-foam, full/twin-sized medium comfort mattress
  • Product Details:
  • Materials – Crafted from premium woods like beech, ash and pine with acacia or ash veneers.
  • Product weight – 217.5 lbs. 
  • Max Weight capacity – 500 lbs. 
  • Area underneath bed (WxLxH) – 58.5” x 52.5” x 57” 
  • Desk area (WxDxH) – 53” x 18.5” x 30” 
  • Platform (WxL) – 54” x 75.5” 

Reason To Buy

  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified

  • Made in Fair Trade Certified factory

  • Crafted with mortise-and-tenon technique

Reason To Avoid

  •  Ladder cannot be repositioned 

  • Higher priced 

Final Verdict:

The Double-sized Mid-Century loft bed from West Elm is a good choice for small-sized spaces. This is a space-saving design and integrates several different features into it. This excellent loft bed comes in two sizes – twin and full sized. 

Best traditional wood bed: Dorel Living loft bed

Dorel Living loft bed

Bedroom furniture designed with a sturdy wooden construction

Meta rating 4.2
Starting from $900 $450


Dorel Living Denver Full-sized Loft Bed for Fun Living

Product Details:

The Dorel Living Denver Full-sized Loft Bed brings a playful yet functional modern design to your child’s bedroom. It also lets you claim the essential floor-space using a beautiful centerpiece. It has an immense empty space underneath which works well as a workstation, seating lounge, etc. The bed has a sturdy wood construction and a bold white finish. 

The Dorel Living Denver Full-sized Loft white bed is designed with a traditional style and uses wood as its main material. It is a full-sized loft bed and has an Espresso finish. It can easily accommodate a standard full-sized mattress, usually of the coil-spring variety. It has a ladder, full-length guardrails along with a solid panel headboard and footboard. You can choose to fix the ladder to any side of the bed. 


  • Dimensions (DxWxH) – 79.25” x 80.5” x 72” 
  • Weight limit – 250 lbs 
  • Clearance under bed – 55.5” 

Reason To Buy

  • Conventional small space full size loft bed 

  •  Ladder can be attached on either sides 

  • Full-length guardrails for optimal security  

  • Solid panel headboard and footboard 

  • Optimal storage area underneath 

Reason To Avoid

  •  Mattress not included 

  • Seller does not accept returns

  • Requires assembly after unpacking

Final Verdict:

The Dorel Living Denver Loft Bed is the ideal choice for optimal use of constricted spaces. This bed has sufficient space underneath to make the area a sitting lounge, workstation and anything else you can imagine. It comes with a safe 5-step ladder for easy access up and down. The full guardrails effectively prevent falls at night.

What is the difference between a bunk bed and loft bed? 

Many people get confused between loft beds and bunk beds. However, there are distinct differences between the two.

Bunk beds have at least two beds stacked vertically atop each other. These usually come without box-springs and the mattress is placed directly on the board. There are usually guardrails on the top bed to ensure that the person sleeping on top does not roll and fall off the bed. 

Loft beds, on the other hand, are elevated beds which may look very similar to bunk beds. However, loft beds do not have a bottom bed and are instead supported in the four corners by a strong metal or wooden frame. This leaves sufficient space below the bed for a desk or other furniture. 

How to choose the best loft bed in Australia? 

It is quite easy to choose the best loft bed in Australia if you know what your requirements are. For instance, if you have an older child then you can directly buy a full-sized loft bed instead of a kid-sized one. Apart from this, the types of material used, design, size, comfort levels, sturdiness, cost and safety are important factors to consider before buying a loft bed in Australia. 

Let’s check out some of the important factors to keep in mind before buying a stylish loft bed for your kid.

1. Material :

Loft beds usually come in metal or wood. You can make this choice according to the room’s interior design and theme. For instance, rustic and traditional room designs are complimented by wooden loft beds. On the other hand, modern and chic bedrooms are highlighted by metal-frame loft beds. 

2. Designs: 

There are numerous designs to choose from when it comes to loft beds in Australia. For instance, you have a choice between basic loft beds, study loft beds, low-loft, mid loft and high loft beds. You can even go for novelty loft beds as these are incredibly popular for smaller children. 

3. Size:

Loft beds come in different sizes and dimensions. You can choose the right size of loft bed according to your child’s height. It is recommended to buy a large-sized loft bed for teenagers as they are in their growth stage. Apart from this, the size of the available space in the room also dictates the size of the ideal loft bed. 

4. Additional features: 

Besides the material, design and size of the loft bed, there are several additional features you can consider before buying. For instance, some loft beds come with integrated workstations underneath. Some are ideal for play-areas while others can become study-tables easily. Apart from these, there are various other novelty features that manufacturers are adding to loft beds. 

5. Comfort:

The level of comfort is another important factor to consider before buying a loft bed in Australia. Although some loft beds come with mattresses, most don’t. In such cases, it is up to you to decide the best and most comfortable mattress for your child’s loft bed. 

6. Sturdiness:

Strength of the loft bed is yet another important factor to take into account. Strong beds mean safer beds for your kids. 

7. Cost :

Loft beds can cost anywhere between a few hundred to thousands of dollars. The material, design and additional features affect the cost of loft beds. You can decide if a loft bed is worth its price by comparing a few similar loft beds from other manufacturers. 

8. Safety : 

Safety is as important as comfort, when it comes to loft beds. Most loft beds come with sturdy ladders and full-length guardrails on the top bed. These guardrails prevent the sleeper from rolling over and falling off of the bed while they are asleep. Apart from these strong construction is also paramount for a safe loft bed. 

9. Ease of use:

It should not be too difficult to use a loft bed. Make sure that the distance between the rungs of the ladder is sufficient for your child to climb comfortably to the top bed. Apart from this, your child should find it easy to get off of the bed too. 

10. Customer review : 

Customer reviews are excellent to make the final decision before buying a loft bed in Australia. You can read reviews on loft beds online easily. Simply reading through these reviews will give you a better idea if your choice of loft bed is actually good. 

11. Compare and Contrast different brands: 

Last, but not the least, compare loft beds from two or more brands. This way, you can easily find out the pros and cons of each loft bed. You can then determine which loft bed fulfills your criteria and go ahead and buy it. 

People Also Ask:

Wood is the most popular choice for loft beds, but metal frames are also an option.

Yes, loft beds are a great choice for small-sized rooms. They provide storage area, play space, and work-spaces. You can even get extra sleeping space under loft beds. Your child may be old enough, your ceiling may be high enough, but if your child isn’t interested in a loft bed, then it’s probably not the right choice.

Yes, they are. Their raised-sleeping platform creates a studious nook, perfect for working from home (simply pull up a chair). Plus, loft beds aren’t just for kids and teens. Most adults can sleep comfortably on a twin or full-sized loft bed.

No, it is not. With the right tools and skills, you can build a loft bed quite easily. Good planning is necessary for such a project. The loft bed should be large enough to accommodate a full mattress. To begin, you can cut all the lumber on one day and assemble the loft bed on the next day.

Here are nine tips to make your loft bed feel sturdier and reliable:

  1. Install stronger guardrails
  2. Choose thicker bed posts
  3. Secure the bed properly to the wall
  4. Fix the feet of the loft bed precisely
  5. Choose strong metal tubes for the frame
  6. Always dissemble a loft bed before moving it
  7. Do a monthly check-up and tighten loose nuts and bolts promptly
  8. Check humidity level of the room for wooden loft beds

Yes, a good loft bed is as comfortable as any other bed. If the maker does their job correctly, you would not feel the difference between a loft bed and a conventional bed.

Normally, a loft bed with a twin-sized mattress can hold around 200 – 260 lbs. of weight. Stronger loft beds can hold up to 600 lbs. Remember, this weight includes the collective weight of the sleeper, the mattress, and the bedding.

A loft bed is less stable than a bunk bed. The reason is that the frame of the lower bed in a bunk bed usually braces the poles. However, there is no such additional supporting frame in a loft bed.

Loft beds are not typically hot. They are not hotter than the normal bed sitting on the floor. Loft beds simply reflect the overall temperature of the room.


Loft beds are not only stylish and convenient they are also fun for kids and teens. These beds are incredibly comfortable and strong too. Adult loft beds and kids loft beds come in a variety of designs, sizes and styles. Make sure to consider the factors we have outlined above before deciding to buy any loft bed in Australia.  

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