The sleeping position plays a very significant role in the health of the human body; not only that, but it also affects the sleep quality and initiates issues like snoring.

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Saatva mattress
saatva mattress
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Layla mattress
Best Foam mattress
Casper mattress
casper mattress

Stomach sleepers are referred to as the people who lie flat on their chest and stomach while sleeping. Although it is a good sleeping position if you have a snoring problem, it is one of the most unhealthy sleeping positions in everyday life. It can cause neck pain, strain on your back and even issues like wrinkles. 

Just like disadvantages, there are a few advantages for stomach sleepers, it can decrease acid reflux, reduce snoring, and also reduce sleep apnea symptoms. Thus, we would suggest it is alright to sleep on your stomach but making it a regular habit is not healthy.

If you are comfortable sleeping on your stomach and do not encounter any issues, and want a mattress that can help you reduce any harm caused due to stomach sleeping. This article will be helpful to you. We will give you all the necessary details about various mattresses best suited for stomach sleeping to choose the right mattress for yourself.

How we review:

We at BetterBed always provide unbiased and well-researched reviews to choose a mattress that is best suited for you. Before we put any information in our thoughts, we ensure the data is accurate and relevant to the readers who are spending their precious time looking for a perfect mattress for themselves. We will provide you with the best stomach sleeping mattress options available in Australia and give the pros and cons, highlights and our verdict on the mattress.

Let us guide you through the stomach sleeping mattress options:

Latest Deals
Saatva mattress
saatva mattress
Editor’s Pick
Across 2369 user reviews
  • Three firmness levels to choose from.

  • Three times for superb durability.

  • Support in any sleep position

  • It helps disperse body heat.

Queen: $1695 $1492
Layla mattress
Luxury mattress
Across 7265 user reviews
  • Layla is so comfortable.

  • Helps you sleep cooler.

  • antimicrobial, so you sleep cleaner.

  • Soft and plush feel

Queen: $1099 $949
Casper mattress
casper mattress
Best memory foam mattress
Across 50 user reviews
  • Thousands of perforations circulate air.

  • Stay cool and asleep throughout the night.

  • Premium foam conforms to your body to relieve pressure.

  • Zoned Support™ helps align your spine.

Queen:  $1295
Helix mattres
helix mattress
Editor’s Pick
Across 1061 user reviews
  • Firmer top layers of the mattress to give you the firm feel

  • Spinal alignment is vital for restful sleep.

  • Best for back or stomach sleepers and couples

  • Cooling tech that pulls heat away from your body.

Queen: $1,199 $1099
Plank mattress
Best for couples
Across 1993 user reviews
  • 7” high-density base foam core

  • Ensures an ultra-firm sleep experience.

  • Creating a traditional firm sleep experience.

  • An optional cooling panel can be sewn onto the surfaces

Queen: $1,399 $1119
Winkbed mattress
Best for heavy people
Across 7946 user reviews
  • Cushioning comfort and deep support

  • Sleepers who sleep hot and are seeking mattress breathability

  • Sleepers with back pain, hip pain, or shoulder pain

  • Euro-pillow top with gel infused foams

Queen: $1499
Tempur-Pedic mattress
Super comfortable expensive mattress
Across 6076 user reviews
  • All-Night adaptive support

  • Unparalleled pressure relief

  • Superior motion absorption

  • An adjustable power base allows you to personalize your experience

Queen:  $2399

1. Editor’s choice : Saatva Classic Mattress

saatva mattress

Best Saatva Classic mattress

For all kinds of sleepers

Starting From $1,495

If you are a stomach sleeper, Saatva Classic Mattress is a good option. People who like the responsive feeling of an innerspring mattress and at the same time also need the soft feeling of a pillow top can consider this mattress. It also provides good lower back support in all sleeping positions. Thus, people with back pain issues will like it.

Saatva is a leading luxury mattress brand based in New York, and they have been serving their customers with the best quality luxury mattresses. The three major aspects that make Saatva mattresses different from the other available mattresses are luxurious feeling, durability, support, and breathability. Saatva mattresses provide a euro pillow top as a standard and allow customers to choose the firmness.

After going through various reviews, we found out that Saatva mattresses do not get saggy with time and their dual-coil design provides good durability compared to other mattresses. Their Lumbar Zone Technology provides good support to the spine, making it a good option for people with back issues. Good breathability is another additional point of their mattresses.

Like any other mattress, even Saatva has some strong and weak points. We will let you know about it so that you can make a better judgment for your choice.

Key features of Saatva Classic mattress

  1. Plush and breathable mattresses.
  2. Enhanced back support with Lumbar Zone Active Spinal Wire Technology.
  3. High-density memory foam provides good pressure relief.
  4. Responsive pocket coils.

Final verdict:

After analyzing the reviews and doing extensive research on the mattress, we found that Saatva has a satisfied customer base. They deliver all the features they promise. Their mattresses are a good choice for all types of sleepers, be they stomach, back or side sleepers.


  • Their patented Lumbar Zone Technology provides good support

  • Dual-coil provides responsive and durable support

  • It is a recommended mattress by chiropractors


  • The firmness level of the mattress is not good

  • There is no zero partner disturbance or motion isolation feature

2. Luxury mattress: Layla Memory Foam Mattress

Luxury mattress

It’s a copper mattress, It’s a cooling mattress, It’s a dream in a box.

Starting From $949

Layla Sleep is a trusted brand providing its customers with comfortable mattresses at reasonable pricing. Their Copper memory foam mattress is a good option for stomach sleepers and provides ample motion isolation. It is an antimicrobial mattress and thus keeps the mattress clean and germ-free.

Layla sleep has been providing mattresses to its customers for a long period of time, and their copper-based mattresses are customer favourite. Layla’s most notable difference over other mattresses is a copper-based memory foam mattress. There are several benefits of a copper-based memory foam mattress. It lets you sleep cooler and helps you sleep cleaner with its antimicrobial properties.

Layla has an excellent motion isolation feature making it ideal for couples. A unique feature of the Layla memory foam mattress is that you can change the level of firmness by just flipping the mattress. One side of the mattress has a firm feel, and the other with a plush feeling.

Key features of Layla memory foam mattress

  1. Copper gel-based memory foam mattress.
  2. Antimicrobial mattress assures you with a fresh and clean mattress.
  3. Minimal Motion Transfer.
  4. Flippable mattress with two options: firm and soft.

Final Verdict: 

Layla mattresses have always been very promising with their comfort and uniqueness. After going through various reviews and doing in-depth research about the product, we have come up with the verdict that this mattress is a good option for you if you sleep on your stomach. Still, at the same time, it is not the absolute best as there are some complaints of it being lost on support over time.


  • Variable support system

  • Antimicrobial properties

  • Motion isolation is good

  • Flippable mattress


  • Only two options are available soft or firm

  • No mention of spinal alignment features

3. Best Foam mattress : Casper Original Mattress

casper mattress

Best Foam mattress

Sleep in ergonomic alignment and all night comfort with zoned support

Starting From $1,295

The “Original Mattress” by Casper is one we will review today and help you understand if it is the right option for your stomach sleeping habit. The original mattress is a foam-based mattress and thus helps people with back issues and soreness in joints. These mattresses also provide good durability and offer an ample amount of firmness.

Casper is one of those brands which focus more on customer satisfaction and customer reviews than anything else. They have been in the bedding marketplace for quite a long time now, and they have researched sleep and tried making innovative sleep products. They use Polyurethane foam which is made without using any Ozone-depleting chemicals. The top layer of their Original mattress is made out of breathable polyurethane foam and the second layer with zoned memory foam, and then their base is made with a durable layer of foam. Their zoned support tech helps in the alignment of your spine. It also has AirScape tech, which increases the airflow in the mattress, helping to regulate body temperature.

Key features of Casper Original mattress

  1. The premium foam ensures your body has good stress relief when you sleep on it.
  2. The AirScape feature helps improve breathability and enables you to keep cool when hot.
  3. With durable base foam, thus you can be at peace of mind that this mattress will last for a long time.
  4. The zoned support tech will ensure that your spine is well aligned in all the positions.

With the features and the customer reviews which we learned about in our time of research, we can safely say that the Original Mattress series by Casper is a good pick for stomach sleepers and who wants a long-lasting mattress. People with back pain can also consider this mattress as it provides you with good support.


  • Durable base foam

  • Good breathability with the AirScape tech

  • Spine alignment is good with the Zoned Support feature


  • There is no motion isolation feature

  • No antibacterial material is used in the construction

4. Best for Couples : Helix Dawn 

helix mattress

Best for couples

Breathable Soft Touch knitted cover for exceptional comfort & airflow.

Starting From $1,099

In this mattress review of Helix, we are going to talk about their Dawn Mattress. Let us help you understand the mattresses in and out. It has a firm construction and thus is a good option for anyone who sleeps on their stomach. The mattress feels soft to the touch and is good on your skin. The motion isolation is pretty decent, and couples sharing beds or having children can consider this mattress.

Helix Sleep is a U.S based home goods brand, and they are headquartered in New York. Helix Dawn mattress is specially designed for back and stomach sleepers. It has a firm feeling to it and gives the accurate amount of support required. It features body contouring which makes sure that no matter in which position you sleep, you are always comfortable and restful sleeping.

There are various sleeping covers available as well, and you can choose them at the time of purchase; cooling covers pull the heat from your body and get you cool. Helix Dawn is one of those mattresses crafted and made for the stomach sleepers in the market.

Key features of Helix Dawn mattress

  1. Firm feel, no sink in or plush.
  2. Body contouring is available for better spinal alignment.
  3. Best for stomach and back sleeper.
  4. Individual coils for better edge support.
  5. MUltiple cover layers to choose from.

Final verdict: 

After analyzing the product thoroughly and going through the reviews, we can come up with the verdict that Helix Dawn is a good product for stomach and back sleepers. It does have some cons, but on the better side, it serves well with its purpose of providing a comfortable and good quality mattress.


  • It has a firm top and thus gives you good support.

  • Multiple cover options to choose from.

  • Good pressure relief due to memory foam and polyfoam layers.

  • Individual coils and good edge support.


  • No mention of motion isolation features

  • Some customers complained it gives them shoulder pain

  • No antibacterial properties

5. Best Firm Mattress: Plank Mattress

Best Firm mattress: 

Quilted top weave with high-density base foam and Titanflex™ comfort foam

Starting From $1,199

Plank mattresses are claimed to be one of the firmest and flattest mattresses. People have loved it for its firmness and convenience of it being flippable. In this review of the Plank mattress, let us give you a comprehensive analysis of the good and bad points, along with an idea about the feel of the mattress. 

This mattress is good for anyone having spinal issues as it keeps the spine in a neutral position. There is an option to choose between firm and ultra firm, and you can switch it just by flipping the bed. Firm mattresses are always a good option for stomach sleepers as they get the necessary support.

Brooklyn Beddings is the parent company manufacturing Plank mattresses, and they have been in this industry for a long time. Their customer satisfaction experience has been quite good, and people love their mattresses. The most noticeable difference between a Plank mattress and other mattresses is its firmness. This mattress is one of those mattresses with a very firm feel. Another difference is its flippable design. 

The mattress maintains the body posture of the person sleeping and keeps the spine in a neutral position. It also helps reduce pressure on the circulatory system and makes the body intake more oxygen. You can choose between firm and super firm, depending on the side you are sleeping on.

Key features of Plank mattress

  1. Flippable design with two comfort options, firm and ultra-firm.
  2. A flat surface for neutral spine support helps in better blood circulation.
  3. Option of having an additional cooling panel on both sides for better body heat control.

Final verdict:

Plank mattresses are a fine product for anyone looking for a firm mattress that will help their posture. After going through a number of reviews and doing research about the product, we can say it is a good option for back sleepers and a just fine option for stomach sleepers, but not the absolute best. When you sleep with pressure on your stomach, it is better to have a medium-firm mattress.


  • Keeps the spine in a neutral position and is good for spine health

  • Helps you maintain a good overall posture

  • There is an option of a cooling panel on the top layer


  • There is no option for a softer finish

  • No motion isolation

  • Side sleepers might find it uncomfortable

6. Best for Heavy People : The Winkbed 


Best for heavy people

For sleepers who want both cushioning comfort and deep support

Starting From $365.92

In this WinkBed mattress review, we will be giving you accurate and comprehensive data about the product so that you can choose if it is suitable for you or not. This mattress has a plush top comfortable feel to it, and people with back pain issues will like it. Their coil system is advanced and provides you with a good amount of support wherever it is required the most.

Winkbed is known for its luxury handmade mattresses. They believe in craftsmanship and not mass production. Winkbed has won a number of awards for being the fluffiest-feeling mattress, and that is one distinguishing feature of WinkBed. It has individually wrapped pocketed coils, which means multiple support zones. With their extra edge support system, they make sure you can even sleep on the edge and yet not feel like you will roll-off. It is one of the best mattresses available for stomach sleepers and has won an award in that niche as well.

Key features of Winkbed mattress

  1. Sleepcalm motion isolation technology for better motion isolation.
  2. The proprietary lumbar layer helps better support the lumbar region of your spine.
  3. Extra-edge support for no sagging.
  4. Triple-layer heat disperse tech.

The WinkBed mattress has to be one of the best mattresses for stomach sleepers. The customer reviews make it clear that they are satisfied with the product. After extensive research about the product, we can say WinkBed provides a soft cushiony feeling and good support to the body. Along with these features, it also comes with a lifetime guarantee. If you are a stomach sleeper on this mattress, you can for sure consider this mattress.


  • Good for people with back pain, hip pain, and shoulder pain

  • Individually wrapped pocket coils, thus you can expect targeted support

  • Their Extra edge support system ensures the mattress won’t get saggy with time


  • No antibacterial layering on the mattress

  • Breathability is not that great

7. Super Comfortable Expensive Mattress : TEMPUR-Adapt® Mattress


Super comfortable expensive mattress

Softer feel works in combination with other materials to support and relax.

Starting From $2,399

We are going to review their Tempur-Adapt mattress. We will provide you with all the necessary information and our take on the mattress. Tempur-Adapt is a good choice for people with back issues and who sleep hot. Motion cancellation is also present in this mattress. It helps the body relax and rest better due to the materials used and the construction.

Tempur-Pedic is a well-known mattress brand around the world. Their Tempur material, which was originally made by NASA, is their unique selling point. Tempur-Adapt mattresses are different from the other mattresses in terms of construction and the material used. NASA created the Tempur material used in the mattress, and it gives the body extra relief from pressure. The mattress adapts according to the sleeper and adjusts the shape and temperature accordingly. Also, Tempur-Adapt mattresses have a very good motion cancellation and can be used by people sharing the bed.

Key features of  TEMPUR-Adapt® mattress

  1. All adaptive night support according to body weight, shape and heat.
  2. Unparalleled pressure relief with the advanced Tempur material.
  3. Superior motion absorption.

Final verdict: 

Knowing all the facts and comprehending the reviews, we can say Tempur-Adapt mattress has satisfied customers, and they deliver a quality product. If you are a stomach sleeper and are looking for a mattress with good support and overall features, this product can be considered. There are no such major cons of this product, and the advantages of using this are more.


  • Adaptive Tempur material from NASA

  • Good motion cancellation

  • Excellent pressure relief


  • It cannot be used on the floor

  • Box springs are not compatible with the mattress

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What kind of mattress is best for stomach sleepers?

There is no absolute best type of mattress for stomach sleepers, but it is always better to go for the mattresses giving a good amount of support. If you choose a Hybrid mattress, make sure to go with one that has support coils and foam. You can also go for any memory foam based mattress as well, provided it has good support and the construction is not plush but firm. Medium-firm to a firm is a good option for stomach sleepers to go with as it provides neutral alignment to the spine and offers balanced pressure relief.

What practice should you follow if you are a stomach sleeper?

Stomach sleeping is not a healthy way of sleeping and should be avoided whenever possible, but if you are most comfortable with that, here are some tips to safely sleep on your stomach.

  1. Use a thin pillow.
  2. Stretch your body daily in the morning.
  3. Use pillow support under your pelvis when sleeping.
  4. Try keeping your legs flat.
  5. Keeping your body aligned helps in this case.

What should you look for before buying a mattress for a stomach sleeper?

A stomach sleeper should consider the most important thing before buying a mattress is its firmness level and support coil system. You should always go for a medium-firm to ultra-firm option and consider buying a thin pillow. Here are some more comprehensive suggestions which will help you choose better.

  1. Mattress type – Memory foam based mattresses are a good option for stomach sleepers, but any type of mattress providing good support and medium or more firm construction is great for stomach sleepers.
  2. Material – Since stomach sleepers rest their body on their chest and stomach, their face is in constant touch with the mattress or the pillow; thus, anti-bacterial, soft-touch mattress materials are always preferable.
  3. Firmness– If you sleep on your stomach, choose a medium-firm or firmer option rather than soft sink-in mattresses.
  4. Pressure relief – Stomach sleepers rest their body on the chest and stomach, and thus, a lot of pressure is created on the hips and neck. Choose a mattress that has a good independent coil system providing support at all sleeping positions.
  5. Edge Support– Edge support is a good addition for any type of sleeper, and it’s always better to choose a mattress with edge support if you are a stomach sleeper as it reduces the chance of you rolling off the bed.
  6. Motion transfer – Motion isolation is an essential need if you share your bed with anyone. It keeps your sleeping position stable and thus does not hurt your body due to improper alignment.

People Also ask

Sleeping on your stomach can be hard on your back. If you can’t sleep any other way, reduce the strain on your back by placing a pillow under your pelvis and lower abdomen. If it doesn’t put too much pressure on your back, use a pillow under your head.

Sleeping on your stomach can place too much strain on your neck and spine, increasing the likelihood that you will awaken with aches and pains. A mattress that does not provide good support can compound this issue. Thus, Most stomach sleepers need a mattress that prevents excessive sinkage around the midsection.

The Luxury Plush mattresses are good for stomach-and-side-sleepers because they are medium-firm.

Stomach sleepers sleep, resting their body on their chest and their stomach.

The Nectar will be too soft for stomach sleepers. Stomach sleepers need a mattress that’s firm enough to keep their hips and shoulders aligned.

BetterBed’s suggestion: 

We have provided you with unbiased information and data regarding all the best mattress options available for stomach sleepers. The products mentioned have their own pros and cons, and we have mentioned them precisely so that you can choose the best option for yourself and buy the product best suited for you. We recommend that all the stomach sleepers always select a firm and spring or pocket coil featuring a mattress because it is best for their spine health.

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