Discover the best mattress in a box brands in Australia for getting a great night’s sleep. In this comprehensive review, we share our editors’ picks for the top mattresses you can buy online and explain why you’ll love them.

Why you should trust us ?

Buying a mattress online can be complicated. With so many choices, it’s tough to scan reviews and know which is right for you. So we created this buying guide to make your life a little easier. Below, we feature our choices for the best mattress brands in Australia through popular categories: sleeping position, firmness, material, and value.

We identify each brand’s strengths and flaws, cutting through gimmicks to provide you with correct information. While we do partner with mattress brands, we work hard to mitigate bias and bring you informed data.

How we picked and rated Best Mattress Brands in Australia?

What is the best bed in a box? To answer this question, we looked at every angle. We first considered the entire Australian mattress market and then focused in on mattresses you can buy online. Then, we used many sources to pull information on customer feedback, popularity, trial length, pricing, and warranty information.

Here are Australia’s best mattresses in a box

For every design, we also considered where it was made and whether it suits Aussie sleepers. Some had similar ratings, so we relied on customer reviews and good judgment to select a winner for each category. Below, you’ll see our results and details about Australia’s top mattress brands.

Here are our top picks for the best mattresses in Australia.

Best Value: The Eva Mattress


Eva Mattress

A foam/micro-spring design with bounce and body-shaping support.

Meta rating –  4.4
Starting from –  $900 $450

A value mattress doesn’t have to be low quality. In fact, many mattress brands you can buy online are durable and made with excellent materials. These brands have taken out the middlemen, so you don’t have to pay outrageous prices.

To help you get the most for your money, we looked for mattresses that strip down the luxuries. Usually, the most expensive mattresses you can buy online include high-end materials, such as cashmere or hospital-grade foam. We wanted to find a mattress that was well-constructed yet unassuming.

By adding only what sleepers really need, a valuable mattress brand can provide solid sleep without an outrageous price tag. While many online mattresses are less expensive than their counterparts sold in stores, there’s still a significant difference between the most and least expensive designs.

Why should you buy the Eva Mattress?

Ultimately, we believe the best value mattress is the Eva. Sleepers looking for a mattress that’s good for their wallets and their sleep should consider this design. New to the mattress market, it’s one of the best value hybrids available today.

It’s a micro-spring/foam design with bounce and body-shaping contour. This allows customers to try a foam design without losing the support of springs.

However, Eva’s springs are different than a traditional innerspring mattress. The mini coils act independently to lift and shape your body. This combination of foam and springs give it a medium-firm feel, which is good for side and back sleepers.

Thicker than many of its online competitors, Eva also offers extra cushion and support.

See our Eva mattress review for more details.

Top-Rated Hybrid Mattress Brand: The Noa Mattress

Another quality pocket spring mattress is the Noa. Like most hybrid mattress, it offers a combination of bouncy latex foam, contouring memory foam, and pocket spring coils for above-average support – at a much lower price.


Noa Mattress

Natural latex and pocket spring support make this mattress a solid choice.

Meta rating – 4.3
Starting from – $999 $799

A relative newcomer on the mattress scene, Noa is gaining popularity among sleepers who enjoy a medium-firm feel without an outrageous price tag.

See our Noa mattress review for more details.

Latex: The Ecosa Mattress

Ecosa memory Form

Ecosa Mattress

Adjustable firmness and luxury materials put this mattress on top.

Meta rating – 4.7
Starting from – $1099 $899

Please note: upgrades to Ecosa’s mattress design have meant it now doesn’t include latex foam. Instead, Ecosa have replaced this layer with their ECO-Tex memory foam, which they say is bouncy like latex, only breathable with greater bounce.

Latex mattresses have become increasingly popular over the years, as sleepers search for alternatives to spring and memory foam. Naturally bouncy, responsive, cooling, and breathable, latex mattresses are relatively easy to produce.

They are also considered more environmentally-friendly, as natural latex is readily available. Authentic latex foam is made by reducing liquid latex from a rubber tree to a condensed state. Then, the latex is mixed with air to create a responsive foam with spring and support.

A quality latex mattress uses this type of foam. Although manufactured and blended latex exists, the authentic product is known to be healthier. Synthetic latex often releases an off-gassing smell, although it does disappear after a few days.

Both materials provide a similar feel, but 100% latex can be much more expensive. Mattresses made from all-natural latex often cost several thousand dollars, while latex blends are priced around $1,000.

No matter the material, all latex mattress should also provide contour, support, and deep pressure relief. While latex is best as a top or middle mattress layer, it cannot support sleepers by itself. This is why memory foam, high-density foam, and springs are also included in latex designs.

Sleepers who need more bounce than a traditional memory foam design should consider latex. It’s also a good choice for people who worry about a product’s environmental impact, although these sleepers should opt for natural latex materials.

If you want to move away from an innerspring design, but find memory foam too firm, a latex mattress may be right for you.

Why should you buy the Ecosa Mattress?

Weighing the above factors, we believe the best latex mattress is the Ecosa. Featuring natural latex and a customisable design, it lets you adjust the firmness level for the perfect feel. You can choose from a medium, medium-firm, or firm setting simply by switching the layers.

This is a common feature in hybrid mattresses, but it’s rare in an all-foam design. Ecosa also uses memory and high-density foam for pressure relief and support.

Another factor that sets the Ecosa apart is the innovative mattress cover. It has a micro-filament inner cover that prevents 99% of dust mites and allergens from entering the foam layer. Also, this fabric is 100% waterproof and breathable.

Surrounding this fabric a removable, soft double-knitted polyester cover. Plus, there is a fire-resistant woven silica sock between the outer and inner covers. This contributes to the Ecosa’s overall quality and thoughtful latex design.

See our Ecosa mattress review for more details.

Combination Foam: The Koala Mattress

Koala Mattress

Koala Mattress

Specialised foam gives this highly-rated mattress a balanced feel.

Meta rating – 4.7
Starting from – $1000 $950

Almost every mattress we reviewed uses a combination of foam. However, several mattress brands have developed their own types of foam for increased comfort, air flow, cooling, or support. By mixing materials, a mattress can be optimised for different sleeping positions, firmness levels, and body types.

To choose our winner in this category, we looked for a mattress that’s best for a variety of sleepers. Testing and feedback helps companies understand what works and what doesn’t, so we leaned heavily on customer reviews. A good combination foam mattress uses the right blend of materials for an amazing, balanced feel.

You should feel lifted by a firm foam, but experience instant pressure relief from a comfort layer foam. Oftentimes, mattress companies combine a latex and memory foam to achieve this harmony. Others develop their own foam blends to achieve this goal. In both cases, the resulting mattress should bring out the best of each material for a quality sleep.

Combination foam mattresses are ideal for people who are unhappy with innerspring or all-memory foam designs. Spring mattresses cannot provide the same contour as foam, leaving important body parts unsupported.

Complete memory foam mattresses are great for some people, but most find them too firm (and outrageously expensive). Mixed foam mattresses are a good middle ground. They work for a range of sleepers and are a better value than high-end memory foam options.

Why should you buy the Koala Mattress?

All things considered, our choice for the best combination foam mattress is the Koala. As one of the top-rated designs online, it uses a specialised Kloudcell foam for a “not too firm, not too soft” feel. This material was designed by Koala, and acts like a blend of memory foam and latex. Similar to latex, it’s springy and breathable.

Like memory foam, it’s also great at contouring and cushioning sleepers. The second layer is a high-density eco-foam that provides support and prevents you from sinking too deep. Together, these foams create a mattress that meets the average sleeper’s needs. One customer said he’s “never felt more comfortable sleeping.”

While the Koala does take time to break in, the 120-day trial period gives you plenty of time to adjust. Overall, we’re not surprised this highly-rated mattress is winning sleepers over one night at a time.

See our Koala mattress review for more details.

Memory Foam: The Ergoflex Mattress


Ergoflex Mattress

Pressure-relieving comfort and contouring support from industry pros.

Meta rating – 4.4
Starting from – $949 $664.30

Memory foam has revolutionised the mattress industry. This supportive, contouring material is a staple in many online mattress designs. There are different types of memory foams, from viscoelastic to gel-infused blends.

With countless options, it’s confusing to choose which memory foam mattress suits you best. Below, we look at what makes a great memory foam pick. Then, we share our choice and explain why customers love it.

It takes more than one layer of foam to make a balanced memory foam mattress. This material can be too  firm for a lot of sleepers. A great mattress is medium-firm and lets you melt into the layers. It shouldn’t feel incredibly soft on first contact, but it should quickly relax under weight.

Often, mattress brands add a comfort layer of bouncy latex or plush poly foam. There also must be a strong support layer for increased durability and deep compression relief.

Our choice of memory foam mattress considers both construction and feel. Unlike online competitors, this company has been around for over a decade. It’s a surprisingly affordable design, given the quality materials and industry knowledge.

Most importantly, the mattress’ memory foam hugs sleepers and helps relieve pressure. It offers great support, and is ideal for people struggling with soreness or joint pain. If you’re ready to try memory foam, or have been searching for an alternative to high-end models, we think you’ll be happy with this pick.

Why should you buy the Ergoflex Mattress?

All in all, our choice for the best memory foam mattress is the Ergoflex. On top of offering body-shaping contour, this mattress provides orthopaedic-friendly pressure relief. It’s made with hospital-grade materials that cradle and support sleepers.

The open-cell memory foam also disperses heat for cooler summer sleep. Plus, the natural Tencel fiber cover improves airflow. Its dense foam layers are supportive, yet soft enough to help alleviate joint, hip, and back pain. With over a decade of sleep experience, the Ergoflex reflects innovation and value.

See our Ergoflex mattress review for further details.

Pocket Spring: The Sleep Republic Mattress

Sleep Republic Mattress

Spring and foam layers make this hybrid design strong yet snug.

Meta rating 4.3
Starting from $599

Hybrid mattresses are great for sleepers who don’t fall into any specific category. A combination of traditional spring support and modern foam comfort, hybrids are the best of both mattress designs. They are constructed of coil springs, foam, and other materials, for a feel that you can’t get with innerspring or all-foam mattresses.

Typically, hybrids feature a top comfort layer of foam or latex. These materials excel at pressure relief and contour. Then, the base layer is made of micro-springs or pocket springs. Like innerspring designs, this layer gives the hybrid mattress bounce and support.

When choosing a hybrid mattress, consider the materials and construction to avoid the downfalls of memory foam or innerspring designs. We looked for quality materials and a stable construction. Weak springs can lose their rebound, and cheap foam can lose its shape.

When it comes to construction, a true hybrid only uses springs and foam throughout the mattress. Some semi-hybrids also include a pillow-top layer for extra cushion.

Choosing the right hybrid mattress depends on your specific sleeping needs. You may need more contour, deep compression support, response, bounce, or comfort. Often, sleepers who can’t seem to find a comfortable mattress love hybrid designs.

Hybrids are also great if you want to swap your innerspring for foam, but are worried about losing bounce or edge support. On the other hand, they are also ideal if you have an all-foam design but are missing the responsiveness of springs.

Why should you buy the Sleep Republic mattress?

We reckon the best pocket spring mattress is the Sleep Republic. It blends the softness of foam with the support of pocket springs so it suits every sleeping style. Its medium-firm feel makes it ideal for side and back sleepers. Yet the gel-infused top layer offers comfort to stomach sleepers.

The Sleep Republic combines high-definition pocket springs with comfort foam for a “not too soft, not too firm” feel. Layers of memory and latex give an immediate plush feel. Then, the spring base kicks in necessary support.

With its innovative pocket-spring base, it’s a good choice if you’re upgrading from a spring mattress. It offers better bounce and edge support than an all-foam mattress. This is important if you struggle to easily get up and down.

With a vast number of positive reviews on independent product review websites, many customers upgrading from traditional spring mattresses say they wake up with less back pain.

See our Sleep Republic review for more details.

Best for Side Sleepers: The Sommuto Mattress

Sommuto Mattress

Sommuto Mattress

Supportive yet soft. An upgrade from outdated spring mattresses.

Meta rating – 4.5
Starting from – $699

While side sleeping is one of most popular positions, it can be hard on the body. All of your weight is put on shoulders, torso, and hips. This pressure can cause problems without the right mattress. Sleepers can wake up with sore backs or stiff necks.

The worst is when an arm falls asleep during the night. To avoid these problems, you should look for a mattress that combines pressure relief and support with the right sinking softness.

Overall, we believe the best mattress for side sleepers is one with a balanced firmness. A not too hard, not too soft feel gives sleepers cushion while keeping the shoulders, hips, neck, and knees aligned.

If a mattress is too squishy, it cannot evenly support each body part. If it’s too firm, it causes soreness. That’s why we looked for a medium firmness that allows the body to sink, but also gives enough support for body-shaping contour.

Why should you buy the Sommuto Mattress?

All things considered, we think side sleepers will love the Sommuto mattress. Manufactured and sold exclusively in Australia, this mattress is made to hit the “sweet spot.” It’s constructed of high-quality foam and fabric, and excludes any foreign materials.

While the Sommuto costs more than the average foam mattress, it’s worth the price if you’re searching for a quality, durable design. If you flip from side to side every night, this mattress may be perfect for you.

Besides being an Australian-made mattress, there are plenty of reasons to love the Sommuto. It combines gel-infused memory foam, comfort foam, and a high-density support foam for a balanced feel. The memory foam is great for pressure relief and the gel helps distribute heat. Underneath this layer is the Sommuto’s secret—a contouring comfort foam.

This layer provides support while flexing to your body’s curves. A perfect feel for side sleepers. Another plus is the breathable knit cover. Made from Tempright fabric, it’s ideal for seasonal climates and sleepers who overheat.

See our Sommuto mattress review for further details.

Best for Stomach Sleepers: The Sleeping Duck Mattress

Sleeping Duck Mattress

Sleeping Duck Mattress

Selective sleepers love this customisable foam/spring hybrid design.

Meta rating – 4.5
Starting from – $1,099

Some experts say sleeping on your stomach is bad for your neck and spine. But a lot of sleepers still love stomach-sleeping. If that’s you, finding the right mattress can make a big difference in sleep quality.

An ideal mattress for stomach sleepers is on the soft side. It’s plush enough to take pressure off your chest, knees and hips. Yet it’s supportive enough to keep your neck and spine aligned to stop you waking up with back pain.

When picking a soft mattress for stomach sleepers, it’s important to look for a cushioned, yet supportive, design. A mattress that’s too soft can develop dips. This can cause soreness if your back and neck is out of line. On the other hand, many mattresses are too firm.

This can lead to restless sleep and aching knees or hips. We’ve pulled data from real stomach sleepers to help you choose the right mattress.

Why should you buy the Sleeping Duck mattress?

We think the best mattress for stomach sleepers is the Sleeping Duck Pro. That’s because it’s fully customisable to your body and sleeping style. Begin by choosing the firmness – for stomach sleepers, opt for the medium. It’s soft and slightly sinkable, yet still supportive.

Then, try it out. After 21 days, you can change the firmness levels in different parts of your body by asking Sleeping Duck to send you alternative pieces.

A unique feature to the Sleeping Duck is the ability to half and half it. If you’re a stomach sleeper and your partner isn’t (or vice versa!), each half of your mattress can be customised to each of your needs. One side can be softer for a stomach sleeper, and the other firmer for a back sleeper. This means you (or your partner) isn’t compromising on your best night’s sleep.

You’ve got 100 nights to try your Sleeping Duck out, with free customisation during this time. This is plenty of time to find your favourite firmness setting and settle into a final decision. Afterwards, you have a 10-year warranty that will cover any excessive imprints or manufacturing flaws.

See our Sleeping Duck review for more details.

Best Medium Feel: The Hugo Mattress

Hugo Mattress

Hugo Mattress

Latex and memory foam give this mattress a soft, supportive rebound.

Meta rating – 4.4
Starting from – $799

A majority of sleepers are most comfortable on a mattress with medium firmness. This is why many online mattresses brands choose a medium to medium-firm rating. Since firmness is largely subjective, a medium feel varies for all brands. Material also plays a part in firmness.

A medium latex mattress will always feel different than a medium memory foam design. This was essential to remember as we looked for the perfect medium mattress.

Choosing the best medium firmness comes down to balance. The mattress had to be “not too soft, and not too firm.” While many companies aim for this feel, it’s difficult to get right. The design should hug the body, but keep the spine properly curved.

Sleepers don’t want to feel like they’re floating on top of the mattress, but they also don’t want to sink so much that they can’t move around. Our mattress pick is soft with a slight bounce, so sleepers get a balanced medium feel.

Why should you buy the Hugo Mattress?

Considering these factors, our pick for the best medium mattress is Hugo. A memory foam design, this mattress holds sleepers in all the right ways. It combines four foam layers instead of the standard three, and uses a unique memory foam material. This foam is what helps set it apart.

Many customers said they tried a traditional memory foam design, but woke up with sore limbs from too much support. Hugo is different because its comfort layer lets sleepers sink and relax, while the underlying memory and base foam provides deep compression support.

Another feature that makes Hugo a great medium mattress are the latex and transitional foam layers. Unlike most memory foam mattresses, Hugo puts the latex layer on top. This is better for air circulation, bounce, and immediate comfort. A common complaint of memory foam is the firm feeling, but sleepers lie on the responsive latex before the memory foam.

While sleepers are instantly comfortable, the memory foam slowly relaxes to give contour and pressure relief. To top things off, Hugo sources many of its materials in Australia and offers free shipping across the country.

See our Hugo mattress review for further details.

Best for lower back pain and Sciatia: The Casper Mattress

Casper Mattress

4-layers of premium foam construction for support, breathability, and bounce

Meta rating – 4.3
Starting from – $395

As we are all very well aware of the pandemic that shook us all in 2020, making it the most challenging year, the Casper Company did an elaborative survey on how people slept all through the year. With 2020 being such a challenging year, we at Casper, wanted to see how people slept their way through it.

The company Casper launched its first mattress back in 2014 which covered its entire website. It features just one mattress with 6 different sizes which sold directly to the consumer.

The packaging was brilliant and convenient for the customers as they were rolled perfectly, packed rightly, and shipped all across with manageable box sizes. 

The Casper Mattresses carried the trademark of having soft foam at the shoulder resting places, for hip area a firmer foam while design which gives the comfort of proper alignment to the spine.  This one mattress was a super hit back then.

But today it is not only 1 but 8 super hit mattress designs that Casper sells of which a few are directly sold at partner retailers and nowhere else. The other great mattress designs of Casper are listed below stating why Casper must be a choice.

What are the different Casper mattresses?

The following models of Casper are listed below:

1. Element – People who follow the trend of sleeping on their stomach or back can go for this mattress type from Casper who can easily spend around $600 for a queen-size mattress. For anyone who is below 200 pounds can easily go for this.

2. Original – Like the Element, this Original mattress also works best for back and stomach sleepers, but also for the people who side sleepers but are infrequent. This Original mattress gives the exact medium-firm feel. For all those people who prefer a resilient surface and a little softer in comparison with the rest of all-foam varieties, the hybrid version of this is the best take. It can hold up to 200 pounds. 

3. Wave – One of the most expensive mattresses of the Casper range is the Wave Hybrid, which is designed for all kinds of sleepers weighing less than 200 pounds. It is an all-foam mattress. 

 4. Nova – For the voluntary side sleepers, this Nova mattress is the Casper’s softest make for all those sleepers who love a plush, soft cuddly mattress that does not sink in. This mattress is long-lasting and supports weights up to 200 pounds.

5. Snug – Now there are also people who want basic, comfortable, and easy-going mattresses of reputable brands. Casper has taken care of those people and has created an entry-level mattress available at Target and Walmart and not directly on Casper’s site.

See our Casper mattress review for further details.

Best Memory Foam Mattress: The Purple Mattress

Purple Mattress

Dual-layer comfort foam base to give a perfectly supported sleep.

Meta rating – 3.8
Starting from – $599

As the name suggests this mattress has a purple grid in it which adapts to the body shape. This grid technology does not compress the foam like any other traditional mattress, rather it flexes under pressure and opens up the cells thus giving a nice and cooler feel. All the Purple mattresses have universal firmness providing the same kind of comfort for all kinds of sleepers. 

Why should you buy the Purple Mattress?

This mattress is best for back and stomach sleepers who are looking for a foam mattress and a cooler sleep. They are a little on the higher end in terms of cost ($1000 or s) and for those who weigh within 300 pounds.

See our Purple mattress review for further details.

Best Leading Mattress Brands: The Harvey Norman Mattress

Harvey Norman  Mattress

Quality Handmade Craftmanship

Meta rating – 3.6
Starting from – $249

Harvey Norman does not need any kind of introduction as it is a very well-known brand for electrical, entertainment, computers, and more. When it comes to mattresses, Harvey has again made a mark by standing out compared to the rest of the mattress brands for stocking a range of beds for every budget, with all kinds of mattress materials to choose from. Harvey can undoubtedly be your first choice when it comes to reliable and affordable mattresses.

Why should you buy the Harvey Norman Mattress?

Harvey Norman has innumerable options for people who prefer cooler, softer, and more supportive sleep or for those who are keen on allergy-free mattresses. The Harvey mattresses are available all through the local stores. This mattress range is an all-encompassing range that is adaptable to all kinds of sleepers.

Best Price: The Makin Mattress

Makin Mattress

Best Foam Comfort and Support

Meta rating – 3.3
Starting from – $99

Makin Mattresses is known for designing and crafting self mattresses featuring pocket springs, latex, and pillow tops in some of its models. This mattress is a universal mattress for all kinds of sleepers and is thus been rated as a comfortable mattress by users.

Although there are also reviews by a few of the customers that there are issues with the durability and the mattress starts dipping. Makin is a brand that designs traditional mattresses by using latex foams with natural fillings and not the modern kinds. So if you are looking for a traditional make mattress then Makin is your deal.

Why should you buy the Makin Mattress?

Makin has lots of things that make it one of the most usable mattresses. A few to be listed are:

1. Comfort – Customers find these mattresses comfortable with multiple firmness, and easy flippable options. Few have raised concerns with its sagging issues.

2. Firmness – Firmness and Makin are like synonyms of each other as their mattresses have multiple options for firmness. For the people who are small in physique or prefer sleeping sideways, the Makin mattress is the best take for them. This works best for stomach sleepers too as they would get the initial firmness as soon as they sleep. 

3. Back Pain Relief – There are customers who have come back to Makin saying these mattresses are the best for back pain relief as the initial comfort and support is the main key. 

4. Cooling – The mattress contains natural wool and latex, whose natural specialty is to cool. As these materials are in Makin mattresses, they provide coolness, comfort, and great sleep to people. This budget friendly and all kinds suitable mattress can be your choice.

Australias Best selling Premium Mattress: The Bellissimo Mattresses

Bellissimo Mattresses

The Bellissimo utilizes a European latex core in the support unit

Meta rating – 3.1
Starting from – $1445

The Bellissimo is made up of latex that is available in 3 different kinds namely Firm 4000, Medium 2000, and All 4000 all with two parts ‘comfort’ and ‘support’ modules. With all said, there is no bounce in the mattress which is a requirement for many.

  • The Latex Bellissimo Firm 4000 although is comfortable, there is no bounce, and also the spring coils are felt at times as per the customer review.
  • The Latex Bellissimo Medium 2000 comparatively is pretty comfortable yet lacks the bounce and the ability to absorb body weight.
  • The Latex Bellissimo Soft 4000 is really soft with a sensation of sinking. The coils are felt in this mattress as well.

Why should you buy the Bellissimo Mattress?

You can check out the reasons why Bellissimo can be a great take:

1. The Detachable PillowYou can customize the bed top for the best latex pillows in Australia as per requirement, as it can be rotated, flipped, or even aired out.

2. Mini Coil Design – To regulate the airflow and body temperatures, multiple tiny springs are placed in the mattress giving micro-coil technology for fresher and cleaner air giving a healthier and hygienic sleep environment.

3. Latex Material Middle Layer – The plush resilient European latex provides the removable pillow top.

See our Bellissimo mattress review for further details.

How do I choose a good mattress?

One of the most tricky things to do is to know where to begin while buying a new mattress. What are the things to consider? What about the budget? Should I buy it online or from a shop?

Size, Make, Material, Quality is also a question.

Follow the questions below, answer them and it will lead you to the dream mattress.

  • The age of the old mattress? 
  • Your sleeping position? 
  • The kind of firmness preferred? 
  • Individual sleeper’s weight?
  • The type or kind of mattress required?
  • The overall budget for mattress purchase? 

Do mattresses really make a difference?

Keep in mind, no one mattress is perfect for everybody. People differ in shape, sleeping position, weight, and firmness preferences. It’s impossible to make a “one size fits all” mattress. However, all mattresses fall into certain categories. Most are great for a small group of people, good for some, and just okay for a majority of sleepers.

This can make finding the perfect mattress difficult. For one brand we reviewed, a customer said it was “too firm,” while another said it was “not firm enough.” Since firmness is subjective, it’s tricky to interpret customer feedback. Plus, a majority of mattress brands make “medium-firm” models. Even within ratings, there is a diverse range of feel and firmness.

Yet, online mattress brands are making it easier to find the right fit. Most let customers test the mattress during an at-home trial period (many are 100 days). This trial gives your body time to adjust, and helps you make an informed decision.

However, it’s important to narrow down your options, so you spend more time on a mattress you love. That’s why we grouped our mattress choices into popular sleeping categories. We looked at the three common sleeping positions: side, stomach, and back.

Side sleepers usually enjoy a soft but firm mattress that takes pressure off of shoulders and hips. Meanwhile, back sleepers enjoy a firmer mattress that supports the lower back and keeps the neck aligned with the spine. Stomach sleepers like to sink into a mattress and prefer a medium to medium-soft firmness.

However, the mattress has to be firm enough to keep the head and neck aligned, without putting pressure on knees and hips. For freestyle sleepers who switch positions all night, a mattress should adjust to movement and adapt to all positions.

All of that explains why we don’t choose one overall mattress winner. We go by popular categories, because we know every sleeper needs something different. Your sleeping habits can even change due to stress, sleep apnea, diet, environment, injury, a pillow, and whether or not you sleep with a partner.

That’s why being able to try a mattress at home is shifting the industry. Choosing the perfect mattress can be tough, but we’re here to make it simple and stress-free.

Here are the best mattresses in Australia

Mattress brand Best for
Sommuto Mattress Side sleepers
Ergoflex Mattress Bad backs
Sleeping Duck Mattress Freestyle sleepers
Hugo Mattress Medium feel
Eva Mattress Value
Ergoflex Mattress Memory foam
Ecosa Mattress Latex
Koala Mattress Combo foam
Sleep Republic Mattress Pocket spring

Frequently asked questions

The Chiropractors typically recommend hybrid memory foam or latex mattresses as they give perfect balance between support and pressure relief.

Generally good quality mattresses range between $200 and $1500. Although there are mattresses of posh premium quality which go up to $5000+.

The difference between the 2 is such that due to the lack of coils in foam mattresses they last long, having great durability with no risk of saggings. While the spring mattress might not be very durable as the coils and springs might start poking and the mattress would sag too.

Generally the mattresses which are neutral in temperatures highs and lows are the innerspring and hybrid mattresses as they have regular flow of air through the coil layers.

8 to 14 inches is the standard average mattress thickness with a comfort layer of thickness – 2-3 inches and 6 to 8 inches of the base.

The answer to this question is 16 to 24 inches.To judge which end of the spectrum your bed should be, sit at the edge of the bed. If your feet are flat against the floor and your knees are in a straight line with your hips, your bed is the right height.

Memory foam mattresses are used in hotels which are known to conform to your body shape. Thus this mattress helps you to enjoy every sleeping position without making you feel uncomfortable that eventually proving hotel mattresses are comfortable.

As mentioned many times previously in the article after ample mattress reviews, Memory foam, Innerspring and Hybrid are the best materials for mattresses as they adapt to your body shape, they are usually firmer and have more bounce while having a combination of foam and innerspring respectively. This would also answer the question of which is the best mattress quality brand.


This guide has thus given you an insight into a range of the best mattress on the market. With thorough research, customer review, and votes we would like to present Eva mattress as the best mattress brand in Australia. The variety, comfort, and wide range it offers are sufficient and suitable for all kinds of sleepers. 

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