Your new sofa bed is just a click away. Rather than wasting hours of your weekend hitting the shops, find your new sofa online with our guide to Australia’s best online sofa beds.

Best Box Sofa
The Koala Sofa
Koala Sofa
Best Custom Sofa
Tait Seat Sofa Bed
Tait 2.5 seat sofa bedTait 2.5 seat sofa bed
Luxury Pick
Brosa Modular Sofa Bed
Brosa Modular Sofa Bed

Our Buying Guide

A sofa bed isn’t just a piece of furniture that takes up space in your lounge. It’s a nap station. A reading spot. An evening Netflix marathon or weekend family movie space. A place to cuddle with your partner(or your dog, for that instance).

Ensure your home has the sofa bed it deserves, without giving up your weekend by buying a sofa online. With our guide to Australia’s top sofa beds, you’ll get all the information you need to buy a good sofa bed online.

At Betterbed, we specialise in helping Australians find the best bedding products for their home. Even better, they’re available online, including mattresses and sheets. We’ve done all the hard work for you, giving you more time to sit back and enjoy your new sofa (or bed!).

How We Picked

To pick from the best online sofa beds, we began investigating several brands for sofas and sofa beds in Australia. We, at that point, visited autonomous customer survey sites to perceive how customers appraised them.

We spent hours researching retailers with the best quality sofas, extraordinary customer services and reasonable costs.

After having well-rated retailers, we window-shop their sofas. Our focal point was on flawless sofa beds with a classic design that would look awesome in whatever type of Australian home you’ve got.

At last,  to include a range of budgets and sizes, we narrowed down our selection.

Here are Australia’s Best Sofa Beds of 2023

Latest Deals
The Koala Sofa
Koala Sofa
Best Box Sofa
  • Seats with ergonomic support

  • Steel frame

  • Strong and Durable

  • Timber feet

  • Wide armrests

Price: From $1,090
Brosa Modular Sofa Bed
Brosa Modular Sofa Bed
Luxury Pick
  • Can be adjusted to fit your needs

  • Long-lasting classic model

  • Soft top layer for comfort

  • Unique multi-layered foam cushioning

  • 20 Colour options with 2 different Fabric

Price: From $1,999

Plush Sofa

Tait 2.5 seat sofa bedTait 2.5 seat sofa bed
Best Custom Sofa
  • Custom hand-crafted

  • Cushions with high resilience foam with Fibre wrap

  • 10 year warranty

  • Massive range of styles

  • Timber Feet

On Sale!

Ikea Sofa Bed
Ikea Sofa Bed
Best Sofa Brand
  • Custom design and color

  • Cushions with high durability and easy cleaning fabric

  • Limited Warranty

  • Massive range of styles

Price $449
Fantastic Furniture Marella 2-Seater Sofa
Fantastic Sofa
Budget Pick
  • Classic design

  • Tapered timber legs

  • Deep cushions

  • Soft and comfortable top

Price: $599
Artiss Sofa Bed
Artiss Sofa Bed
Best Everyday
  • Practical and space-saving design

  • Premium black PU leather upholstery

  • Extra-thick seat cushioning

  • Soft and wear-resistant

  • Three adjustable backrest positions

Price: $528.9
Demo Sarantino Sofa Bed
Demo Sarantino Faux Velvet Sofa Bed
  • Can be easily converted into double bed

  • Converts into sofa bed with easy adjustments

  • High-density foam cushions

  • Durable, Easy to maintain and clean

  • Easy assembly

Price: $359
Bronx Sofa Bed
Best Luxury
  • Faux Leather upholstery

  • Highly practical and space saving

  • Thicker, Durable, Easy to maintain and clean

  • Extra thick seat cushioning

  • Can be easily converted into double bed

Price: $519
Rio Sofa Bed
Rio Ecosa Sofa Bed
Best Luxury
  • Faux Leather upholstery

  • Highly practical and space saving

  • Thicker, Durable, Easy to maintain and clean

  • Extra thick seat cushioning

  • Can be easily converted into double bed

Price: $1,700

Best Sofa in a Box: The Koala Sofa

Koala Sofa

You’ve probably heard of Koala – they’re known for their Koala mattress in a box. Now they’ve launched the Koala sofa bed – a sofa in a box.

They reckon they can deliver it within 4 hours (note: metro areas of Australia only), and you can (tool free) assemble it in 4 minutes.

It features seats with ergonomic support and it’s big enough for you, and someone else, to lie down flat for a nap. It has a plywood and MDF frame for durability and strength.

Style-wise, the sofa bed creates a soothing, contemporary ambiance and comes in 4 colours – Lunar Grey, Bass Strait, Trackie Dack, and Flat White; which fits every Australian home. 

With all the sizing available online from queen size sofa bed to a double-size sofa bed, you can understand the exact measurements of everything before you buy, including the height and depth of cushions.

It comes with a 120-night trial. Return it for a full refund if you don’t love it. Plus, if you buy the Koala product, they’ll adopt a turtle on your behalf (Since Koala is working with the WWF to protect threatened and endangered wildlife).

Customers love the quick delivery, easy setup, and comfort. We also admire the trial period, 5-year warranty and the tool free assembly.


Sizes available:

  • 3-Seater (Queen)
  • 2.5-Seater (Double)
  • 1.5-Seater (Single)

Dimensions & Weight:

  • Single – 83.5 cm(H), 130 cm(W), 101 cm(L)
  • Weight – 56.5 kg
  • Double – 83.5 cm (H), 190 cm (W), 101 cm (L)
  • Weight: 64 kg
  • Queen – 83.5 cm (H), 205.5 cm (W) 101 cm(L)
  • Weight: 76.5 kg


  • Frame – 100% FSC® certified poplar plywood and MDF
  • Cover – Soft touch fabric: 88% polyester, 12% nylon; Non-slip: 100% polyester.

Price range:

  • $892.50 – $1,402.50

Is The Koala Sofa Bed value for money?

The sofa that provides comfort is made from fabric that can last forever and is designed for you to sit back and snug as a bug using a comfy cushion. The sofa that can easily convert into a bed can surely have value for your money.

Reason to buy

  • 120 Night Trial

  • 5-year Warranty

  • Eco-friendly.

Reason To avoid

  • High maintenance and care is needed.

Rio Sofa Bed – Ecosa

Rio Ecosa Sofa Bed

Check out the Rio Ecosa if you’re looking for a stylish, comfortable, and affordable sofa bed. This bed is ideal for small spaces and is also reasonably priced. It’s also available in a variety of colors and styles, allowing you to find the perfect match for your home.

The Rio Ecosa sofa bed is made of durable fabric and padded with soft foam. It also includes a pillow and blanket, allowing you to unwind after a long day or use it as a guest bed. The sofa bed is simple to put together and fits most standard sofas. It’s also ideal for small spaces because it doesn’t take up much room.

The Rio Ecosa sofa bed is a great option if you’re looking for an affordable way to add extra seating or sleeping space to your home. It’s fashionable and comfortable, and it’ll fit most standard sofas. It’s also simple to put together, so you can get started right away.


Sizes available:

  • 3-Seater (Queen)
  • 2.5-Seater (Double)

Dimensions :

  • 3 seater – 83.5 cm (H), 171 cm (W), 101 cm (L)
  • 2.5 seater – 83.5 cm (H), 134 cm (W) 180 cm(L)


  • Fabric: 100% OceanCycled™ Recycled Polyester
  • Foam: CertiPUR-US® certified polyurethane foam

Price range:

  • $1,560 – $1,700

Is The Rio Ecosa Sofa Bed value for money?

The Rio Ecosa Sofa Bed is a very affordable way to get a comfortable sleeping solution. It is also very easy to move around, making it perfect for use in any room. However, there are some downsides to consider before purchasing this product. First and foremost, the sofa bed is not very sturdy. It can easily be moved around, but if you weigh more than 350 pounds, it may not be able to support your weight. Additionally, the fabric is not particularly durable and may start to tear after sustained use. However, overall, the Rio Ecosa Sofa Bed is an affordable and comfortable option for sleeping on the go.

Reason to buy

  • Easy to assemble

  • Eco-friendly.

Reason To avoid

  • High maintenance is needed as it stains easily.

Best Sofa Brand: Ikea Sofa Bed

Ikea Sofa Bed

A cheap sofa bed that is also one of the most comfortable sofa beds in Australia is not that easy to find. But, guess what, we found one. 

Ikea’s Friheten 3-seater Sofa Bed is arguably the most comfortable sofa bed one could get at such an affordable price. 

The quality and aesthetics of this sofa bed from Ikea can sway you and find you in your shopping cart.


  • Dimension:
    • Item Height: 33 in (83.8 cm)
    • Item Width: 89 in (226.1 cm)
  • Material:
    • Upholstery Fabric – 100% Polyester
  • Seating Capacity: 3
  • Price range: $449

Is The Ikea Sofa Bed Value For Money?

If you are on a budget and still wish to grab a multifunctional sofa, then this sofa bed by Ikea can be your ideal choice. 

Reason to buy

  • It is aesthetically pleasing.

  • Ikea uses renewable energy and recycled products for their sofa beds’ production.

Reason To avoid

  • Might not be sturdy enough.

  • Assembling it takes time.

Best Custom Sofa: Plush Sofa Bed

Tait 2.5 seat sofa bedTait 2.5 seat sofa bed

Upgrade your room with the new style room technology! This seat sofa bed will give you the confidence you need when purchasing a new sofa– knowing that it is the right fit, the right style, and colour for your home! It consists of both a storage chaise and sofa bed – it’s a self-contained sofa and spare room in one! 


  • Material: Memory Foam Mattress (Queen Size Short): 150cm x 200cm x 12cm
  • Measurement: 208cm
  • Maximum weight capacity: 180kg

Is The Plush Sofa Bed Value For Money?

Buyers are very excited about customizing their sofabeds. It gives them the opportunity to get their sofa beds according to their requirements- be it in fabric or leather.

Reason to buy

  • Free 10 year warranty

  • Luxurious 100% genuine cowhide leather used

  • Home delivery available including installation

Reason To avoid

  • No cons

Luxury Pick: Brosa Modular Sofa Bed

Brosa Modular Sofa Bed

The Austin Modular Sofa is a trendy and functional choice for any modern living room. Consisting of a flexible chaise that can easily be mounted right or left, this flexible sofa bed works as a sofa or a bed. It also provides storage, making it space-saving, versatile, comfortable and all rounder.

This full sleeper comfortably sleeps two people, and also has an added storage space for important bedding items. Available in a classic Dark Gull Grey and modern Storm Grey, it can be customised to suit your needs. It is subtly smooth and relatively soft. You can feel it fitting into the contours of your body when you sit.


  • Product Dimensions (cm): H92 x W232 x D151
  • Storage Dimensions (cm): L143 x W62.5
  • Product Weight (kg): 97.5
  • Mattress Dimensions (cm): W204 x D141 x H46
  • Leg Dimensions (cm): H4.5
  • Seating Dimensions (cm): H46 x W204 x D53

Price range:

  • $1383 (Classic Cream, Signature Premium)
  • $1679 (Ocean Blue, Premium Velvet)

Is The Brosa Sofa Bed Value For Money?

Brosa’s Austin sofa bed serves a triple function by serving as a bed, sofa, and storage space. Also, it also serves the purpose of conserving space. So you’ll be happy to have some more storage space in your sofa bed. It is a top-quality product and fully deserves to be on this list.

Reason to buy

  • Ample storage space

  • Excellent customer service

  • Ten-year warranty

  • 21 days trial period offered

Reason To avoid

  • No free delivery

Budget Pick: Fantastic Furniture Marella 2 Seater Sofa

Fantastic Sofa

Fantastic Furniture is one of Australia’s best value furniture and homewares retailers. Although their Marella 2 seater sofa is our budget pick, it looks like its more expensive sisters. It features a classic design with tapered timber legs and deep cushions.

It’s made in Australia and comes in over more than 50 fabrics. You can get 5 free fabric samples to help you choose the best colour for you. Simple assembly required.

It has a 6-year frame and support warranty plus a 30-day change of mind returns policy. We feel this is generous, given Marella’s affordability.



  • Assembled Size – (L) 170cm x (D) 93cm x (H) 86cm
  • Width – 150-199cm

Style: Scandinavian

Seating Capacity: 2 Seater

ColourStandard Edie Grey

Leg Colour – Oak

Price range: $599

Made InAustralia

Is The Marella’s Sofa Bed value for money?

Perfect for both contemporary and classic interior design, this multifunctional sofa bed is definitely worth every penny spent due to their fulfilling of two purposes, be it structure-wise or style-wise.

Reason to buy

  •  Aussie-made Marella renders maximum comfort.

  • Available at an affordable price.

  • Made out of natural timber.

Reason To avoid

  • No such issues.

Artiss Sofa Bed Lounge Futon Couch 3 Seater Leather Beds Cup Holder Black

Artiss Sofa Bed

Who wouldn’t want a sofa that functions both as a lounge and as a spare bed for uncertain or emergency circumstances? The most comfortable sofa bed can be easily unfolded into a double bed where you may as well use the armrest cushions as pillows

This luxurious lounge also comes with cup holders. You can enjoy this feature while chilling with your friends during a match or on movie days. The high-quality material used in its construction makes the 3-seater sofa bed eco-friendly and wear-resistant. 

The sturdy structure and materials involved in the manufacture ensure a good number of years of its usability. 


Available Sizes: One size

Dimensions :

  • Item width – 168cm
  • Item Height – 79cm
  • Seat Depth – 48 cm

Weight capacity – 200kg

Seat materialFaux linen fabric

Fill MaterialFoam

Seating CapacityUp to 3

Price range:$528.9


Is The Artiss Sofa Bed Value For Money?

The sofa proved its worth through its amazing features which makes it value for your money.

Reason to buy

  • Black goes with any and every style.

  • The materials involved represent durability, longevity, and robustness.

  • One year warranty.

  • Plush backrest.

Reason To avoid

  • If you feel the surface is too hard, then you need to spend money on buying a mattress for this couch after investing in the sofa. 

Demo Sarantino Faux Velvet Sofa Bed Couch Lounge Chaise Cushions Dark Grey

Demo Sarantino Faux Velvet Sofa Bed

One of the best sofa beds, Faux Velvet Sofa Bed Couch by Sarantino has the ability to become your personal favourite. The high-density foam cushions and easy adjustments while transforming into a bed is truly attractive. With durable stitching, the upholstered faux velvet fabric gives your living room or master bedroom a contemporary yet luxurious feel. 

The wooden frame renders durability, and easy installation eases you in setting up the sofa without much hassle.


Available Sizes: One size

Dimensions :

  • Item Height – 86 cm
  • Item Width – 284cm
  • Seat Depth – 56cm (approx.)

Type: Sofa with chaise

Seating Capacity3

Price range: $359

Colour: Dark Grey

Is The Demo Sarantino Sofa Bed Value For Money?

The Sarantino Sofa with Chaise can give a stylish accent to any room. So, you are getting a product that is sturdy enough to last many years with an existence that never goes out of style. What more could you ask that is worth your money?

Reason to buy

  • No assembly required.

  • Sturdy wooden frame provides durability and longevity.

  • Easy to maintain and clean.

  • Saves a lot of space.

Reason To avoid

  • Pretty expensive.

Best Luxury Sofa bed: Bronx Sofa Bed

This 3 seater lounge couch brings a touch of luxury and elegance to your home or room decor. When you come back home and just want to sit back and relax, this comfortable futon helps you to sink in. 

But, it is a multifunctional couch for a reason. It is equipped with attributes that allow you to provide extra bedding space for your visitors. While the cotton upholstery wooden frame uplifts the contemporary flair, its Faux Leather upholstery with thick cushioning provides supreme comfort.


Available Sizes: One size


  • Item Height – 87 cm
  • Item Width – 95 cm
  • Item Depth – 193 cm

Material: Faux leather

Frame Material – Wood

Arm Style: No Arm

Seating Capacity: 3

Price range: $519

Dual Colour – Black/Beige

Is Bronx sofa bed Value for money?

The pros of this armless couch itself explain the value for money that you invest in it. If you are able to maintain it, it can be a great addition to your home.

Reason to buy

  • Multifunctional.

  • Durable.

  • Upholstery wooden frame.

  • High-quality fabric

  • Durable support foam and comfort form. 

Reason To avoid

  • No arms can give a hint of discomfort during binge-watching a show. 

  • High maintenance and care are required.

Why should you buy a bed sofa?

  • Versatility: A sofa bed is as comfortable as a bed and still works as a sofa for your living room. Modern and good quality sofa beds can easily replace those bulky sofas which could be only used for sitting.

While we can recall sleeping on our rough sofa bed, we surely don’t want it to continue, especially when manufacturing technologies have come up with a well-made frame, base and also foam that ensures your comfort when you sleep on it. 

Apart from all of this, a sofa bed is a great addition to your home when visitors arrive, and you are in need of an extra bed.

  • Varied Shapes and Sizes: There was a time when sofa beds were only available with two-seaters. But, with time, we have come across varied shapes from beds in a box, two-seaters, L-shaped to three-seaters, which can be converted into a bed to suit your needs, and the space available.

Since they are available in a number of shapes and sizes, you can consider buying one if you are living in an apartment, small house or you share a flat with a roommate. This can save you a lot of space while allowing you to accumulate it with other important objects. 

  • Clever Storage Space: Whether it’s a sofa, a bed or a sofa bed, you can not end up with one of these without inquiring about the storage space. This storage space is a blessing in disguise that hides away any of the stuff you don’t want lying around or is essential enough to be stored in a safe place.

Not just that, the best sofa beds in Australia come with cup holders for you to enjoy a leisurely evening with food, drinks, and movies.

  • Guest Bed Or For Sleepovers?

A sofa bed can accompany you, especially when a guest is coming over. You can surely assemble an extra bed for your visitor, but a usable sofa that can be converted into a bed isn’t that bad. It can save you the extra space and the effort of putting away bulky sleep surfaces in a cupboard or loft space.

They are also a great alternative if your child is having yet another sleepover.

  • If You Are On A Budget: If getting a sofa bed is not cost-effective, I don’t know what is. Since you are purchasing equipment that satisfies two purposes, it increases its utility, and with better material, you can enjoy it for a very long time.

What To Consider When Buying A Sofa Online?

Buying a sofa bed online might seem a bit daunting. What will it look like? How will it feel? What if you don’t like it once it’s in your home?

We’ve pulled together the top things to look for when buying a sofa online. Considering these should give you confidence in your choice:

1. Shipping: Before you click buy, ensure you know the shipping costs to avoid any nasty surprises. Because of the size of sofas, you’re normally looking at oversize delivery costs. One way around this is choosing a sofa in a box which is more affordable.

As well as cost, understand the expected delivery timeframe. If it’s in stock, it could be with you in days. But if it’s being customised to your colour, or not manufactured locally, it could be weeks.

Pay attention to what the shipping includes. Will the delivery team bring it to your curb? Deliver it into your lounge? Or unwrap it, assemble it and remove any rubbish?

2. Returns:

With any online purchase, the returns process is important. Understand what will happen if you get your new sofa home, only to find out it’s uncomfortable or the colour is wrong.

If there’s no defect or manufacturing issue, you may not be able to return it.

Some retailers do offer a change of mind return within a certain number of days. Look out for that if you’re unsure of your choice.

4. Colour: The colour you see on your screen may not be a good reflection of the colour in real life. The best way to understand the colour you’re getting is to order fabric swatches.

Most online retailers offer fabric swatches. Ideally, more than 1 and free. Use your screen to narrow down your preferences and then order some swatches.

Fabric swatches will also give you a good idea of how your new sofa will feel.

4. Sofa Bed Reviews: We’ve done most of the hard work for you, but dive into customer reviews yourself. This will help you understand how the sofa performs in real life.

If the retailers don’t list reviews on their websites, search out blogs, social media or independent customer review websites. Look for customer photos. Without professional styling and lighting, you’ll get a better idea of what the sofa looks like.

5. Measurements: Have a look at your available space. Mark out ideal sofa dimensions on the floor in different locations. Ensure you’ve got room to move around. Compare the dimensions of the sofa you’re considering buying to existing furniture. You’ll be able to see how much more – or less – space you’ll be dealing with.

Even if you don’t have a spare sofa to compare it to, a chair would work. Think about how easy it is to get up from that seat height. Or how the height looks against the wall. Or how comfy the arm height is. Considering all this will give you the ideal measurements of your new sofa.

Oh, and remember to measure your doorways, hallways and stairwells for delivery too!

6. Discounts: Thanks to their low overheads, online retailers frequently offer sale prices. Contact them and ask them if they have any sales coming up. Or sign up to their newsletter for a discount code. Most retailers have sales around holiday periods.

If you can wait, you’ll get a better price.

7. Material And Construction

Look for the following when reading online product descriptions to ensure a quality, durable sofa:

  • Frame – should be hardwood, particularly kiln-dried hardwood. Cheap plywood and fibreboard might not last.

Joinery – should be ‘mortise and tenon’. This is a centuries-old construction technique that’s simple and strong. Dovetail joints are also good. Look for joints that are glued, stapled and screwed.

  • Cushions – aim for high-density foam so it bounces back, even after continued use. Down cushions require frequent fluffing. Try out different fills at a local store to see what you find comfortable.
  • Springs – eight-way hand-tied steel springs are the strongest, most resilient springs. Serpentine springs are more affordable but also good quality. Try to avoid mesh or webbing which may not survive extended use.
  • Fabric – aim for a durable fabric sofa bed and consider paying extra for a stain treatment. Look for covers that are removable and washable for easy care.

8. Hypoallergenic Properties:  There are people out there who are allergic to a lot of materials or fabrics. These allergies can render a runny nose and itchy eyes, especially after waking up from sleep. So, it is better to acquire knowledge on hypoallergenic properties and if they have been involved in the manufacturing of the sofa. 

9. Budget: It is always helpful to stick to your budget. So that you know if you are increasing it, it is because of the specific products you came across. This way, you would know when to increase your budget and when to stick to it in order to land a reasonable purchase.

10. Trial period: Ensure if the sofa bed brand offers a trial period. A trial period of 30 to 100 days can help you in making the decision if the sofa bed is equipped with the material, construction, style statement, colour, and feel according to your needs. 

11. Customer review:  Customer reviews are the best approach to fully understand the characteristics of a product. The consumers of these products are somewhat experiencing it and letting you know their honest reviews, which can be helpful for you to make an informed decision.

12. Compare and contrast Different Brands: Different brands come with varied advantages and disadvantages. To gain every possible information on each brand related to the product you wish to buy, you need to compare the various brands and their pros and cons to end up with the one that satisfies your needs.

How Often Will The Sofa Bed Be Used?

If you are purchasing a sofa bed for occasional guest visits, then you can consider getting a sofa with a less plush mattress. However, if you are planning to lounge or  doze off on the sofa bed more often, then you should opt for a mattress that is thick, tough to minimise the tossing and turning while rendering a comfortable space. 

Are Sofa Beds Comfortable?

With the construction and design of sofa beds evolving, several brands, from Koala to Plush, have engineered various approaches to bring the most comfortable sofa beds to your home.

A sofa bed does give a picture of a thin mattress that comes with a compact size frame, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t comfortable. With changing perspective, technique, and strategy, we have landed a wide range of products under the sofa bed category that are comfortable and caters to all types of needs and concerns.

How Much Space Do You Have?

If you are a college student or someone who just started working in a new city and stays in a small apartment, then a sofa bed is the best living room accessory that can become compatible with most of your furniture. 

People Also Ask

  • The Koala Sofa
  • The Companion Couch
  • Plush
  • Brosa Frank 3-Seater Modular Sofa
  • Zanui Otto 3-Seater Chaise Lounge
  • Fantastic Furniture Olson 2-Seater Sofa
  • Icon by Design Sixties 2-Seater Sofa

The Most Comfortable Sofa Bed: Zanui Otto 3-Seater Chaise Lounge

Zanui is an Australian online furniture and homewares specialist. Their Otto 3-Seater Lounge is an attractive and elegant sofa in a timeless design. The design includes wide and deep seat cushions. Filled with high-density foam, it’s supportive and comfortable.

Like, Icon by Design specialise in timeless Scandinavian design and high-end craftsmanship, without the price tag. Their Sixties 2-Seater Sofa is a beautiful and comfortable sofa bed for everyday use. It’s handcrafted and features a quality solid timber frame for durability. With different sizes available, you can pick what suits your home best. It comes in a range of traditional colours.

Buying a sofa online might seem a bit daunting. What will it look like? How will it feel? What if you don’t like it once it’s in your home?

We’ve pulled together the top things to look for when buying a sofa online. Considering these should give you confidence in your choice:

  • Shipping
  • Returns
  • Colour
  • Reviews
  • Measurements
  • Discounts
  • Construction

Look for the following when reading online product descriptions to ensure a quality, durable sofa:

  • Frame
  • Joinery
  • Cushions
  • Springs
  • Fabric

Fantastic Furniture Olson 2-Seater Sofa

Fantastic Furniture is one of Australia’s best value furniture and homewares retailer. Although their Olson sofa is our budget pick, it looks like its more expensive sisters. It features a classic design with tapered timber legs and deep cushions.

All the sofa beds that are listed above come with a certain duration of the warranty. But by the time all the furniture like dining table, couch, and bed goes wear and tear same goes with sofa bed also. The warranty on sofa beds will cover manufacturing defects or damages.

The ideal thickness of the sofa bed is 4.5 inches. The thickness may vary according to the requirement. So you can choose the thickness of a sofa bed that suits your design.

According to the research, there are numerous varieties in the size, texture, material and mattress types used for a sofa bed. Thus, there is no standard cost for the sofa beds. Leather textured sofa beds can cost $149 which is considered an affordable sofa bed. Whereas with different fabrics with colours like Lunar grey, bottle green, etc. the cost varies and can retail for $ 429. Although if you are looking for a comfortable budget sofa then it ranges between $ 1,000 to $ 2,500 in Australia.

Usually, the sofa bed mattress comes in the size called “Short Queen” which is 60” wide and 70” long in size. Unlike the standard sofa size, you can get the customized size that fits your sofa bed.

The mattress which you think is perfect and comfortable for you can be used for a sofa bed if it fulfills the size requirement of the sofa to fit in. You can choose the mattress listed in this article according to your needs.

The sofa beds are customized to layout flatbed types, they don’t carry a mattress in sofa bed design. Whereas the sleeper sofa has a mattress in their design itself.

The simple way to improve the quality of your sofa bed is to add a mattress to it that fits perfectly. The size and shape of a sofa bed play an important role in installing a sofa mattress. In Latex, innerspring mattress or memory foam mattress you will get numerous type of mattress that will suit you.


So, if you are convinced, then buy the best sofa bed in Australia by making an online purchase with BetterBed. We refer the best quality products, great customer reviews and ratings, and a sensible price range into account to make the right and the best choice of sofas and sofa beds for you.

We have selected the Koala sofa as our top pick as it gives the best comfort and delivers the product too quickly.


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