Looking for Best triple bunk beds in australia? Well discover our 2022 picks of triple bunks bed for kids and adults that can be ideal for your bedroom.

 Our Top Pick
Dorel Living Bunk Bed
Dorel Living Bunk Bed
Best Storage Bed
MWKL Twin Over Twin Bed
MWKL Twin Over Twin Over Twin Bed
Cheap bunk bed
Fetines Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed
Fetines Twin Over Twin Bunk Triple Kid Bed


Investing in a good quality triple bunk bed is the most optimal solution to space limitations. You can efficiently and effortlessly convert your home into a 3 bedroom capacity from a single occupancy without investing much.

If you are eagerly looking out for a three-tier bunk bed, we are here to provide you with all the available information about the bunk beds through this article. So, read on to find the best triple bunk bed which suits your requirement.

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Here are our top picks for the best three tier bunk beds in Australia.

Latest Deals

Dorel Living Bunk Bed

Dorel Living Bunk Bed
Editor’s Pick
  • Easy climbing with the built-in ladder

  • Durable, sturdy and extreme level of comfort

  • US certified bed for all the safety standards

 Price: $730.37

MWKL Twin Over Twin Bed 

MWKL Twin Over Twin Over Twin Bed
Best Storage Bed
  • 2 Drawers with extra storage

  • Attractive look with durable material

  • Completely kid-friendly

Price: $405.28

Merax Metal Bunk Bed

Merax Metal Twin Size Triple Bunk Bed
Metal Triple Bunk Bed
  • Heavy-duty metal body

  • Adjusts for a comfortable sleep

  • Easy accessible bucks

 Price: $409.99

Fetines Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed

Fetines Twin Over Twin Bunk Triple Kid Bed
Cheap Bunk Bed
  • 100% Safe with guardrails

  • Classically designed and comes in 2 decent colors

  • Comes with slat kit and guardrails

Price: $369.99

Triple bunk beds for kids – Dorel Living

Dorel Living Bunk Bed

Triple bunk beds for kids

Great storage space – you can put your personal belonging

Meta rating – 4.9

It is a common trend to go for a space-saving option when buying a bed for a house that has space constraints. The Dorel Living Sierra Twin Triple Bunk Bed perfectly fits this requirement. It is meant for large families or homes which frequently host guests.

The compact design is a great plus as a space-saving feature. There are 2 built-in ladders that can be used to access the upper-level bunks. The design of the bed looks modern and is really a great deal in terms of its price.


  • The triple bunk bed comes with two built-in ladder
  • It is purely made up of solid wood having a mocha rustic finish
  • There are bed slats that are already included
  • The triple bunk bed does not need any box spring
  • This bed meets all the standards for safety as per the US Govt

Bunk Bed Size: 110.5 x 201 x 195.9 cm
Bunk Bed Material: Wood
Weight Capacity: 165 Pounds
Bunk bed separates into beds: Easily converts to a bunk bed and daybed, or three twin beds

Is Dorel Living Sierra Triple Bunk Bed value for money?

It is a great bed, but is a little fussy to install as per the users. So although it is good in terms of money, it demands a lot of time and energy.

Who is this Dorel Living Sierra Triple Bunk Bed suitable for?

It is best for kids as the bed comes with independent ladders for both the upper and mid level bunks. It also has safety guards which ensure safety for the kids.

If you are wondering on how to go about shopping for a dog bed, we’ve pulled together some of the best dog beds in Australia to consider.


  • It is very durable

  • The bed is completely versatile

  • The bed can be converted easily

  • It is very sturdy


  • Assembly is a little tedious, rest no major drawbacks as such

Triple bunk beds with storage – MWKL Twin Over Twin Bed

MWKL Twin Over Twin Over Twin Bed

Best Triple Bunk Beds For Storage

With the amazing storage space you can put your personal belonging etc

Meta rating – 4.9

This triple bed comes in L shape and is best for kids and also for a friends’ nightover. You can very well utilise your space and adjust the bed accordingly. The space under the loft can be used for adding more storage using dressers, cabinets, or can be used to place a desk as well. This bed has immense storage capacity with 2 inbuilt drawers. The bed is very sturdy thanks to the highest quality of wood used. 


  • This bed is both stylish and durable
  • The bed has solid pine legs which is then mounted by a strong frame which is durable ensuring stability
  • It has 2 ladders and 2 drawers
  • It has sufficient space under the loft for storage

Bunk Bed Size: 37.7 x 78.7 x 61.4 inches
Bunk Bed Material: Wood and Pine
Weight Capacity: The upper bed limit is 220 pounds while the lower bed limit is 250 pounds
Assembly Time: As per the users it approximately takes 3 to 4 hours
Bunk bed separates into beds: Yes it does separate into beds

Is the Twin Over twin  triple bunk bed with storage value for money?

The bed is costly but the amazing storage space makes it a better deal as you will not need to invest separately on a wardrobe armoire as well as save some space by using the loft.

Who is this Twin Over twin triple bunk bed with storage suitable for?

This bed is suitable for both kids and guests as well. So both children and adults can use this bed comfortably. As there is a lot of storage in the bed, children can easily put their stuff like story time books, their personal belongings etc. Similarly, grown ups can use the storage and space under the loft in many creative ways.


  • To ensure a trustworthy stability, sturdy slats are installed

  • The entire construction is completely kid-friendly 

  • To have easy accessibility, there are 2 ladders on either side


  • The bed is too costly

Metal Triple Bunk Bed – Merax Metal Twin Size Triple Bunk Bed

Merax Metal Twin Size Triple Bunk Bed

Metal Triple Bunk Bed – Merax Metal Twin Size Triple Bunk Bed

The bed is steady with its strong metal frame with full guardrails

Meta rating – 4.3

If you are looking out for a versatile bunk bed for adults or kid, then this is it, a perfect triple bunk bed for a multiple kids family. It comes with 2 attached ladders which provide easy access to the middle bunk and the top bed. This kids bed is quite steady with its heavy-duty metal frame. Your kids would be secured and safe thanks to the slat guardrails.


  • The bed is known to provide great support thanks to its heavy-duty metal body
  • Full-length guardrail at the top and mid bed ensure complete children’s safety
  • Ample space for the mid and top beds
  • Attached ladders for both mid and top bunks

Bunk Bed Size: 78 inches in width while 78.7 inches in height
Bunk Bed Material: Metal
Weight Capacity: 400 pounds
Recommended Mattress Height: 6 inches for top bed, 6 to 8 inches for mid bed, 8 to 10 inches for the lower bed
Bunk bed separates into single beds: No

Is Merax Metal bunk bed value for money?

It is worth the price for its longevity and durability.

Who is this Merax Metal bunk bed suitable for?

This bed is best for kids as it comes with a strong metal frame. This frame ensures the longevity of the bed. Since the bed has full-length guardrails, it is very safe for the kids.


  • Durable and provides long-term support

  • Two ladders for entry

  • Strong metal frame with full-length guardrails

  • Sturdy and durable

  • Long-lasting


  • No major drawbacks

Cheap Bunk Beds – Fetines Twin Over Twin Bunk Triple Kid Bed

Fetines Twin Over Twin Bunk Triple Kid Bed

Cheap Bunk Bed – Fetines Twin Over Twin Bunk Triple Kid Bed

These 3 twin sized beds are steady and durable and can convert to separate beds according to your convenience

Meta rating – 4.3

This triple bunk bed is a must if you have kids or have guests over at your home quite frequently. You can choose for a flat or an overlay. The bed is very well crafted with manufactured wood and solid wood with a handsome finish. There are 3 twin-sized beds. The bunk bed can be easily separated and used as individual beds. So when your children grow up, you can easily dismantle the bed.


  • It comes with a slat kit
  • It comes with guardrails
  • It has a ladder which is built-in
  • The guardrails are included as well, which are easily detachable
  • It can be dismantled and used as 3 separate beds

Bunk Bed Size: 43.2 inches in width while 81.7 inches in length and 78.1 inches in height
Bunk Bed Material: Solid and manufactured wood
Weight Capacity: up to 200 pounds
Bunk bed separates into single beds: Yes

Is this fetines bunk bed value  for money? 

Since the bed is very sturdy and durable, it definitely pays off to invest in it. When compared to other beds of a similar kind, it definitely justifies the price owing to its outstanding features.

Who is this Fetines bunk bed suitable for?

This bed is best for kids.


  • It is very safe for kids

  • It is durable

  • The bed is very sturdy and long-lasting

  • The instructions on the manual are very easy to understand

  • It is convenient to assemble


  • Nothing as such

The types of triple tier bunk bed

When we talk about three-tier bunk beds, what usually comes to mind are triple-decker beds — three beds seamlessly stacked on one another. While triple-deckers are the most widely used and preferred type of triple bunk bed configuration, it’s not the lone type of bunker bed available in the market. Read on and know the other triple bunk bed configurations.

1. Triple Decker – This is a common type of bed which actually means 3 beds that are carefully placed one above the other.

2. L-shaped 1 down, 2 up – The name is self-explanatory, where the bed is placed in an L shape where one bed is at one end while the other two are at the adjacent end one above the other.

3. L-shaped 2 down, 1 up – This is just like the above formation but with different bed arrangements. 2 beds are placed in L shape and one bed is placed above either of the 2 making it a bunk.

4. Triple bunker with a partial ladder – Partial ladders are ladders that extend to the bunker’s second level. If you want to go to the third level, you’ll have to climb. As you might be well aware that the versatile bunk beds have a built-in ladder to climb. Similarly, triple bunks also have ladders. In the case of partial ladders, they just reach the second bed and you will have to climb over it to reach the third i.e. upper bunk.

5. Triple bunker with an extended ladder – Just like the partial built-in ladder bed, this bed with an extended ladder has a ladder that reaches the third bedroom as well.

Triple bunk beds buying guide: How to pick one?

1. Bunk bed safety precautions – Be it a sofa or a bed, the prime importance is given to safety, and when it comes to bunk beds, it is of utmost importance. So while buying a bunk bed, make sure you buy the one which has strong safety guardrails which will completely protect the sleeper from any kind of fallout.

2. Measure the room size – Before going for any bunk bed, first, measure the room size so that it accommodates the chosen bed. The height of the bed also matters because if you don’t measure the room accurately, the child may hurt himself while standing.

3. Look for triple bunk beds that separate – If a bunk bed is going to be your final bed purchase, then why not go for the one which dismantles? Always go for a separating triple bunk bed, so you can use each bed individually if needed or adjust the bed height.

4. Choose a strong material – The material of the bed is yet another important factor to be considered as they need to be durable and comfortable at the same time. Wooden frames fit in both of these categories in comparison to the metal frames as metal beds are slippery, sharp, and at a fair price as well.

5. Select the type of bunk bed – Choosing the right type of bunk bed is also very important. It is only you who can decide the kind of bed you need based on your requirements. However, it is advised to go for a bunk bed that has an extended ladder which would make climbing up and down convenient for the user. A bunk bed with hidden storage is best if you face space crunch or are a compulsive hoarder! If both do not intrigue you, go for the classic plain bunk bed. It all depends on your personal choice and requirements.

6. Find the perfect mattress to use for three-tier bunk beds – Once you have chosen the bed frame the next primary and very essential thing to choose is the right type of mattress for all the 3 tiers of the bunk bed. A mattress of wrong dimensions, material, or thickness might create a huge problem in bunk beds, eventually causing discomfort.

7. Functional and stylish bunk beds – Making the bedroom innovative along with accommodations at a reasonable cost is the best way to live. So while choosing a bunk bed, keep a tab on the design and the style quotient of the bed.

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People Also Ask:

There are tons of options if you are looking to buy a bunk bed online, like Amazon, Wayfair, eBay, Overstock, and Etsy. You will not only get great offers and superb deals but also find maximum brands listed on these online marketplaces.

Yes. The triple bunk beds are suitable for adults depending on their weight and size. You can consider one for the guest room.

Yes, the triple bunk beds are very safe. The space on the bed is pretty much to provide ample safety to the sleepers. The beds need to be as per the safety standard specified by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The guidelines provided by the CPSC for bunk beds are directly put forward by the American Academy of Pediatrics. This means that the product would not be qualified if these guidelines are not thoroughly followed.

So, you can stay rest assured that the beds are safe. Starting right from the ladder dimensions, to the removal of dangerous objects, from perfect guardrail height to the placement of the joints everything is double-checked.

The triple bunk beds are nearly 6.6 feet to 7.6 feet in height.

It completely depends on how well the assembly of the bunk bed is done. If there are some missing pieces or if the fittings are not proper then there are chances that the bed might collapse.

Well, children from the age of 6 years and above can easily sleep on the bunk beds. Although there are a few precautions to be followed while doing so, like using two side guardrails on the upper bunk and keeping the guardrails securely in place at all times irrespective of the child’s age.

This completely depends on the materials used in the bed. The cost of the bunk bed ranges from $2,500 and $5,000 for a normal, custom bunk bed which is good enough to serve its purpose with good quality materials and apt sizing. Top-notch beds can also go up to $10,000.

Yes, they actually fit into bedrooms with a ceiling of 8 feet in most cases. If the bed size varies then the fit might be very tight and not advisable to buy. So please make sure to measure your room and the height of the ceiling before buying a triple bunk bed.

The bunk beds can be split into 2+1 combinations but rarely into 1+1+1 combinations. That is the 3 beds can be assembled as 2 beds one above the other and the 3rd one below the lower bed in L shape. Or all the 3 one above the other.

A triple bunk’s width and length are fairly similar to a standard bunk, typically a twin or twin XL. However, the height of a triple bunk is generally about 82 inches tall.

Check out the bunk bed sizes below for better clarity:

  • Twin Bunk Bed – 80 inches x 42 inches
  • Double Bunk Bed – 82 inches x 60.8 inches
  • Queen Bunk Bed – 83 inches Mattress x 63 inches
  • King Bunk Bed – 88 inches x 77 inches
  • Twin Over Full Bunk Bed – 79 inches x 65 inches
  • Triple Twin Bunk Bed – 79 inches x 78.2 inches
  • Twin Bunk Bed with Twin Bed Trundle – 70 inches x 42 inches
  • Twin over Twin Shorty Bunk Bed – 81.5 inches x 57.8 inches

Both the beds are different. A bed that is stacked one upon the other forming a single unit is called a bunk bed. A bed that is raised using high supports which raises much above the floor space is called a loft bed. It is not about which bed is right or wrong, but rather it is about which bed is your necessity? Which one would suit you better as both the beds serve their purposes well.

Bunk beds are best for studio apartments with a budding family where there is a space constraint or for a family home that has many members and floor space is limited. If you are a single person living in a house, then probably a loft bed would do the job as it comes with a built-in workstation. So it purely depends upon your requirements.

You will have to remove the bolts and the bunking pins that hold the bunks together to turn them into a loft bed. Primarily you will have to remove the mattresses and the sturdy ladder attaching the bunks, then add a diagonal brace so that the unit holds together. Then place the mattress on the top bunk to have a finished look of the loft bed.


You can easily use our above guide which would help you in buying the best triple bunk bed. Your dream of providing single beds and personal space to your kids would be fulfilled by our guide. Space constraints, multiple children, or financial constraints, nothing matters as triple bunk beds would easily be a solution for all.

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