Some positive effects of probiotics include ‒ better digestion and regular bowel movements, increased energy, better mood, improved immune system, and helping with weight loss.

Probiotics have become one of the most common supplements over the past few years. They are dietary supplements that comprise the numerous good bacteria that sustain in a healthy gut and which can help strengthen and rebalance your gut microbiome. But how would you know your probiotic supplements are effective? Let’s check out further in this article.

Signs Your Probiotics Supplements are Effective

1. Better Digestion

If your gut microbiome is not balanced, you might be having digestive discomfort like bloating, gas, and stomach pain, especially after eating.

One of the first positive results of a high-quality probiotic is better digestion and reduced symptoms like gas, bloating, and stomach pain.

2. More Regular Bowel Movements

An imbalance in the constitution of good bacteria in your intestine can be responsible for irregular bowel movements. A high-quality probiotic will assist in bringing more good bacteria into your gut so that they overpower the bad bacteria.

On the other hand, constipation can be caused by low motility of your intestinal muscles or low mucus production. Some probiotic bacterial strains are known to raise mucus production, which can control constipation.

3. Increased Energy

Your body takes its energy from the micronutrients and nutrients in your food and your gut serves an important part in absorbing these nutrients. Your gut’s microbiome imbalance can lead to inflammation of your gut lining.

This inflammation hinders appropriate nutrient absorption, which can leave you short of major nutrients that provide you energy. Therefore, reducing inflammation in the gut and repairing your gut with the help of a high-quality probiotic supplement can help boost your energy levels.

4. Better Mood

The brain and the gut communicate continuously via numerous messenger signals, including neurotransmitters. Our gut bacteria can impact the way brain chemicals are metabolised in the body. It will interest you that the gut produces few of the same neurotransmitters as the brain, comprising the happiness hormone serotonin. Inflammation in your gut and an imbalance in your gut bacteria can decrease the amount of serotonin produced, thus negatively influencing your mood. Additionally, they produce some chemicals that have been proven to decrease depression and anxiety.

5. Improved Immunity

The gut plays an important role in absorbing all major nutrients from the food you consume. Numerous of these nutrients are critical for immune support, comprising Zinc, B vitamins, and Vitamin C. An imbalance in your gut microbiome can influence this nutrient absorption action and your immune function.

As mentioned above, an imbalance in your gut bacteria can result in inflammation in the gut. If inflammation causes leaky gut, bigger food particles and other toxins can invade your bloodstream, stimulating a continuous immune response. Having a high-quality probiotic supplement can help maintain and restore a healthy gut barrier, hindering these bigger particles from invading your bloodstream.

6. Lower Anxiety and Improved Response to Stress

The brain and the gut constantly communicate with one another. An imbalance in gut bacteria often causes increased anxiety. In fact, some psychological disorders including depression and Alzheimer’s disease have been linked to a modified gut microbiome.

Moreover, leaky gut is usually linked with inflammation in the brain, which can also influence mood and the way you respond to stressful circumstances. OMNi-BiOTiC STRESS Release has been shown in clinical studies to boost positive mood and focus by enhancing the gut barrier function and working on the gut-brain axis.

7. Weight Loss

Numerous research studies demonstrated that the constitution of the gut microbiome is linked to an individual’s body weight and metabolism. While research is ongoing and still in its early stages, it has shown that some types of bacteria are more commonly seen in thin people whereas other types of bacteria are more commonly seen in overweight individuals.

Your weight is affected depending on which type of bacteria you have more. Additionally, if your gut flora is imbalanced, there is a chance for bad bacteria and other pathogens like Candida Albicans to thrive.

Numerous of these pathogens send signals to the brain that develop sugar craving in your body. The more sugar you consume, the more these bad bacteria and other pathogens can sustain and grow! A high-quality probiotic can assist in rebalancing the variance of good bacteria in your gut, which in turn can impact your metabolism and the types of foods you crave. 

8. Increased Cognitive Function

Numerous studies have demonstrated a major link between cognitive health and gut health. An imbalance in your gut bacteria generally results in inflammation in the gut.

Consequently, this inflammation causes your gut barrier to become leaky, and larger food particles, toxins and pathogens can invade your bloodstream and finally reach the brain where they also cause inflammation.

This inflammatory process negatively affects cognitive function. Probiotic supplements may also enhance your cognitive function as a result of bringing back a healthy gut barrier.


So, now you know how to tell if your probiotics are effective or not. If it is working well you will notice the following signsbetter digestion and regular bowel movements, increased energy, better mood, improved immune system, and helping with weight loss. 

If you don’t notice any enhancement in your digestion or the digestive problems you are having, this is probably because that probiotic supplement is not the right product for you.

If the probiotic product works for you, at the minimum you should start seeing an improvement in your digestion within four weeks after taking the product.

However, if you have tried many probiotics and none are working, it may be better to consult with a healthcare practitioner with proficiency in gut health to assist you to determine the principal cause of your symptoms.

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