How often should you wash your bed sheet? It’s the question that makes many people shrug, roll their eyes and change the subject. However, if you want the facts from our assembled experts to set your own routine, please keep reading.

Cleaning your bed sheets is important because of the risk of bacteria buildup.

A mattress will hold up to a kilo of dust and dead skin cells, bacteria, and sweat no matter what type of sheet you use. All this will accumulate in the folds and crevices in the fabric. If you don’t wash your sheets at least once a week, you’re inviting all these things to live on your bedding. This can lead to asthma attacks, allergies, and even irritable bowel syndrome.

There are many reasons why you should change your bed sheets or mattress topper every few days or even once a week if possible. The first reason is that it creates a healthier environment for you to sleep in which can help with insomnia and anxiety attacks as well as release negative emotions from the day before that may affect how well you sleep at night.

1. Keep sheets clean between washings

Ever wondered how to get a clean sheet between washes? Here’s how you can get a fresh, clean look after just one wash!

To ensure that your sheets stay fresh and they are ready to be reused in no time, you will need:

  • A clean, dry towel. Each bedtime should be greeted with a complete dry towel.
  • Warm water. The best way to ensure that your sheets are as comfortable is if they are warm upon arrival at the bedroom.
  • Antibacterial soap. You can easily find these on specialty parts of Etsy for about six dollars for a large bar usually used in commercial kitchen sinks or shower stalls.

    Mattresses and pillows naturally absorb body oils and perspiration, turning them yellow or brown with use. Be aware: even if you change the sheets frequently, if the mattress isn’t cleaned too often, the person sleeping on the bed is still resting on a dirty surface. To keep bedding fresh longer, it is recommended that you add a mattress protector to add another layer of protection against dirt and stains.

2. Should you wash new bed sheets?

New bed sheets should be washed before using them. Specifically people with sensitive skin may want to wash their new bed sheets before using them. This is because the fabric often has chemicals on it that can irritate skin.

Washing new bed sheets should be your default. Some people are concerned that the chemicals in the detergent might react to the dyes in the fabric and cause a rash or allergies. But little research substantiates this.

If you don’t have sensitive skin and lack time, feel free to use new sheets without washing them. Otherwise, use cool water and choose a mild detergent that is free of additives or perfumes.

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3. What happens if you don’t wash new sheets?

It’s easy to forget that new sheets need to be washed before they are used. But the first time you sleep on unwashed fitted bed sheets, you might be in for a surprise.

There are many reasons why new sheets need to be washed before using them:

  • They can make your skin itchy and dry.
  • They may include chemicals from the factory which might irritate your skin.
  • They can look white but still have chemicals that could stain your clothes or be transferred onto other surfaces in your home like furniture, carpets and walls.

4. What setting should bed sheets be washed on?

There are two settings that should be considered when washing bed sheets: hot and cold. The first, hot, is a good option for sheets that have a lot of oil and sweat on them. This will get rid of any bacteria and heavy oils that have accumulated on the sheets. The second consideration is the cold setting. This is an option for those who are looking to wash their sheets less frequently because it will not clean as well as hot water.

Some people might argue that bed sheets should be washed in cold water because it helps to keep the fabric’s natural feel. Other people might say that hot water is preferable because it kills germs better.

A good rule is to depend on what you’re washing the bed sheets with. This is because certain detergents are made for specific settings


Washing your sheets on a regular basis is important to ensure that you and your family have the cleanest and healthiest bed every night. You will want to wash your sheets between two to four times per year, depending upon how often you use them. The exact time frame will be dependent upon where they were manufactured, how much body oil and sweat is on them from various bodies sleeping in the same bed, what types of stains are on the sheet and where they are located, and if you have animals that sleep with you.

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