Even though dogs don’t understand the human language and there are times we fail to know what they really try to convey to us, there’s a relationship between the dog and human, which makes them an important part of our life. 

Thus we try our best to provide them with the comfort they deserve. Selecting the right dog bed is not an easy job, and that is why we have curated a list of some queries and a few follow up questions for you. 

We will be more than happy if this article helps you find the perfect bed for your pup.  

Does My Dog Have Any Special Needs a Bed Can Support?

When you go out for clothes or mattress shopping for yourself, you end up giving the first priority to your level of comfort. The same goes with your canine friends. They have different health needs, which can be supported by a quality bed specifically made for that ailment. 

i) Thermal beds – These types of beds are helpful in improving circulation and rendering warmth which aids arthritis symptoms. 

ii) Orthopaedic beds – If your dog is suffering from arthritis, aches, pains and requires extra joint support, then orthopaedic beds can be the perfect escape for your dog. These beds are constructed using high-density memory foam that offers comfort and support to your dog and makes the bed an ideal choice for easing your dog’s pains and aches.

iii) Memory foam – Memory foam has the ability to hold on to odour, so it would be wise to cover it with a waterproof and washable cover.

iv) Water-resistant bed – Senior pooches can be benefitted from these kinds of beds since some of them may experience levels of incontinence and the beds can help in the easy cleanup. Even dogs who have medical issues or pups who get nervous prefer soiling their bed. In these cases, a water-resistant bed can be of your assistance. 

v) Raised bed – A raised bed is best for your long-haired dogs and huskies who are accustomed to cold climates and have difficulty sleeping on the floor during warmer months. You can consider getting your dog a raised bed that can assist in better air circulation and provides plenty of ventilation to help them regulate their body temperature while they sleep. 

vi) Beds with cooling pads – These beds can be taken into consideration if they are not comfortable sleeping on a raised bed. 

vii) Dedicated senior dog beds – This one here features memory foam and is lower to the ground so that your senior pooch can easily get in and out of bed. 

With a wide range of dog beds available in the market, it is pretty easy for you to at least select a bed considering your dog’s unique health needs.  

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Your Dog’s Sleeping Position

It is crucial to consider your dog’s sleeping position as a quality bed can provide them with the ideal room and space to sprawl or curl. 

A bolster or basket bed is great for dogs who love to curl up into a snuggly ball. These beds are equipped with slightly raised sides to provide the perfect warmth for a good night’s sleep. 

A mattress style bed – If your pooch loves to sprawl out while sleeping, then you can consider a large mattress style bed that allows your dog to stretch out.

What Should You Look For While Shopping For A Dog Bed

When you are looking for the right dog bed for your furry companion, there are various other factors to consider apart from comfort.

  1. Size – Even though it is a pretty obvious and straightforward sound, still most dog owners get it wrong.  Consider measuring your pooch from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail. This will provide you with the perfect length of your dog. Next, you must also measure from their shoulders to the floor to know how wide the bed should be. 
  2. Type – Dog beds are available in a wide range of sizes in the market – from oval to round beds. They are specifically designed to cater to a number of preferences, needs, and ailments of dogs. You can get a donut bed if your dog is small and loves to circle around the bed a few times before laying down.  A bolster-type bed is like a mini sofa bed that comes with a raised edge for your dog to rest its head-on. And many more. Whether the beds have high-foam sides, waterproof materials, or allow your dogs to get cosy, each bed represents their uniqueness and each dog has their preferences. Hence, it is better to give your furry buddy a couple of options to determine the suitable one for them.
  3. Material – Since dog beds are also available in a wide variety of materials, you can take advantage of this factor and get a bed that most suits your pet. While hypoallergenic materials can be a good option if your dog is sensitive, a waterproof bed is helpful to get rid of the dampness. In case you wish to go out camping or picnic, you can choose a more robust material that is durable.
  4. Comfort – A good rest mostly comes with the right level of comfort. After a long day of sniffing, playing and exploring, your
  5. Structural Support – Your canine buddy will require structural support if he/she runs into orthopedic concerns. A good dog bed will provide support to your companion while helping in preventing injuries, arthritis and calluses.
  6. Style – Now, no one wants their dog bed to be an eyesore which ruins the entire aesthetic of your room. But does it have to be that way? 

We say no! The right research can take you to a wide range of dog beds that can cater to all your dog’s needs while offering a tasteful and stylish design


Consider Your Dog’s Behaviour And Health

Just like your buddy understands your mood, even you start to acknowledge their feelings. Therefore, considering their feelings during bed selection can be vital for them and their sleep schedule. 

If they suffer from anxiety, then a nest bed can be of their assistance where they can feel protected. On the other hand, a large, open-style pillow bed can provide your dog with the extra freedom to stretch their legs if they love to sprawl out. 

And when it comes to health issues, it is always better to consider a bed that is specifically made to aid your dog’s health problems. 

Choose A Machine Washable Dog Bed

Whether you have a senior dog or a dog with incontinence, a machine-washable dog bed comes quite handy. Apart from that, over time, your dog bed is deemed to get dirty and lose its quality if not handled properly. Hence, it is better to opt for a washable cover for easy cleaning. And it is also beneficial to follow the care instructions mentioned specifically for the maintenance of your buddy’s bed. 

Choose One Bed Per Dog

Some dog owners usually get a large bed for their three pups. However, you must consider getting them their own bed not just because they are growing up but also because they also need their space to stretch out and relax. 

Also, dogs are territorial in nature. And they very much appreciate their own space where they can sit, lay, or relax as and when they want. 

Maybe, for the time being, you can adjust your young pooches in one large bed, but as they grow up, their preferences need and wants change. Hence, it’s better to get them separate dog beds at the right time. 

Considering Your Dog’s Needs

Maybe we are mentioning this at the end of our article, but it is one of the most important factors to consider when you research beds for your favourite furry companion. 

  1. Try analyzing your dog when they are asleep. This way, you would be able to get an idea about his style of sleeping and the right amount of space that he requires. 
  2.  You must also measure him to understand the right size of the dog and the bed you need to purchase.
  3.  Consider getting a durable bed if your dog loves to chew everything. 
  4. Choose the best material, keeping their allergies and needs in mind. 


We hope that this article helped you in answering all of your questions related to dog beds. Among all the suggestions that we shared today, let’s not forget to go over the budget before getting the ideal dog bed for your canine friend. We always strive to render the best knowledge and information on mattress and bedding through our reviews and buying so that you don’t regret your shopping decisions. 

If you are still confused about choosing the right brand or product for your dog, visit our website or take a look at 7 Best Dog Beds In Australia for a better understanding. 

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