With air mattresses becoming more and more popular these days, it can be hard to choose what you should buy. We are here to help. In this article, we are going to go over some of the considerations you should make when buying the perfect air mattress, so that you can buy one that will last a lifetime and not end up in a landfill somewhere.

How to choose the best air mattress for your needs?

air mattress needs

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Choosing an air mattress is a decision that should not be taken lightly. There are plenty of products out there, and each air mattress has pros and cons . The important thing to remember is that once you purchase an air mattress, it is yours for the duration of the contract. The retailer retains ownership of the product and can therefore cancel it at any time. This is good news for you since you’ll have less stress at home and ultimately enjoy better quality sleep.

Consider Your Guests :

Do you have guests of varying sizes? If so, be sure that there is enough room on the bed frame  for everyone who is sleeping there—especially if those guests are tall or large.

 While air mattresses are far from the height of luxury, they can be a life-saver when you’re tight on space or money. But with so many models, brands and features available, how do you know what’s what? For our guide, we’ve collected reviews of air mattress from all over the web to help you choose.

Consider your budget and how much you want to spend?

Before you even lay eyes on an air mattress, look at what is included in the price. Are there any included accessories or extra charges that might surprise you? A good charge pump should give you years of use. Look for one with low amps. Air mattresses have served people well for decades. They are dependable and a good way to get a good night’s rest when camping out.

Consider the size of your bed and how much storage space you have available?

Even if you’re out of space, you can still get the most out of your air mattress. Most air mattresses are flat and therefore can be easily stored underneath a bed or in the closet. You may want to consider inflating your air mattress before storing it, so it lays flatter and is easier to store. Another alternative is to buy stackable air mattresses. The raised height means they can be stored in less space than conventional mattresses, while also providing extra support.

Size and weight: 

Make sure you measure the space you want to use, and consider your height and weight before choosing a mattress size

You should also consider the amount of guests you’ll be sleeping on it with.

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Make sure you measure the space you want to use:

There are a couple of ways to measure your mattress space.  One is the installation method – if you choose a mattress pad that slides along the frame in a straight line, then your mattress will have a standard size and will fit into your room easily. Or, if you choose an inflatable pad, then whichever way you inflate it will determine its size. The second way is with an actual tape measure – this is especially useful if you’re choosing between two similar inflatable airbeds or mattresses of different sizes.


Consider comfort, as well as durability and ease of use: 

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Finding the Best Air Mattress is not easy. Many people make purchases based on price and do not take into consideration the necessary features. Comfort is a very important factor when choosing an air mattress, as well as one that you need to feel comfortable while sleeping. You want to pick out an air mattress that will enhance and improve the quality of your sleep while being purchased at an affordable price. The more you research about the mattresses types and brands available, the better idea you will get about buying one.

It’s also the least susceptible to the growth of harmful bacteria which are associated with a variety of infections. 


If you’re looking for an air mattress pump, it’s important to know the different types of pump that are available.

There are two types of pumps that will work with most air mattresses. If your mattress is smaller than twin sized, then you’ll need a manual pump with at least one gallon per minute capacity. For mattresses larger than twin size, you will need an automatic electric pump with an ah capacity of at least 1-1/2 gallons per minute.  

If your bed is measuring in the double to full size range, then chances are that you have thicker sleeping surfaces or just want more cushioning when sleeping on the mattress surface. Most of the larger pumps can pump up to 5 gallons per minute. If your bed’s measuring at over full size, then you’ll need an electric pump with an ah capacity of at least 8 to 9 gallons per minute.

Since air mattresses are made for sleeping on, they tend to lose air slowly. Most standard mattress pumps will run for about 30 minutes before having to be re-pumped. When you have a problem with the mattress, it’s best to have a hand-pump ready so you can fill it backup as soon as possible. Many pumps come with a warning light that tells you when it reaches the point where it needs to be filled again.

Inflation and deflation

Inflation and deflation of air mattress before purchasing

Air mattresses are subject to change their inflation and deflation amount while they’re being used. The inflation and deflation can affect the overall quality of the air bed by causing a build up of pressure while asleep that can lead to a sore back or other health problems. Before buying, check the health benefits of an air mattress. 

  1. After you use your air mattress for a while, leave it inflated for an hour before using it again to allow time for any buildup in pressure from the previous use to settle down, relieving any discomfort from an overinflated condition. 
  2. If you notice that your air bed loses its inflatable properties, deflation may be the problem. The most likely culprit is overinflation. Overinflation can cause swelling of the mattresses, which can pull on built up pressure causing them to collapse. The most likely culprit for this is overinflating with too much air, causing your mattress to lose its structural integrity. While in some cases you can fix this by inflating with less air at a lower inflation pressure allowing the mattress to regain its strength, in most cases it is necessary to replace the air mattress completely in order for it to return to its original condition, i.e., properly inflated.


One of the most important things to keep in mind while selecting a new air mattress is what’s going on with the warranty. There are many different warranties that range from four years to one year to no warranty at all. While it may be tempting to purchase an air mattress with no warranty at all, there is really no such thing as too good of a warranty!

If you want an extended time span take into consideration purchasing one that has a 10-year or 15-year lifetime guarantee so you don’t have to worry about your bed breaking down and needing money for another bed anytime soon.

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Read reviews from other buyers that will help you choose the right air mattress for your needs:

Air mattresses are a great alternative to expensive traditional mattresses. They’re affordable, comfortable, and easy to set up. You can take them on a road trip, camping, or use them as a guest bed. Before you buy an air mattress, you should read the reviews from other buyers. Keep in mind that not all brands and models provide every feature, and that some of the best mattresses are made for a specific body type. Some air mattresses actually come with their own pillow or headrests.

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