Ecosa’s mattress comes with a 15-year warranty, and you have certain legal rights under this limited mattress warranty, as well as other rights that vary by state. You must also register your Ecosa mattress’s warranty at the Ecosa help desk after purchasing it.

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1.Who does the Ecossa mattress warranty extend to?

The person has bought a mattress from Ecosa. You should keep a copy of your order confirmation as proof. Ecosa reserves the right to reject any claim under this warranty. The warranty is only for the benefit of the original Buyers and cannot be used again.

3. What does the warranty cover?

This warranty covers the following workmanship and material problems in an Ecosa mattress that has only ever been used for typical home purposes and has been treated according to our Ecosa mattress guidelines.

The deterioration that generates a visible indentation bigger than 20mm in the mattress, as long as the indentation or sag is not caused by the use of an inappropriate or unsupportive foundation.

As long as the mattress has not been treated incorrectly, any physical fault in the mattress causes such a break or split of  the foam material memory foam mattress.

Any manufacturing problem in the zipper assembly or the fabric of the mattress cover, but only in relation to the mattress cover. A problem in the mattress cover alone will not qualify you for a replacement Ecosa mattress, only the cover.

2.When does the warranty start?

The warranty period begins on the day the mattress is delivered and ends 15 years afterwards.

3.What if I only want a refund?

You do not have the right to a refund under this warranty. For successful warranty claims, the warranty only covers replacements, repairs, and upgrades.

Ecosa products are backed by assurances that can’t be revoked under Australian consumer law. In the event of a catastrophic failure, you are entitled to a replacement or refund, as well as reimbursement for any other reasonably anticipated loss or damage. If the items fail to be of acceptable quality and the fault does not amount to a major failure, you have the right to have them repaired or replaced.

4. What does the warranty NOT cover?

  • A normal softening of the foam pressure-relieving material has no effect on the mattress’s pressure-relieving properties.
  • Comfort preference.
  • Abnormal use.
  • Burns, cuts, breaches, liquid damage, or stains are all examples of misuse or damage to the mattress.
  • When materials are exposed to freezing temperatures for an extended period of time, they rip or permanently distort.
  • Poor mattress care can lead to dirt, stains, odours, and bed bug infestations—any type of mold on the mattress.
  • Any claim made for a reason other than the original buyer’s profit.
  • Due to a faulty cover on an Ecosa mattress, it was replaced. If you buy a mattress and only the cover (not the mattress) is damaged, Ecosa only returns the cover, not the entire mattress.
  • When purchasing the bundle package, Ecosa will not accept exchanges for a different size.

5. How to claim an Ecosa mattress warranty?

Please send your claim to Ecosa’s office.

A description and photo of the problem or condition that you believe constitutes a defect, as well as proof of purchase, can be sent to the Ecosa support desk. 

We may require further information or inspect the mattress before accepting a particular claim under this Warranty, at our sole discretion.

You won’t be responsible for the shipping costs if you need to return your mattress.

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Ecosa is one of the best brands among the mattresses we have reviewed which offer the best range of mattresses with a warranty of 15 years. If your are new customer and don’t know how its warranty work read our guide on Ecosa mattress warranty.

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