If you are on the fence about buying an electric blanket to snuggle under on a cold winter evening because you’re not sure how to wash it, BetterBed has the answer you need. We bring you 7 easy steps you can follow to wash your electric blanket at home, saving you a trip to the dry cleaners’. Before we begin the washing, let’s start with what you’ll need for the process.

Things You Need to Wash Your Electric Blanket:

  • Regular Laundry Detergent
  • Washing Machine
  • Dryer
  • Clothesline/Drying Rack

1. Disconnect the Electric Blanket:

Electric blankets come with a control cord that powers the blanket when it is plugged in. Before washing your electric blanket, unplug the cord and remove it from the blanket. You should never wash an electric blanket with the control cord still attached to it. 

Check if any of the heating elements within the blanket have torn through the blanket, as this can be dangerous. Also, shake out the blanket to remove any loose debris that might have gathered on the blanket during use.

If your electric blanket is an older model and does not have a detachable control cord, do not wash it in a washing machine. Carefully hand wash this blanket without submerging the control cord.

2. Read the Manufacturer’s Care Instructions:

Electric blankets, like most other products, come with a user manual. Read the care instructions given in the manual carefully before washing your electric blanket. You may also find these instructions on the label attached to the blanket or the product package itself. This is important to ensure that you don’t miss any special care instructions.

3. Pre-soak the Blanket:

electric blanket Care Instructions

Most electric blanket manufacturers recommend soaking the blanket before washing it. Sunbeam, a leading electric blanket manufacturer, recommends pre-soaking the electric blanket with mild soap in cold water for 15 minutes before washing. 

If your manufacturer recommends a different pre-soak duration, you can follow that, but if not, take 15 minutes as the default pre-soak time.

4. Load the Blanket in the Washing Machine:

Blanket in the Washing Machine

If you have a standard top-load washing machine, spread the electric blanket evenly around the drum to ensure the load is balanced. You may need to add some sheets or towels to distribute the load properly, but make sure these are non-lint producing. If you have a high-efficiency washing machine, load the blanket into the machine loosely.

5. Set the Water Temperature and Washer Cycle:

If a specific temperature setting is not mentioned on the product care label, wash the electric blanket in cool to lukewarm water. Use only your regular detergent for washing, and do not add fabric softener or bleach, as strong chemicals can affect the heating elements inside the blanket.

Set the washer cycle to the shortest possible cycle or use the ‘delicate’ or ‘gentle’ wash settings.

6. Wash and Rinse Briefly:

The wash time of an electric blanket should be short – a couple of minutes at the most. Once this is done, switch to the rinse cycle immediately. The rinse cycle should also last only 2 minutes. Rinse the blanket in cool to lukewarm water for best results.

7. Dry Gently:

Despite common misconceptions, you can dry most modern electric blankets in a dryer; you just have to make sure that you set it on the lowest setting as high heat and rough tumbling will damage the blanket’s internal wiring. 

Load the blanket in the dry and allow it to tumble for 10 to 15 minutes. Then, take it out while it is still a little damp and hang it to dry. If your dryer is not large enough to allow the blanket to tumble freely, you should simply air-dry it from the beginning instead.When hanging the blanket to air-dry, spread it evenly over the clothesline or dryer rack, so it dries in its original shape. Do not iron your electric blanket.

How to Wash an Electric Blanket by Hand?

If you prefer washing your electric blanket by hand or if you have an older electric blanket with a non-detachable power cord, follow the instructions given below.

  1. Disconnect the plug and remove the control cord from the blanket. You can skip this step if the power cord cannot be removed.
  2. Fill up a tub with cool to lukewarm water. The tub should be large enough to allow the blanket to move around freely without cramping it.
  3. Add regular detergent to the water and swish it around so that suds form in the water.
  4. Add your electric blanket to the tub and let it soak for around 15 minutes. If the control cord cannot be removed, make sure it is not submerged.
  5. Once your blanket has finished soaking, squeeze it gently to remove some of the soapy water. Don’t wring the blanket.
  6. Drain or empty the tub and then fill it again with cold water.
  7. Rinse the blanket with fresh water, then squeeze it gently to remove excess water.
  8. Spread the blanket evenly over a clothesline or dryer rack to maintain its shape while it dries.
  9. Use the electric blanket again, or store it only when it is completely dry.

Removing Problem Stains from an Electric Blanket:

If there are any stubborn, unsightly stains on your electric weighted blanket, spot treating the stain before washing the blanket in a machine or by hand is the best option to prevent the stain from spreading further. 

Blot the stain with a towel, and then scrape the substance using your fingernail or a butter knife. Rub some mild detergent on the spot to loosen the stain. Once the stain is removed, blot out the detergent with a clean, damp cloth. Air-dry the electric blanket before using it again.


An electric blanket can be safely and easily cleaned at home by following the steps mentioned above. So, now that you’ve understood this, don’t hesitate to buy an electric blanket to snuggle under during those terribly cold winter nights. To know which electric blanket BetterBed recommends, read our review on the best blankets for winter.

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