Is it possible to wash mattress toppers? Yes, but it depends on the type of mattress topper in question. Mattress toppers are constructed from a variety of materials. Some have covers, while others do not. Let’s look at what they could be built of and why they need to be cleaned first.

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Mattress toppers are made of a variety of materials.

Foams like natural latex, memory foam, synthetic foams and natural textiles like cotton, wool, and down are commonly used to make mattress toppers (feathers). Each of these mattress toppers must be dealt with differently. The first step is to look over any manufacturer’s cleaning or washing instructions. If you do not follow these guidelines, any guarantee that comes with the topper may be void.

The majority of mattress toppers on the market today are made of foam, with memory foam being one of the most popular types. Wool and other fiber toppers may usually be washed in the machine, but memory foam mattress toppers cannot. Here are some suggestions for cleaning mattress toppers without destroying them.

What is the Best Way to Clean Mattress Toppers?

Is it possible to wash mattress toppers, and if so, how should they be cleaned? They can be washed, which is the first part of the question. The purpose for passing them determines how you give them.

Even if it’s simply a vacuum once in a while, mattress toppers require regular maintenance cleaning. Your body sheds 30k–50k skin cells per hour. In a year, you’ll shed about 8 pounds of skin cells. If you sleep for eight hours a night, one-third of that time is spent on your mattress or mattress topper.

Not only that, but your mattress is most likely home to billions of dust mites — tiny mites that eat your skin cells rather than attacking you! They can also create allergies and put people’s health in danger if they are allergic to them.

This method does not work for all mattress toppers. Memory foams should not be washed in a machine and should not be drenched in water. Memory foam mattress toppers absorb water, which degrades their ‘memory’ qualities. If you don’t want to risk it in the washing machine, here’s how to wash or clean a memory foam mattress or any other form of a foam mattress.

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Examine the Mattress

Take your mattress out of bed and adequately inspect it. The most practical alternative is to put the mattress on the floor. If feasible, place a tarp or a sheet of plastic between the bed and the floor. Look for any excessively filthy areas. Mattress toppers really help to protect your mattress. 

If you wish to clean the mattress on the floor, make sure you have adequate ventilation. Before you begin to assist the bed base in drying, open the windows. Before you start, double-check that you have all of the necessary tools and materials. It’s critical to immediately dry some types of mattresses once they’ve been washed.

Cleaning Procedures: Cleaning Services in General

Vacuum Cleaning:

First, vacuum both sides of the your Australian mattress. Most surface dust, including skin cells, dust mites, and other loose material, will be removed. A vacuum attachment with gentle brushes is the most acceptable way to clean foam mattress toppers. Vacuum the whole surface of the topping — both sides.

Hand Wash Procedure:

There are two ways to wash a foam mattress topper by hand:

  1. Use Baking Soda: How to clean a memory foam pillow using baking soda is demonstrated in this video. Any foam mattress topper, including memory foam, follows the same principles. It involves sprinkling baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) over the damaged area and allowing it to absorb any discolouration before cleaning the area.
  2. Use a Mild Detergent: Use a mild detergent, such as one meant to wash baby garments or a hand-washing liquid. Fill a spray bottle halfway with water and the other half with detergent. Spray the mattress topper softly all over, or work in parts if possible. Divide it into four quarters and clean each one separately. Spray the solution on the mattress and dab it with a sponge instead of rubbing it in. You might use a tiny brush to scrub particularly filthy spots before blotting them dry gently.

Air-Dry the Mattress Topper:

Always air dry the mattress topper. Its viscoelastic characteristics could be ruined by forced drying, such as with a hair drier. If you’re cleaning a latex mattress topper, the same rules apply.

Cleaning the Spots

You might not want to clean the entire mattress topper; instead, focus on cleaning specific stains spots. It may not be necessary to clean the whole topper if your child has an accident or someone has eaten in bed.

The steps listed below are suggested. Saturating the foam with water is not a good idea.

  1. The damaged area should be vacuumed. Any dried-up material will be removed in this manner. Vacuum the entire mattress topper if possible to remove accumulations of skin cells and dust mites. After that, you can either clean topper as the whole or only the affected regions.
  2. Clean on the Spot: Determine the area(s) you need to clean. Use a mixture of water and a few drops of dishwashing detergent or liquid soap. Apply the solution to the stain with a sponge, then soak it with a dry sponge or paper towel. If that doesn’t work, try a vinegar solution that isn’t too strong. If you rub too forcefully, the foam may be damaged.

Try hydrogen peroxide if neither of these methods works. Hydrogen peroxide should be used with caution on coloured tops since it can be a bleach, discolouring the area. After you’ve finished, blot the area with paper towels to remove any remaining moisture. Allow it to air dry after that.

  1. Before general cleaning, if you have been spot cleaning specific soiled parts of the mattress topper, spray a light coating of soap solution over the topper before drying it. As previously stated, work in squares—clean one section at a time rather than saturating the entire surface with water.

Using a cloth or sponge, gently massage an area of the mattress topper with a solution of liquid soap or detergent. Allow it to sit for 20-30 minutes before spraying it with clean water. Blot it as dry as possible with paper towels before allowing it to air dry.

Important: It is critical not to saturate memory foam mattress toppers with water when washing them. This can wreak havoc on the foam’s qualities. As little wetness as possible should be used during cleaning.

Odour Elimination

Your mattress topper may appear clean, but it has a foul odour. This might happen after a period of inactivity without routine cleanings, such as vacuuming. Every month, your body not only deposits millions of skin cells weighing 12 ounces in your mattress topper, but you also sweat and release other physiological fluids. It’s no surprise that your mattress topper will smell after a while.

Shake baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) all over your topping to eliminate the odour, and leave it for at least 8 hours — the longer, the better. Then vacuum it thoroughly to remove the baking soda, which should also remove the odour. But you aren’t done yet!

Wool and Cotton Mattress Toppers Cleaning

mattress topper

Foam isn’t used in the production of all mattress tops. Many people still like to wear toppers made of wool or cotton. There are a lot of benefits of mattress toppers and drawbacks if it is not properly washed. 

The manufacturer’s directions should be followed when washing these. The majority of them can be machine cleaned and dried, making cleaning a breeze. Take a look at the video that was supplied at the start of this post.

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If you still have it, check the label on your mattress topper or the paperwork that came with it for washing instructions. You should not go wrong if you follow these directions. Don’t let your mattress topper get too dirty if you’re unsure if it can be washed or cleaned using any of the following ways.

Is it possible to wash mattress toppers? Of course, they can; otherwise, they’d be a serious health risk! Although a bit of frequent vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner will keep your mattress toppers fresh, odour-free, and much easier to clean when needed, the tips above describe how to wash mattress toppers.

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