Does your dog seem grumpy today? Is your canine friend being disoriented for several days? Or, are they encountering issues in performing their daily activities? 

If any of these issues are your concerns as well, then you are at the right place. 

My Bonzo (German Shepherd) is the reason for my calmness. He somehow became my emotional support, because of which I can literally feel his compassion and awareness towards me. 

But, when you feel that the same faithful friend of yours is losing his cheerful personality, then it’s high time you understand that they are deprived of a good night’s sleep

Being a social sleeper, you may find your dog always snuggling at your side when you are in bed during the night. But they still need a bed of their own during your absence to feel at home and relaxed in a spot that is completely dedicated to them like they are to you. 

Getting the best dog bed is all the more important if you like to sleep alone and don’t allow pets on your bed. Regardless of their age, size, or breed, your furry friends will always require a good dog bed to enjoy a comfy and cozy space, and the following points will explain why:


1. A Good Dog Bed Relieve Joint Pain:

With age, dogs develop problems like arthritis, hip dysplasia, among other joint issues. A supportive dog bed acts as a cushion to your dog’s body and provides weight support as well. These kinds of beds are critical for dogs with age-related health problems. 

They include special interlocking fill materials to ensure a soft, relaxing, and supportive comfort for your dog’s body, especially their joints. Hence, a comfy dog bed is essential for developing puppies as well as older dogs with arthritis in order to obtain a good night’s rest.

2. Helps Prevent Behavioral Issues:

You may always have made your dog feel welcome and relaxed in your bed. But you might have forgotten that dogs are territorial by nature. This makes it important for them to own a space that is entirely theirs.

If you continue to allow your dog in your bed, then it won’t be long when he/she is growling and barking at you when you order him to come down. All of these situations can lead them to behavioural issues due to frequent confusion. 

Therefore, getting a comfortable dog bed can provide your companions with their own space to sleep and the privilege to get comfy whenever they want. 

3. Contributes to Your Dog’s Health:

Now, most of you as a dog owner would say 

  • “My pet is still not getting enough sleep after I gave him his own relaxing spot”, or 
  • “He has his own space to sleep, but he is becoming more irritable and lackadaisical with each passing day. Then, what is the real problem?”  

The real problem is the space organized by you. Your furry friend will be more than happy even if you provide them with a makeshift bed out of old blankets or deformed pillows. However, such creativity can harm their health due to their limited sleeping position. 

An uneven surface or floor can contribute to an uncomfortable sleeping position that can affect your dog’s overall well-being and posture.

In fact, you should be very careful with senior or overweight dogs who are highly suggested to sleep or relax on an orthopedic bed. Hence, it is your responsibility to get your dog an amazing bed that ensures his optimum health. 

Dog in dogbed

4.Helps To Keep Him Comfortable And Cozy:

I have met people who have named their pups’ Toasty’ but wouldn’t know how to provide them with a cozy sleep during those long chilly nights.

You must understand that the stylish coats and jackets you bought for your furry friend aren’t gonna help him against the bitterness of winter, especially when they want to snuggle in and relax. Apart from that, who would want their dogs to sleep on the floor while getting exposed to temperatures that bothers them?

A proper bed, be it a self-warming dog bed or a cooling bed, can easily keep him/her fresh, toasty or warm, and invigorated throughout a particular season. 

5. Your Furniture Will Be Safe

Bonzo loves to circle around and do some kneading or burrowing before he finally settles to lay down. Now, this act of his was pretty unfortunate for my designer couch last month, which convinced me to get him his own bed. 

I am sure that most of you would agree with me. Your dogs or pups might also love to indulge in some kind of kneading, but wouldn’t you want them to do that on their own dog bed rather than your lounge?

Therefore, it is always better to get a dog bed which not only assists your pet but also protects your furniture.

6. Your Companion Needs A Spot To Relax

Just like you, even your companion likes to relax at the end of their long day in their cozy space. Since they have a territorial nature, they always appreciate a spot that is meant for their relaxing. 

A dog bed renders a comfortable space for your pup or full-grown dog to stretch or snooze. 

7. Good Dog Beds Are Easy to Clean

Always remember that a good dog bed reduces your cleaning time, especially if you have young pups who are still potty training or older dogs who may have bladder, bowel, or other incontinence issues. 

These dog beds with removable covers allow you to toss them in the wash weekly. The machine washable and dryable reduces the hassle while providing freshly washed bedding that keeps your dog fresh and cheerful. 

8. Encourage Your Dogs To Sleep In Their Own Bed

It is adorable, cute, and great that you always allow your pup to share your bed. But, it is not going to help your sleep if your dog is always tossing and turning, or worse taking most of your sleeping space due to its size (if it is a large breed like a German Shepherd). 

The best way to encourage them to sleep on their dog bed is to place it in your room and make them feel comfortable on that rather than on your bed or any other furniture. This way, they won’t hang out much around your furniture, and you’ll be removing or vacuuming fewer dog hairs off of your couches and chairs.

Last But Not The Least

To put it in a nutshell, getting a great dog bed is mostly gonna help your canine friend with a comfortable and sweet dream-filled sleep. 

Apart from all these, in order to maintain your dog’s good health,

  • You must schedule a regular walk with your dog to keep them active.
  • Practice good pet hygiene, such as removing their faeces using a bag and disposing of them in a proper way. 
  • Always provide veterinary care to keep the pet and your family healthy.

However, getting a dog bed cannot stop those night time cuddles. You can always invite your furry friend to cuddle with you in your bed, but it should be known when to share your bed and when it’s time to go to your separate yet comfortable beds. 

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