We always believe that the way to good sleep is through a Best mattress. But, what if you feel a squeaky noise at the one end of your bed? Or, maybe you came across a bed frame that has inadequate mattress support. 

A sturdy bed frame ensures that you don’t have to spend a night on a sagging mattress or uneven surface. So, the next time you feel that your sleep is disturbed, consider checking your bed frame before blaming your mattress. 

But, for today, we will try to answer all the possible questions regarding a sturdy bed frame so that you can consider a few essential points before you purchase a bed frame the next time.

What Is A Sturdy Bed? 

A sturdy bed frame should always comfortably support sleepers. A simple platform bed frame that can hold you and your mattress can easily turn into a game-changer for you. 

A sturdy bed frame should include:

  • A centre rail that runs from head to foot renders an even surface.
  • Real wood slats.
  • The centre support legs that reach all the way to the floor.

While a sturdy bed frame should be solid and robust, it also shouldn’t require tightening every few days.

How Do I Know If My Bed Frame Is Sturdy?

Since all bed frames are not sturdy enough to provide you with comfortable sleep, the following features can help you to choose a bed frame that is ideal for your bedroom and your sleep.

1. Quality Material

As mentioned earlier, solid thick wood or steel frames are ideal that define the bed’s robustness. Even a look at the bed frame can portray its structure and depict its excellent construction. When it comes to purchasing a bed platform, both wood and metal are sturdy materials, but the main difference is the appearance. You may get either of the material depending on your bedroom’s decor. However, a wooden frame with low-quality construction can end up into a bed that cannot hold up under very much weight. Hence, you must always check the hardware and the manufacturing before buying one.

2. Sturdy Wide Feet

When a Centre rail of a bed frame defines its even surface, the feet of the bed platform lay the pillar and bear the support of the sleeper. The wide feet of a bed frame offer a thick and sturdy structure that can hold your weight. At the same time, thin feet can result in a bed frame that rocks or sways on uneven ground.

3. Assembly With Larger Pieces

Larger pieces pose a convenient situation when you are required to assemble them into a bed frame. You must understand that smaller pieces may take longer to screw in, but it also needs you to tighten it every now and then due to frequent squeaking after several uses. 

At the same time, larger pieces can be easily set up and will also require less time for maintenance while rendering a sturdy structure. 

4. Noise-Free Design And Construction

Noise-free construction leads to less squeaking and a night of soothing, sound sleep. Many manufacturers provide a rubber strip pressing the slats to prevent noise. Even plastic foot plugs are attached to the bottom of the bed feet to avoid the feet touching the floor. So, you can consider inquiring about these specifications before you start shopping for a bed frame. 

5. Weight Capacity

When you plan on buying a best bed frame or a mattress, you indeed address the person or yourself for whom the bed frame is being bought. Considering that factor, you should look into the weight capacity of a bed frame to determine if the frame would be able to hold the sleeper’s weight.

6. Type of Support

A bed frame’s sole purpose is to raise and hold the mattress properly while providing you with the comfort of a good night’s sleep. Among many types of support, such as box springs, metal box springs, slatted bed foundation, platform bases, bunkie boards, etc., the selection of the best one depends on your sleeping preferences, your mattress, and budget.

However, the choice of the support system should be the best option for you since it is the foundation of your bed frame that raises the height of the bed while getting the most out of its lifespan.

What Type Of Bed Is The Most Sturdy?

The type of bed frame you require the most depends on your style, your bedroom's style statement, and the benefits of the material and structure used in manufacturing the bed. Whether you get a metal bed frame, wood bed frame, or fabric bed frame, the foremost thing is to buy a bed that matches your mattress. 

Solid wood bed frames offer durability with a rustic and natural appearance. You can choose this kind of bed frame to acquire a frame that provides unique features such as oak frames which are popular since they can withstand fungal attacks and moisture.

For classic and contemporary choices, you can always turn to metal bed frames. They work best with varied styles and therefore render versatility. 

Fabric bed frames are your ultimate choice if you prefer luxury and comfort. A cosy and soft bedroom aura can be created with this bed frame that comes in a variety of colours, styles, and attributes. 


With too many bed frames on the market, it is crucial for you to consider all the features and factors mentioned above to make an informed decision. If you still feel the need for more information regarding mattresses, bed frames, etc., then Betterbed is the right place for you to explore them.

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