Uncover the ultimate comfort and versatility with our Koala Sofa Bed Review, featuring the Koala Sofa Bed, the Koala Cushy Sofa Bed, and the Koala Stunner Sofa Bed. Transform your living space into a cozy haven with these stylish and functional sofa beds.

In today’s fast-paced world, where multifunctional furniture is highly sought after, the Koala Sofa Bed stands out as an exceptional choice. This review will delve into the impressive features and performance of the Koala Sofa Bed, shedding light on its ability to seamlessly transform from a stylish sofa to a cozy bed. Join us as we explore the wonders of the Koala Sofa Bed, a game-changer in the realm of convertible furniture. 

Ultra stylish

Sofa Bed

koala sofa bed

Sofa Design

Cushy sofa bed

koala Cushy Sofa Bed

Flawless design

Stunner sofa bed

koala stunner sofa bed

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1. Koala Sofa Bed

koala sofa bed

The Koala Sofa Bed, a remarkable piece of furniture that combines the best of both worlds – luxurious comfort and practical functionality. With Koala’s extensive expertise in mattresses, we have created a sofa bed that is truly exceptional.

The Koala Sofa Bed has garnered acclaim and recognition, including the prestigious productreview.com.au award for Sofa Beds, thanks to the overwhelming number of five-star reviews from satisfied customers. But let’s not get caught up in technical details – instead, let’s focus on what makes this sofa bed truly outstanding.

One of the standout features of the Koala Sofa Bed is its effortless transformation from a cozy sofa to a comfortable bed. In just one simple step, you can easily pull out the mattress and create a welcoming space for a good night’s sleep. No need to fuss with complicated mechanisms or awkward adjustments – the process is quick, easy, and hassle-free.

But comfort is where the Koala Sofa Bed truly shines. Our seat cushions are carefully designed with a blend of layers to provide the ultimate comfort, whether you’re sitting or sleeping. Sink into the plush cushions and experience a level of relaxation that is unmatched.

Key Features 

  • The Koala Sofa Bed easily converts from a sofa to a bed by pulling out the mattress in just one step.
  • Seat cushions are designed with a balanced mixture of layers, providing ultimate comfort for both sitting and sleeping.
  • Made with durable Koala exclusive fabric, this sofa bed is built to withstand everyday use.

The 3 size 

  • 1.5-Seater (Single): Dimensions (cm): W 130 x L 101 x H 83.5 , Opened (cm): W 92 x L 219.2 x H 83.5

  • 2.5-Seater (Double): Dimensions (cm): W 180 x L 95 x H 88, Opened (cm): W 140 x L 215 x H 88

  • 3-Seater (Queen): Dimensions (cm): W 194 x L 95 x H 88, Opened (cm): W 155 x L 215 x H 88


  • Converts from sofa to bed in one simple step.

  • Seat cushions are designed for ultimate comfort during both sitting and sleeping.

  • Made with Koala’s exclusive fabric that ensures long-lasting durability


  • Lacks storage compartments for added convenience

Final Opinion

We found the Koala Sofa Bed to be an outstanding addition to any home. Its comfort level is unparalleled, providing a delightful seating experience and a restful night’s sleep. The easy conversion from sofa to bed in just one step is incredibly convenient, especially when unexpected guests arrive. The 120-night trial allows ample time to ensure the sofa bed meets your expectations, and the hassle-free returns make the purchasing process risk-free. We wholeheartedly recommend the Koala Sofa Bed for anyone seeking comfort, versatility, and quality in a sofa bed.

2. Koala Cushy Sofa Bed

koala Cushy Sofa Bed

Introducing the Koala Sofa Bed, the ultimate combination of style and functionality. This remarkable piece of furniture has been crowned as the top-rated sofa bed on ProductReview.com.au and has proudly won the prestigious Product Review 2023 Award for the Best Sofa Bed. With its seamless transformation from a comfortable sofa to a cozy bed in just seconds, the Koala Sofa Bed is a game-changer.

We appreciate the generous 120-night home trial, which allowed us to thoroughly test its functionality and comfort. Furthermore, the hassle-free returns policy, including free pick-up in metro areas, gives us peace of mind should we decide it’s not the perfect fit for our space.

Featuring a wide range of colors to suit your personal style, you can also opt for the luxurious boucle edition for a touch of elegance and sophistication. Whether you’re hosting guests or looking for a versatile seating option, this sofa bed has got you covered.

Key Features

  • Sofa Design: Carefully crafted with optimized firmness, a perfectly-angled backrest, and cushioned armrests, ensuring utmost seated comfort.
  • Sleep Well: Designed to accommodate standard mattresses, featuring a quilted surface that guarantees a restful sleep experience.
  • Fast Fold-out: Effortlessly converts from a sofa to a bed in a matter of seconds, with a simple one-step process that eliminates confusing mechanisms or noisy hardware.
  • Pillows: Includes versatile soft cushions that serve as both comfortable accessories for sitting and essential elements for a cozy sleep.
  • Compact: Boasts a small footprint, making it ideal for spare rooms or spaces with limited area.
  • Exclusive Luxe Edition: The luxurious boucle fabric edition, crafted from super-soft textured material using 30% recycled yarn derived from plastic bottles.

The 3 sizes

  • 1.5-Seater (Single): Dimensions (cm): W 130 x L 101 x H 83.5 , Opened (cm): W 92 x L 219.2 x H 83.5
  • 2.5-Seater (Double): Dimensions (cm): W 180 x L 95 x H 88, Opened (cm): W 140 x L 215 x H 88
  • 3-Seater (Queen): Dimensions (cm): W 194 x L 95 x H 88, Opened (cm): W 155 x L 215 x H 88


  • Comfortable

  • 120-night Home Trial

  • Hassle-Free Returns

  • Stylish Design


  • May be slightly expensive for some budgets

Final Opinion

After spending quality time with the Koala Sofa Bed, we can confidently say that it lives up to its reputation. The comfort it provides is unmatched, and the ease of transforming it into a bed is truly remarkable. Its stylish design is an added bonus, elevating the aesthetic of any room. With its award-winning status and exceptional features, it’s undoubtedly a worthy investment that will enhance your living experience.

3. Koala Stunner Sofa Bed

koala stunner sofa bed

The Stunner Sofa Bed, or as we like to call it, the Bed Sofa, is thoughtfully crafted with advanced storage features and a compact footprint. Say goodbye to cluttered living rooms and hello to a sleek and organized space. With the Koala Sofa Bed, you can effortlessly transform your living area into a cozy bedroom for yourself or your guests.

One of the best things about the Koala Sofa Bed is that you can try it out properly in the comfort of your own home for a whopping 120 nights. That’s right, we want you to fully experience the comfort and quality of our product before making a final decision. And if you’re not completely satisfied, returns are a breeze with no catch! We’ll even pick it up for free in metro areas.

Fast and flexible delivery is another perk of choosing the Koala Sofa Bed. Whether you’re ordering a mattress or small items, we offer free delivery to your doorstep. No need to worry about extra costs eating into your budget.

To give you peace of mind, the Stunner Sofa Bed comes with a generous 5-year Koala warranty. We stand behind the quality and durability of our product, ensuring that you can enjoy the comfort of your sofa bed for years to come.

Key Features

  • Elevated sleep position with a convenient pull-out platform.
  • Balanced seat cushions for ultimate comfort while sitting or sleeping.
  • Fully integrated storage with gas lift lids for easy access.
  • Quick conversion from sofa to bed in just 3 steps: pull out the drawers, rearrange the cushions, and flip the bed.
  • Compact design to fit well in spare rooms or limited spaces.
  • Koala’s exclusive fabric ensures durability, stain resistance, and incorporates recycled fibers.
  • Sturdy steel frame construction for long-lasting support.

3-Seater (Double Bed)

  • With cushion (cm): W 201 x L 76 x H 93
  • Without cushion (cm): W 201 x L 76 x H 76


  • Compact footprint saves space

  • Advanced storage features

  • Free delivery on mattresses and small items


  • Some assembly required for the Koala Sofa Bed

Final Opinion

The Koala Sofa Bed is a game-changer for anyone seeking a stylish and multifunctional furniture piece. Its compact design and clever storage options make it perfect for small living spaces. If you’re in the market for a comfortable and space-saving sofa bed, the Koala Sofa Bed is a top contender. Its combination of style, functionality, and convenience make it a worthy investment for both everyday use and accommodating overnight guests. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your living space into a cozy haven with the Koala Sofa Bed!


The Koala Bed offers a compelling solution for those seeking a comfortable and multifunctional piece of furniture. With its stylish design and practical features, it seamlessly transitions between a sofa and a bed, catering to both everyday lounging and accommodating guests. The Koala Bed’s versatility, combined with its quality construction and attention to detail, make it a standout choice in the realm of beds. Whether you’re looking to optimize your living space or create a cozy guest area, the Koala Bed is definitely worth considering for its impressive performance and value.

People Also Ask :

The Koala Sofa Bed is easy to assemble, with clear instructions provided.

The delivery time for furniture and mattress orders is the same day in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide.

Returns are hassle-free and complimentary in metro areas.

When unfolded, the sofa bed expands to a comfortable sleeping size.

The Koala Sofa Bed can be steam cleaned or professionally cleaned if needed

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