Simba Mattress

A hybrid mattress that’s designed to support every sleeper.

Ergoflex Mattress

Pressure-relieving comfort and contouring support from industry pros.


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Price of Single
$799 (Simba Mattress)
$859 $688 (Ergoflex Mattress)
Price of Double
$899 (Simba Mattress)
$1199 $960 (Ergoflex Mattress)
Price of Queen
$1199 (Simba Mattress)
$1349 $1080 (Ergoflex Mattress)
Price of King
$1299 (Simba Mattress)
$1599 $1280 (Ergoflex Mattress)

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Exclusive: Up to $500 off your Ergoflex mattress (Save 30%). Apply coupon 'BETTERBED' at checkout.


●●●●○ 4.6 /5 (Simba Mattress)
●●●●○ 4.4 /5 (Ergoflex Mattress)
The Good
(Simba Mattress)

The 5 layers of patented pocket springs combined with responsive memory foam creates a supportive, medium to firm mattress suitable for a range of body shapes, sizes and sleeping styles. With its focus on keeping sleepers cool through its synthetic latex layer and air flow sleep surface, the Simba is good for hot Aussie nights.

(Ergoflex Mattress)

Ergoflex's best quality is its contouring memory foam. This high-density foam hugs sleepers and helps relieve pressure. It is less responsive than latex or poly-blend foam, offers great support, and is ideal for people struggling with soreness or joint pain. Plus, this company has been in business since 2006, making it an industry leader that can live up to its warranty.

The Bad
(Simba Mattress)

Customer service seems to let the Simba down. Multiple customers complain that phone calls and emails go unanswered and responses take a long time. Delivery can be unreliable, and the mattress has been known to develop faults, including sagging on one side. Returning the mattress during the 100-night trial can be difficult.

(Ergoflex Mattress)

While the Ergoflex provides good support, it can be too firm for some customers. Those with back pain may need this firmer feel, but other sleepers find the dense foam too hard. Keep in mind the mattress has body-shaping contour, but it may not be enough if you enjoy a pillowtop or sinking feel.


Year Established
- (Simba Mattress)
2006 (Ergoflex Mattress)
Inner Layers

Synthetic latex, pocket springs, memory foam, high density foam

(Simba Mattress)

Viscoelastic Memory Foam, Cool-Sleep™ Airflow System, Support Foam

(Ergoflex Mattress)
Cover Material


(Simba Mattress)

Tencel Woven

(Ergoflex Mattress)
Dimensions (Queen)

203cm x 153cm x 25cm

(Simba Mattress)

152cm x 203cm x 23cm

(Ergoflex Mattress)
Available Sizes

Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King

(Simba Mattress)

Single, Long Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King

(Ergoflex Mattress)


Single, King Single, Small double, Double, Queen, Super King, King, kids (Simba Mattress)
Single, Long Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King (Ergoflex Mattress)
(90 x 190 x 23) (Simba Mattress)
(92cm x 187cm x 23cm) (Ergoflex Mattress)
Long Single
- (Simba Mattress)
(92cm x 203cm x 23cm) (Ergoflex Mattress)
King Single
(150 x 200 x 25) (Simba Mattress)
(106cm x 203cm x 23cm) (Ergoflex Mattress)
(135 x 190 x 25) (Simba Mattress)
(137cm x 187cm x 23cm) (Ergoflex Mattress)
Small Double
( 180 x 200 x 25) (Simba Mattress)
- (Ergoflex Mattress)
(160 x 200 x 25) (Simba Mattress)
(152cm x 203cm x 23cm) (Ergoflex Mattress)
( 150 x 200 x 25) (Simba Mattress)
(183cm x 203cm x 23cm) (Ergoflex Mattress)
Super King
(180 x 200 x 25) (Simba Mattress)
- (Ergoflex Mattress)
( 90 x 190 x 16 ) (Simba Mattress)
- (Ergoflex Mattress)


The Simba Hybrid Mattress is 'Medium Firm mattress (Simba Mattress)
ErgoFlex provide medium firm mattress (Ergoflex Mattress)
Simba mattress is less durable than Eva mattress (Simba Mattress)
ErgoFlex last for more than 10 year (Ergoflex Mattress)


Sinkage and Bounce
Simba mattress does have a little more bounce to it than a pure foam mattress (Simba Mattress)
Ergoflex has cone-like foam which enable a little bounce for you. (Ergoflex Mattress)

How It Feels for Different Types of Sleepers

Medium Firm
- (Simba Mattress)
Suitable for back and side sleeper (Ergoflex Mattress)
Medium Firmness
Good for side and back sleepers (Simba Mattress)
- (Ergoflex Mattress)
- (Simba Mattress)
- (Ergoflex Mattress)


Warranty Length
10 years (Simba Mattress)
10 years (Ergoflex Mattress)
Sleep Trial
100 nights (Simba Mattress)
30 nights (Ergoflex Mattress)
Free Shipping?
Yes (Simba Mattress)
Yes (Ergoflex Mattress)
Free Returns?
Yes (Simba Mattress)
Yes (Ergoflex Mattress)


Delivery Info
Free delivery within 3 business days (Simba Mattress)
Delivery fee applicable in few area (Ergoflex Mattress)
Location It serves
All over Australia (Simba Mattress)
Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, Tasmania, outlying islands, Pacific Islands, New Zealand (Ergoflex Mattress)


User Rating
4.8 / 5 (Simba Mattress)
4.7 / 5 (Ergoflex Mattress)
Popularity Rating
4.3 / 5 (Simba Mattress)
3.0 / 5 (Ergoflex Mattress)
Affordability Rating
1.5 / 5 (Simba Mattress)
1.5 / 5 (Ergoflex Mattress)
Trial Rating
3.7 / 5 (Simba Mattress)
1.0 / 5 (Ergoflex Mattress)
Overall Meta Rating
4.6 / 5 (Simba Mattress)
4.4 / 5 (Ergoflex Mattress)
No. of Reviews Analysed
6820 (Simba Mattress)
1422 (Ergoflex Mattress)


The Simba mattress is an elegantly designed mattress that offers exceptional comfort at an affordable price. The Ergoflex mattress is a high quality mattress that provides a more comfortable sleep experience at an affordable price. Both mattresses are constructed using high quality materials and both offer excellent value for money. The Simba mattress is designed specifically with a younger audience in mind (i.e. individuals who are 16 or younger). The Ergoflex mattress is designed specifically for older adults

We believe that we have reached a conclusion. After reviewing the Simba mattress vs. Ergoflex mattress, we left with no choice but to conclude that Simba is the better choice. Simba has better support for your back and stomach, and its design is better for sitting up straight and moving around in bed. The mattresses are comparable in price and quality.