Sleepy Panda Mattress

An affordable hybrid with firm support and questionable service.

Greywing Mattress Review

A supportive memory foam design made entirely in Melbourne.


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Price of Single
$499 (Sleepy Panda Mattress)
$695 $645 (Greywing Mattress Review)
Price of Double
$699 (Sleepy Panda Mattress)
$895 $845 (Greywing Mattress Review)
Price of Queen
$949 (Sleepy Panda Mattress)
$995 $945 (Greywing Mattress Review)
Price of King
$1049 (Sleepy Panda Mattress)
$1095 $1045 (Greywing Mattress Review)

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$50 off your first order from Brosa. Minimum spend $499.


●●●●○ 3.8 /5 (Sleepy Panda Mattress)
●●●●○ 4.3 /5 (Greywing Mattress Review)
The Good
(Sleepy Panda Mattress)

In many cases, hybrid mattresses are more affordable than all-foam models. This rings true for the Sleepy Panda, even compared to other hybrid designs. It's one of the least expensive options in our index, and the company offers a Buy Now, Pay Later option.

(Greywing Mattress Review)

Easily, the best features of the Greywing are the cooling cover and firm support. Memory foam designs are great for keeping the body aligned, but are often hot. Many customers said the mattress helped alleviate back and hip pain, without waking up from overheating. Additionally, Greywing has a great customer service team that helps with every step of the purchase.

The Bad
(Sleepy Panda Mattress)

Unresponsive customer service is Sleepy Panda's downfall. Several customers said they experienced issues contacting the customer service team and returning the mattress. Before buying, be aware of your location and see if the service team answers your questions.

(Greywing Mattress Review)

As with many memory foam mattresses, some customers find the Greywing too firm. It may not be right for sleepers who prefer a soft, sinking feel. However, it does have a comfort foam layer on top of the memory foam. If you've tried memory foam before, you'll notice this mattress is softer but still provides support.


Year Established
- (Sleepy Panda Mattress)
2016 (Greywing Mattress Review)
Inner Layers

1. Gel memory foam, 2. Natural latex, 3. Adaptive foam, 4. Pocket springs

(Sleepy Panda Mattress)

Responsive Comfort Layer, Memory Foam, Dispersive Support Layer

(Greywing Mattress Review)
Cover Material

Bamboo fibre

(Sleepy Panda Mattress)

Woven Cover

(Greywing Mattress Review)
Dimensions (Queen)

203cm x 153cm x 30cm

(Sleepy Panda Mattress)

153cm x 203cm x 24cm

(Greywing Mattress Review)
Available Sizes

Single, king Single, Double, Queen, King

(Sleepy Panda Mattress)

Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King

(Greywing Mattress Review)


Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King (Sleepy Panda Mattress)
Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King (Greywing Mattress Review)
(188 x 92 x 32cm) (Sleepy Panda Mattress)
(188 x 92 x 32cm) (Greywing Mattress Review)
King Single
(203 x 107 x 32cm) (Sleepy Panda Mattress)
(203 x 107 x 32cm) (Greywing Mattress Review)
(188 x 138 x 32cm) (Sleepy Panda Mattress)
(188 x 138 x 32cm) (Greywing Mattress Review)
(203 x 153 x 30cm) (Sleepy Panda Mattress)
(203 x 153 x 24cm) (Greywing Mattress Review)
(203 x 183 x 32cm) (Sleepy Panda Mattress)
(203 x 183 x 32cm) (Greywing Mattress Review)


The mattress provides really good support without being too uncomfortably firm (Sleepy Panda Mattress)
Greywing offer a medium firm mattress (Greywing Mattress Review)
The mattress is durable and also long lasting (Sleepy Panda Mattress)
It last more than 10 years (Greywing Mattress Review)


Sinkage and Bounce
Sleepy panda provide little bounces and is highly responsive so the mattress only hugs the right places as you roll about. (Sleepy Panda Mattress)
There’s little bounce without springs (Greywing Mattress Review)

How It Feels for Different Types of Sleepers

Medium Firmness
- (Sleepy Panda Mattress)
- (Greywing Mattress Review)
Medium Firm
Best for people with back pain (Sleepy Panda Mattress)
Best side, back, and freestyle sleepers (Greywing Mattress Review)
- (Sleepy Panda Mattress)
- (Greywing Mattress Review)


Warranty Length
10 years (Sleepy Panda Mattress)
15 years (Greywing Mattress Review)
Sleep Trial
100 nights (Sleepy Panda Mattress)
100 nights (Greywing Mattress Review)
Free Shipping?
Yes (Sleepy Panda Mattress)
Yes (Greywing Mattress Review)
Free Returns?
Yes (Sleepy Panda Mattress)
Yes (Greywing Mattress Review)


Delivery Info
Free delivery (Sleepy Panda Mattress)
Free Delivery in 3-5 days (Greywing Mattress Review)
Location It Serves
Australia-Wide (Sleepy Panda Mattress)
Australia-Wide (Greywing Mattress Review)


User Rating
4.1 / 5 (Sleepy Panda Mattress)
4.7 / 5 (Greywing Mattress Review)
Popularity Rating
1.0 / 5 (Sleepy Panda Mattress)
1.0 / 5 (Greywing Mattress Review)
Affordability Rating
4.0 / 5 (Sleepy Panda Mattress)
3.5 / 5 (Greywing Mattress Review)
Trial Rating
3.7 / 5 (Sleepy Panda Mattress)
2.3 / 5 (Greywing Mattress Review)
Overall Meta Rating
3.8 / 5 (Sleepy Panda Mattress)
4.3 / 5 (Greywing Mattress Review)
No. of Reviews Analysed
69 (Sleepy Panda Mattress)
29 (Greywing Mattress Review)


Despite differing manufacturer designs using two major materials, the Greywing mattress and Sleepy Panda Mattress deliver the same user experience, as you can see from the above in-depth comparative analysis on Sleepy Panda vs Greywing mattress. Consumers prefer the Greywing mattress over the sleepy panda mattress, even though both mattresses are incredibly durable. The only thing that matters is that you get the quality you desire, and The Greywing mattress delivers.