If you are looking for a mattress cover and are confused about what to choose then here is our guide on mattress protector vs. Fitted sheet. Which one is better for you?

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1. What is a Mattress Protector?

Mattress protectors are essentially a sheet with a stitched or soldered border at the bottom. To use a mattress protector, just set it on top of your mattress and use the edges to arrange it in the corners on different types of mattress. You should be able to locate a smooth transition between the protection and the mattress once you remove the protector. 

A mattress protector consists of a sheet and placed on top of the mattress. They come in various materials such as latex, cotton, and silk, and some even come with odor control or anti-bacterial properties to eliminate any uncomfortable odors while sleeping. If you plan on sleeping in the same bedroom for a while and want to stay away from contact with your clothes and sheets, a mattress protector can be a smart idea

2. What is a Fitted Sheet?

a fitted sheet is a fitted sheet that has been sealed or “bonded” to the mattress

If you choose to use a fitted sheet instead of a mattress protector, it’s similar in that you can either tuck it under your mattress or slip it inside your cover to protect your mattress, depending on the fit you choose. Fitted sheets can be a bit pricier than a mattress protector, but are a must-have if you’ve got a soft surface mattress or if you want to avoid all those little nicks and scrapes. The best fit for a sheet is one that hugs the mattress and lays flat and that is a fitted sheet.

3. Which One Is Better for You?

Mattress Protectors vs. Fitted sheet. It’s sometimes difficult to decide whether or not a fitted sheet is better than a mattress protector. That’s because they are both designed to protect your mattress, and that may make them indistinguishable.

Mattress Protectors

Here we list out some benefits of mattress protectors over fitted sheets.

  1. Mattress protectors come in various different materials and patterns, such as satin, cotton, velvet, and flannel. 
  2. The one thing these materials have in common is that they’re breathable and soft to sleep on. 
  3. Unlike a fitted sheet, a mattress protector is actually designed to be comfortable and functional.
  4. Mattress protectors are designed to work in tandem with a good mattress. 
  5. Mattress protectors are usually only sold as part of a complete set, which provides a durable and warm foundation to your mattress.
  6.  Mattress protectors have a plush surface to sleep on and tend to be a bit thicker than a Fitted sheet. Due to this fitted shit is more prone to tear.
  7. A mattress protector is designed to keep out moisture, and therefore they can trap it, making them excellent for people who have sensitive skin
  8. If you are looking for a mattress protector that covers the entire mattress then you have to go for a traditional-sized mattress protector, which is also a good option as compared to the cheaper mattresses protectors.
mattress protector

Fitted Sheets

Here are some benefit of fitted sheet over mattress protector

  1. A fitted sheet has better features like small slits for ventilation, breathable material, and fast-drying to ensure that your mattress is always safe and dry.
  2. Fitted sheets have flat sides, so they are good at staying in place while you sleep. 
  3. They are also designed to trap moisture, making them good for people who are particularly sensitive to sleep-related temperatures. 
  4.  A fitted sheet is quite durable than a mattress protector.
  5. Mattress protectors are less appropriate for people who want a perfectly fitted mattress sheet.
  6. You can purchase a fitted sheet in a variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics. Unlike a mattress protector, the goal with a fitted sheet is to make sure you’re comfortable throughout the night
  7. Easy Installation Fitted sheet installation is a much easier task than the installation of a mattress protector.
  8. Customers have to take care of the mattress protector more than the fitted sheet.
fitted sheet

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A mattress protector is a great choice if you’re prone to sleeping on hard surfaces. Mattress protectors and fitted sheets are similar in that they both form a cover over the mattress. And while mattress protectors do offer a number of unique features, some people swear by a fitted sheet. According to our research and customer review we will suggest getting mattress protectors. If you have any suggestions please hit the comment box.

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