So many mattresses, so little time. Finding the right type of mattress that is comfortable for both your body and budget can be tricky. This guide was built to be practical and focuses on quality and best value.


Thanks to the proliferation of mattress types over the last 5 years and the overuse of jargon in this industry there’s a good chance you feel lost in how to select the best mattress for you.  In addition, there are  safety protocols published by the Australian cot and mattress norms that adds to the information overload. 

I put together this guide of mattresses which will give you a brief history of mattress types, design, make, use pros/cons, and the price range of the individual mattresses. 

Types of Mattress Materials

Let’s start with basics.  The primary factor in mattresses types is you. Your aches and pains, body type, weight, and wether you sleep hot or cold.  The 4 main categories in which mattresses are categorized are: 

  • Innerspring
  • Foam
  • Hybrid
  • Latex

Along with the above-mentioned 4, there are many less-used mattress types available in the market which we also cover. Let us delve into the various types of mattresses one by one.

1. Inner Spring Mattress

Innerspring mattress


The coil-based design and construction are the main feature of this innerspring mattress as the name suggests. Innersprings were designed to support the weight of the sleeper but also create some space between contact points.  Innerspring mattresses typically sleep a little cooler than a form mattress that will contour fully to your body.  


Although the coils do a very good of supporting weight, there is typically not a substantial layer of padding between yourself and the springs.  Mattress toppers and bedding can be used to create the additional comfort which allows the bed to be configured to your personal liking. The factory made mattresses typically come with thin layers of fabrics like cotton and polyester.

Best Used For:

The springs’ most significant characteristic is bounciness and that is what exactly happens when you start to move.  This makes the bed a good choice for newlywed and in general for people who are looking to spruce up their sex life.  Also, there’s minimal heat retention issues as well so the couple is quick to cool down!


There are umpteen innerspring mattress types based on various kinds of coils used in the mattress. They are:

  • Bonnell coils – Traditionally and typically known to be most commonly used and available at an affordable cost. 
  • Offset coils – They are similar to Bonnell Coils in terms of design but have an altogether different mechanism and technology of connecting coils.
  • Continuing wire coils – This type of coil is entwined in a single piece of wire. All the single lattices and too.
  • Pocketed coils – Building core support through a unique approach this coil type is best constructed. 

Price Range:

The price range of Innerspring is $600-$1,100.


  • It gives great edge support
  • It is super bouncy giving a great feel
  • There is a provision for temperature regulation
  • Price is affordable


  • You can feel the pressure points 
  • Motion isolation is experienced in this mattress
  • The mattress is not very durable
  • The mattress coils can make noise 

Our Top Pick for Inner Spring Mattress

Eva mattress review


Eva Mattress

A foam/micro-spring design with bounce and body-shaping support.

Meta rating 4.4
Starting from $900 $600

2. Hybrid Mattress

Lessa hybrid Mattress


Hybrid mattresses, as the name suggests, combine technologies.  Often this means both a supporting coiling system and foam padding. This type of design cultivates a balanced feel, dampens bounciness, and often retains more heat than stand-alone coils.


The pocketed coils explained in the overview are the main design components of the innerspring core in most hybrids, enhancing the mattress’s motion isolation and increasing the mattress’s edge support along with its bounce relative for all encompassed foam beds. They provide super temperature regulation as they contain coils and the coils are known for that.

Best Used For:

Relative to the other older mattresses, these beds strike a balance between motion and comfort. They are a nice middle-ground where you can have fun when active but still get consistent quality sleep.


Hybrid mattresses have various versions with two common components: an innerspring support core and a significant comfort system. Variation in these components and their ratios make diversified hybrid mattress variants. 

Price Range:

The price range of Hybrid is $1,300-$2,000


  • They are bouncy
  • They have temperature regulation in them
  • They are designed with balanced features


  • The price of the mattress is comparatively high
  • Motion isolation is experienced in this mattress
  • The mattress is comparatively heavier

Our Top Pick for Hybrid Mattress

Purple hybrid mattress

Purple hybrid Mattress

The All-New Purple mattress represents a hybrid design that sandwiches a layer of traditional support coils between layers of foam.

Meta rating 4.4
Starting from $1699 $1574

Best Hybrid Mattresses In Australia

3. Memory Foam

Leesa Memory foam mattress


Foam mattresses are people’s most common preference, world-wide and also in Australia. These mattresses are made up of foam and latex or any fabric. No coils are used in this mattress.  It’s a good combination of comfort and affordability.


Polyfoam’s dense layer is the core support of the foam mattress making it thicker and pretty firm compared to the rest of the polyfoams. This relaxed system can also accommodate latex, polyfoam or memory foam, and other fabrics too.

Best Used For:

There is the possibility of noise reduction, a higher level of pressure release, and motion isolation in this foam mattress’s comfort system. They are best to use with back, side, or joint pain and also lasts for a minimum of 6 to 8 years providing above-average durability.


Changing layers of the internal of the mattress, the mattress brand can launch umpteen number of memory foam mattress types. As this is one of the primary materials in all kinds of foam mattresses there are hundreds of variations in them. 

Gel Foams

In order to reduce the build-up of heat, these gels are incorporated in the gel foams by swirling them through the foam or are made into beads and put in which it gets evened out inside the foam. This is one of the best mattress types for stomach sleepers as heat is less generated avoiding the sleeper to feel hot. 

Price Range:

The price range of foam mattresses is $900-1,300.


  • There is a lot of pressure relief for the sleeper
  • Motion isolation is not experienced in this mattress
  • There is very low noise while using the mattress


  • There is no edge support
  • It is not bouncy as there are no coils
  • Temperature regulation is not controlled much apart from in the gel-infused

Our Top Pick for Memory Foam Mattress

ecosa mattress in a bedroom

Ecosa Memory Foam Mattress

Ecosa is perfect for choosy sleepers, it offers the firm support of memory foam and the soft contour of a custom Eco-tex layer.

Meta rating 4.9
Starting from $1099 $899

Best Memory Foam Mattresses In Australia

4. Latex Mattresses 

Latex mattress


Latex mattresses are also called the true latex or all latex mattresses as they are made up of rubber including the comfort system and also core support.


With the motive of providing stability and strength to accommodate heftiness, the support core of latex mattresses is made up of formulated latex that is made firm and thicker thus have more contouring in comparison to the core support.

Best Used For:

These latex mattress types are for bad backs and to encourage spinal alignment or to relieve the pressure. Having said that it is just like a stiff wood piece and does not take the form of the body shape while sleeping or does not even engulf the body. So this mattress type is a requirement-prone mattress. The latex has bounced in it, thus can be good for sex life.


Based on the type of latex used in the mattress, the types of mattresses are differentiated.

Dunlop vs. Talalay: 

Either of the 2 processes is used to produce the latex mattresses. The Dunlop process requires molding, stirring, rubber tree sap’s baking while the process of Talalay involves vacuum-sealing the sap, then freezing and baking it.

Organic vs. Non-organic: 

All latex is processed using chemical fillers and other synthetic components. In order to be considered organic, latex should consist of at least 95 percent natural latex and receive certification from the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS).

Price Range:

The price range of the Latex mattress is $1,600-$2,000.


  • They are bouncy
  • They have temperature regulation in them
  • They are designed with balanced features
  • There is very low noise while using the mattress


  • Motion isolation is experienced in this mattress
  • The mattress is comparatively heavier
  • The price of the mattress is comparatively high

Our Top Pick for Latex Mattress

Eva mattress bouncing couple

Eva Mattress

Eva Mattress comes with a latex layer designed with open cells. This material is naturally anti-microbial and gives the mattress bounce.

Meta rating 4.6
Starting from $900 $775

Best Latex Mattresses In Australia

A Few Less Common Mattresses: (Used only when in need or prescribed)

5. Waterbeds

WaterBed Mattress


A vinyl material mattress that is filled with water is called a waterbed consisting of tubes called bladders, where the water is filled and stored making the process hassle-free.


They consist of tubes which are water bags and nowadays there are independent waterbeds which do not need frames at all. There are temperature controls fitted in the mattress to warm the water to create a therapeutic feel.

Best Used For:

The waterbed mattress type is ideal for patients or people having body aches as the water movement and the inbuilt heater would give them relief. It is best during the cold winter days where one can cuddle in a cozy warm water bed.  


Based on the size and brands the waterbeds have many types. But the primary 2 types are Softside and Hardside.

  • Softside Waterbeds: A Comfortable Outer Edge

Using the foam bolsters, a soft side waterbed is designed and thus holds its shape which is then covered with a fabric casing and is padded on the top and finally is built in an upholstered box, like the box spring.

  • Hardside Waterbeds: A Classier Look 

The hardwoods or softwoods hold the shape in a hard side waterbed that is it has a waterbed frame. 

Price Range:

The price range of the waterbeds is $50 upward to $2,000

Our Top Pick for Waterbed Mattress

California King Waterbed mattress

California King WaterBed Mattress

This semi wave mattress is made out of rich virgin vinyl and is very comfortable

Meta rating 4.1
Starting from $148.71

6. Pillow Top Mattress

Pillow top mattress


A layer that sits above the rest of the mattress, is called a pillow-top which is a style of mattress design in which a layer of material is placed in a compartment which is then stitched to the top part of the underlying bed.


This mattress is not a big mattress type but rather it is a design feature and can be used on various mattress types giving the mattress a plusher feel.

Best Used For:

It is used to increase the aesthetic value of the old mattress. 

Price Range:

The pillow top mattress ranges from $1,000 to over $1,400.

Our Top Pick for Pillow Top Mattress

Comfort sleep pillow top Australia mattress

Comfort Sleep Executive Urban Comfort Pillow Top Mattress

An Australian-made comfort sleep  pillow top mattress gives an executive-level comfort.

Meta rating 3.8
Starting from $572.60

7. Polyfoam Mattress

Onebed Polyfoam mattress


One of the cheapest and of the primary quality foam is the Polyurethane Foam which is also known as poly-foam. It is not only used in basic level and economical mattresses but also in mattress toppers.


This Polyurethane foam or the polyfoam is designed from petrochemicals derived compounds. It is used as the top layer of spring mattresses by the manufacturers as polyurethane is totally inexpensive and not because it has high quality.   

Best Used For:

They are generally used in sofa cushions or egg crate kind mattresses which are very basic level and generally not bought by all.

Our Top Pick for PolyFoam Mattress

Onebed mattress

Onebed Polyfoam Mattress

The foam design offers body-shaping contour and cheeky bounce.

Meta rating 3.7
Starting from $390

8. Airbed Mattress


A support core of the air chamber is the most differentiating and unique feature that defines airbeds making them completely different from the other mattresses. 


The core support is super adjustable as it is filled with air and a pump is used to fill pull out air from its chambers giving way to switch up the mattress feel at any time you feel. A smartphone app that controls the pump or remote controls too can do the job. 

Best Used For:

There are separate air chambers at both sides of the air bed making it comfortable and easy to adjust firmness level, which serves as the biggest winning points, especially for couples. 

Price Range:

The price range of airbeds is $2,000-$2,400.

Our Top Pick for AirBed Mattress

Best Way Pavillo Air Bed Mattress

The design and the construction can withstand almost any terrain.

Meta rating 3.6
Starting from $30.31

Best AirBed Mattresses In Australia

9. Organic or Natural Fiber Mattress

Organic or natural fibre mattress

These mattresses are made up of natural fibre which must meet and satisfy the standards for natural production being organic. These mattresses meet the government and environmental standards and guidelines of natural products and are thus recognized with certification of organic materials such as the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) or Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Latex is the main component in these mattresses because there are production processes involved in the air chambers, coils, or foams which cannot be organically certified. 

Our Top Pick for Natural Fiber Mattress

Peacelily natural

Peacelily Mattress

This mattress features 100% natural latex rubber, GOTS certified 100% organic cotton fabric  and adjustable firmness

Meta rating 4.3
Starting from $849.00

10. Mattress In a Box

koala- mattress-in-a box

In the past few years, the entire mattress market has seen a new change and upgrade all thanks to the mattresses-in-a-box have as there is no need for anyone to walk down to a showroom vie for a lie-down on prospective new mattresses. You can easily buy the mattress online and it will reach your doorstep in a vacuum-sealed box.

Our Top Pick for Mattress In a box

Koala Mattress In a box

Koala Mattress

Made in Australia, Koala is designed for Aussies and has been awarded for eco-friendly manufacturing.

Meta rating 4.3
Starting from $849.00

Australia’s Best Mattresses In A Box

People Also Ask

The Latex Mattress is the best mattress type for people preferring firm mattress while hybrid or memory foam are the people’s choice.

A mattress with medium firmness or maybe with a softer pillow top is the best mattress to sleep as it will give your spine that just-right balance of support and cushioning.

Memory foam is generally durable as there are no coils and thus reduces the risk of sagging while the spring mattresses are not that durable as they have springs and coils which would poke and sag due to extended use.

Memory foam medium-firm mattresses are preferable for side sleepers. It relieves pressure from your back and keep your spine aligned when you are sleeping on one side.Too soft mattress may sink your body and m,ay give back pain while too firm mattress may create body aches

It is based on how you sleep. The mattress types for side sleepers should consist of Medium Soft to Medium Firm mattresses while the back and stomach sleepers should look for Medium Firm to Firm mattresses.

Compared to spring foam mattresses last longer

The chiropractors recommend hybrid memory foam or latex mattresses as both of them have good balance between support and pressure relief. 

The general thickness or the standard mattress thickness is 8 inches with 2 to 3-inch thick comfort layer and 5 to 6-inch thick base layer.

Well the answer to this is yes. Generally expensive mattresses are surely worth it. But again it is not fair to judge a mattress on its cost but rather to judge it based on its comfort level and the quality materials used in it. 


Well as per the above guide, buying a mattress requires a number of important factors, like the common sleeping position, the comfort level, and the requirement. This guide with mattress types and their make, pros, and cons would give you an idea to choose the right mattress for yourself.

Sleep well on a better bed!

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