With too many kinds of bed frames in the market, you can easily get confused and overwhelmed with a lot of options and features available. If you are looking for a bed frame but still haven’t found one, then you are at the right place.

We have tried and tested very popular bed frames for you and were able to gather the advantages and disadvantages of each bed frame so that you can make the right choice for your bedroom.

1. Platform Bed:

Platform Bed

A simple and most sought-after bed frame that offers a foundation for any mattress is a platform bed. With a modern appearance, they offer their assistance without the need for a box spring. 

Since they come in various designs and styles due to people’s specific tastes and preferences, they are perfectly suited for small to large apartments without cluttering the space.


  • Cost-effective – They are an economical choice and cost-efficient since you are not required to purchase a box spring for it.
  • Versatile – They come in a variety of contemporary designs and therefore can be installed and matched with your room’s style statement. 
  • Mattress Choice – Memory foam mattresses can be your ideal choice for platform beds.
  • They also provide optimal air circulation and are the best option for small spaces.


  • Too Low – The low height is a downside for people with mobility issues (such as knee or back problems).
  • An Alternative Option – You can plan on buying other types of bed frames that appeal to you if you have a spacious room. 
  • Wood platform beds might be slightly uncomfortable for side sleepers. While the mattress can become too firm, with time, these beds are also prone to fracturing and won’t be able to withstand heavyweight sleepers. 

2. The Headboard: 

The Headboard

A headboard can be additional support or can be included just for decorative purposes. While they can provide extra support, prevent wall damage, and can be installed and uninstalled easily, they can transform any bed into a classy kind and elevate your bedroom decor. 


  • They Keep The Cold Away – One of the headboard’s functions is to become the barrier between your head and the wall to keep you stay warm and toasty. 
  • Ease At Moving – These freestanding headboards can be easily attached and uninstalled from the bed frame in order to move the bed freely. 
  • Cost-effective – You can even purchase a standalone headboard rather than spending on a whole headboard and attach it to your old bed frame. 
  • They act as a backrest and prevent wall damage.


  • Space Issue – Headboards can take up valuable space in your room, which can be used for other purposes, especially a small apartment bedroom.
  • Budget – If you have a tight budget, it is strongly recommended to invest in a good bed frame instead of a headboard.

3. Upholstered Bed:

Upholstered Bed

If you are someone who always aspires to include luxury bedroom items in their home, then upholstered beds are an ideal choice for you. They illuminate a bold statement, are super comfy, and can acquire a wide range of spaces available.


  • A Variety Of Options – Upholstered beds come in a plethora of designs, patterns, fabric, color, among other multiple options that compliment the rest of your bedroom. If you are looking for unique options, then these kinds of bed frames are your best choice.
  • Cozy And Ultra-Comfy: Now, these can be a perfect choice if you like to watch TV or read a book in bed due to the cushioned support and added soft headboard. 


  • High Maintenance – The luxurious feel and multiple options of fabrics and designs also come at a cost. These bed frames are pretty difficult to maintain. They require regular special cleaning, including dusting to get rid of any dust and pet hair. 
  • Durability – The fabric used in the manufacture of an upholstered bed is prone to wear tear. Hence, you need to be careful with what food or beverage you bring to bed since dents, stains, and grease spots can cost you a lot of money. And, that is why they are not as durable compared to other bed frames that are made of wood and metal.

4. Sleigh Bed:

Sleigh Bed frame

Just like its name, the sleigh bed is shaped like a sleigh with a high headboard and footboard. They also come in a curved or scrolled footboard and headboard with elaborate designs. Contrary to most popular beliefs, sleigh beds can be stylish and practical while providing additional space in a small apartment. 

They are elegant and add sophistication to your room while offering other features like sturdiness.


  • Distinct Style – A sleigh bed becomes the focal point of your bedroom due to its streamlined appeal and classy attributes. They come in a wide variety of designs, from solid wood style to upholstered versions, in order to create a statement in your bedroom.
  • Cozy – Apart from being a decorative bed design due to their curved and attractive silhouette, the headboard and footboard of the bed create a cozy environment for you.
  • They are Sturdy – Sleigh beds made out of solid wood, promise a long lifespan and are extremely durable.


  • Expensive – Since they are made of solid wood or engineered wood, and given their construction and design, the sleigh beds are expensive.
  • Limited leg room – The sleigh beds are not an ideal choice for everyone. Tall people, for instance, can feel uncomfortable due to the footboard and might even end up feeling cramped in bed.
  • They are Difficult To Move – The high-quality wood or metal used in the manufacturing of sleigh beds makes it heavy to move easily. 

5. Canopy Bed: 

With more streamlined and modern designs, canopy beds are becoming quite popular in the marketplace. A canopy bed is equipped with an overhanging fabric roof that also offers additional privacy. They are the perfect choice for modern and master bedrooms. 

The curtains or fabric installed in these bed frames renders a classic yet sophisticated and elegant look that goes with any bedroom – be it temporary or contemporary.


  • A Plethora of style options – These beds are here to make a style statement. Not a single bed frame can challenge its ability to hold a style that can literally change the aesthetics of a bedroom by just draping a thin fabric from head to foot.
  • Aesthetic vibes – With the availability of multiple designs and enclosing features, using additional linens not only gives the room a refreshing look but also renders an extra cool feel. 


  • Maintenance – It requires regular maintenance to keep up the classy look.
  • They also require tall ceilings for the installation.
  • Hard To Move – The canopy bed will need a great amount of assembly and manpower to move it in and out of your room. Hence, because of their size and construction, they are difficult to move around.

6. Wrought-iron bed:

A wrought-iron bed excels and outshines all the other bed frames when it comes to longevity. These beds are made of metal and come in a wide array of styles.


  • Durable – Because of their weight, construction, and the material used, they are highly durable.
  • Low Maintenance – Unlike wood or upholstered beds, wrought-iron beds do not require much cleaning.
  • They Can Be Move easily – They might appear as heavy or bulky items, but they are easier to move than any wood or platform bed. 


  • Expensive – A bed made of metal and equipped with perfectly welded joints comes at a high cost. 
  • Limited Styles – A wrought-iron bed does not possess the ability to change the look of your bedroom because of the deficiency of style. You won’t find many styles or designs to choose from. 

7. Storage bed

Storage bed

A bed that can maximize your bedroom space is called a storage bed. As the name suggests, this bed is great for kids’ rooms, an apartment room, or any limited space where you might have other things to store. 


  • Storage Space – An obvious advantage to this bed is the storage space it offers so that you get a cohesive unit where you can store anything you want. 
  • Sturdy – The wood used in manufacturing gives it long-lasting and sturdy features.


  • Expensive – The storage space does not come cheap. They are offered at a price that is worthy if you get the right storage you need.
  • Regular maintenance – Given its construction for storage spaces, fixing and replacing parts and other equipment becomes part of the maintenance.
  • They are difficult to move.

We hope that our review can help you in making an informed decision that excels in style and construction and becomes the attractive focal point of your bedroom. If you still feel the need to learn more about bed frames and bedding, Check out the our article on best bed frame detailed information.

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