You might be wondering why I wake up all soaked up in a sweat? Is your mattress protector making me sweat? 

Well, the answer to this is yes. The mattress protectors of lower quality will make you sweat. But again, you cannot leave your high-quality mattress without the cover; you will have to protect it from spills, dirt, stains, mites, or any other kind of allergens. Not having a mattress cover is not at all an option. 

But again, waking up wet with sweat is a spin-off. The fastest solution you will opt for is removing the mattress cover till you buy a new one. That is when cooling mattress protectors come into play. Have you heard about them?

They were invented with a motto of helping people sleep comfortably and wake up sweat-free and in comfort. We would like to add that not all cooling mattress protectors work. This little blog of ours will help you guide in buying the best cooling protector for your mattress. We have answered a few common questions based on day-to-day experiences and have also added tips to buy the most effective cooling mattress protectors through this blog.

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Is my waterproof mattress protector making me sweat?

To know why it is making you sweat, you need first to understand how it works and the fundamental problem. We use mattress protectors to mainly protect our mattresses from spills, stains and dirt and provide us with a hygienic mattress to sleep on. But now, for these protectors to safeguard from spills and stains, the material must be waterproof. For the protectors to be waterproof, a barrier must be included in them. Plastic seems to be the most effective barrier that protects our mattress from any spillage seeping through the mattress protector. 

On the other hand, the plastic content in the protectors traps the heat emitted by our bodies during sleep. This gives rise to sweat and a hot sleeping atmosphere. This is the main reason why your waterproof mattress protectors make you sweat.

How do cooling mattress protectors work?

Now, a cooling mattress protector regulates your body temperature by absorbing the excess heat from your body. This makes the mattress more comfortable and cooler. The body needs to be cool while sleeping, and these protectors alleviate the night sweats to lower the body temperature. The bed remains cool at night due to the cooling technology and the cooling materials used in the protectors. But again, having said all that, you need to consider the exact materials that go in the protectors to ensure a cool night’s sleep. Not all cooling protectors cool you at night.

Things to consider while choosing a cooling mattress protector:

There are specific requirements you should look out for a while choosing a cooling best mattress topper in Australia. Materials play an essential role in this.

Material to consider while choosing a cool mattress protector:

There are cooling fabrics in the cooling protectors that dissipate heat swifter than other fabrics. Natural cooling fabrics are the best materials to go for. Check out the best natural cooling material options below:


Cotton is excellent at moisture-wicking, making it highly breathable. It will keep you dry and comfortable due to its high absorption rate. The best part is extra moisture is automatically released from the cotton fabric whenever a cotton fabric is saturated with humidity creating a cooling evaporation effect on the skin. Cotton is very comfortable and soft on the skin.


The pulp derived from the natural bamboo trees is used in the bamboo fabric. It has various benefits like cooling ability, soothing texture and hypoallergenic nature. Bamboo is also a moisture-wicking material that is highly breathable too. 


Birch, Oak and Eucalyptus trees’ pulp is a botanic fabric known as Tencel. This fabric has gained popularity because of its cooling properties. This material was initially used to make clothes for athletes, which was used to make mattress covers seeing the dire need of cooling protectors. They are moisture-wicking, highly breathable and hypoallergenic. In comparison with cotton, Tencel is two times more absorbent.

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Select a Bed Frame That Maximizes Mattress Airflow & Breathability:

Breathability is one of the primary aspects to consider while buying a new mattress protector. Nighttime temperature regulation is maintained when air circulates through the mattress protector. You will not sweat excessively on these protectors as it will help your body maintain an optimum temperature.

Size of the mattress cover matter

There are chances that after this article, you may solve the issue of waking up all soaked in sweat but end up having to readjust the protector on your mattress. Thus it is essential to buy the mattress protector of the right size that fits your mattress and the mattress that perfectly fits your Australian bed frame. Measure the depth of your mattress and the dimensions of your mattress before purchasing the protector for it.

Is it easy to clean?

A mattress protector should be such that it can be cleaned easily. Waterproof mattress protectors serve that purpose. They will also help you protect from the spills, dirt and dust attracting bacteria away from you. These fabrics are easy to wash and wipe as well.

Can you use a mattress topper to make a mattress protector more comfortable?

The difference between a mattress topper and a mattress protector is that a mattress topper is not the same as a mattress protector. Mattress toppers are typically thicker and meant to provide extra comfort and support. They aren’t designed to protect against spills, but they can protect your mattress from wear and lengthen its life. A mattress topper adds more support, depth, and cushioning to a mattress. They can breathe new life into an ageing mattress and make it seem like it’s brand new. 

Mattress toppers are often thicker layers with higher density than mattress protectors, so you can use one to make a mattress protector more comfortable. Mattress protectors and toppers can be used together to improve comfort and extend the life of your mattress. 

Whether or not you should use a mattress topper with your mattress protector is a personal preference. If your ordinary mattress is already quite comfortable, you may simply select to add a protector to it. Mattress protectors are made to keep the bed’s original feel. Combining a mattress topper with a mattress protector, on the other hand, maybe exactly what you need to give your mattress a boost. If you’re going to add a topper to your mattress to make it feel more luxurious, make sure you obtain a mattress protector that will protect both your mattress and your topper. 

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Now that we have come to the end of the article, we hope we have answered your questions, ‘Do Mattress Protectors Make You Sweat?’ and How to Replace a Mattress Protector That Traps Heat and Makes You Hot?

Remember three critical essentials while buying a cooling protector for your mattress.

It should be made up of natural cooling fabrics

It must be breathable

It must fit well

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