Bellissimo mattress review

Here’s Why You should Try a Bellissimo Mattress – Complete Review

“Sleep is the best meditation,” said the Dalai Lama. Not many of us can disagree with that because good sleep is essential for physical and mental health. Statistics show that an average person spends over 25 years sleeping during their entire lifetime. Yet, how much of it is quality sleep? Bellissimo mattress assures comfortable quality sleep at all times. 

Good sleep is possible only on a good mattress, such as those provided by Makin Mattresses in Australia. People have always desired to sleep on something comfortable. Statistics show that 83% of consumers look for support and comfort when buying a mattress.

However, many people are still hesitant to try a better mattress. According to several reports, the global mattress market is set to reach around AU$ 57.86 by 2028. 

To help you make the best buying decision, we have decided to review some of the top quality mattresses for you. 

Makin Mattresses is Australia’s leading independent mattress manufacturer. For the past 45 years, the company has been selling top quality mattresses in different sizes, ranges and prices. The company operates from 10 different locations across the country, making Makin Mattresses one of the largest mattress manufacturers in Australia. 

●●●●● (4.8/5) based on 155 reviews

How we review :

For instance, we reviewed several top-end mattresses in Australia and compared them to find the best choice. We used several important parameters to measure the comfort and convenience offered by every model. In this, the Bellissimo Mattress won the first rank.

This detailed review will provide you with the important information from actual customer reviews. 

We reviewed the mattresses according to comfort, support, firmness and edge support. Plus, we’ve highlighted some unique features of the mattress which makes it better than others. 

Let’s check out some important and interesting facts about the mattress:

Parameters Ratings
User ratings 4.5/5
Popularity 4.5/5
Trial length 5/5
Affordability 5/5
Meta ratings 4.4/5
Bellissimo Mattress

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This mattress has been specifically designed for side-sleepers. It has an innovative support layer with cut-outs that decrease pressure under the shoulder and still offers incredible support to the hips. The mattress has been designed with an aim of helping you to sleep as comfortably as possible. 

Packaging – What’s in the box?

Bellissimo mattress review

Here’s Why You should Try a Bellissimo Mattress – Complete Review

Meta rating 4.5 
Starting from $1,695

1. Comfort 

The Bellissimo Mattress by Makin Mattresses has a soft polyester fabric-covered ventilated cover. This cover hides the eco-friendly foam within. This is special breathable foam and prevents overheating.

This innovative foam is responsible for the incredible sensitivity and comfort provided by Bellissimo Mattresses in Australia. It smoothly absorbs your body weight and gives you a well-balanced feeling when asleep. 

2. Support 

Bellissimo from Makin Mattresses Australia has a main body with built-in pressure-relieving foam. It provides overall support and can easily accommodate people of all sizes. It also has an elastic foam layer at the base. This help to increase the stability even more. Plus, the special foam reduces partner disturbance to a minimal. 

3. Firmness

Bellissimo Mattresses are surprisingly firm despite being an all-foam mattress. Still, you can feel the comfy hugging effect of the innovative memory foam. Our tests rate the mattress as a medium-firm mattress. Once you start using it you will definitely notice the shape and softness of the mattress. 

4. Edge support

Most people tend to move a lot on the bed while sleeping. Hence, our primary concern was to find the kind of support the mattress gives at the edges. Although there were mixed reviews about this, most users admitted that Bellissimo mattresses offered incredibly good edge support.

The level of customer satisfaction with the mattress is a clear indication of this. 

5. Features of Bellissimo Mattresses

Now that you’ve seen the results of our test, let’s check the reviews of the different factors you consider before buying a mattress.

The Bellissimo mattress uses the unique triple-layered foam model and ranks as a “medium-firm feel” mattress according to our tests. Here are some more interesting facts and features of Bellissimo mattress by Makin Mattresses:

Bellisimo mattress Review

6. Eco-friendly foam

Every Bellissimo mattress in Australia has a top breathable layer which keeps away the moisture from your body. This is incredibly convenient to keep your body cool in the hot Australian summer evenings.

The foam provides the mattress with a significant bounce and is environmentally friendly at the same time. The mattress does not contain any toxins or dangerous ingredients. 

7. Breathable covers

The Bellissimo mattress comes with a climate-regulating visco-elastic cover made of a strong polyester blend. It is laid on the top of the mattress. This layer allows air circulation which keeps the surface cool.

The comfort topper also comes equipped with a 3D mesh, grips and anti-slip attachments to ensure optimal underside traction. This keeps the mattress stable, even for the most restless sleeper. 

The breathable covers can be removed and machine-washed easily. 

8.Pressure-relieving foam

The Bellissimo mattresses from Makin Mattresses are fitted with the ultra-modern and adaptive pressure-relieving foam. It is made with 1.5 inches of airgocell foam.

This is designed to support the various pressure points on your body as you lay on the mattress. This allows the mattress to adapt to your body’s shape and position and distributes the pressure equally all over the mattress. This way, the mattress ensures that you get a comfortable sleep in any position. 

Parameter Results
Size available Single/King single/ Double/Queen/king/super king
Dimensions 91 x 188 cm - 203 x 203 cm
Material Visco - elastic polyester blend
Cooling Breathable fabric
Comfort Level High Comfort level
Support Excellent equal full body support
Firmness Soft, medium and firm types
Bellissimo Mattress

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Now that you know what to expect in your Bellissimo mattress packaging, let’s take a quick look at its highlighting features.

  • Micro coil technology – It contains thousands of tiny springs which enable air circulation and ensure cooling when in use. The increased ventilation makes for a cleaner, fresher and more hygienic sleep environment. 
  • Double sided Duo Mattress – This allows the mattress to contour to the body shape and provide firm support to the shoulders, back and hips. It is designed for ideal spinal alignment. 
  • Unique ventilation systems – The unique design allows air to circulate through the entire mattress which improves not only temperature stability but also promotes a healthier sleep environment. 
  • Cushioned comfort – The middle layer of cushioned foam offers maximum soporific effect for comfortable sleep. 
  • Super soft quilting – The quilting is done in a diamond pattern with premium quality soft stretch fabric. This gives the mattress a cool and comfortable top surface. 
  • Double sides – The double sided duet mattress has pocket springs in five zones. This not only ensures a cooler mattress temperature but also minimizes partner disturbance. 
  • High density box foam edge support – The special high density box foam edge support ensures durability of the Bellissimo mattresses. It increases the usable sleeping space and offers long-lasting comfort by preventing the mattress edges from getting compressed with use. 

What is the Cost of a Bellissimo Mattress?

You must be wondering if the mattress offers such extensive comfort, what would be the Bellissimo mattress price. 

Size DUO-Latex 4000 Duet Pocket spring 4000 Duet pocket spring plush
Single AU$ 1,545 AU$ 1,445 AU$ 1,695
King Double AU$ 1,895 AU$ 1,775 AU$ 1,995
Double AU$ 2,385 AU$ 2,355 AU$ 2,595
Queen AU$ 2,695 AU$ 2,495 AU$ 2,895
King AU$ 3,295 AU$ 2,995 AU$ 3,495
Super-King AU$ 4,095 AU$ 3,895 AU$ 4.495
Bellissimo Mattress

Get Bellissimo Mattress

Now, you must be wondering where to buy Bellissimo Mattress? The good news is that Makin Mattress Australia is the manufacturer and sole seller of the mattresses. You can visit the website and find the address and contact information of the nearest Makin Mattress outlet in your area. 

Warranty/Guarantee/Shipping/Trial/Customer Support/After Sale Service – Bellissimo Mattress.

It’s time to check the fine print. Let’s see what the warranty, guarantee and customer support of Makin Mattress is like:

1. Warranty 

Every mattress has a different warranty period. We offer manufacturers’ warranty. Under normal warranty conditions, you can return the mattress to the original place of purchase, or the nearest Makin Mattress outlet for service. 

2. Customer Service

Makin Mattress offers excellent customer service during work-hours. Make sure to find the working hours of the outlet where you purchased a Makin Mattress product and talk to the customer service representative for any queries or complaints. 

3. Trial Period

Makin Mattress Australia offers a 100 night free trial period to customers. You can choose to return the mattress if unsatisfied, in a good condition. 

4. Product Shipping 

Makin Mattresses have a factory on-site and it is possible that the manufacturer has the desired mattress in stock. If you do not find the desired mattress in the store then it can be ready on the next business day, if requested.

It is highly recommended to contact your nearest Makin Mattress store and confirm if your desired mattress is currently in stock. 

How does the Bellissimo Mattress Feels to Sleep on?

We discussed the user experience with several Bellissimo Mattress buyers. Overall, the mattress brand got more than satisfactory rating by customers:

1. Pressure relief:

Bellissimo Mattress is made using the micro-coil technology. This technology involves sewing one dollar coin-sized coils between two sheets of fabric. These cushioned micro coils allow air circulation and help in effective pressure relief. 

2. Motion isolation:

Bellissimo mattresses offer optimal cushioning and firm support throughout the mattress area. This helps to keep partner disturbance to a minimum. 

3. Ease of movement:

Bellissimo mattresses are equipped with multiple cushioning layers. They are fitted with firm coils and soft fabric to ensure a cool and comfortable sleep environment. 

4. Climate control:

Thanks to the multiple innovative techniques and the use of high quality polyester blend fabric, Bellissimo mattresses offer optimal cooling. These mattresses are made from eco-friendly material, which not only helps to sleep comfortably but also cares for the environment. 

Our Verdict

Bellissimo Mattress from Makin Mattress Australia is definitely a sensible buy. The company offers various sizes and types of mattresses, from the Bellissimo Mattress twins to the Bellissimo Duo 4000 mattress. The manufacturers also offer a 100 night trial period which is more than sufficient to determine if the mattress is perfect for you. 


  • 100-night trial period 

  • Available in 6 different bed-sizes 

  • Eco-friendly design with medium-firm feel

  • Overall robust construction


  • Delivery available in areas around store locations 

  • Slightly higher priced mattresses

Who should buy Bellissimo Mattress?

According to experts, the Bellissimo mattress is a must-have for:

  • Side sleepers, as it is an all-foam mattress which can give sleepers the deep pressure relief they need.
  • Hot sleepers, as it gives a soft foam touch.
  • Light sleepers and children, as it provides the cuddling sensation so cherished

Who should not buy a Bellissimo Mattress?

According to experts, the types of people who should not buy Bellissimo mattress include:

  • Stomach sleepers, as the mattress is too soft to provide much support on the hip.
  • Couples, because the mattress is equally soft all over and tends to make it sag in the middle.
  • Combination sleepers, as it is not a bouncy mattress for changing positions frequently while sleeping.
  • Heavier people, as it has an all-foam construction.

Advantages of Bellissimo Mattress

Let’s take a quick look at the distinct advantages of using Bellissimo mattress from Makin Mattresses Australia:

  • Comfortable 
  • Affordable 
  • Convenient 
  • Supportive 
  • Firm 
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Ventilated 

People Also Ask: 

A: Yes, the Bellissimo mattress from Makin Mattresses Australia is extremely comfortable. It feels firm and provides ample support to your shoulders, hip and back. It contains micro coil technology with a latex middle layer topped with super-soft quilting for optimal comfort. 

You can buy Bellissimo mattresses from any one of nine Makin Mattresses outlets across Australia. Makin Mattresses has outlets operating in Brisbane North (Nundah), Brisbane South (Parkinson), Gold Coast (Nerang), Newcastle (Sandgate), Canberra, Albury, Melbourne (Sandringham), Adelaide and Perth. 

Makin Mattresses Australia offers two types of Bellissimo Mattresses. The Bellissimo Duo has a latex core in the supporting unit. It has a seven zone support system with varied densities to support each section of your body. Hence the Bellissimo Duo is ideal for heavy sleepers.

On the other hand, the Bellissimo Duet has the five zone pocket spring technology with independent and individual cushioning springs enclosed within each “pocket”. This minimises partner disturbance and helps you to sleep longer and more comfortably. Hence, the Bellissimo Duet is best suited for light sleepers, side sleepers and couples alike. 

 Yes, Makin Mattresses have excellent customer service. It has a solid track record and 1 out of 2 returning customers are referred to us by satisfied customers. The extensive Google reviews online clearly showcase our strong production, sales and customer service ethics. 

Betterbed’s Suggestion

According to our experts, the Bellissimo mattress from Makin Mattresses Australia is an excellent choice for comfortable and relaxing sleep. This mattress is packed with incredibly advanced technology which is aimed at providing the most comfortable and relaxing sleep to users. Couples, side sleepers, light and heavy sleepers should buy a Bellissimo mattress and experience refreshing deep sleep in the bed. 

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