The best place to start a Casper mattress review is with the company’s core belief: “Sleep is a superpower that charges everything we do.” Casper has been promoting that idea and disrupting the mattress business at the same time since launching as a company in 2014. The first of what is now a sharply competitive industry for “mattresses in a box,” Casper provides a mattress design known for “breathable foam.” The idea is to dissipate heat to keep you cool at night while also delivering the support you need, where you need it. Casper has since expanded its product lines to include a premium brand, the Casper Wave, as well as an entry-level bed, the Casper Essential. The company also offers pillows, bedding, and other furniture. The main takeaway from this Casper mattress review is that Australian sleepers can expect exceptional comfort and deep sleep all night long.

Inside our Casper mattress review

The mattress market is a competitive one. We put together this Casper mattress review to help you decide if this is the product you need for a good night’s sleep. Our review includes detailed information from actual customers who provide real-life insights into Casper’s feel, firmness, sleep quality, and more. In all of our reviews, we strive to share a range of customer opinions, both good and bad. We sought unbiased data about the mattresses. By the end, our Casper mattress review will tell you what you need to know to determine if this company is a good match for your sleeping style and preferences.


  • User rating: 4.5/5
  • Popularity: 4.8/5
  • Trial length: 3.7/5
  • Affordability: 1.0/5
  • Meta rating: 4.3/5

How does the Casper mattress feel to sleep on?

Casper believes its mattresses have a lot in common with Goldilocks’ chosen bed: They are neither too hard, nor too soft. They are “just right” for sleepers of all kinds, whether you prefer to snooze on your back, side or stomach. The company brands offer two approaches to sleep technology. The first consists only of layers of foam. So, depending on which level mattress you buy, you’ll get either three layers, four layers, or five layers of foam. The higher you go, the more you must spend.

The three-layer mattress is called the Casper Essential, while the four-layer version is the Casper Original. Jump up to the Casper Wave to get that final layer. The highly engineered foam provides different benefits. The outer layer is breathable foam, for those who insist on staying cool all night. The middle layers provide pressure relief, while the bottom layers deliver firmness for stability and support.

“Super comfy! I sleep deeper and find myself getting up less frequently every night. I’m actually having dreams again, I sleep so well! To top it off, the knot in my shoulder has all but disappeared in the month I’ve had my Casper Wave. I sleep better and feel better all the way around.” Dave S.

Both the Casper Original and Casper Wave are also available in a hybrid design. That means the layers of foam are placed carefully over fabric-wrapped coil springs. Sleep on the Hybrid, and you’re getting the best of both worlds in foam and coil technology. Casper’s Hybrid mattresses also include edge support for getting in and out of bed quickly (Though we suspect that getting out will be the opposite of easy — at least from a comfort perspective).

One important takeaway from our Casper mattress review: Box springs are not necessary. You can lay your mattress over a platform bed, a flat foundation, or an adjustable frame. Since it’s available in six sizes, we’re confident Casper has an option that will suit all sleep styles. Casper became a feel-good business success story on the strength of thousands of five-star customer reviews.

“My husband and I were experiencing a lot of back pain from our old coil mattress. We made the decision to upgrade to memory foam, and after a lot of research, we decided to try out the Casper mattress. We couldn’t be happier with our decision, and would highly recommend this mattress for side and back sleepers!” Brianna

What is the Casper mattress made of?

Casper mattresses offer four different types of proprietary foam. This foam has its origins in the U.S. space program, as it’s based on foam developed and used by NASA. The different layers include a breathable open-cell foam; a high-density memory foam; a zoned transition foam; and a durable-support foam. The design of the open-cell foam includes pores to allow heat to dissipate. The foam is also infused with gel, which mattress companies say promotes cooler and restful sleep. The gel pods in the outer layer of the Casper Wave are also intended to help keep your spine in proper alignment.

Casper says its mattresses meet U.S. federal standards for being environmentally safe for the ozone and indoor-air quality. The Casper hybrid mattress includes the same foam we mentioned earlier, laying over a set of flexible, durable coils. Fabric care is an essential variable in our Casper mattress review. The mattress cover is made of soft, polyester fabric. You can unzip the cover and remove it for laundering.

Casper weight and thickness

Casper mattresses will require a little help from a friend. You’re going to need an extra set of hands to get the mattress-in-a-box from your front door to your bedroom. The twin foam-only Essential mattress starts at a manageable 25 kilograms, but the biggest bed — the California king size — weighs in at 64 kilograms.

Keep in mind that the mattress will be harder to move once it is out of the package. Get the frame set up and put the mattress in position before you free it from its cardboard shipping container. Once removed from the box, give the mattress a brief period to expand. You’ll quickly find that Casper thicknesses exceed other competing mattresses. They range from 27 centimetres to 33 centimetres in height.

How much does the Casper mattress cost?

As the category original, Casper commands a slight premium for its mattresses. We’d put the emphasis on slight. The company’s mattresses are still in the same ballpark as competing mattresses. Casper offers mattresses at all price points — from an entry-level twin to a fully-featured king at the top price point.

The premium, of course, comes from the Casper name; you’re also helping contribute to the company’s research and development to build even better mattresses. Casper also offers matching pillows, duvets, frames, bed furniture, and other accessories.

The finer details

Casper went from idea to billion-dollar company and category creator in a few short years. It has also expanded from e-commerce into bricks and mortar, opening stores in the United States. The large variety of options makes Casper mattress a good choice. Depending on your desired levels of foam and firmness, there’s an option within the Casper line that matches your nocturnal needs. Not only that, but with the expansion into pillows and furniture and other sleep-related items, you can capture the same level of quality in other parts of your bedroom.The Casper, like many foam mattress retailers, offers a 100-night free trial to see if this is the mattress for you. If you don’t like the mattress at the end of that period, you can return it no questions asked. You’ll also benefit from a 10-year warranty.

The Finer Details

Trial length: 100 Nights
Warranty length: 10 Years
Free shipping: Yes

Who is the Casper mattress best for?

Many variables go into determining whether a mattress suits your needs. In our Casper mattress review, we were impressed by the breadth of options available for various sleeper types. Because you can choose from three thicknesses, and foam-only or the hybrid approach, you’re almost guaranteed to find one that matches your style and preference. We even read some reviews from women who said the Casper mattresses promoted restful sleep very late in their pregnancies.

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