Everything About Comfort Sleep Emporio Mattress – Complete Review

In this honest review blog, we will talk about a mattress from a company that has been awarded multiple times for its mastery over giving its customer a good night’s sleep. Comfort Sleep Emporio mattress is a collection from Comfort Sleep Beddings that speaks modern elegance. With features like 7 zone pocket coils, Gel form X comfort foam, and progressive comfort technology Comfort Sleep Emporio Mattresses are lucrative.

It is a well-known fact that when you sleep well, you feel better, talk better, work better, and generally live better. Choosing a suitable mattress for yourself can be a tiresome job at times, and even after you choose one, you might not like the experience of it as you don’t know the in and out of the mattress. Our goal is to help you choose a comfortable mattress that will help you get a good night’s sleep

●●●●○ (4.3/5) based on 270 reviews

How we review: 

This comprehensive review will help you choose for yourself if this is the right product for you. Betterbed always provides unbiased and well-researched reviews, and the Comfort Sleep Emporio Mattress review will be no different. We will provide you with information like firmness, sleep quality, feel, fabric, etc.

User rating 4.8/5
Popularity 5.0/5
Trial length 4.7/5
Affordability 4.5/5
website rating 4.7/5
Spinal support 4.5/5
value for money 4/5
Comfort Sleep Emporio Mattress

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What makes Comfort Sleep Emporio Mattress stand out from other mattresses?

Comfort Sleep Bedding is one of those brands that still doesn’t use an automated production line, which is not a drawback. They opt not to use an automatic production line as they tailor-make every mattress for their customers. You can adjust their mattresses according to your preferences. You can change the mattress’s height and position every night for a comfortable, peaceful sleep.

Here are some noted points which make Comfort sleep mattresses stand out:-

  • Gel Form x – It is their premium gel memory foam which helps in pressure relief and temperature control.
  • Progressive Comfort Technology – This is one of their USP as they used special foams with this technology which helps their mattresses to regulate body heat efficiently.
  • 100% Australian made mattress – They use only Australian sourced materials and, at the same time, do not compromise with quality.

Packaging – What’s in the box?

Comfort Sleep Emporio mattress comes in standard packaging. The mattress is vacuum packed and thus can be easily handled. Here is a table with nifty information about the mattress, which will help you understand the packaging better

Size available Single, Long Single, King Single, Double, King, Queen, Super King
Material Australian Made Premium Knit Fabric.
Cooling  Quiltec temperature regulating layer.
Comfort level Very good has adjustable settings.
Support Gel memory foam gives a good amount of support
firmness Medium-firm
Comfort Sleep Emporio Mattress

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1. Construction – The mattress has an interesting construction packed with technology that your body will love to have. The uppermost layer is made out of Australian made premium knit fabric, then a layer of comfortable material made out of Quiltec technology, ensuring good body heat regulation. Then a layer of their gel memory foam known as Gel Foam X is provided, and then a layer of HD hypersoft foam is present. The mattress also has 7 zone pocket coil system helping its users to have minimal partner disturbance.

2. Design – Comfort sleep Emporio mattresses are centred around modern elegance in terms of design. The tones are neutral and delicate, giving it a soft, homely, and inviting feeling. It has organic patterns and a very subtle and comforting presence.

3. Support – The unique gel memory foam technology used in the Comfort Sleep mattresses provides good pressure relief. The mattress makes sure that your body has good support and primarily targets the hips and shoulders as they need better support for a comfortable sleep.

4. Mattress materials – The mattress is made out of Australian premium knitted fabric, which provides a luxurious look and feel. The material also ensures good comfort, and with an additional comfort layer of Quiltec technology on the mattress, it makes it a good mattress for temperature control.

5. Firmness – According to the end customers of this mattress, it has medium-firm support and is optimal for people having back issues. Some reviews also mention that the mattress does not lose its firmness over time and has no sagging effect anywhere.

6. Cooling – Comfort sleep Emporio mattresses use a premium comfort layer known as Quiltec. It is an ultra-resilient material with properties that regulate body temperature. It makes sure that your body temperature is optimal when you sleep on the mattress, and you get a comfortable sleep.

7. Motion Transfer – With its innovative European 7 zone pocket coil system, the Emporio mattresses have taller springs and an advanced body contouring system. Thus, the mattress has minimal partner disturbance, and the motion transfer is significantly less.

8. Off-gassing – Off-gassing Comfort Sleep mattresses are similar to any box in a bed mattress. You need to remove the protective plastic covering of the mattress and let it decompress for at-least 24 hours. Most mattresses smell after when you remove their packaging for the first time; thus, it’s better to keep the mattress in a well-ventilated place for one day, and the smell will disappear.

Comfort Sleep Emporio Mattress Highlights 

Here are some highlights about the Emporio Mattress, which will make it easier for you to understand its features better.

  • Australian Made Premium Knit Fabric– High-quality, comfortable fabric.
  • Gel Form X– Gel memory foam provides good pressure relief and support.
  • Quiltec™- A special material having thermal regulating properties.
  • High-Density Hypersoft Foam- Provides good breathability.
  • Premium High-Density Comfort Foam– Provides better body contouring and retains comfort.
  • Progressive High-Density Comfort Technology– Balances the comfort and support most optimally.
  • European 7 Zone Pocket Coil System– Taller springs for minimal partner disturbance.
  • EdgeBoost™ Boxed Wall– Provides edge to edge support and makes the mattress firm.

How much does a Comfort Sleep Emporio mattress cost?

Comfort Sleep Emporio mattresses provide you with a comfortable modern, and elegant mattress. They have a good list of satisfied customers who loved the product they purchased. The price range of this mattress is between $1087 and $3433. The price varies according to your preferred comfort sleep base, which you can choose at the time of purchase.

Pricing summary 
Single $1087
Long Single $1223 
King Single $1277 
Double $1441
King $2060
Queen $1544
Super King $2513
Comfort Sleep Emporio Mattress

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You can buy Comfort Sleep mattresses from their authorized dealers. 

Comfort Sleep Emporio mattress warranty, shipping, customer service and trial period details:

Comfort Sleep only sells mattresses through their registered retailers, and thus the aspects like warranty, trial periods, and customer service may differ from retailer to retailer.

1. Warranty – There is a standard ten-year warranty provided on the Comfort Sleep Emporio mattresses. You need to register the product on the official website before trying to avail any warranty.

2. Trial period – There is a 100-day risk-free trial provided with the mattress. You can take the mattress, use it, and return it anytime within the trial period if you do not like it. The mattress should not have any physical damage or spill on it during the time of return, or else it will not be accepted.

3. Shipping – The shipping varies from retailer to retailer. Thus, there might be additional costs included while shipping the mattress. You can check with your retailer regarding shipping costs and other information during purchase.

4. Customer service – You will be provided with customer service assistance from all the retailers. If your issue is still not resolved, you can always go to the Comfort Sleep official website and get in touch with them through a callus button available on the website.


What’s it like to sleep on Emporio Mattress?

The essential part of any mattress is its comfort and durability, and fortunately, both criteria are fulfilled by the Comfort Sleep Emporio mattress.

With the best quality materials and innovative tech, Emporio mattresses are one of the accessible choices for anyone wishing for a luxurious, comfortable and cosy mattress. The construction of the mattress makes it a very comfortable and pleasant mattress to sleep on. The mattress’ quality and durability are not compromised at the same time. Customer reviews state that the mattress does not wear out even after years of extensive usage.

Check out these points to consider before purchasing a mattress. This will help you make a better decision for yourself.

1. Pressure relief –  After considering the reviews of the customers who have used the product for some time, we can safely say their “Gel Foam X” technology does an excellent job in pressure relief. The gel memory foam targets your hip and shoulder areas and makes sure that your body gets a restful and comfortable sleep throughout the night.

2. Motion isolation- Comfort Sleep Emporio mattresses have a European 7 zone pocket coil system. This feature gives the mattress taller springs for more resounding targeted support and better body contouring, ensuring sound motion isolation and minimal partner disturbance.

3. Ease of movement- The mattress provides you with medium firmness. Thus, if you do not enjoy a very soft and plushy mattress, this one could be for you. The mattress has good support, and making movement does not cause any disturbance to your partner or discomfort to your body. It is best suited for side sleepers, but even back and front sleepers do not complain.

4. Climate control – Emporio mattresses come with a premium comfort layer known as Quiltec. This layer keeps your body heat under control and makes sure you have a peaceful and un-interfered sleep.

Comfort Sleep Emporio mattress Verdict:

In this part of the review, we will give you an unbiased verdict along with the pros and cons of the mattress. Our judgment will be considering the research we did on the product and the product’s customer reviews. You can go through it and choose if this is the product you want.

Emporio mattresses have a satisfied customer base, with most customers rating it five stars. Comfort Sleep with this product made sure they didn’t miss out on anything that is necessary for a comfortable sleep. There are some nifty cons that we can’t let go of as it could be a deal-breaker for many. Here is the pros and cons list.


  • Emporio mattresses are made with high-quality materials.

  • 100% Australian made.

  • The actual feel and look of the mattress are both luxurious and stylish.


  • Some customers reviewed it to be on the heavier side.

  • It is not very soft or plushy.

  • Side handles are weak and can be used only to move the mattress but not lift it.

Who Should Buy the Comfort Sleep Emporio mattress?

This is an ideal mattress for people looking for a luxurious and comfortable mattress. The neutral and organic patterns give it a very soothing and welcoming feel, and anyone who loves light tones would love it. Furthermore, this mattress is good for sharing a bed with someone since it is minimally disruptive.

We will list down some points which go through them, and you will have a better idea if you should buy this.

  1. If you have a back pain issue, this mattress is a good option as it has a gel memory comfort foam which is good for the spine.
  2. If you like medium-firm mattresses with optimal bounce and plush.
  3. If you are a couple and want a mattress with minimal partner disturbance.
  4. If you are someone who loves neutral tones and an organic feel to their mattress.
  5. If you want a luxurious and breathable mattress that keeps your body restful.

Everything About Comfort Sleep Emporio Mattress – Complete Review

Made by proud Aussie mattress makers

Meta rating 5.0
Starting from $1,087

Who should not Buy a Comfort Sleep Emporio mattress?

No mattress is perfect for everyone, and thus you need to know extensively about the product before you choose to buy it. We will make it easier for you to decide if you should go with this mattress or not.

  1. This mattress is not the right choice for someone who prefers soft, plush mattresses.
  2. If you shift from place to place often, this mattress could be a problem as it is heavy.
  3. If you are into more poppy tones and like your mattress to be colourful.

40 Years of Innovation. The Personal Comfort® mattress is designed in the U.S.A. and manufactured by the producers of the Original Number Bed®, American National Manufacturing (Est. 1972).

After going through various customer reviews and broadly understanding their level of satisfaction, we can say it is worth the money. Emporio is a premium series by Comfort Sleep, and they are delivering all the things they promise to their customers.

BetterBed’s Suggestion:

We found that Comfort Sleep Emporio is a product loved by its owners. It is ideal for people looking out for a luxurious, comfortable and well-designed mattress. It is perfect for people looking for an elegant, comfortable and well-designed mattress. The mattress is packed with nifty little features, which makes sure the price paid for it is well delivered with comfort and technology. This was our unbiased and well-researched review of the Emporio mattress by Comfort Sleep.

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