Ecosa pillow

If you face neck pains and stiffness in the back, the problem might be your pillow, even after getting a mattress or bed that suits your sleeping style. A suitable mattress and a pillow supporting your neck and putting your spine in its neutral position can ensure a night of sound and comfortable sleep. Many people neglect that pillows should also be selected according to their sleeping postures and go for a softer pillow.

The ultimate solution for this problem is the revolutionary Ecosa pillow that offers a comfortable positioning of your neck while aligning your spine to its natural position. The Ecosa group was founded in 2016 in Melbourne, Australia, to eliminate the problem of neck pains caused by the standard pillows available on the market. This review of the Ecosa pillow explains the various aspects and characteristics of the pillow that make it superior to its competitors.

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How we review: 

The Ecosa pillow from Australia has various attributes and specifications like warranty, cost, sizes available, and many more. These primary features are discussed in detail in the following sections to clear the customers’ doubts about buying the pillow.

Category Rating
User rating 4.8/5
Popularity 5.0/5
Trial length 4.7/5
Affordability 4.5/5
Sleepyheads website rating 4.7/5
Spinal support 4.5/5
Value for money 4/5
Ecosa Pillow

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What are the attributes of the Ecosa Pillow?

If you are worried about the packaging and what comes inside an Ecosa pillow shipment box, rest easy. This section will discuss all the various aspects like packaging, dimensions, sizes available, etc., of the Ecosa Pillow. The package contains 1 x Ecosa Pillow, one 2 cm memory foam pad, one 3 cm memory foam pad, one Vacuum seal bag and one Travel bag.

Parameters Description
Size available Standard size
Dimensions 38cm x 56cm
Material Activated charcoal memory foam
Cooling Breathable 3D structure
Comfort level Comfortable and supportive
Support Adjustable support with memory foam pads
Firmness Medium or Medium-firm
Ecosa Pillow

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The pillow’s overall sleep experience depends on construction, design, firmness, cooling, off-gassing, etc. We have discussed all these critical features in this Ecosa foam pillow review.

1. Construction 

The pillow’s construction is such that you can adjust it according to your specific needs. The structure includes a removable cover at the top with the 3D structured memory foam inside. This structure gives the pillow the much-needed ergonomics to ensure excellent and deep sleep.

Ecosa pillow

2. Design 

The brand designs the Ecosa pillows so that their unique 3D structure promotes easy dissipation of heat and moisture from the pad’s surface. This incredible 3D structure is very ergonomic and puts your neck and upper body in a relaxed and neutral position.

3. Support

The memory foam incorporated in this pillow contours your neck and head at all the vital pressure points to relieve neck pain, shoulder pain, stiffness, etc. This pillow has two main sides: a short side and a long side for providing the much-needed support for the neck and head of people of all sizes.

4. Materials

Ecosa builds the outer cover of the pillow using a flexible, breathable and machine-washable fabric that ensures the proper airflow. Ecosa manufactures the central supportive part of the pillow using premium quality memory foam.

5. Firmness 

Like all the other memory foam pillows, the Ecosa pillows have a medium and supportive firmness meaning the cushion is soft and supportive enough to relieve neck pains and stiffness.

6. Cooling 

The breathable 3D structure and cover of the Ecosa Pillow work effectively in dissipating the moisture and heat from the pillow to keep it cool and refreshing night after night. If you like an ergonomic and cold pillow, this is a perfect choice.

7. Height 

The customers can adjust the height of the Ecosa pillow by adding or removing the various layers of memory foams that come with the pillow. People who prefer having their heads at a lower level of elevation can remove the layers of the memory foam to meet their needs and vice versa.

8. Off-gassing 

Ecosa memory foam pillows have minimal off-gassing when unpacked or unboxed. This smell primarily originates from the memory foam, just like any memory foam pillow.

Key Features of the Ecosa Pillow

  • Ergonomic
  • Affordable
  • Removable cover
  • Breathable 3D structure
  • Memory foam
  • Plush
  • Adjustable height
  • Adjustable firmness
  • Good support for head, neck, spine and upper back

What is the cost of an Ecosa Pillow?

The Ecosa pillow is affordable and pocket-friendly for good quality ergonomic and comfortable pillows. The cost of one Ecosa pillow ranges between $120 to $150 depending upon the sale on the official Ecosa website.

One can easily purchase an Ecosa pillow from the official Ecosa Pillow website or any local or individually owned mattress or bed store in Australia.

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Ecosa Pillow warranty, shipping and trial period

Ecosa offers free shipping and returns in Australia on purchasing all the memory foam pillows. There are many other services that the company offers its clients, like 100 nights free trial. During this free trial, the customers can return the pillow anytime before 100 nights from the date of purchase if the customer is not satisfied with the product. Esco pillow also comes with a 100 days limited warranty, during which the company will resolve all your problems related to the pillow.

Shipping Free shipping across Australia
Trial Period 100 nights
Warranty 100 days from the date of purchase
Ecosa Pillow

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What’s it like to sleep on Ecosa Pillow?

Based on the excellent pillow reviews and feedback of the customers, we have explained the following factors: pressure relief, ease of movement and climate control of the Ecosa pillows.

1. Pressure Relief – The neck and spine’s ergonomic shape and neutral position help relieve a lot of pressure from your head, neck, shoulders, spine, and upper back. This pillow also promotes spine alignment by placing your neck in a comfortable yet proper position.

2. Ease of movement – Ecosa pillow uses memory foam to completely contour your neck and head at all the vital pressure points while keeping you in a relaxed position every night. With the adjustable height, you can easily adjust the pillow with the help of the two elevation pads for boosting shoulder alignment and enabling you to twist and turn while sleeping comfortably.

3. Climate control –  The breathable fabric and the unique 3D structure effectively minimise the pillow’s heating even after prolonged use with the help of the heat and moisture dissipation technology.

Our verdict on the Ecosa Pillow

Like every other pillow on the market, Ecosa has some pros and cons, which are essential to discuss if you consider buying the pillow. The following are what we admire about the pillow and what we don’t like.


  • Comfortable

  • Ergonomic

  • Affordable

  • Improved shoulder and neck support.

  • 100 nights trial period

  • Adjustable height


  • The sinking of the pillow in some cases

  • Only 100 days of warranty

Who should buy the Ecosa Pillow?

Ecosa targets a wide variety of customers in the pillow segment due to its adjustable height, good neck and shoulder support and ergonomic design. The following are the people who can use the Ecosa pillow and make the most of it.

  • The Ecosa pillow is best suited for side sleepers. The users can adjust the pillow’s height to be high enough to prevent their shoulders from sinking.
  • This pillow is excellent for back sleepers as it offers perfect neck and shoulder support with the tall side of the pillow.
  • Ecosa pillow is also suitable for people who twist and turn while sleeping.
  • People who travel a lot can easily carry this pillow by compressing it and putting it inside the travel bag.
  • It is also advantageous and helpful for people suffering from neck and shoulder pain.
Ecosa pillow

Curious about the Ecosa pillow? – Here’s the complete review

Australia’s most comfortable Pillow.

Meta rating 4.3
Starting from $120

Who should not buy the Ecosa Pillow?

This pillow is not a good choice for people who prefer sleeping on their stomachs. Due to the pillow’s design, placing your head in a comfortable position is difficult for stomach sleepers.

Ecosa pillows are known for their comfort and ergonomic design. You can rest assured of being relaxed and comfortable while sleeping on this pillow.

 Although the Ecosa pillows come with a 100 days limited warranty, one can easily use this pillow for at least one or two years without any issues if taken care of properly.

Ecosa manufactures only one type of pillow for its customers. The Ecosa pillow has a versatile design that makes it suitable for most people.

Only the outer cover of the Ecosa pillow is machine-washable. You should not wash the rest of the parts of the pad to ensure the product’s durability.

The Ecosa pillow is the perfect sleep companion for side sleepers, back sleepers and the hybrid side and back sleepers.

The pillow comes compressed in a small packaging for greater portability. The Ecosa pillow takes about 10 hours to inflate to its original shape and size fully.

The two primary signs that can tell you that it’s time to change your pillow are- comfort and hygiene. If your pillow no longer feels comfy or itchy, you develop rashes, and other hygiene-related issues, you should buy a new pillow.

This pillow is created in China by Ecosa, an Australian company. The price, like the Koala pillow, may stretch a budget, but it is one of our top selections.

Your pillow should be high enough to keep your shoulder from sinking and to provide you with dreamlike comfort and support. Rest on the tall side, and if necessary, use one or two height pads. Your pillow should be high enough to prevent your shoulder from sinking. Rest on the tall side, and if necessary, use one or two height pads.

Betterbed’s Suggestion: 

BetterBed suggests that all people suffering from neck, shoulder and spine pains and stiffness bring home the perfect ergonomic Ecosa pillow for prolonged relief and comfort. The people who sleep on their side, back, and hybrid sleepers using the various height adjustments can buy the Ecosa pillow. 

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