Giselle Euro Top Mattress

The A – Z Of Giselle Euro Top Mattress – Review 2022

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.” 

– Irish proverb

Two essential requirements to maintain a healthy life are good sleep and well-managed finance.We are here to help you out with your decision on choosing the Best mattress for yourself. A comfortable mattress complying with all your criteria will inevitably help you sleep better.

Giselle as a brand is quite popular among its customers when it comes to reliability and affordable pricing. This time with its new Giselle Euro Top series, they are coming up with an innovative 5 zoned support spring system and three layers of high-density foam. The mattress provides zero partner disturbance and a firm, comfortable sleeping experience, making it a popular choice among customers .

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Inside our review

We at Betterbed always provide our customers with unbiased and well-researched reviews. This Giselle Euro Top mattress review will help you know about the product extensively and make the right choice for yourself. Information like design, firmness, unique features and material will be provided.

After interacting with our customers broadly and understanding their experiences, points of view and opinions, we have come up with accurate data. This data will help you make the right decision based on your sleeping preferences.

User rating
Trial length
Website rating 4.7/5
Spinal support 4.5/5
Value for Money 4/5
Giselle Euro Top Mattress

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How does the Giselle Euro Top Mattress feel while you sleep on it?

The most crucial aspect of any mattress is its comfort and sustainability. Giselle Euro Top mattress, fortunately, fulfils both criteria. The soft upper layers of the mattress give you a plush feeling, and the inner layers help comfort heavier sleepers. The mattress also helps in calming your muscle and joints while you sleep. The inner firm core and soft outer layers ensure that the body gets the optimum amount of plush sinking and firm support. Your body doesn’t feel the rigidity of the mattress, and you can expect a good comfortable sleep.

Giselle Euro Top Mattress

The A – Z Of Giselle Euro Top Mattress – Review 2022

Meta rating 4.5 
Starting from $1,695

Packaging - What’s in the box?

The Giselle Euro Top mattress comes in standard packaging. The mattress is vacuum-packed, making it portable and easier to manage when moving around. The weight and the thickness of the mattress vary with the size. Here are the numbers with the size

Size Dimension Weight
Single 190L x 90W x 36T centimetres 25.4 Kilograms
King Single 2.03L x 1.07W x 0.36T metres 31.6 Kilograms
Double 190L x 137W x 36T centimetres 38.93 Kilograms
Queen 2.03L x 1.53W x 0.36T metres 43.29 Kilograms
King 2.03L x 1.83W x 0.36T metres 51.46 Kilograms

The Construction

Giselle Euro Top mattress has an innerspring and foam construction. This combination makes it an ideal product for lightweight and heavyweight sleepers. The five zoned pocket springs provide a different level of support to the body, ensuring a snug and restful sleep. It takes about 24 hours for the mattress to open up completely, and thus if you are shifting to a new place, you should make sure you open the mattress earlier.

Giselle Euro Top Mattress Design

Mattress Design

The mattress is built with three layers of high-density foam, which provides a very comfortable sleeping experience. Giselle Beddings claims it to have a medium-firm finish and feel, making it a good choice for various sleeping positions. There are other compelling design features as well mentioned below.

Comfortable and soft

The Giselle Bedding Mattresses are made of Premium Belgium knitted fabric, and polyester fibre is used on the surface. The surface of the mattress is hypoallergenic and moisture resistant. This euro top mattress has high breathability and pressure absorption with a firm egg-crate foam layer and layers of deluxe support foam. These features ensure that you are comfortable and fatigue-free when you wake up.

Zero sleep disturbance

The technology used in the construction of the mattress makes it capable of a 99% quick rebound rate. The triple-tempered high carbon pocket spring has a 1900MPa high-pressure capacity and has passed 100,000 times tensile test. Also, the Mattress is certified by SGS for a deep sleep without any disturbance. Thus, you will have zero sleep disturbance at night when you want to rest peacefully.

5 - ZONE Support Design

Euro mattresses are designed with five zones that perfectly contour your body curves so you can sleep all night comfortably long without feeling sore the next day.

How is the mattress Support?

This is a medium-firm mattress with a 3cm thick pillow cushion topper with a soft and plush layer of crafted padding stitched right on the top of the mattress. There is a 7cm high resilience foam on the top layer, and then a 20cm thick pocket spring system in mattress is added to give you that medium-firm feel. In addition to all these features, this mattress also has an independent coil system which hands down provides you with the best support and sublime comfort. The mattress provides good spine and hip support and ensures your muscles don't feel any stress pain in the morning.

Materials used in the Mattress

Premium Belgium Knitted fabric and high-quality polyester fibre are used on the mattress.

The surface of the Giselle bedding euro top mattress is formaldehyde-free and has functional qualities like hypoallergenic and moisture resistance. Deluxe support foam and a layer of egg-crate foam are also used to give the mattress good breathability, keeping the body comfortable.

Offgassing Giselle Euro Top Mattress

The mattress is vacuum packed and is a bed in a box mattress. To unpack the mattress, you need to cut the outer packaging layer and then place it on your bed or the space you want it to decompress. Once set, cut the plastics in the edges and let the mattress unwind. All beds in a box mattress smell after they are unboxed. Thus leave the mattress in a well-ventilated place for 24 hours. Leaving it for 24 hours will let the mattress fully decompress, and the smell will disappear.

Giselle Euro Top Mattress Highlights:

The main highlights of the euro top mattress which make it different from the competition are:-

  • Premier series from Giselle bedding (Belgium knitted fabric).
  • 6 working turn coil systems for ease of movement on the Mattress.
  • Medium Firm mattress
  • Side handles for easy positioning
  • 34cm thick Mattress
  • Plush euro top padding
  • Hypo-allergic material
  • Independent coil system- good support and subtle comfort
  • High-density foam
  • 5 zone pocket springs for various levels of support.
  • Affordable pricing.

How much does a Giselle Euro top Mattress cost?

Giselle provides you with comfortable mattresses at great prices, and this is one of the reasons why many customers go for it. The prices of the mattresses can be different for various sizes and variants. The price range is between $268.90 and $685.90.

Pricing summary 
Single $268.90
King Single $432.90
Double $508.90
Queen $577.90
King $685.90

Euro Top Mattress warranty, shipping, customer service and trial period details:

Giselle Bedding is an up-and-coming brand in the Australian market, and they are willing to do whatever they can to keep their customers satisfied. They provide a standard 12 months warranty. Also, they provide extended warranties on selected products. They charge a  delivery fee based on the product's location, size, and weight but clearly mention that they will always provide the best rate. Thus, you can have peace of mind.


They provide a standard warranty of 12 months, and with some select products, they provide extended warranties.


Shipping is done on the next working day after the order is placed and payment is received. Yes, there are delivery charges based on the location and weight of the product. They work with four courier partners and ensure the safe delivery of your package.

Trial period

Sadly no trial period is provided with Giselle Euro Top mattresses.

Customer service

If you have any issue regarding your product, you can visit the contact us section Giselle Bedding and fill out a customer info form, after which their support team will contact you.

Giselle Euro top Mattress Verdict: pros & Cons

After going through the reviews of end customers, here is our verdict on euro top mattress, along with the pros and cons.

Most of the product customers were very satisfied with the comfort and price. Some customers did complain about the bed getting a little softer on the sides with time, but even they didn't say much because of the price point. Giselle provides an unmatchable combination of price and quality. Here are some pros and cons which will help you make a better decision.


  • Affordable pricing like none other in the Australian market.

  • Side handles for easy manoeuvre.

  • Comfortable


  • There is a delivery charge

  • It may be too high for comfort for people with tiny or smaller frames (>50 kg) who sleep on their stomachs.

  • Not the absolute best quality as it comes under a competitive pricing.

Who should buy Giselle Euro top Mattress

People looking for a comfortable and premium finish mattress on a budget will enjoy this mattress. The spring system and the layers of foams ensure good support; thus, people wishing for firm support can also consider this mattress.

Here are some points to summarise which will help you choose if this is for you:

  1. Euro top mattresses provide good spine support along with comfortable cushioning .Thus, if you are suffering any back pain issues this mattress can help you.
  2. If you like the feel of soft plush cushioning on your mattress and find out tight top mattress cause pressure on your neck and hips.You should consider euro top mattress by Giselle.
  3. If you are a couple and you are going to share the mattress with your person, this mattress is for you as it has zero partner disturbance feature.Ensuring a good sleep to the partner even when you are fidgety some days.
  4. If you are college student or someone who changes the position/place of your mattress this could be a good option as it has easy side handles at the sides for easy maneuvering.

Who should not buy Giselle Euro Top Mattress

When it comes to affordable mattresses, they will never be able to compete with the best luxury mattresses. Thus, even this budget euro top mattress has its flaws. we will guide you through some points which will help you choose for yourself:

  1. If You like the feel of very firm foam finish on your mattress and don’t want very soft feel when you are sleeping.
  2.  You are someone who is prone to allergic reaction on your skin, its is better you choose some other non-allergic mattress as although Giselle Euro Top mattress claims to be hypoallergenic but isn’t 100% void of allergens.
  3. If you are looking for a premium Australian made mattress with no sagging over time ,you should consider some other option.
  4. If you have some spine issues it is better to go with memory foam and latex mattresses as they are best options to keep your spine aligned.

Advantages of getting this Mattress

This Mattress provides the best comfort at that price.No other mattress brands can provide you with that level of comfort considering the price. Additional features like zero sleep disturbance, 5 zone support design, and plush layer padding make it even more compelling. The price point is one of the USP of Giselle euro top mattress makes it a very competitive mattress.


Thank you for reading this blog post! We have covered all the essential aspects you should consider before buying your next Mattress. Now that you know about the features, pros and cons of Giselle euro top mattresses, it's time to buy it and check it for yourself. Have a great day ahead! Regards Betterbed.

Euro top mattresses are those with padding underneath the top layer, which covers the entire top surface of the mattress so that it is flush with the edges of the bed it is kept on.

It is the same as the regular euro top mattress with additional natural latex.

Tight top beds do not have any cushioning on the top layer of the Mattress, whereas euro top mattresses have plush cushioning on the top layer.

You cannot flip Euro-top mattresses as the comfortable top side will get damaged.

Euro top mattresses generally last for about 8 to 10 years.

Euro top provides good support, padding and comfort, and this can be helpful in a back pain situation.

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