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Koala Bed Base Review: A Simple And Cozy Bed Base.

Although Koala is most known for Koala’s bedding or mattress the Koala’s timber bed base is no slouch. The Koala bed base was created with a clear focus on minimalism and utility in mind. Customers don’t have to pick between attractive, long-lasting, and cost-effective since this Koala bed base has all three! Koala spent two years perfecting its first bed base, which is designed to treat your mattress properly. Each panel of the bed platform is made of precision-cut wood, with ventilation to provide airflow and the best sleeping environment for the customers. We have summarized the Koala bed base review for you:

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Is a Koala’s bed base a good fit for your sleeping habits? Our review is here to assist you. It contains feedback from genuine customers on the feel, features, sleep quality, materials, and other aspects of the bed base. We make every effort to present a diverse range of consumer viewpoints and to use unbiased data. By the end, you’ll have a good sense of whether or not to buy a Koala bed base.

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What are Koala bed bases made up of?

Koala Bed bases are made with premium materials such as chenille and suede that are designed to provide a comfortable experience for the customer. They use high-quality Wood, cotton, polyester, polyurethane varnish.

Construction: Koala company beds are built on a solid wood frame with slats and then covered by cotton and polyester mix fabric with a polyurethane varnish finish

Materials: Wood, cotton, polyester, polyurethane varnish

What are some specifications of a Koala Bed base?

Koala’s bed bases are not only comfortable for the user but also help to relieve pressure on the back and spine. There are many types of Koala beds available on the market. There are also some specifications that you should be aware of before buying one.

Some specifications of a Koala Bed base include:

Type of material: Wood, cotton, polyester, polyurethane varnish

Style: Single or king

Height from floor: 12 inches or 8 inches

Type of box spring support: No box spring support, slats only, slats and adjustable metal frame, or boxed spring

What is the Weight and Thickness Of the Koala Timber Bed base?

The weight of the Koala bed base is 56.3kg for the Queen size, and 64kg for the King size. Each portion of the bed base is easy to transport in boxes, allowing you to navigate even the most congested staircase or elevators to your home. This is a fantastic alternative to a legged timber frame bed. An old Australian tradition for the timber frame bed, combined with the modern Australian standard, is a great balance that you can get with the right Bed base.

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How does it feel to sleep on a Koala Bed base?

The Koala bed base is wonderful. It has a lovely feel, and looks great.  While Sleeping on it, you will feel very luxurious and safe. It is also quite comfortable to sit on and is really comfortable to lean against. 


It’s amazing how much of a difference switching from a leather futon to a solid wood bed base makes! Even on warmer evenings, the bed base’s construction allows the mattress to breathe properly and because of its floating design, the Koala Summer Sheet Set and Duvet will never touch the ground. Even on mahogany flooring, the bed foundation doesn’t creak!

2. Support and noise:

Koala bed base review indicates that the Koala bed is compatible with any mattress. The 20-mm cottonwood layer creates a solid supportive layer for a memory foam mattress, capable of supporting even a large hybrid  mattress without drooping or breaking.

Although wood is inherently more prone to squeaks than metal, the Koala’s design does not include any bolts or nuts. As a result, after the pieces are in position and secured, the noise will be hardly audible. There’s no way the frame of the Koala bed base starts creaking because it’s really strong and won’t wobble.

3. Durability:

The Koala Bed Base is a heavy-duty bed base with an exterior coil spring that can withstand heavy use. This allows for durability and long-term use. It also includes a thick padding that makes it very comfortable to sleep on. The bed base is made from 100% natural sustainable wood, so it will last you forever! The Koala bed base is firm, which means it’s easy to clean and a perfect base to create the ultimate nighttime oasis. 

4. Other Features:

Slots for cables: The platform features two circular holes near the headboard that you can use to arrange your USB cords and charge your gadgets without getting out of bed.

There are two sizes available: The Koala is available in Queen and King sizes, allowing you to quickly choose the right fit for your master bedroom.

Storage for pillows: The area beneath the headboard is ideal for storing your best pillow.

5. What We Like About Koala Bed Base?

The bed base has incredible warmth to it, making your bed feel hot without the danger of a hot surface. It’s easy to clean and goes well with Koala’s flexible Mattress which allows you to sleep almost anywhere with ease.

6. What we don’t like about Koala Beds?

While the majority of reviews were excellent, several people were concerned about the rough edges, which left their shins bruised and banged. Worse, according to a Koala bed base review, on Reddit consumers complained about the creaking of Koala bed base. The wood expands and contracts throughout the day as the temperature changes, causing the joints to emit these sounds. Most of the time, simply applying beeswax or natural soap to the joints will fix the problem.

koala paddigton bed base
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What do users/customers say about the Koala bed base?

Here is customer’s review of  Koala bed base

Easy to assemble and the product was as per description on the website. Recommend to anyone who wants to buy a good-looking, stylish, and high-quality bed base. Quick and on-time delivery. We bought a mattress along with the base and it is very comfortable. Very happy with the product.

source: Productreview

Ordering, Packaging, Delivery & assembly Of Koala timber bed base

1. How to assemble the Koala Bed base?

The bed base takes only 4 minutes to put together once you’ve unpacked the boxes. The complete Koala bed base instructions may be found in their manual. To see how it’s done, go to the Koala timber bed foundation page and watch the assembly video.

2. How is the Koala furniture Delivery?

If you’re in one of the Koala’s same-day delivery areas you can select a delivery time that’s convenient for you. Order before 2 pm on any weekday and the Koala can deliver your order within 4 hours. Weekday evening and Saturday morning deliveries are also available!

3. What is the Trial period and warranty Of Koala beds?

On both koala bed bases that is koala Koala Paddington bed base and koala timber bed base it offers a 120-night risk-free trial for Koala bed base, which is longer than the typical 30-day trial offered by other brands. In Koala bed base discounts they offer some coupons and free delivery.

 Koala Bed Base Pricing Summary
Timber bed base
Paddington bed base $800-$1,200
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The finer details

Overall, the Koala is a high-quality bed base. All ships are free across Australia. Same-day delivery is even available for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide

Koalas have two types of bed base one is timber bed base and other one is paddington. After getting the Bed base , you have 120 nights to see if it works for you. Koala fully refunds your purchase within this time period and donates any returns to a local charity. However, they ask you to try the bed base for at least 14 days to let your body adjust. Sleep better than ever on your koala bed base ? Keep it and rest soundly knowing Koala bed base comes with a 10-year warranty. After purchasing the koala bed base customer’s have to register for the Koala bed base warranty.

Trial length
120 Nights
Warranty length
10 Years
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A solid bed base should improve the characteristics of your mattress and extend its longevity, and the Koala timber bed base fits the bill perfectly: it’s robust, noise-free, simple to put together, and provides excellent support for any style of mattress.

Some consumers claim that after a certain period of time, the Koala bed base begins to creak. So, if you want things to last a long time. Make certain you get the proper one.

The Sleeping duck has a super Adaptive bed base foundation, while the Koala has a top, hypersoft comfort layer which goes well with any mattress and due to its quality and durability, Koala bed base was a clear winner in our tests.

As a result, according to customers’ Koala bed base review, the Koala bed base is comfy, resilient, and of high quality when compared to other brands like a sleeping duck, etc.

 Koala is an Australian brand so its furniture designs are made in Sydney, and it is built in China.

A basic Koala bed base will set you back approximately from $600 to $1,000 although numerous low-cost twin frames are also available in that price range.

koala bed base

Koala Bed Base Review: A Simple And Cozy Bed Base.

Provide good , firm support and easy to assemble

Meta rating 4.7
Starting from $600

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We have summarized some points according to the customer’s Koala bed base review. The Koala timber bed base isn't inexpensive, and it has a few minor flaws that are readily fixed. It is, nevertheless, a high-quality product. So, in terms of price-to-quality, we believe the pricing is reasonable. The Koala bed base is sleek but friendly, lightweight but robust, simple to assemble but long-lasting, and customer service is top-notch.

Overall, the Koala bed base is a well-made, durable that's worth investing in.

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