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Despite the fact that Koala is best renowned for its bedding or mattress, the Koala pillow is no slouch. Koala aspires to create functional furniture while adhering to ethical standards. Providing 100 percent client happiness has always been a top concern for them, and they make sure of it with the simple buy, trial, and return procedures. 

People often get confused while choosing the right pillow. Waking up with stiffness and neck pain can disturb your next day and will indeed affect your productivity. This Koala pillow review will discuss what made the Koala best pillow in australia

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Are you considering the Koala Pillow as your future sleeping companion? It was a wise decision. This detailed review is here to help you know more about the Koala memory foam pillow.

According to multiple research, sleep is one of the most important aspects of good physical and mental health. As a result, having at least eight hours of sleep is critical for healthy functioning throughout the day.

A comfortable mattress and pillow are the only way to ensure this. However, what defines “comfort” varies depending on your sleeping posture, body temperature, health conditions, and other factors.

Choosing suitable pillows and mattresses becomes even more difficult if you share a bed with your partner.  As a result, we’ve created this Koala pillow review, which introduces a unique memory foam pillow with two sides: soft and hard. As a result, “no matter who sleeps on it, this pillow is a keeper!” 

User rating
Trial length
Delivery and service 4.5/5
Cooling 4.3/5
Koala Pillow

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What are the attributes on Koala Pillow?

Koala is known for its clever and quirky marketing, but the company has also gone above and above to make its product packaging memorable.

The Koala Pillow in Australia is packaged in a rectangular box (dimension: 76×40×15.3 cm & weight: 2.5 kg) with a carrying handle and a storage compartment. You’re welcomed with a sweet lullaby as soon as you open the box. What a beautiful picture! 

1. Construction – When creating this cushion, Koala chose to use a single piece of memory foam. It’s a design we have seen before, and it works very well. The memory foam is filled with gel to keep you cool as you sleep. On the other hand, Koala wanted to ensure that this pillow would keep cool even in the hot Australian summerFor this reason, holes are drilled to create a ventilation system that allows airflow. This is a clever design, and we should appreciate it when creators come up with innovative ideas. Overall, this is a well-constructed pillow, and Koala did an excellent job. 

2. Core Filling – The dual-sided polyurethane memory foam core of the Koala pillow is CertiPUR-US certified. This pillow is suitable for most types of sleepers because one side is firmer with a greater loft, and the other side is softer with less loft.  Furthermore, Koala has thoughtfully included a firmer rim around the pillow’s edge, which provides extra neck support, while the centre of the pillow gives the head a ‘floating’ sensation. 

According to our tests, the foam core of Koala Pillow is more responsive and lighter than typical memory foam. It has memory foam-like sinking and contouring capabilities, but it responds faster, allowing you to shift positions without feeling stuck. The foam core is also perforated to allow airflow and loaded with cooling gel to keep sleepers cool all night. Please keep in mind that the inner core cannot be machine washed and should only be spot cleaned with your hands. 

Koala pillows

3. Cover – The Koala cushion cover is made up of 66% polyester and 34%  Tencel. This is a fantastic combo, and there’s a reason they chose this combination. Polyester is a durable and highly breathable fabric. Tencel is derived from eucalyptus fibres. This material absorbs moisture more effectively than cotton while also being extremely soft. The mix is fantastic, and this is one of the best covers I’ve ever seen. Set your washing machine to 30 degrees if you wish to clean it. The cover has a simple design that goes well with the personality of the pillow. Overall, Koala did a fantastic job. 

4. Support – The height of the pillow is an important factor. The Koala pillow stands 15 cm tall. The high loft can be an issue for stomach sleepers because it makes them feel uneasy. However, we believe that it has a softer side that contributes greatly.  It is best for side and back sleepers. The memory foam piece relieves pressure on the neck and head, and the cushion is really supportive. Overall, it’s a diverse alternative that impresses users greatly. 

Koala Pillow

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Specifications of Koala Pillow:

  • Breathable and air-flow-promoting design.
  • Firmer (higher loft) and softer (lower loft) sides to this dual-sided cushion.
  • The pillow generally lies in the medium firmness range. The soft side is more like medium-plush, whereas the hard side is more like medium-firm.
  • The cover is designed from a polyester and TENCELTM Lyocell combination.
  • Polyurethane Gel Foam is the filler (memory foam).
  • It is possible to remove and wash the cover.
  • It is only available in one size: Standard (72×39×15 cm).
  • A 120-day trial and a 1-year warranty are included with the pillow.
  • Designed in Australia and made in China.

Koala Pillow Performance:

Is the Koala Pillow long-lasting? Is it suitable for hot sleepers? Let’s have a look at its performance. 

1. Cooling – The Koala Pillow sleeps slightly cooler than a memory foam pillow and about the same or slightly cooler than a microfibre or down pillow. The combination of cooling gel and air-hole core works well.

2. Durability – Koala Pillow appears to be fairly durable, thanks to its strong structure and high-quality materials. While Koala provides an industry-leading 1-year warranty on the pillow, we believe that with appropriate care, the pillows may last even longer.

3. Off-Gassing – A slight off-gassing goes away as soon as the cushion is opened. If you have a sensitive nose, let the pillow air out for a few hours before using it.

Koala Pillow

Get $34 off any Koala Pillow.

Warranty and trail period of Koala Pillow: 

1. Warranty – You don’t have to worry about any manufacturing issues with the pillow’s foam core because it comes with a 1-year Koala warranty. 

2. Customer service – With its excellent customer service, Koala has set the bar for other mattress-in-a-box companies. 

3. Trial period – The cushion comes with a 120-day trial, just like all of Koala’s other products. This means you pay for the pillow and have up to 120 nights to test it out at home to determine if it’s the correct fit for you. If it isn’t, write them an email at support@koala.com, and they’ll send you a quick survey to figure out why you’re returning it, as well as a prepaid return address and a full refund! 

4. Product shipping – Koala provides free shipping in Australia and four hour delivery to metro areas like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Elsewhere, your order will arrive in 1 to 10 days.

Trial length
120 Nights
Warranty length
1 Years
Free shipping?


  • It is suitable for most sleeping positions due to its dual firmness.

  • Ideal for hot or sweaty sleepers.

  • Provides good pressure relief and modest conforming support.

  • Comes with a 120-day money-back guarantee.

  • Most of Australia’s locations are available for free shipping


  • Price seems to be on the expensive side.

  • It may be too high for comfort for people with tiny or smaller frames (>50 kg) who sleep on their stomachs.

  • Only one size is available (Standard). 

What’s it like to sleep on Koala Pillow?

The Koala Pillow is perfect for most sleeping positions because it is neither too firm nor too soft. It provides a comfortable platform for dozing off after a long day, as well as good support for treating neck stiffness.

Because the Koala pillow’s core is made of memory foam, it hugs your head and neck and relieves pressure effectively. It also doesn’t mess with your spinal cord’s position, so you’ll never wake up with back discomfort or stiffness.

The memory foam is also combined with cooling gel technology, which aids with moisture absorption. This is extremely useful in Australia during the hot summer nights! 

Furthermore, the supporting cushion is flippable, allowing you to select the side that best suits your needs. The one side is quite soft, while the other is more firm. Here’s a little more about each Koala cushion side:

  • Pillow’s Soft Side – As previously discussed, the Koala pillow has a soft solidity on one side that gives it a “floating” feel. This side is ideal for stomach sleepers or anyone who has had a long day!
  • Pillow’s Firm Side – Back and side sleepers, especially those with arthritis, should use a firm pillow. The firmer side of the Koala cushion, as well as its strong borders, provide rigid neck support for these individuals.

Size available of Koala Pillow:

The Koala pillow is 15 cm tall, 39 cm broad, and 72 cm long, and it weighs 2.3 kilograms. It’s a conventional pillow with a traditional shape. It is only available in standard sizes and fits a standard pillowcase. As a result, this standard-size pillow is appropriate for both children and adults. 

Price of Koala Pillow:

With free shipping, the Koala pillow costs between $150 – $170. We believe it offers a lot of bang for the money, considering its features. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy getting something for free? 

Koala Pillow

Koala Pillow Review | Betterbed

With the choice of a softer and a firmer side, the Koala Pillow is perfect for all sorts of sleepers.

Meta rating – 4.5
Starting from –  $136

People also ask:

The Koala Pillow is ideal for all types of sleepers because it comes in two different firmness levels.

Because of the robust design and high-quality materials utilised, Koala Pillow appears to be fairly durable. While Koala provides an industry-leading 5-year warranty on the cushion, we believe that with appropriate care, the pillows can last even longer.

Smaller holes on the firm side provide a firmer sensation for people who need additional neck support. S stands for soft, and F stands for firm on the cover label.

The Koala pillow is a good option for neck pain relief due to its ergonomic design and ability to provide proper support and alignment for the neck and spine.

Yes, Koala pillows are washable.

Yes, memory foam pillows are worth it for their support, comfort, and durability.

Koala pillows are made of high-quality materials.

Chiropractors often recommend cervical pillows for neck pain, including memory foam pillows and contour pillows.

Doctors often recommend cervical pillows for neck pain, including memory foam pillows.


Overall, we believe this Koala memory foam pillow review compares well against other brands on the Australian market. In fact, the innovative flippable, dual firmness design sets it apart from even the greatest pillows on the market.

We also admire how ecologically conscientious the company is, as evidenced by its ethical manufacturing processes. Even better, the company donates 1% of its gross income to environmental initiatives every year.

What could be better than getting a good night’s sleep while also contributing to environmental protection? 

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