Why have tons of layers when three will do the trick? That’s what we found to be the case in our Leesa mattress review when comparing Leesa with other top brands; they only feature three high-quality layers and cut out the rest of the fluff. The Leesa mattress set out to be the one mattress for anyone, able to adapt to your unique needs throughout the night, while also keeping you cool and refreshed. And with a 100-night trial and 10-year warranty, you’ll be able to see if Leesa is the right mattress for you. However, the Leesa mattress is currently not available in Australia, but it is available in the UK through their company website.

Inside our Leesa Mattress review

Our Leesa mattress review will help you get a feel if this mattress is right for you. Inside, you’ll find information from real customers about the feel, firmness, sleep quality, materials, and more. In all reviews, we do our best to share a range of customer opinions and use unbiased data. By the end, you’ll know if this mattress is the right choice for your sleeping preferences.


  • User rating — 4.5/5
  • Popularity — 4/5
  • Trial Length — 4/5
  • Affordability — 1/5
  • Meta rating — 4.7/5

How does the Leesa mattress feel to sleep on?

Leesa Memory foam mattress

The Leesa mattress’ design is to be a universal fit for everyone with only three layers, while the industry standard is about four layers of memory foam. With that being said, Leesa’s 5.5 out of 10 firmness rating hits that sweet spot between soft and firm, making it just right for the average sleeper. The top layer of memory foam reacts quickly, allowing you to sink into the foam on contact but then slows you down with the second supportive layer.

That medium plush feel makes laying down, repositioning, and getting out of the bed rather easy. However, the bottom layer does add some bounce to the bed, which increases the motion transfer a small bit. However, it’s still barely noticeable and shouldn’t bother your sleep in any way.

“No morelower back pain since purchasing this mattress. It conforms to your shape and is cooler than my old tempurpedic mattress. I didn’t find it too firm or too soft. It is just right!”- Melissa

Even though this memory foam mattress can cause sleepers to sink quite a bit, stomach sleepers should still feel proper support and alignment from the second and base layers. That also goes for back sleepers, as the spinal alignment is the most important for them, and the Leesa mattress offers that support. Side sleepers are where this bed drops off a bit, as it may be too soft and not provide enough support for the back, neck, and hips with only three layers.

Edge support is an area that we found in our Leesa mattress review to be below average, as there is enough support there to avoid you from sliding off but not enough to keep you completely supported. It doesn’t seem to try and push you towards the middle of the bed as most standard mattresses do; however, other brands offer far better edge support, like the Tulo mattress. Either way, this mattress seems to provide the right amount of support and comfort to keep most people happy.

“It’s very comfortable – a good mix of soft and firm, which I like, and less tossing and turning than on my deteriorating old mattress.”- Jennifer F.

What is the Leesa mattress made of?

In this Leesa mattress review, we dug deep to find out precisely what this mattress is made from and where it’s made. Because Leesa wants this to be a universal mattress, the density of all three layers is very medium. All of the construction is done in the United States, so you can be sure that even though it’s not Australian made, its also not made in China.

The first layer is five centimeters of cooling memory foam with a density of three out of five, with five being the densest. This breathable layer allows for immediate response to your body’s weight by hugging you as soon as you lay down. This layer also features pin core holes that allow for continuous airflow, with an attempt at keeping you fresh throughout the night.

The second layer is another five centimeters of contouring memory foam, designed to relieve pressure from your shoulders, hips, and back. This layer responds much slower than the top layer of memory foam and is far more dense to give that supportive feature. However, this layer offers more support for back and stomach sleepers, as they need that zoned support more than side sleepers do.

The last layer is 12 centimeters of high-density core support memory foam, which acts as the base of the overall mattress and the final layer of support that reinforces the upper layers. While this layer allows for zero motion transfer, that is slightly heightened by the low level of bounce you get with the top layer. Unless you are of a heavier build, there is a good chance that you will experience some feelings of movement when your partner, kids, or pets move on the bed.

Leesa weight and thickness

In our Leesa mattress review, we found this mattress to be much smaller than a lot of the other brands we went over. Sizing in at only 25 centimeters, the mattress does sit a bit low to the grown, especially if you don’t have a box spring under the bed. Now even though this mattress has the base layer that acts as the box spring, adding one would raise the bed a bit, and adding a mattress topper will bring it up to that of a standard mattress.

Also, since there are only three layers of memory foam, the Leesa mattress is much less cumbersome than others, which is a good thing as it makes it easier to carry inside and install. Weighing a total of 33 kilograms, the Leesa mattress should be no problem to handle getting inside and to your bedroom. And since there are no professional installers here that will help you with your bed, the fact that the weight is much lower is a big plus for Leesa.

How much does the Leesa mattress cost?

The cost of this mattress is a bit more expensive when comparing against other all-foam beds we’ve seen for our Leesa mattress review. Leesa does offer the option to finance any of their mattresses, which is a nice touch, but that doesn’t change the fact that all of their mattresses are above average in price for what they offer. Now, this may have to do with the materials they offer, along with the additional services they provide. Check out how the price of the Leesa mattress compares to other brands with our chart below.


The finer details

Leesa offers a great 100-night trial of any of their mattresses. Meaning that if you don’t like the mattress within that time frame, you can send it back. However, because Leesa doesn’t have any other firmness options, your only choice is to send it back and either try their other mattress type or go with a different brand. If you decide to stick with the Leesa mattress, they do offer a 10-year limited warranty that will protect it if any damage comes to it.Leesa has a unique social impact project that they are continuously working on that helps those in need. For every 10 mattresses that they sell through their website, they donate 1 mattress to someone in need. That’s done through partnerships with over 1,000 non-profits, and since 2014, they have donated more than 32,000 mattresses.Unfortunately, when researching for our Leesa mattress review, we found that this mattress is only available in the United States, the UK, Canada, and Germany. However, they did expand the availability of their hybrid mattress and pillows to Canada, which means they are working towards a farther reach. While the Leesa mattress is currently unavailable to Australia, you can probably expect to see an expansion in the near future.

Who is the Casper mattress best for?

In our Leesa mattress review, we found that this mattress lacks in areas concerning side sleepers and only features three layers. However, with those three layers, they can provide support for just about anyone with their mid-level firmness and overall support from their middle and base layers of memory foam. While the price is slightly above average from other brands we have seen throughout our Leesa mattress review, Leesa makes up for it with their partnerships with over 1,000 non-profit organizations. While Leesa may not be the perfect mattress, it may be just right for you, which is what they’re trying to do.

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