noa mattress review

Noa Mattress Review 2021

A hybrid design with above-average support, our noa mattress review found the Noa mattress is ideal for people who can’t choose between a foam or spring design. The natural latex and Tencel cover make it a good pick for people who care about what they’re sleeping on. Although a newcomer on the mattress scene, Noa is gaining popularity among sleepers who enjoy a medium-firm feel without an outrageous price tag. The excellent customer service is just another perk of this already affordable design.

●●●●○ (4.3/5) based on 270 reviews

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Inside our review

As you scroll through this review, you’ll get a true feel for the Noa mattress. You’ll find information from real customers about the firmness, sleep quality, materials, overall feel and more. We do our best to share a range of customer opinions and use unbiased data. By the end, you’ll know whether or not Noa is the right choice for your sleeping style.

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How does the Noa mattress feel to sleep on?

The Noa is like most hybrid mattresses, with a combination of bouncy latex foam, contouring memory foam layers, and pocket spring coils. Sleepers sink slightly when first laying down but feel a comfortable rebound from the latex and pocket springs. If you enjoy a firmer feel than an all-foam mattress, but can’t imagine going back to a traditional design, the Noa might be your dream come true.

Most online mattresses position themselves as not too firm, not too soft. Truthfully, no mattress is perfect for every person. But the Noa is great for many sleepers, especially those who need more overall support. Back sleeper? The pocket springs mattress has strength to soft foam and give your back a break from a long day. Yet, sleepers who prefer a plush, sinking mattress may find the Noa too firm. It all depends on your favourite sleeping position.

That said, back and side sleepers enjoy this mattress the most. Side sleepers usually need a combination of support and softness, which alleviates pressure on the hips and shoulders without letting the body sink too deep. The individual pocket springs make this possible. Some all-foam mattresses are not firm enough for side and back sleepers. The Noa luxe mattress gives support without overdoing the comfort of memory foam and latex foam layers. But not all sleepers are happy with the Noa. Stomach sleepers may find this mattress too firm, especially if they’re smaller and lighter than the average person. Also the people with back pain will feel super lucky as the latex is good for bad back.

“Got the Noa after looking into all the options. I was a little sceptical and hoping the hype was matched by the reality. So far, so good–even if it took me a couple of days to get used to the new pressure. The 100 risk-free trials are reassuring, but I don’t think I’ll be needing it.” – Nathan

Pocket spring coils give Noa more edge support than its all-foam competitors. This makes it easier to get in and out of bed and sit down on the side during the day. The latex layer of mattress  also gives the mattress a bit of a bounce, making the surface spring back faster than a memory foam design.

Typically, better edge support means more partner disturbance. Noa solves this problem by using a memory foam layer underneath the latex. It helps transfer movement throughout the mattress, instead of targeting it to one spot. While movement on the Noa is more noticeable than all-foam mattresses, it’s a major upgrade from a traditional spring design. Plus, the pocket spring coils are individually wrapped to minimize noise and vibrations.

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What is the Noa mattress made from?

Like all hybrid designs, the Noa is made from three primary layers. What makes this mattress different is the order of the layers and the materials used. Below, we share how this affects weight, thickness, firmness, and feel.

Starting from the upper layer, the Noa begins with a layer of natural latex foam. This material is made from rubber trees and has an organic bouncy quality. It’s more eco-friendly materials than synthetic latex and is naturally hypoallergenic. If that’s not enough to love, this comforting fabric also does a great job of keeping you cool throughout the night. Plus, Noa uses only OEKO TEK certified latex meaning it’s free of heavy metals, pesticides, and chlorinated phenols.

Underneath the latex, it has an internal layer of the gel-infused memory foam layer. Like all memory foam  of memory foam mattress, this layer is less responsive and provides pressure relief by cradling your body. The layer of gel is meant to prevent heat from building up, and several sleepers have noted the Noa doesn’t sleep too warm. You can sleep soundly knowing the memory foam layer is REACH certified a European certification that ensures chemicals and materials are being used safely.

Next comes a base layer of the thin transitional foam layer, which helps sleepers ease into the pocket steel springs support. The coils are individually wrapped to lessen motion transfer and noise. Since pocket springs are smaller than traditional spring coils, they offer targeted support for sleepers, making Noa a comfortable mattress.

Covering these layers is a breathable Tencel fabric cover. This unique material is made from wood cellulose, which makes it easy to produce and sustainable to create. It has a naturally silky feeling and adds a layer of comfort even underneath sheets. The side panels of the Noa use a firmer fabric, so it’s easier to move and less likely to tear.

noa couple bed room
Couple unpacking Noa mattress — @noasleep

Noa weight and thickness

Before moving a Noa mattress, you’ll want to ask for help. Hybrids mattresses are heavier than all-foam designs, due to the pocket springs. The queen mattress size weighs 47.8 kilograms.

The Noa home mattress ships compressed in a box, but noa mattress dimension expands within 30 seconds of unboxing. While you can sleep on the mattress immediately, it takes 2-3 days for it to expand to its full 20 centimetres. Keep in mind, the Noa will feel different if you’re transitioning from a traditional spring or all-foam design. You should give yourself at least 30 days to adjust to the feel although many customers say it only took a week to get used to it.

Noa Mattress Pros and Cons


  • Great for sore backs.

  • Great customer service and easy delivery

  • It has a hybrid design

  • The mattress has eco-friendly materials

  • They give a 100-night sleep trial

  • The mattress has an affordable price

  • The 5 layer of comfort is like the cherry on the cake for your comfortable sleep


  • Bulky design

  • If you prefer a soft comfort layer, then this isn’t your type

Noa Mattress Core Features & Specifications

Weight of Product

Single – 25 Kg

King single -31 kg

Double -36 kg

Queen – 44kg

King – 55kg

Maximum weight limit
153 * 203 * 28 cm
Structure Type Hybrid Spring + foam
Material Natural latex or gel-infused cooling memory foam,

Thick pocket springs, and micro-coils.

Certifications – OEKO-TEX certified- Hand-tufted side perimeter, Tencel poly-knit fabric cover, Layer of latex

– REACH certified -memory foam, All transition foam layers

Country of Origin Designed in Canada, manufactured in China
Trial Period 100 nights trial
Warranty 15 year
Return policy Yes
Free shipping Free delivery in 1-10 business days
Best for Back sleepers, side sleepers and combination sleepers

How much does a Noa mattress cost?

Compared to other hybrid mattress brands, the Noa mattress in Australia is priced slightly above average. But it’s below average when considering both hybrids and all-foam designs. The higher price range is likely due to the Tencel fabric and natural latex foam. Overall, the queen comes in right below $1000, which makes it a good middle-of-the-road choice and also there is many discount code available on noa mattress.

$799  $449
King Single
$899 $549
$999 $649
$1099 $749
$1199 $849
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Noa Mattress Delivery, Warranty & Trial period

The Noa also hits average marks for its trial period and shipping policy. Noa ships free to Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore at the moment. And customers can expect the mattress within the delivery time of 2-5 business days and can try it at home for 100 days.

Noa steps up with a longer warranty and better return policy than competing online mattresses. The company offers a 15-year warranty, which is 3-5 years longer than most standard warranties. And if you do need to return the mattress, customers say the return and pick up process is incredibly simple and hassle-free.

Trial length
100 Nights
Warranty length
15 Years
Free shipping?

Noa Mattress Customer Reviews – What users are saying?

According to Custome Noa mattress reviews and testimonials present on different websites state that that the majority of users are satisfied with the product’s results. Those who have used the product point out that it has helped improve their back and neck pain issues. Some said that they love the product because it is comfy and firm best for back sleepers. Some people said the mattress is too heavy.

“Good quality mattress for the price. I have owned this for about 3 months now and it is supportive for my back. It does get a little hot at night as I expected for a mattress in a box however that is not an issue for me.”

People Also Ask

After spending hours reviewing traffic source on Noa mattress, one most common problem faced by minority people is with its flattening time. As the Noa mattress is manufactured out of Australia, it has to be packed in a box for a longer duration than Australian-made mattresses. Another key customer feedback seen in Noa mattress is the gassing smell, this smell doesn’t last for a longer duration and has no harmful effects on the user which makes it an awesome mattress. Moreover, you can use Noa’s 100 night trial period to be ensured about quality standards of Noa Mattress.

Allow the mattress to take 30-60 seconds to expand fully. The customer can use the mattress right after unboxing it. But The Noa mattress will take approximately 2-3 days to gain its shape and will fit according to your bed.

The Noa Mattress is one of the most reviewed mattresses in the online store world. We as a team have considered factors like manufacturing details, material, and key customer feedback to review this product. Noa mattress is a latex mattress that offers the highest durability and lasts the longest ranging between 10-12 years. Based on our research, if you are looking for a hybrid mattress with excellent durability then Noa is the perfect mattress for you in terms of comfort.

You can try the Noa sleep mattress only through their 100-night sleep trial scheme. It will allow you to try it for your adjustment period and make sure the mattress’s quality and comfort layer suit you. If not, you can get an easy refund under-mattress return policy. Recently, Noa has its showroom only in Singapore.

  • Those who are hot sleepers
  • Partners with variable sleeping patterns
  • Those who are used to innerspring mattresses
  • Stomach sleeper, side sleepers, back sleeper and combination sleepers

You can protect your mattress from any dirt or spills on the mattress cover by using gentle detergent on a particular area. Be careful while cleaning the spot don’t rub it just dab the surface. Also before laying the mattress protector make sure the cleaned spot is totally dry.

While unboxing the mattress package follow the Noa mattress directions:

  • Remove the Noa Sleep mattress out of the case
  • Lay down on the decided area or the bed frame
  • Remove the plastic cover from the surface and your mattress is ready for amazing sleep

The Noa is a hybrid mattress with bouncy latex foam, contouring memory foam layers, and pocket spring coils, similar to most hybrid mattresses. The majority of online mattresses advertise themselves as being neither too hard nor too soft.

The SGS-certified Noa Mattress is a popular non-toxic mattress. We understand how important it is for many Australians to have a non-toxic and environmentally friendly mattress.

Who is the Noa mattress best for?

After looking through Noa reviews and diving into data, we believe the Noa is best for sleepers who enjoy a firmer feel. (Keep in mind all reviews are subjective). If you’re a side or back sleeper, you’ll probably be happiest with this mattress thanks to the combination of cushion latex and dense pocket spring coils. If you’ve tried an all-foam mattress and found it too soft, the Noa could be the perfect balance for you. But the best way to tell if any mattress works for you is to try it at home. With Noa, you can rest easy knowing the company makes returns simple. Although it’s an up-and-coming brand, Noa is worth considering if you’re looking for a solid hybrid design.

noa mattress review

Noa Mattress Review 2021

Natural latex and pocket spring support make this mattress a solid choice.

Meta rating 4.3
Starting from $799

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