The first question to answer in our Purple Mattress review is the obvious one: Yes, the mattress is purple. But since it is underneath a knit cover, you won’t have to worry about re-decorating your bedroom to match. Purple mattresses are uniquely manufactured as a grid, with materials that provide support as well as softness and ventilation. Purple has also recently added a second mattress, a hybrid, made of both foam and coils. The two mattresses together will accommodate the fullest range of Australian sleeping styles, as our Purple mattress review will reveal.

Inside our Purple mattress review

The advent of high-quality foam mattresses is providing more sleep options than ever for consumers in Australia and around the world. We developed this Purple mattress review to help you evaluate if this is the bed for you. Our review includes information from customers offering detailed insights into Purple’s feel, firmness, sleep quality, materials, and more. We work hard to reflect a variety of opinions, both good and bad, backed by unbiased data. By the end, you’ll get a good feel for the Purple mattress and whether it fits your sleep needs.

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How does the Purple mattress feel to sleep on?

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Purple wants to be the mattress of choice for all types of sleepers, whether your preference is to sleep on your back, side, or stomach. The mattress will feel different than others you might be used to, due to the company’s patented “Smart Comfort Grid” design.

The grid consists of walls that will either “support or fold” depending on your body’s unique pressure points. It will flex in trouble areas, such as hips, back, and shoulders, but hold the shape in other areas.

“The best mattress ever. Took away all aches and pains after the first night of sleeping on it. Firm where it needs to be and soft where you want it. It conforms to any sleep position which is perfect for me. I wish I would have gotten this sooner! Lauren W.

The Smart Grid design helps limit motion transfer, so as your sleeping partner moves around, you won’t feel a thing. The grid also promotes uninterrupted airflow, which will keep the mattress cool and increase your level of comfort.

In contrast, the All-New Purple mattress represents a hybrid design that sandwiches a layer of traditional support coils between layers of foam. The outer layer in the All-New Purple is customizable. Customers can choose the thickness that’s most to their liking.

“Sleeping better than ever. I thought our previous memory foam mattress was amazing, but after sleeping on Purple for a month, anything else feels like concrete in comparison. Purple is somehow soft and supportive.” Nate L.

What is the Purple mattress made from?

This is another important question for our Purple mattress review. Purple mattresses consist of separate layers made either of memory foam or what the company describes as a “hyper-elastic” polymer. This flexible polymer is the material of the outer sleeping layer, the Smart Comfort Grid, which provides the combination of softness and support described earlier.

In the original Purple mattress, the outer layer consists of about 2.5 centimeters of polymer grid. Beneath the grid is a layer of very dense polyurethane foam, measuring about 9 centimeters. This layer serves to stabilize the grid and provide an ideal sleeping experience.

The final layer, at the base, consists of about 10 centimeters of medium-firm high-density polyurethane foam. This layer gives the bed the structural support it needs to keep you comfortable. All of the layers converge together inside a polyester-lycra knit fabric cover.

The All-New Purple mattress is put together differently, though it also starts with the polymer Smart Comfort Grid. Customers can choose how thick to make that outer layer, selecting from layers of 5, 7, or 10 centimeters.

Underneath the outer polymer layer sits a set of support coils — much the same as you might find in a traditional bed. The coils lay between two smaller sheets of foam. The polyester-lycra knit fabric remains the same.

A fun but interesting fact to note from our Purple mattress review: You should expect more softness, not more firmness, from the thicker Smart Comfort Grid layer.

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Purple weight and thickness

As you may be able to glean from our Purple mattress review, engineers have designed a fair amount of technology into the company’s beds. So you will probably find them as having a little bit of heft. The original Purple mattress in a twin is the lightest, weighing about 35 kilograms, going up to the heaviest at 64 kilograms in California king size. By contrast, the All-New Purple mattress ranges in weight from 41 kilograms to 79 kilograms.

The actual thickness of the Purple bed will depend a little on the platform you choose. But the bed itself, in the original Purple mattress, is a universal 27 centimeters. If you decide on the hybrid, the thickness will depend on what you choose for the outer layer. In total, the All-New Purple bed ranges from 27 centimeters to 33 centimeters thick. One piece of advice: You might want to get a little help hauling the mattress from the front door to the bedroom. It can be heavy and awkward to lug alone.

How much does the Purple mattress cost?

The Purple mattress sits at the higher end of the cost scale for foam mattresses. That makes sense, given the company’s focus on research and innovation. You can, however, find Purple mattresses at a range of price points to fit your budget. Don’t forget that you’ll pay more for the hybrid mattress should you decide on the more substantial outer layer.


Original Purple Mattress

Twin: $574

Twin XL: $749

Full: $949

Queen: $1,423

King: $1,049

California King: $1,349

The finer details

If you like Purple’s approach to beds, you can outfit other parts of your bedroom with the company’s technology. Purple now markets two pillows: the Purple Plush Pillow and the higher-priced Purple Pillow. The main difference between the two? The Purple Pillow makes use of the Smart Grid design, with the same advantages we outlined above. It will cradle and support your neck at the same time.

Also available from Purple are custom sheets for the Purple mattress, along with three types of Purple mattress protectors. Take a good look at the sheets. Because the Purple mattress is built to flex, the company has designed sheets that will flex as well.

If you fall for Purple, you might want to consider a seat cushion, also manufactured in grid design, or even a pet bed. You know that man’s best friend will love you for it. Finally, Purple markets two bases, one of which is adjustable. The base and mattress are optimized to work together.

Stay tuned for more as Purple proudly states that its beds are based on 30 or more patents, so new additions to the product line may be just around the corner.


Trial length: 100 nights

Warranty length: 10 years

Free shipping: Yes

Free returns: Yes

Who is the Purple mattress best for?

Not every mattress is right for everyone. Rest assured, though, that Purple offers plenty of options to find you a bed that works. The polymer grid design gives the Purple mattress status as an all-around bed for different types of sleepers. Because the grid either holds shape or flexes where you need it to, you’re sure to find a bed that fits your style. As we discussed in this Purple mattress review, the customization option in the hybrid bed is also another way to ensure a perfect match. And a perfect match means an ideal night’s sleep. Purple people, unite!

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