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Here’s Why You Should Try A SleepMaker Cocoon Mattress – Complete Review

The fantastic design of the range of Sleepmaker mattresses delivers comfort while offering a luxurious sleep environment. The SleepMaker brand was first established in Australia in the 1930s and is currently under the leadership of The Comfort Group, the largest bedding and foam manufacturer in Australia owned by a family. This SleepMaker Cocoon Luxe mattress review focuses on all the specifications, customer reviews, quality, etc., of the mattresses manufactured by the company.

It is essential to get a deep, comfortable, and relaxing sleep as it helps in boosting confidence and staying fresh and active throughout the day. A mattress plays a vital role in determining whether a person will have a good sleep or feel tired and have pains in various body parts. So having a comfortable mattress leads to improved sleep cycles and relief from all the pain and stiffness caused due to the poor quality mattresses.

●●●●● (4.7/5) based on 10323 reviews

How we review: 

This detailed review consists of crucial features like packaging, cost, the material used, warranty, and many more. Get a quick insight into the world of SleepMaker mattresses to better understand which mattress suits you the best. SleepMaker mattresses are handcrafted with a mindset that sleeping is an essential luxury of everyone’s life. It rejuvenates the mind and body to function correctly and have a healthy lifestyle.

Category Ratings
User rating 4.8 / 5
Popularity 5.0 / 5
Trial length 4.7 / 5
Affordability 4.5 / 5
Koala website rating 4.7 / 5
Spinal support 4.5 / 5
value for money 4 / 5 
SleepMaker Luxury Cocoon Mattress

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Packaging – What’s inside the SleepMaker Mattress box?

SleepMaker is Australia’s most popular and high in demand luxury mattress brand. The company achieved this by having secure and top-notch packaging quality and cataloguing a luxurious range of mattresses. The Sleepmaker luxury mattresses are shipped to the customers in factory quality by satisfying all the necessary safety and quality parameters. The box contains the mattress and a user’s manual, and a warranty card for reference and future use.

Size available Single, Long Single, King Single, Queen, Double, King, Super King
Dimensions Ranges from 92cm x 188cm to 203cm x 203cm
Material Two layers of Superior Dunlop Dream Foam
Comfort level Luxurious comfort
Support Comfort Edges
Firmness Medium
SleepMaker Luxury Cocoon Mattress

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Most people usually neglect important factors like body posture, support, design, construction, and more while buying a mattress. They mainly focus on the comfort factor and buy a mattress that does not compliment their sleeping routines and postures. In this section of the SleepMaker cocoon mattress review, the main focus will be on the factors listed below.

1. Construction – The SleepMaker mattress range has a unique “Fusion Gel comfort layer” technology that beautifully retains the mattress’s shape once you step out of it while offering very comfortable sleeping and sitting positions. 

2. Design – The quilted pattern on the top gives the SleepMaker cocoon mattress a luxurious and premium look. The Sensorzone 3 support system incorporated in this mattress minimises the motion transfer from one part of the bed to another. 

3. Support – The adjustable base and comfort edge support system offer a broader and more supportive build area for you to sleep. This Sleepmaker luxury mattress absorbs and spreads the weight equally around the surface to relieve pressure from your body.

4. Mattress materials – The SleepMaker beds and mattresses result from lustrous natural silk, which helps in improving the breathability and airflow in the mattress. Medium-density unique foam structure is comfortable and has a medium feel to provide extra support.

5. Firmness –  The overall firmness of this mattress is medium due to the medium density DreamFoam used in its manufacturing. It elegantly puts the person in a very cosy yet supportive sleeping position.

6. Cooling – The CLIMATEX QUILT used in the best SleepMaker mattress has high loft fibre that provides ample space between the two layers of luxurious and supreme DreamFoam. This incredible feature keeps the bed cool and breathable and minimises the wear over the years.

7. Motion transfer – One can quickly determine a good mattress by its ability to minimise the motion transfer from one section of the bed to the other. This SleepMaker Cocoon range of beds embodies the SENSOR ZONE 3 technology. This technology uses a paramount combination of spring and foam for targeted support right where you need it most.

8. Off-gassing – Since the SleepMaker makes its Cocoon luxury mattresses from non-toxic products and materials, there is no emission of toxic gases and other products from the mattress. The smell of the brand new mattress fades away within 3-5 days of unboxing and installation.

Key features of the SleepMaker Cocoon Mattress: 

  • Built using a premium silk fabric
  • Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial treatments to keep the bacteria away
  • SensorZone 3 technology
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Flexible and Adjustable
  • Comfort Edge
  • ClimateX Quilt
  • Fusion Gel comfort layer

What is the cost of a Sleepmaker luxury mattress?

The SleepMaker Cocoon mattress price depends on the size of the mattress. Although featuring in the luxury segment of beds, the SleepMaker cocoon mattress is pocket-friendly and affordable compared to its competitors.

One can purchase a SleepMaker mattress from online stores like BedsRus, MYER, BedShed, Beds Australia, etc. or visit your nearby local stores and bring home this fantastic mattress.

Size Price
Single $4,699.00
Long Single $5,349.00
King Single $5,349.00
Double $5,999.00
Queen $6,699.00
King $8,399.00
Super King $9,349.00
SleepMaker Luxury Cocoon Mattress

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SleepMaker Cocoon Mattress Warranty, Shipping & Financing options :

Although the SleepMaker mattress Australian reviews suggest that it is a well-liked and reliable brand for mattresses, the warranty, shipping and the trial period offered by the company are exceptional. This mattress comes with a 10-year warranty, free delivery and pickup, and one can purchase it using the various finance options available in the store.

Shipping Charges Free Shipping
Warranty 10 Years
Financing options Available in stores
SleepMaker Luxury Cocoon Mattress

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What do the customers think about the SleepMaker Cocoon Luxury Mattress?

Based on the customer feedback and SleepMaker cocoon mattress review, we confidently say it is among Australia’s top mattress brands. The popularity and demand for this mattress are increasing rapidly in Australia as more and more are paying attention to their sleeping environment. This section gives a better understanding of what the customers feel about the SleepMaker luxury mattress.

SleepMaker Mattress review

1. Pressure Relief – The “Fusion Gel comfort layer” technology puts your body in a relaxed and comfortable position, thus evenly distributing the pressure on your body throughout the mattress. This technology helps in reducing pains and stiffness in the body.

2. Motion isolation – The sensor zone 3 support system improves the motion isolation ability of this mattress by targeting support only at the point of contact between your body and mattress. This feature minimises motion transfer to prevent your partner’s sleep from getting disturbed because of your movement.

3. Ease of movement – With the Comfort Edges of the SleepMaker Cocoon range of mattresses, you get a confidence boost while sleeping as it reduces the feeling of rolling out by providing support to the edge of the mattress.

4. Climate control The CLIMATEX QUILT built from High loft fibre gives the desired rebound between two layers of superior dream foam, making it breathable and cool. SleepMaker uses the standard eco-friendly protocols and non-toxic materials to manufacture their mattress.

Our Verdict on the SleepMaker Cocoon Luxury Mattress:

Despite having unique features, top of the class built quality and reasonable price, the SleepMaker cocoon mattress reviews also reveal some of the downsides of this mattress. This section emphasises the pros and cons of the SleepMaker mattress.


  • Value for money

  • Available in various sizes

  • Built from non-toxic materials

  • 10 Year Warranty

  • Promotes a luxurious sleeping environment

  • Flexible


  • Not suitable for prone sleepers

  • The mattress dips after prolonged use

Who should buy the SleepMaker Cocoon Mattress?

  • The SleepMaker Mattress is best suited for people sleeping on their backs or spines.
  • This mattress is also suitable for side sleepers.
  • It is an excellent choice for couples as the mattress is cool to touch with minimal motion transfer.
  • The heavier people will also find this mattress supportive and comfortable.
SleepMaker cocoon mattress

Here’s Why You Should Try A SleepMaker Cocoon Mattress – Complete Review

Luxury material which provides support right to the edge

Meta rating 4.7
Starting from $799

Who should not buy the SleepMaker Cocoon Mattress?

  • The stomach sleepers should avoid using this mattress as it does not have ample support around the hip region.
  • SleepMaker designed this mattress to be cool to touch, so hot sleepers should opt for a different choice of bed.

Yes, the SleepMaker Mattresses are non-toxic as the brand only uses breathable, non-toxic and anti-bacterial materials that keep the mattress fresh and cool.

SleepMaker manufactures all of its Cocoon beds in Australia. The company is a family business based in Australia which aims to develop improved sleep solutions to suit every individual and has been doing this for the past 85 years.

 SleepMaker company advises changing your mattress every 8 to 10 years for the following reasons- spills and stains, bed bugs, increase in weight due to dust, skin cells, etc., and wearing of the fabric.

BetterBed Suggestion:

BetterBed suggests the SleepMaker Cocoon Luxury mattress to all the people who prefer a comfortable and luxurious standard of living. BetterBed aims to deliver only the neutral or impartial SleepMaker cocoon mattress review so that you can have a detailed analysis of the mattress before buying. We recommend you go through each of the critical points of this article before choosing a SleepMaker Luxury mattress for yourself.

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