Here's Why You Should Try A Sleepyhead Mattress - Complete Review

Here’s Why You Should Try A Sleepyhead Plush Mattress – Complete Review

Beds R Us has been providing the Australians with the finest quality of beds and mattresses since the early 1990s. We help people achieve quality rest and sleep by working continuously to come up with new and upgraded products and providing them with the best solution possible.

Each individual’s needs are different. For this reason, we have come up with Slumber Medium Queen Mattress to provide you more comfort and support. It is unique as it has two layers of superior Dunlop Dream Foam. It comes treated with ultra-fresh antimicrobials, featuring soft-density unique foam structure. 

●●●●● (4.7/5) based on 10323 reviews

How We Review: 

This detailed Sleepyhead mattress reviews Australia mentioned below is there to help you know more about it. We have provided you with all important information from actual customers about the firmness, design, sleep quality, material and more. After reaching out to multiple customers and getting their views, we have created this Slumber mattress review. 

Ratings by category: 

Parameter Ratings
User Ratings 4.8/5
Popularity 5.0/5
Trial length 4.7/5
Affordability 4.5/5
Website rating 4.7/5
Spinal Support 4.5/5
Value for money 4/5
Sleepyhead Mattress

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Listed below are the features that makes the Slumber Plush Queen Mattress stand out:

1. Packaging: Slumber Plush Queen mattress comes with fully tight plastic packaging.

2. Comfort: Offers dream sleep surface. High loft fiber provides bounce back between two layers of fine quality dream foam. It is cooling, breathable, and with minimal wear.

3. Edge support : Sleepyhead slumber plush mattress provides active sleepers (who move much in bed), edge support so they do not fall out of the bed frame. However, we have got mixed reviews regarding this. Some said they felt the mattress sloping down from the center due to their body weight, but some slept well. Edge support totally depends on customer experience and satisfaction.

4. Body support :This mattress supports your body shape by distributing uniform pressure across the mattress. The structure is designed as such to keep your spine aligned. 

5. Breathability : Slumber plush mattress is made up of eco-friendly Dunlop foam; therefore, it helps sleepers remain cool at night. The high-quality dream foam layers help in air circulation. 

6. Ideal for all body types : It aligns itself perfectly to all people of different shapes and sizes. 

Packaging – What’s In The Box?

Sleepyhead slumber plush mattress comes tightly rolled in an air-sealed bag. Then, it is placed into a box for shipping. This tidy box is much easier to move and unpack on arrival than a regular mattress.

Size available Single, King Single, Double, King
Dimensions Queen 153cm x 203cm
Material Dunlop Dream Foam
Cooling Excellent
Comfort level Excellent
Support Good
Firmness Good
Sleepyhead Mattress

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1. Construction: Soft density unique foam structure with a rich feel gives additional support and comfort.

2. Design: The stylish design makes it an outstanding choice for home decor. 

3. Support : This perfect plush mattress provides best support and accommodates people of all sizes. The pocket springs sit undisturbed by each other in the mattress, for this reason only those in direct contact with the body are in motion to give support where required.

4. Mattress materials: Two layers of superior Dunlop Dream Foam are used that provide absolute luxurious comfort.

5. Firmness: It is uniquely firm, considering it is made up of two layers of superior Dunlop Dream Foam mattress . Based on testing, it has been rated as a medium-firm mattress. However, firmness ratings are not related to the comfort of any mattress and no one can deny how soft this mattress is. 

6. Cooling: The soft density dream foam top layer keeps moisture away from your body to give you a cooling effect on those hot Australian summer evenings. The foam gives your Australian mattress a bounce back while being treated with Ultra-fresh antimicrobials which makes it hygienic, fresh, and odour free.

7. Height: The height is good so that you neither feel too low nor too high on it. 

8. Motion transfer: Slumber Plush queen mattress would help you sleep peacefully on the same side of the bed the entire night. It also comprises a motion isolation layer so you can move freely on the bed without disturbing your companion. 

9. Off-gassing: Most new mattresses emit an initial odour called off-gassing. To prevent this, it is treated with ultra-fresh antimicrobials which makes it hygienic, fresh, and odour free.

sleepyhead mattress


  1. Pocket Spring: Heat modulated pocket springs are placed independently in the mattress, therefore only the springs in direct contact with the body get in motion to provide support where required.
  2. Dream Foam: Soft density unique foam structure provides a luxurious feel and provides added support and superb comfort.
  3. Ultra-fresh: The layer of foams are treated with ultra-fresh antimicrobials to help keep the mattress fresh, hygienic, and odour free.

What Is The Cost Of A Sleepyhead Mattress?

Sleepyhead Slumber Plush mattress is available in Single, King Single, Double and King sizes. You get some of the best features in the mattress that even fits your budget, so it sounds a great deal! Sleepyhead mattress price is different for various sizes. Its price ranges from $949 to $1699.

Size Price
Firm Single $949
Memory Single $1049
Firm King Single $1099
Memory King Single $1199
Firm Double$1199 $1199
Memory Double $1399
Firm Queen $1249
Memory Queen $1499
Firm King $1449
Memory King$1699
Sleepyhead Mattress

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You can get your favorite Slumber Plush mattress in any Bed R Us local store or shop online on our website. Home delivery and in store pick up is available. Also, express delivery is available.

Warranty / Guarantee / Shipping / Trial / Customer Support / After Sale Service:

1. Warranty – All our SleepyHead mattresses come with a warranty of 10 years.

2. Customer service – Other than this quality product, Bed R Us also provides prompt customer services to serve customers well. 

3. Trial period – Bed R Us does not offer a trial period.

4. Product Shipping – Whether you visit Bed R Us in-store or shop online, they provide the means for you to get your purchase(s) home. Their online delivery charge is a flat rate of $85. Delivery locations in high-toll or regional areas may incur additional charges due to time, costs, and distance from the applicable shipping warehouse. Kindly discuss with your local store for more details.

 How Does The Sleepyhead mattress Feel to Sleep on?

Sleep is essential for our body to function well. So you should not compromise when choosing a mattress that will not fail to provide the best sleeping experience. Users say it provides excellent comfort and breathability. The dream foam mattress provides luxurious comfort to sleep on. However, there are users who are not fully satisfied with the comfort level of this mattress. 

1. Pressure relief :The dream foam layers in the mattress work to relieve pressure. The soft density foam layer with seven built-in ‘pressure-relieving‘ sleep zones supports several pressure points in your body. Sleepyhead Mattress gets easily aligned to your body’s contours, distributes pressure uniformly across the mattress, and keeps you comfortable in whatever sleeping position you prefer.

2. Motion isolation: Sleepyhead mattresses feature pocket spring support systems and firm or memory foam comfort layers. It provides motion isolation that helps you sleep soundly even if your partner moves alot in bed. 

3. Ease of movement: Heat tempered pocket springs provide ease of movement. So only those springs in direct contact with the body move, without bothering your partner to provide support where required. 

4. Climate control: The climatex quilt offers the dream sleep surface. High loft fiber provides bounce back between two layers of superior dunlop dream foam that is breathable and keeps the surface cool. 

Our Verdict: 

Sleepyhead Slumber Plush mattress is excellent for those who want a soft and sinking feeling along with moderate firmness. It offers features like motion isolation, pressure relief, ease of movement and many more. Sleepyhead mattresses by Bed R Us in Australia are getting popular day by day for their quality products and services.


  • Environmentally friendly, treated with ultra-fresh antimicrobials that aids in keeping products hygienic, fresh, and odour free with a medium-firm feel.

  • Available in four bed sizes.

  • 10 year warranty

  • Finance options available in store


  • No trial period

  • No free delivery

Who Should Buy the Sleepyhead mattress?

  • The Slumber mattress is an excellent option for side sleepers. The soft, dream foam mattress can give these sleepers the deep pressure relief they require.
  • It is a good choice for hot sleepers who prefer breathable and cool mattresses.
  • This Sleepyhead mattress may attract all deep sleepers. The firmness level it provides is best suitable to these sleepers.
Here's Why You Should Try A Sleepyhead Mattress - Complete Review

Here’s Why You Should Try A Sleepyhead Plush Mattress – Complete Review

Adjustable firmness and luxury materials put this mattress on top.

Meta rating - 4.7
Starting from - $1,249

Who should not buy Sleepyhead mattress?

  • The Sleepyhead Plush mattress review says it is too soft for stomach sleepers who require extra support along the hips.
  • Couples may want to move in different directions. This mattress’s softness extends to the edges, making it prone to sink around the edges.
  • Heavier people will not be properly supported by this all-foam construction and should instead consider one of the Bed R Us’ top Sleepmaker mattresses.

People Also Ask

Plush mattresses feel extremely soft, they are usually characterized as “cloud-like,”.  They give sleepers much cushioning comfort. They are excellent for petite sleepers, side sleepers, sleepers with pain, and more. However, the idea of sleeping on a cloud might not sound exciting to all. The plush mattresses are not comfortable for everybody, and they can even cause pains and aches in some sleepers.

The term plush is used interchangeably to help describe the level of softness the surface comfort layers provide. Just remember that plush, although usually used interchangeably with soft, is indeed a comfort level that lies between a truly soft and medium sleeping surface in terms of weight yield.

Though a plush mattress may seem more comfortable and luxurious, a soft mattress can really cause back problems for people with heavier weight, also for back and stomach sleepers. Very soft mattresses can also cause issues with partners in bed as well. The heavier of the two may continue to sink, making the surface of the mattress unbalanced.

You should not flip any mattress unless it is particularly marketed as a double-sided mattress. Most latex, hybrid, pillow-top, and memory foam mattresses are one-sided. Turning over one-sided mattresses results in extra pressure on the comfort layer, causing irreparable damage to the mattress.

BetterBed’s suggestion: 

BetterBed suggests Sleepyhead Slumber Plush Mattress can be opted by all. Its firmness level is perfect to provide best comfort and peaceful sleep to people of all sizes and shapes. The dream foam layers provide extra support. The ultra-fresh feel and climatex quilt are the best features for you to get a good night’s sleep.

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