Spinaleze Pillow Review

Spinaleze Pillow Review

Spinaleze pillows provide support to your back. It is made with a unique design that offers optimal support to the neck and spinal column. It is made from very light visco-elastic material. It is made of antimicrobial materials, which also prevent dust mites. The extensive comfort-inducing features of the Spinaleze pillow have earned it the 2020 productreview.com award. 

However, the heavier price tag on the pillow can deter some buyers. Still, we found some very beneficial aspects after checking and using the pillow. 

How we review

We have reviewed the Spinaleze pillow using an unbiased and data-centric approach. We tested the pillow and checked its construction, design and comfort level, and other benefits. 

This frank and detailed review is meant to provide an honest result of our Spinaleze pillow testing. 

What are the additional attributes of Spinaleze pillow?

Size available  4 sizes – High, Medium, Low and Children’s
Dimensions (L x W) 55 cm x 36 cm, Varying height
Material Cover-pure cotton, Inner=visco-elastic Ultra Fresh
Comfort level Optimal neck support gives ideal comfort
Support Medium firm for best support 
Spinaleze Pillow Review

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1. Construction – The Spinaleze pillow is made from special aerated visco-elastic memory foam. It offers sufficient support along with considerable comfort. The pillow has been approved as a piece of therapeutic equipment by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). 

2. Design – The special foam encased within the pillow is made to accommodate your body temperature. It is able to wrap itself snugly around your upper body and gives extensive support to your shoulders, neck and head. The pillow has significantly softer memory foam filling as compared with competing brands. 

3. Support – The special memory foam within the Spinaleze pillow keeps the body and neck aligned with the spinal column. This prevents abnormal twisting while sleeping, which normally causes most body aches. The Pillow is meant to support your head while remaining comfortable for your shoulders and neck.

4. Pillow material – The Spinaleze pillow is made from special visco-elastic memory foam, which offers optimal neck, back and shoulder support. The outer cover is made from 100% pure organic cotton for optimal comfort and cooling. 

5. Firmness – The Spinaleze is sufficiently firm when it comes to providing support to your neck, shoulders and back. It has a sloping top to provide complete support to your head without pulling your neck uncomfortably high. 

6. Cooling – The Spinaleze pillow has specially designed ridges all along the pillow surface’s length. This ensures optimal airflow within the pillow, keeping it remarkably cool, even on the hottest Australian nights. 

7. Height – The Spinaleze pillow is available in three different heights – 10 cm, 12.5 cm and 15 cm. 

Key features of Spinaleze Pillow:

1. Price – The Spinaleze pillow is somewhat high-priced at AUD 219 and is available on the official Spinaleze website. 

2. Dimensions – 

  • The Spinaleze pillow comes in four different sizes:
  • Low pillow = (L x W) 55 cm x 36 cm, (H-front) 10 cm, (H-rear) 11.5 cm 
  • Medium pillow = (L x W) 55 cm x 36 cm, (H-front) 12.5 cm, (H-rear) 14 cm
  • High pillow = (L x W) 55 cm x 36 cm, (H-front) 15 cm, (H-rear) 16.5 cm
  • Children’s pillow = (L x W) 55 cm x 36 cm, (H-front) 10 cm, (H-rear) 11.5 cm 

3. Filling – Spinaleze pillow is made from an Ultra-Fresh aerated lightweight visco-elastic material. This is an anti-dust mite and antimicrobial material that keeps the pillow clean and hygienic. It is filled with artificially-created antibacterial and hypoallergenic material. 

4. Cover – The Spinaleze pillow cover is made of a 100% pure cotton pillowcase. You can also use any standard-sized pillowcase to cover your Spinaleze pillow. 

5. Compatible  – The Spinaleze pillow can be used with any mattress that suits you and is compatible with side sleepers and back sleepers. The pillow is conventional in size, so any standard-sized pillowcase can fit the Spinaleze pillow. 

6. Return policy – The company allows customers to return unopened and unused pillows within seven days from the date of delivery. Customers need to return the unused pillow at their own cost. In addition, customers also have to pay a 39.5% restocking fee in some situations. 

7. Warranty – The Spinaleze pillow is covered with a 12-month warranty period, wherein you can get a pillow with a manufacturing defect replaced without charge. 

8. Trial length – The company does not offer a trial period for the Spinaleze pillow. 

9. Designed and produced – The Spinaleze pillow is completely designed and manufactured in Australia, which is another reason for its immense popularity in the country. 

Spinaleze Pillow Warranty, Shipping & Trial Details:

1. Warranty – The Spinaleze pillow comes with a 12-month long warranty period and protects consumers against manufacturing defects only. 

2. Customer Service – The Spinaleze brand offers excellent customer service, and you can find their contact details on the official Spinaleze website. 

3. Trial Period – The Spinaleze pillow does not allow a trial period. The return policy for the product dictates that the pillow should be unopened and unused to be returned. 

4. Product Shipping – The Spinaleze pillow takes around 3 to 10 working days to be delivered from the day of placing your order. 

What is the cost and dimension of a Spinaleze Pillow?

The Spinaleze pillow comes in three basic sizes – high, medium, and low. Apart from the height, the length and width of all three pillow models are consistent at 55 cm x 36 cm. The height varies between 10 cm, 12.5 cm and 15 cm. 

Is the Spinaleze Pillow effective in treating back pain?

Yes, the Spinaleze pillow is excellent to ease several physical problems, such as tension headaches, nerve pain and neck pain. It offers optimal support to the neck and back, regardless of sleeping on the back or side. It is considerably cooler and comfortable to sleep on. This is an advantage for hot sleepers on muggy Australian nights. Apart from this, the cotton cover is anti-microbial and keeps the pillowcase safe and hygienic.

Finally, is the Spinaleze Pillow worthwhile to purchase?

Despite the fact that the Spinaleze pillow costs AUD 219, we highly recommend it, especially if you wish to relieve neck or back pain caused by poor sleep.

Spinaleze Pillow

Spinaleze Pillow Review

Best pillow for Neck pain

Starting from – $239.00

People Also Ask: 

According to the company’s website, many buyers have used Spinaleze pillows for as much as 4 years. 

It is recommended to change your Spinaleze pillow at least once after every 12 months of regular use. 

It is not recommended to clean Spinaleze pillow with a machine wash. Instead, experts recommend treating spills and stains with a damp cloth and air-drying the pillow. 

No, sleeping experts recommend using a pillow which offers optimal support to the neck, shoulders and upper back. Sleeping without a pillow may lead to neck and back aches. 

Yes, Spinaleze pillows are made from advanced visco-elastic memory foam material. 

BetterBed’s Suggestion:

You will notice a difference in sleep on the first night using the Spinaleze pillow. The pillow is recommended for different sleepers, such as side and back sleepers. There are three main sizes to choose from, including sizes for children between 5 to 15 years. 

If you are at risk of allergies, then the Spinaleze pillow is perfect for you as it comes with a pure organic cotton cover. This cover is made from anti-microbial and anti-dust-mite material to ensure optimal hygiene. This is a durable pillow and lasts for more than three years of normal use. 

All in all, we at BetterBed highly recommend buying a Spinaleze pillow if you suffer from back or neck pain and are looking for a cool, comfortable sleep.

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