Cloud 9 mattress (Yinahla mattress)

Yinahla (Cloud 9) Classic Comfort Mattress Review

We can keep ourselves active and motivated throughout the day by getting a fantastic night’s sleep. A good mattress that is comfortable and supportive plays a vital role in you having an undisturbed and deep sleep. People having back pains and other back issues can help relieve their pain by sleeping on a supportive mattress. The great Cloud nine mattress was awarded Australia’s “Best Spinal Care Care’ mattress range in 2021, and Australia’s Mattress of the year in 2022 titles is one such mattress.

Yinahla Mattress is an Australian mattress manufacturing company with its production unit established at Chiropedic’s Melbourne factory, one of Australia’s leading mattress and related products retailers and has been making mattresses for over 30 years. This Yinahla Classic Comfort mattress review explains the various specifications, user feedback, advantages, cons, etc.

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How we review

All the distinct and essential features of the Cloud 9 mattress, Australia, like the cost of the mattress, sizes available, warranty, feel of the mattress, and many more, are covered in this article.

Category Ratings
User rating 4.8/5
Popularity 5.0/5
Trial length 4.7/5
Affordability 4.5/5
Koala website rating 4.7/5
Spinal support 4.5/5
value for money 4/5
Yinahla Classic Comfort

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What’s inside the Yinahla (Cloud 9) Mattress box?

A brand like Yinahla did not build its empire based on the quality of mattresses alone. Another vital factor of manufacturing a mattress is packaging it so that the mattress reaches the customer in factory-like quality. All the Yinahla Classic Comfort reviews suggest that the company pays proper attention to the packaging of the bed as well.

Parameter Description
Size available Queen, single, double, king single, king and super king
Dimensions 33 cm thick
Material Premium Australian Made Knitted Fabric with Adaptive Technology
Cooling Cloud Gel
Comfort level Cloud-like comfort
Support 9 Zone Ultra Coil Pocket Spring System
Firmness Medium- Soft
Yinahla Classic Comfort

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Anyone can distinguish a good mattress judging by firmness, construction, cooling, design, off-gassing, etc. The above-listed features are discussed in detail in this section.

1. Construction: The Cloud nine mattress is a highly resilient mattress with high load capacity complemented by the complete comfort edge box construction. This excellent construction eliminates all the motion transfer and features zero partner disturbance for all sleepers and body types.

2. Design: The top layer of Elastin Knitted Fabric gives the mattress an immaculate, elegant and luxurious feel. The unique design of this mattress effectively manages the temperature of the mattress while providing the required comfort and support.

3. Support: The adaptive support system of the Yinahla mattress provides targeted pressure relief for the thighs, shoulders, calves and lower back and optimum support for hips, head, back, knees and feet. All this is fulfilled with the help of the 9 Zone Ultra-Coil pocket spring. 

4. Mattress materials : The signature extra-stretch knit fabric of all the Yinahla mattresses makes the feel of this mattress so cloud-like and comforting. The extraordinary Quiltec and Hypersoft Dunlop foams help keep you relaxed from the moment you lie on them. It has a luxurious layer of their signature Cloud Gel™ which is more breathable than the ordinary foam.

5. Firmness: The firmness of the Cloud 9 classic comfort mattress is medium-soft, meaning the bed is plush and comfortable but also offers the necessary support for your back, hips, shoulders and knees. 

6. Cooling: All the premium and luxury segments of Yinahla mattresses incorporate unique cooling technology. This cooling technology consists of the breathable fabric and the Cloud Gel™ that helps regulate the temperature and airflow.

7. Height: The height of the Cloud 9 mattress in Australia is the same despite the size of the mattress you choose. The mattress has an optimal height of 33 cm, the most suitable height for all the beds.

8. Off-gassing: All the new mattresses have a certain kind of smell that lasts for about a week or ten days for most beds. But the off-gassing of the Yinahla mattress is pretty impressive as it only takes around three days from the opening of the package to get rid of the bed’ weird smell.

Key features of the Yinahla (Cloud 9) Mattress:

The key or the highlighting features of the Yinahla mattress are listed below. Take these into consideration while selecting a bed for yourself.

  • Fantastic Spine support
  • Cloud-like comfort
  • Easy on the budget
  • Great for neck and back pain
  • Premium Australian Made Knitted Fabric
  • Adaptive technology
  • Affordable
  • Award-winning mattress

What is the cost of a Yinahla (Cloud 9) Mattress?

The price or cost of each Cloud nine mattress changes based on the size in concern. The following table portrays the cost of the mattress concerning its size.

Size Cost
Single $2,669.00
King Single $3,049.00
Double $3,279.00
Queen $3,679.00
King $4,069.00
Super King $4,569.00
Yinahla Classic Comfort

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Yinahla (Cloud 9) Mattress Warranty, Shipping and Trial Period

Every Yinahla mattress is built from scratch for individual users based on their needs and is delivered to your doorstep for free. Depending on your location, the bedding is shipped between 3 to 21 days to your house. All the mattresses purchased from feature a 100 Night Trial period during which if you are not happy with the bed for any reason, you can swap it over for another mattress in that range or return it and get a full refund. A warranty of 20 years against faulty artistry or defective materials starting from the date of delivery of the mattress is provided to the customers. However, this warranty does not extend to damage caused by negligence, abuse or misuse and normal wear and tear.

Shipping Charges Free shipping all over Australia
Warranty 20-year warranty
Trial Period 100 nights trial period
Yinahla Classic Comfort

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What do the customers think about the Yinahla (Cloud 9) Mattress?

Depending on the Yinahla Classic Comfort Reviews, we have put together some essential factors that impact a user’s sleeping experience.

1. Pressure Relief: The exclusive 9 Zone Ultra-Coil pocket spring used in the Cloud nine mattress provides selected pressure relief for the lower back, calves, shoulders and thighs with ideal support for the knees, back, head, hips and feet.

2. Ease of movement: The Cloud Gel™ and pocket springs make it very easy and comfortable to twist, turn or move on your bed if you are using a Yinahla mattress. This mattress keeps your body in a relaxed and supportive position.

3. Motion Isolation: The motion isolation of this mattress is incredible as it has a high load capacity and the complete comfort edge box construction, which offers zero partner disturbance for multiple types of sleepers and people of different body types.

4. Climate control: The breathable fabric and Cloud Gel™ technology successfully work towards regulating the mattress’s temperature by keeping it suitable and comfortable to touch.


  • Affordable

  • Incredible spine support

  • Very comfortable

  • Amazing Pressure Relief

  • Good Motion Isolation

  • Temperature regulation

  • Luxurious feel

  • No sinking feeling

  • Your Content Goes Here


  • Quite heavy

Who should buy the Yinahla (Cloud 9) Mattress?

Cloud 9 mattress caters to many customers, from side sleepers and stomach sleepers to back sleepers and combination sleepers. Not all beddings are built for everyone. The following types of people are best suited for the Cloud nine mattress.

  • This mattress is the perfect companion for people who prefer sleeping on their sides as it provides the shoulder and hip support required by side sleepers.
  • People experiencing backaches and other back problems can use this mattress to get relief from the pain with an effective support system.
  • The combination sleepers can also sleep comfortably on the Yinahla mattress.

Yinahla (Cloud 9) Classic Comfort Mattress Review

Providing the ultimate balance between luxurious comfort and true spinal support.

Starting from – $2,669.00

Who should not buy the Yinahla (Cloud 9) Mattress?

One of the most significant factors one should consider while buying a mattress is knowing whether it suits your sleeping position or not. Stomach sleepers should avoid the Cloud 9 mattress.

People Also Ask

Cloud comfort is a fantastic mattress, and the multiple awards back this fact that the bed won for its comfort and support.

 The Cloud Comfort mattress is the ideal all-rounder that provides the merits of memory foam and pocket springs at an unprecedented value for money. The mattress features a 20-year warranty during which you can replace the mattress or get it repaired in case of unsound quality or defective materials.

Cloud Nine mattresses are made up of foam and do not contain any springs or steel. The core support and comfort layers inside the bed are all foam. 

Every Cloud Nine mattress is built using polyurethane foam, strand foam, Polyester Fiber (Strandfibres), woven Damask and knitted ticking, better known as Latex and wooden bases (Strandbox). All the Cloud Nine products are manufactured using Latex, viscous elastic and polyurethane foam. 

BetterBed’s Suggestion:

BetterBed suggests the Yinahla Classic Comfort mattress for every side sleeper, a combination sleeper who likes to move a lot while sleeping, and people with back problems and pain. The Cloud 9 mattress is the best combination of comfort and support that one can get from a mattress at this price range.

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