Is It A Good Idea To Buy A Zinus Mattress?

Founded in 1979, Zinus had a humble beginning, and with its resilient commitment to customer satisfaction and happiness, today, Zinus is able to serve 18 million happy customers in over 15 countries around the world!

Zinus is a prominent upcoming brand in the Australian bedding marketplace. Zinus, with its unique approach to adding natural ingredients to its mattresses, has gotten the attention of many. When it comes to assembling and using Zinus mattresses, it is an easy and uncomplicated process making them more likeable by the masses.

To be a healthy and joyful human, we need a comfortable and restful sleep, and for that, you need a good comfortable mattress fulfilling all your criteria. It is essential to have a good night’s sleep to shine like the sun the following day, and your mattress plays a very big role in the kind of sleep you’ll have.

When it comes to mattresses, they produce their own foam and also design them in such a way that you, as a customer, would get enticed with the product.

●●●●● (4.8/5) based on 155 reviews

How We Review: 

In this Zinus mattress review, we will provide you with essential information like the mattress’s firmness, material, comfort, and feel. After getting in touch with multiple customers and their collaborative feedback, we constructed this detailed review. Here is impartial, detailed data on Zinus mattresses, which we have come up with after in-depth research.

User rating 4.8/5
Popularity 5.0/5
Trial length 4.7/5
Affordability 4.5/5
website rating 4.7/5
Spinal support 4.5/5
value for money 4/5
Zinus Mattress

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Packaging – What’s in the box?

According to their official website, Zinus ships their mattresses smartly and uses innovative technology to compress, roll, and pack them in one box. The package, which weighs around 50 pounds, can easily be handled by two persons. The weight and dimensions differ depending on the size. The numbers are listed below for your convenience.

Size Dimension Weight
Full 190.5L x 137.2W x 30.5T Centimeters 49.81 Pounds
King 2.03L x 1.93W x 0.31T Meters 79.83 Pounds
Queen 2.03L x 1.52W x 0.31T Meters 62.52 Pounds
Short Queen 188L x 152.4W x 20.3T Centimeters 39.97 Pounds
Twin 190.5L x 137.2W x 20.3T Centimeters 26.58 Pounds
Zinus Mattress

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1. Mattress Design:

There are five foam options when you go with Zinus mattresses, and all the foams are built differently.

  • Memory Foam – This foam is infused with green tea and charcoal extracts which ensure freshness. This foam also helps better blood circulation and reduces stress on your joints.
  • Comfort Foam – As the name suggests, this foam is for the best in class comfort. The construction of mattresses with this foam has a layer of memory foam and comfortable soft foam.
  • Fusion Foam – This foam is a fusion of three types of foam: memory foam, comfort foam, and supportive base foam.
  • Rebound Foam – Rebound foam has more springiness than the other foams and gets in the shape of your body to give you an expensive latex feel.
  • Base Foam – This is the foundation foam of Zinus mattresses, and it provides head to toe pressure relief. Also, it maintains a strong structure and edge support.

2. The construction:

The construction of Zinus mattresses depends on the option you choose for yourself. We will give you a Fleeting idea about the different options and their construction.

  1. Memory foam mattress – This mattress is built to provide the right amount of support by adapting to your body type. The mattress has a cooling effect due to its features like Acticharcoal.
  2. Hybrid mattress – The hybrid mattress is constructed with 5.08cm Copper Memory Foam on the top layer and then 1.27cm of high-density foam, going to the last layer has 19.05cm of encased high-density support foam. This is ideal for big and tall sleepers and side, stomach and back sleepers.
  3. Pocket spring mattress – Pocket spring mattresses are constructed with a 1.27cm swirl foam layer, 0.51cm of HD foam, a 3.18cm Comfort Foam layer, and a 20.32cm pocketed spring with edge support. This mattress is best for couples and people looking out for bouncy mattresses.

3. Cooling:

Zinus mattresses have fabric with “ADAPTIVE” technology that works with your skin and regulates temperature. When too much moisture hits the material, it dynamically switches to evaporation mode and creates a cooling effect on the body. This fabric keeps the mattress fresh and dry and gives a cooling effect.

Protecting the mattress and then let it decompress itself. It takes 72 hours to decompress and be ready to sleep fully.

Zinus mattress review

4. Firmness:

Concerning the firmness of the mattress, it is subjective. Bodyweight, sleeping style, and other factors play a vital role. The taller Zinus mattresses are found to be softer than the smaller ones. That is an apparent reason for additional foam layers present in the taller ones.

In general, keeping aside the factors, Zinus mattresses have a soft and fresh feel, and you can feel the plush, smooth sink in quality in it when you sleep on them.

5. Mattress Materials :

Zinus mattresses are natural body-friendly ingredients like green tea and activated charcoal fabrics. They provide their customers with options to choose from when considering the type of foam. Each of the mattresses has notable additions to it, as mentioned in the construction section of the review. Thus, the feel and finish of Zinus mattresses are unique and good. The materials in Zinus mattresses make sure you have a cool, fresh and dry mattress when you sleep peacefully.

6. Off-gassing Zinus mattresses:

All the Zinus mattresses are smartly shipped. With their patented technology, they can pack the mattress in a single box and conveniently ship it. You need to cut open the plastic layer protecting the mattress and then let it decompress itself. It takes 72 hours to decompress and be ready to sleep fully.

Zinus mattress highlights:

Here are some highlights which make Zinus mattresses different from the competition:-

  • Gel-infused green tea memory foam ensures a fresh mattress always.
  • Zinus mattresses Acticharocal technology makes sure the mattress doesn’t get moist and gives you a comfortable, soft, and dry feel.
  • The ADAPTIVE” technology in their fabric makes sure to regulate your body temperature exactly when required.
  • It provides full-body support and aligns the spine with seven zones for the best comfort.
  • Their foam is CertiPUR- the US certified for durability, performance and satisfaction.
  • With their patented innovative shipping technology, they deliver their packages conveniently and in just one box.

How much does Zinus mattresses cost?

Zinus mattress Australia provides its customers with good quality mattresses at a reasonable price. It ranges from $349 to $679. The prices of Zinus mattresses can be different for different variants and sizes. Here is a price summary table to help you understand the costs better.

Pricing summary 
Copper Hybrid Mattress $479 – $679
Ultra-Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress $499 – $649
Support Plus Pocket Spring Mattress $349 – $629

 You can get all the variants of Zinus mattresses on the Amazon website and the official website of Zinus.

Zinus Mattress

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Sleeper Type Analysis of Zinus mattress: 

This analysis provides an idea about what type of Zinus mattress would be best for you according to your sleeping type or sleeping habits.

1. The side sleeper – If you are a side sleeper, getting a softer feeling mattress is always recommended as your spine alignment should not be unnatural. Zinus Hybrid mattress would be a good option for side sleepers. The mattress should mound around your curves and give you good support.

2. The stomach sleeper – Stomach sleepers tend to have more pressure on their chest and hips; thus, finding a mattress with a firm base to support your body is always better. Pocket spring mattresses help stomach sleepers with the necessary support.

3. The back sleeper – If you are a person who is a back sleeper, you should get a mattress with good consistent support around your back and spine. A medium-firm mattress will be a good option. Memory foam mattresses by Zinus are an option you can consider.

How does the Zinus mattress feel to sleep on?

The only reason you buy a mattress is to have a comfortable sleep. It is imperative to know about the mattress’s feel and comfort before buying one. Thus, let us guide you with the sleeping experience on the Zinus mattress.

Zinus mattress is the official mattress partner of LPGA(Ladies Professional Golf Association) and has been serving athletes with their mattresses. Their mattresses are specially built to provide users with a cool and relaxing feel. The 2Inch memory foam layer makes sure the mattress gets adapted to your body and sleeping postures and aids side, stomach and back sleepers.

When you sleep on a Zinus mattress, there are some things exclusive features it which are helpful to sleep better. You get good body support that aligns your spine with 7 zones for optimal comfort. The mattresses are infused with all-natural green tea extracts, making them feel fresh for a longer time. Their “ActiveCharcoal” feature ensures the mattress is moisture-free and gives you a comfortable, soft, and dry feeling on your mattress.

Zinus mattresses warranty, shipping, customer service and trial period details:

Zinus, as a brand, promises to provide the best customer service, and if there is any fault from their side, they will take responsibility for getting it corrected.

1. Warranty policy: Zinus provides all its mattress customers with a 10-year worry-free limited warranty. The limited warranty will be valid if the mattress is purchased from an authorized retailer and the product is registered online. Also, a valid receipt of purchase is necessary to claim a warranty.

2. Shipping: Free shipping is provided as standard by Zinus and typically takes 5-12 business days to reach the delivery location.

3. Customer service : Zinus provide 24/7 customer service to its customers, and you can contact them at is a support button on the top right side of their website where you can submit your issue.

4. Trial period: A trial period of 100 days is provided for customers living in the US. The Australian market does not get any trial period.

Our Verdict on Zinus mattress: 

After analyzing the customer reviews and researching the product, here is our verdict on Zinus mattresses.

Most of the mattress customers were satisfied with the mattress and loved their experience with it. Very few customers complained about the mattress not getting fully decompressed even after 72 hours. Still, they did agree that even though it took more than the estimated time, it did expand later on.

These are some of the pros and cons that will help you make your own decision.


  • Natural products like green tea and charcoal are used for better freshness.

  • The pricing range is reasonable.

  • Comfortable and durable.



  • No free trial on the Australian market.

  • Some mattresses take too long to decompress fully.

  • Few customers complained about black mould growing on the mattress with time.

Who should buy the Zinus mattress?

Let’s give you some brief about the fundamentals of the Zinus mattress so that you can choose if it is the right bed for you. Your preferences should be based on your sleeping habits, body weight and height. Go through the listed points, and you will get a vivid idea.

  • Zinus mattress is a good option for the side sleeper and the back sleepers. The mattress provides a good amount of firmness and support and memory foam technology.
  • It is a good choice for hot sleepers as the fabric has adaptive heat tech, which evaporates moisture and regulates body temperature.
  • If you love to have a fresh and dry bed all the time, this mattress is a good option as it has green tea and charcoal extracts that keep the mattress fresh for a long time.
Zinus mattress review

Is It A Good Idea To Buy A Zinus Mattress?

A foam/micro-spring design with bounce and body-shaping support.

Meta rating – 4.5 
Starting from – $449

Who should not buy a Zinus mattress?

Although Zinus provides its customers with good quality mattresses, they are not the absolute perfect. Thus, keeping that in mind, here are some points that will help you choose if this is not for you.

  •  This mattress is not recommended for stomach sleepers who require a firm mattress to support their chest and hips since it is a medium-firm mattress.
  • If your weight is heavier, you should go for a much firmer mattress than the Zinus mattresses.
  • People looking for a luxurious mattress with a plush feeling should not consider buying this mattress.

People Also Ask: 

Zinus mattress is a comfortable mattress and is highly rated in terms of comfort. Its memory foam gel gets custom adapted according to your body and gives you comfortable and firm support while you sleep.

Although it is somewhat different for each sleeper, most all-foam mattresses last 5 and 7 years, however, some have complained about the durability of the  Zinus mattresses.

Zinus mattresses can take up to 72 hours to expand. However, most customers describe the process as simple—some complaints about uneven expansion

The answer to this is subjective, but most customers love the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam mattress.

You can always buy Zinus mattresses from Amazon; however, there are times when amazon does not have any stock left. You can visit the Zinus website and order your product from there in that case.


This blog was written after extensively researching the product and having come up with unbiased opinions to help you decide which mattress is right for you. After careful consideration, we have concluded that Zinus mattresses are affordable, good quality and loaded with unique features that help sleep better. However, it is not the absolute perfect mattress and has its flaws.

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