Shopping for a bed frame and mattress can be exciting until the moment you realise that there are a plethora of options available in the market. While you can attempt to choose randomly from the accessible options, or you can understand the various sizes before making an informed decision.

To help you with your shopping, we will discuss the frequent questions you must know the answer to.

Which Size Bed And Mattress Is Best For Me?

Ideally, your bed frame should be 6 inches longer than your mattress. If you are sleeping with a partner, your elbow shouldn’t bump with your partner’s elbow after keeping your hands behind your heads. 

Also, before deciding the bed size, determine the number of people (or pets) who will be occupying your bed. 

To make it look easy and simple, we have created a chart that helps you to understand which mattress can work for you.

  • Twin (74.5″ L) = Suitable for anyone under 5’9″
  • Twin XL (79.5″ L) = Good for anyone under 6’2″
  • Full (74.5″ L) = A good choice for anyone under 5’9″
  • Queen (79.5″ L) = A good choice for individuals under 6’2″
  • King (79.5″ L) = Good for anyone under 6’2″
  • Cal King (83.5″ L) = Perfect for anyone under 6’6″

How Much Bigger Should A Bed Frame Be Than A Mattress?

A bed frame should be at least five inches bigger than the mattress for the mattress to have some space to breathe. If you get a mattress that is bigger than the bed frame, then it will result in the folding or bending of the mattress.

In case the bed frame is too big and exceeds the five-inch rule, then the mattress will slip and slide from the frame, making it uncomfortable for you or any user. 

What Is The Biggest Bed Frame You Can Get?

A bed directly mirrors the comfort and coziness that you crave while sleeping. There are a number of different sizes of bed frames available. But, your preference depends on the size you need – even if you sleep alone or have a partner to accompany you.

Some of the various sizes are:

  • Small Single or Cot
  • Single Twin or Bunk
  • Twin Extra Long
  • King Single or Super Single
  • Small double or Three quarter
  • Full Double
  • Double Extra Long
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King

Among these, the biggest bed frame you wish to acquire is King size. The King size offers larger width than the length. However, if you wish to get a bed frame that renders more length than width, you should go ahead and purchase California King.

Bed Frame Size According To Style:

1. Single Size Bed Frames & Mattresses

A standard Australian single size mattress provides ample sleeping space for an individual. They are also a good choice for those toddlers who have graduated from their crib and can enjoy snuggling in single bed frames and mattresses.

Best for individuals, the single size bed frame and mattress can be your ideal choice if you are shopping for a small space. However, the length and width can differ depending on the choice of your design and the involvement of headboards and footboards

2. King Single Bed Frames & Mattress Size

A king single bed renders a longer and wider dimension than any traditional single bed. This size makes up for an excellent choice for adolescents or for adult students, sharing an apartment. Since they are a great choice for most adults, they can also be set up in guest houses or can be used by individuals in their apartments who stay away from home due to their work.

3. King Size Bed Frame & Mattresses

The king-size is the largest size in bed frames and mattresses that you can find from any Australian retailer. They are the same size as the queen dimensions, just more comprehensive than the latter – a great choice for families and couples looking for a spacious upgrade.

4. Queen Size Bed Frame & Mattresses

The queen size is somewhat popular in Australian homes due to its provision of extra space. Because of the comfort of this space, it has become a popular choice among couples and individuals who crave more space. 

If you are someone who is remodeling your bedroom and is upgrading to a more mature life that involves commitment, work-life, marriage, or even heartbreak, a queen size bed and mattress is what you need.

5. Double Bed Frames & Mattress Sizes

This one right here can be your alternative choice to a king single or single size bed because they are almost of the same sizes. A double bed frame is just bigger in width than a single bed. They are a popular choice for guest bedrooms and can be used by both teenagers and adults. Nevertheless, if taller genes run in your family, a king, single, or queen still should be your choice for more comfort

6. Twin 

They are the smallest bed frame and mattress in the market that offers their assistance to kids and single sleepers. They can be used in bunk beds as well if you wish to maximize your small space

How Bigger Is A Bed Frame In Comparison To A Mattress?

As mentioned earlier, a bed frame can be five to six inches larger than a mattress as long as the mattress is not sliding out or folding into. But, the frame’s size sometimes depends on the frame’s shape. From a wide range of bed frames types, sleigh beds are bulkier than platform frames since they include large, curved headboards and footboards that stick out.

Should My Bed Frame Be Bigger Than My Mattress?

Even if it is suggested to purchase a bed frame that is five to six inches bigger than your mattress size, you should always try to get yourself a bed frame the same size as your mattress. It can be one inch bigger than your mattress to fit in effortlessly, but it entirely depends on the type of bed frame and the designs you are opting for

However, you should always remember that the main target here is to avoid the mattress getting folded or sliding out of the frame

Which Size Bed And Mattress Is Best For you?

How Big Should Your Bed Be?

Essentially the size of your bed frame and mattress depends on your needs and circumstances. You need to consider a few aspects, such as your reason for getting a new bed frame or mattress and how many persons or pets will be occupying the space. It would help if you also considered the dimensions of your bedroom before  buying a bed frame. This way, you can plan on getting the size, design and type that maximizes your bedroom space while enhancing its surroundings and leaving room for extra furniture. 

If the bedroom’s dimensions are at least 7 x 10 square feet in size, you can look for a Full-size bed (54″ x75″) while giving some space for extra furniture. 

Conclusion :

In order to wake up with determination, you need to sleep with satisfaction. And this can only be achieved by a best bed frame and mattress that offers optimal support and comfort. With a plethora of various types of bed frames and mattresses available, you must ensure to satisfy all your needs and select the size that matches your current bed size. You can also try to answer some of the questions, like,

  • Will the mattress suit your height?
  • What’s the warranty on your new bed?
  • Are you making your choice within your decided budget?

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