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100 Easy Ways to Fall Asleep Fast

Can't sleep? Here are 100 simple tricks that anyone can use to fall asleep quickly (from A to Zzz). We all know about the power of a great night’s sleep. We bounce out of bed in the mornings, our energy levels are high, and we feel alert and engaged. Physically, our skin glows, our hair is glossy, and our [...]

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How Often Should You Replace Your Mattress?

You know you're supposed to replace your mattress after a certain amount of time. You might even notice that your current mattress doesn't feel as comfortable as it once was, and you're thinking about buying a new one. But how often should you replace your mattress for the best sleep while also getting the most out of your investment? [...]

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Sleeping Habits of the Rich and Famous & You

The truth is that personal sleeping habits develop over time naturally, and a variety of factors influence our slumber. ‍ As if that’s not enough — ‍ The position you sleep in reveals a lot about your personality! These are just a few of the things you can learn about yourself from the way you sleep: via [...]

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What Happens to the Body When It Goes Without Sleep

via GIPHY Sleep is important. Everyone needs to sleep. Of course, the amount of sleep is dependent on each individual. ‍ Babies, for instance, need twice as much sleep as adults. ‍ Different activity levels also require different amounts of sleep. However, one constant still remains. Everyone needs sleep. ‍ So what happens to your mind and [...]

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