Gone are those days when kids’ beds were just a smaller version of regular beds with different colors for boys and girls. The next trend in children’s beds was cartoon characters printed on beds again with a difference for boys and girls. But today, there is more of a focus on design and innovation for your bedroom.

You will see practical, engineered adjustments based on body health and heights. The innovation and creativity in designing the beds for children are boundless which can make research a little more complicated.

This review will guide you through the latest designs and get you on a purchasing path.

Kids Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are kids’ all-time favorite and thus top the list of the best kids’ bed designs. Parents love this bed type too. This bunk bed is a multi-story unit having 2 or 3 beds, one above the other connected with a ladder. Few bunk beds are detachable into ‘L’ shape. The most significant advantage of a bunk bed is that it takes a single bed space but accommodates 2 or 3 kids in the same area. This is fun for kids and a space-saver for parents.

Loft Beds

Smastad Loft Bed with desk

A Loft bed is a bed that is on the upper bunk, giving space beneath it for various other uses. This works out best for the kids’ room as you can have another piece of furniture beneath the loft bed. You can combine Loft bed with a desk, wardrobe or anything else on the same floor as an extra storage space. Please don’t get confused with bunk beds and loft beds; they are not the same but different.

Trundle Beds

Trundle beds can be a great option if you have two kids and height restrictions in rooms for bunk beds. These beds will easily accommodate two kids in the floor space of a single bed. Trundle beds have a 2nd bed beneath the first bed, which can be pulled out as it has wheels. It will look like a single bed according to dimensions, but during night times, you can pull out the 2nd bed from beneath it and make it a double bed for two kids to sleep comfortably.

Kids Beds with Slides

Neptune Harvey Norman Kids Beds

As we mentioned earlier, there is no end to innovation in kids’ beds these days. One such product of innovative ideas is the bed with slides. They are generally seen with bunk beds or loft beds. There would be a slide attached to the bed frame along with the ladder. So kids can climb and also slide down through these new attached slides. Your kids will have their slides at home.

Storage Beds

Kids love their stuff, and the property is too much to handle. To solve this problem, the innovators of kids’ beds came up with storage beds with in-built storage space to keep all the kids’ stuff safe. Clothes, toys, books, and all that you as a parent feel junk, but they as kids consider it as their assets can all go in there.

Car Bed

Unicorn Kids Beds for Boys

Car beds back in time were just one unit meant for the child to sleep. But today, these car beds are something that can fulfill your kid’s fantasies. They are designed in the shape of a car with flashy colors and various car designs like fire truck car bed, sports car bed, racer car bed, and a lot more. They have become popular amongst kids these days

Why wait when you know so many varieties and styles of kids’ beds? Grab them for your loved ones. Create a world of magic, innovation, and fantasy for your kids with these unique beds. Follow our page and refer to our website for more information on pricing, size, popularity and pros, cons of bed frames.

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