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Which Type of Mattress Protector is the Best?


Published On: October 28, 2021
types of mattress protectors

Sleep is essential for healthy living. A good quality mattress is a very important investment to promote sound sleep. Mattresses can be quite expensive. In order to protect this investment in your health, there are a few essential actions. 

One of the most effective ways to do this is using a mattress protector. This article will take you through the benefits, costs, and important attributes so that you are comfortable moving forward with this purchase.

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What is a Mattress Protector?

A mattress protector shields your mattress from typical allergens that accumulate over time. They’re also helpful for stain resistance because they prevent any liquid from getting on top. Your mattress protector should function similarly to a cover, allowing you to protect and preserve the quality of your mattress.

Mattress protectors, on the other hand, are not all created equal. The material type, in particular, has a significant impact on how well your mattress cover performs in the long run. Simply being aware of the different varieties might assist you when it comes time to purchase your next mattress protector

Types of Mattress Protectors:

Bamboo Mattress Protector:

One of the best materials for a mattress protector is a Premium Bamboo Fabric because of the natural benefits. You will get your mattress clear of any spills and bodily fluids as the fabric has moisture-wicking properties in it. By using a bamboo mattress protector, you can stay free of odour as it protects hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial features that give rise to the growth of odour-causing bacteria. 

A bamboo fabric mattress protector has extra qualities like super soft fabric material, noiseless design and breathability. This helps if you are a sensitive sleeper. Bamboo protector offers a skin-friendly material which means your good night’s sleep is not disturbed due to the rustle.

Cooling Material Mattress Protector:

focusing on temperature control. Based on how the mattress protectors work in lowering the heat, the cooling mattress protectors are ranked as one of the best materials. There are unique fabrics in the cooling mattress protector that dissipate heat and get the cooling sensation, and based on their technology, they run different cooling effects. 

To help achieve the skin-like cool feeling, some protector developers will have special yarns or unique fibre construction. At the same time, few others might use chemical additives or innovative weaving, providing a relaxing and cooling effect.

type of mattress protector

Tencel Lyocell Material Mattress Protector:

Tencel Lyocell is super soft due to its cellulosic fibers of botanic origin, making it a new standard of softness. Although Tencel seems like Rayon, it is much more eco-friendly due to its origins from sustainable natural resources. 

This fabric stands out as one of the best mattress protectors due to its unmatched softness, credibility and maintenance in keeping the softness intact. Tencel Lyocell with the super-soft comparison also gives you an excellent drape holding the dye together and being wrinkle-free.

Cotton Material Mattress Protector:

Cotton never loses its charm and will always remain the most popular fabric for mattress protectors. Lightweights, quilt-like stitching, easy hold-up, machine-washable, and interior padding make this cotton-made protector popular. 

However, as a part of the structure, cotton mattress protectors can go the extra step in having latex. A higher comfort is offered when cotton protectors are fused with wool providing temperature regulating features within the fabrics. A mattress protector will become firm, water-resistant and more durable with a cotton and latex blend.

Polyester Material Mattress Protector:

Polyester comes out as a synthetic fabric alternative to make up one of the best materials for a mattress protector. You might be well aware of the varieties, textures and styles polyester as a fabric can offer. But that is not the only feature that makes polyester mattress protectors a hit; the easy washing feature, blended with other materials, adds to the comfort and reasonable cost makes it a good buy.

Featherbed Material Mattress Protector:

Featherbed Material Mattress Protector will be the eBay fit for you if your goal is to achieve a luxuriously soft mattress protector. You will get a mattress protector that is soft, lightweight, and easy to clean.

Plush Velour Material Mattress Protector:

Have you seen and felt the fabric velvet? Well, Velour is of the same kind having a close-knitted and plush fabric. Plush is the original form of cotton fabric. Although, materials like synthetic act as an alternative. The plush Velour entirely saves everyday wear and tear since it has strong stretching properties and at the same time offers the feel of velvet alongside the rich luxury appearance.

What is the most comfortable mattress protector?

Overall, cotton blended with latex or wool is the most popular and comfortable mattress protector as they enhance enough to make it water-resistant, firm and more durable. Cooling mattress protectors are yet again a very comfortable choice, especially during summers.

Are expensive mattress protectors worth it?

Generally, people think that they won’t spill anything in bed and are very neat and tidy. Well, just a gentle reminder that accidents and mistakes happen. But by using a mattress protector, a good amount of cash can be saved. Apart from that, many other factors show the worth of a mattress protector. Check them out below.

  • Preventing Allergens
  • Protect Against Bed Bugs
  • Temperature Control
  • Providing Additional Comfort

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Do mattress protectors stop bed bugs?

Bed bugs cannot escape as these mattress protectors are specially designed not to let the bedbugs enter. They either have a tie-down or zip as they fasten up, and there are no gaps for the mites or bed bugs to crawl in. When the bed bugs get trapped into the mattress, they cannot feed and will eventually die.

It’s always a good idea to cover all areas when it comes to keeping your bedding clean. We have tried to put out some main reasons why a mattress protector is needed through this article. Hope you agree to all those points and buy the protectors soon.

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