Gone are the days of the traditional spring or foam mattress! You may have heard about hybrid mattresses, but what exactly are they? Hybrid mattress pairs the advantages of spring coils with many layers of foam, ensuring all sleeping positions and body types and sizes are comfortable.

While a hybrid mattress isn’t necessarily the mattress of choice for everyone, it is a great place to start if you are struggling to get good, restful sleep at night. There are many options available and they all reduce motion transfer, back support, and cooling technology.

And while hybrids are gaining popularity around the world, many don’t actually know what they are or the benefits they offer. Below, we are going to take a look at the answers to these questions so you can make the best decision for your needs.

What is a Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses are often also called combination mattresses as they combine foam and springs throughout the multiple layers. If you enjoy a bit of bounce with great support and the gentle comfort of foam, a hybrid mattress is a top choice. And if you move a lot when you sleep, they are even more beneficial.

There are many different materials used in the construction of a hybrid mattress, including latex, cotton, gel-infused, memory foam, cashmere, wool, and polyurethane foam. These materials are used as the layers above the coils to offer comfort, support, and various other benefits.

What Are the Upsides of Hybrid Mattresses?

There are many benefits associated with hybrid mattresses. They are very supportive and ultra-comfy, and they offer pressure relief too. Here are some of the biggest upsides of a hybrid mattress.

1. They’re very comfortable

The reality is that hybrid mattresses are the comfiest mattresses available. The foam layer contours to your body shape and gives the mattress a gentle, soothing feel. This is done with latex, cooling gel, and memory foam.

This is combined with pocket springs that are supportive and give a luxurious, plush feel that many describe as sleeping on a cloud.

2. They ease aches and pains

If you suffer from muscle aches or joint pains, or you are regularly achy and tired after a long day at work, a hybrid mattress will assist you with pressure relief. This is thanks to the pocket springs and the foam which is an ideal combination for pains, aches, and discomfort.

3. Various firmness options

You can get a hybrid mattress in various firmness options as they are very versatile, so you can find the perfect option. The options are:

  • Softer – gentle comfort
  • Medium – balance support and comfort
  • Medium-firm – more support
  • Firmer – very supportive

No matter what firmness you prefer, you will be able to find the ideal mattress for your needs.

4. You get support where it’s needed

As hybrid mattresses have hundreds and thousands of pocket springs, you get full-body support. The pocket springs have plenty of support for the heavier areas like the shoulders and hips, but gentler support for the lighter areas like the legs and arms.

5. You’ll feel fresh and cool

Many hybrids have cooling technology built in so your body is kept cooler while you are sleeping. From cooling gels and charcoal bamboo foam to breathable covers, hybrid mattresses have various temperature-regulating features for cooling.

6. Ideal for any sleeping position

No matter whether you sleep on your front, side, back, or a combination of all three, hybrid mattresses are perfect. The layers of foam add cushioned support for your shoulders and hips when sleeping on your side, and when sleeping on your front or back, the pocket springs offer excellent support.

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7. Distributes weight evenly

Unlike open coil or traditional spring mattresses, the pocket springs in hybrid mattresses offer support to each part of your body instead of evenly distributing your weight over the whole row of springs.

Due to the support of the pocket springs, you can sleep in your own area – or zone – ensuring you and your partner do not roll into one another.

8. Minimal motion transfer

If you are a light sleeper or wake easily with movement, a hybrid mattress is definitely going to help. The combination of pocket springs and foam ensures that switching your sleeping position or getting up will be less disruptive.

Pocket springs allow for independent movement as each one is made to react to the pressure and weight applied to it. Only the relevant springs move, not all of them, allowing your motion to be absorbed so it won’t get transferred to your partner or vice versa.

9. More sleeping space

Do you find that you roll towards the edge or middle of your current mattress? This will not happen with a hybrid mattress as they have built-in edge support. This creates a firm foam encasement to reinforce the edge so you don’t roll out of the bed. But the pocket spring support ensures you do not roll to the middle either, allowing you to use the entirety of your section of the bed.

10. You get deep, peaceful sleep

Hybrid mattresses allow you to make use of the whole bed because there isn’t any roll-together. This ensures you are less likely to wake up during the night, so you and your partner can enjoy deeper, more peaceful, restful sleep.

11. Easy to care for

Our lives are so busy and fast-paced these days, so the last thing you need is more chores. When compared with traditional mattresses, hybrids are simpler to maintain and care for. Most hybrids are no-flip, and they often have removable, washable covers that are easy to clean.

Are Hybrid Mattresses Worth It?

A hybrid mattress is a good choice for various sleepers, but they are normally more expensive than foam or traditional spring mattresses. However, the price tag often means you are getting better features and luxury materials.

Not all hybrid mattresses break the bank. You can find models that range from $1,200 to $2,000, with some as cheap as $500 for a queen mattress. It all depends on what features you want. Consider it an investment in your quality of sleep, which translates to an improved quality of life.


Our world is constantly changing and improving, so it was only a matter of time before the types of mattresses we use would do the same. One of the most popular options these days is a hybrid mattress, which pairs old-school foam comfort with spring support to ensure you have the best night of sleep possible. As you can see above, there are plenty of upsides to choosing the mattress, no matter what size, weight, or type of sleeper you are.

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